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2021-02-13 14:24 by Karl Denninger
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The West's Obituary *
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Right now the Chinese are furiously working in their biolabs, as are a whole host of other nefarious nations, such as North Korea and likely Iran.

What are they working on?

Threlkeld added, Williams also had been vaccinated for COVID about a month ago and that testing found the two types of antibodies in his system - one type of antibody that results from a natural COVID infection, and a second type of antibody from the vaccine. Threlkeld also said Williams tested negative for COVID-19 while in the hospital. 

From The Hunt For Red October:


Coronaviruses are notorious for ADE reactions, where antibody presence potentiates the infection instead of protecting against it.  Using that as a bioweapon is stupid because you will score "own goals" on your own people and there is no way to control that.  As a result biological weapons generally are dumb; poison gas and such don't have this risk since it does not propagate but any disease does.

The poster child for ADE in coronaviruses was an attempted vaccine for a feline coronavirus that often made cats very sick.  The vaccine killed every one of them in the test when they were later exposed, wildly potentiating the infection.


Ordinary vaccines we have lots of experience with, such as measles, the flu shot, mumps and similar do not carry a risk beyond that of natural infection and cannot be weaponized because they produce the exact same antibody response as a natural infection.  If you have had either the measles or the shot you will have antibodies but an antibody test will not tell you which since they're not distinguishable.

I suspected from the start that due to the way these mRNA shots work -- they are not actually a vaccine at all in that they do not "mimic" natural infection but rather cause your cells to produce the spike protein that the virus has and that elicits an immune response -- that the antibodies produced by those jabs would be distinct and distinguishable from natural infection.

All of the so-called "experts" who worked to develop these and the firms involved knew damn well this was the case when they started developing them -- and did it anyway.

Now we have hard, scientific confirmation of that and it's very bad.

In fact it's potentially nation-ending bad.

An adversary that develops a virus (e.g. another modified/mutated bat virus, for example) that selectively targets ADE in people with the specific antibodies from vaccination, which are distinct from natural infection, could easily kill every single person who was vaccinated and not harm or only make mildly sick those who either had Covid-19 naturally or who were uninfected and unvaccinated.

The nightmare scenario that has always driven bioweapons research is the push to discover some genetically distinct means of targeting a bioweapon such that it only kills your adversary and leaves everyone else alone.  It's even worse for your adversary if your side gets and transmits it but doesn't get sick.  This has never been found despite diligent effort in the past; all attempts to find such a distinct vulnerability have failed, showing reactivity across the board and thus strongly suggesting that if that "thing" was completed and got out it would kill indiscriminately.  That you cannot stop a virus from circulating (even isolated islands eventually got hit by the 1918 pandemic flu!) means that releasing a virus or bacteria that nobody on "your" side has been sensitized to yet doesn't help because when (not if) the sensitizing agent gets into your population all your people die too.

This has now, for the first time in human history, been changed by the idiotic actions of our governments and pharmaceutical companies in that we are now tagging people for death by the literal millions and they will die if an adversary is able to develop a virus that targets those specific antibodies. 

Of course, said adversary will not deploy the tagging via said shots in their population and thus their people will not be attacked and killed.  Since it takes an actual jab of a needle to be sensitized absent intentional action there is no risk to the adversary's population or troops.

I give the odds of an adversary (remember, we're talking nations here with nearly unlimited resources and plenty of smart people) figuring out how to selectively target Covid-19 vaccination antibodies at 50% or better within the next five years.

If they succeed every single person who took one of the vaccines that produces a distinguishable antibody titer dies.

You can bet your last nickel they're working on it right now.

What happens if they succeed and we forcibly vaccinated our children and anyone who wishes to have a "normal" life back?  The entire procreation-capable stock of people in the United States will die and so will America.

That risk is wildly beyond the boundaries of sanity to have ever been accepted and it was deliberately concealed from the people -- not just here, but throughout the Western World.

It's clearly not enough for certain ghouls to have destroyed a full year of most school-age children's education; now they propose to risk literally extinguishing all of their lives and thus the future generations they would be able to create down the road.

I pray I'm wrong.

Unfortunately I know that I'm not -- there are plenty of people, both terrorists and evil nation-states that would love to unleash something like this on those they hate, they will work on this problem and if they discover a way to exploit it they will do so.

The use of any "vaccine" that does not produce an identical antibody to natural infection must be halted immediately and never done again.  We cannot do anything for the people already stabbed but we can eliminate the incentive to develop such a weapon by not having any material percentage of the productive and young population able to be targeted.

The option to cancel the risk of self-destruction of our nation and many others will expire within weeks.

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Comments on The West's Obituary
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Eleua 22k posts, incept 2007-07-05
2021-02-13 15:00:16

Ive always wondered if unlocking the human genome would open weapons that kill along racial lines. Race isnt a social construct, but a very real set of isolated genetic traits. Certain diseases already show preference for certain genetic vulnerabilities, and this could be adapted to wipe out entire human branches, while effectively passing over the assailant population.

Of course, this works right up to the time it mutates, and own goal scenarios pop up.

An ethnostate, like China or Israel could develop a strain that targets their enemies, but a civ-nat state like the US or most Western countries couldnt do this, because of own goal issues, lest the cat get out of the bag that the US was targeting, say Han Chinese or Africans.

If I had state resources, and a desire to genocide with ease and precision, it seems like the logical choice.

I think European ethno groups are particularly vulnerable to this, since the above scenario exists.

Diversity + proximity = WAR

-The facts do not care about your narrative. The "GREAT NOTICING" continues apace.
Wifi 13k posts, incept 2013-02-13
2021-02-13 15:00:34

Holy shit!

So could a variant of the "common cold", be a trigger, now, and in the future?

"We live in a, ideocracy populated with morons." - Goldbrick

Tsherry 14k posts, incept 2008-12-09
2021-02-13 15:00:38

Thanks for writing this. It's been my concern for quite some time.'s numbers could easily be achieved in this manner.

China's trying to beat Africa in the "Africa Always Wins" category of human destruction.

Father forgive me for the times I craved a place at a table that you would have flipped.
Badatusernames 22 posts, incept 2021-01-27
2021-02-13 15:35:38

We already pushed this on our healthcare workers, so, the damage has been done already and will just get worse from here.
Bluebird 2k posts, incept 2008-05-02
2021-02-13 15:58:04

Anyone aware of any antidote to take if already received the vaccine shot?
Tickerguy 200k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2021-02-13 15:57:48

@Wifi -- unlikely because that PROBABLY would have been detected during the trials. It's possible but no more-so than the cold doing the same thing to someone who had a natural infection.

THIS is an entirely distinct and far more-disturbing situation and one that has kept intelligent people up all night for decades -- the possibility of discovering something specific in one's DNA or otherwise that was divisible across national borders or otherwise "distinct" population segments, making possible targeting one group for destruction via a biological weapon while leaving everyone else alone.

It has never been found in the natural population of a region or country and now we're just created it artificially.

"Anyone wearing a mask will be presumed to be intending armed robbery and immediately shot in the face. Govern yourself accordingly."
Tickerguy 200k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2021-02-13 15:58:23

@Bluebird - There is nothing known that removes not only antibodies but both "B" and "T" cell memory.

Even a complete transfusion replacement of the blood is likely ineffective. A full marrow destruction/transplant operation similar to that used in attempted leukemia treatment MIGHT work but the risk of that killing you outright is extremely high and you need the match from the other person (the donor) who hasn't had the shot.

This has to be stopped before enough penetration occurs to be worth it for someone to use that sort of weapon.

"Anyone wearing a mask will be presumed to be intending armed robbery and immediately shot in the face. Govern yourself accordingly."

Flappingeagle 5k posts, incept 2011-04-14
2021-02-13 16:00:56

It may be far worse. If this is the correct video, pay attention to the cooperation with China.


Here are my predictions for everyone to see:
S&P 500 at 320, DOW at 2200, Gold $300/oz, and Corn $2/bu.
No sign that housing, equities, or farmland are in a bubble- Yellen 11/14/13
Trying to leave
Ebt 368 posts, incept 2018-12-22
2021-02-13 16:01:19

I think that is a certainty but it's not N. Korea, Iran etc. It is Gates and Co. who want depopulation.

But won't that get them too? No, not if they and their preferred people got a dummy vaccine.

They want depopulation, people are dumb as hell, so they will get their depopulation.
Vernonb 3k posts, incept 2009-06-03
2021-02-13 16:06:11

Sounds to me like China and their stooges in the WHO have played the world for the long con. What better way to invade other countries or kill off productivity.

This was only possible through the greed and evil nature of people like Fauci, universities, and big pharma that not only particiated in the creation of this atrocity during the Biden/Obama administration but created these vaccines knowing they could potentiate infections at a later date to devastate the population. I always said it takes true psychopaths to create such weapons.

Add to that the fear porn peddled by the Chinese controlled US media and all the fanfare and propaganda to get the vaccine to be a hero and you have a dead nation. This has to be the biggest single driver that will kill the populace.

Now innoculate the military with this abomination to make our service people more susceptible to make it impossible to wage an offensive.

Personally I'd effing fully turn China, N. Korea, and every other WHO member country that pushed this atrocity into radioactive slag. I'd throw in Mecca and Medina just for good measure.

Domestically every person pushing or administering this vaccine deserves nothing less than death at the hands of the survivors when this occurs. I will not be opposed to medieval punishments as simple death is light for this grossly aggrevated betrayal and atrocity.

Trump in his stupidity made this worse by pushing this "warp speed" to feed his ego. He sure as hell didn't consult facts. I have never seen such a poor judge of character as that displayed by Trump. More like "better hurry before the con is discovered."

Now we have a corrupt Chinese influenced Congress and a true corrupt Manchurian candidate in the White House.

At least my employer decided against mandatory vaccines. I have to thank Karl for that info that made it possible launch a convincible fact based argument against the process. Karl likely just saved the lives of almost 500 people.

Once again that this was even driven by the fear porn by a few individuals is very telling. They still insist on getting the shot. Good riddance.

Also explained to HR officer how it will devistate internal containment as a non-sterilizing vaccine can lead to super spreaders that do not appear ill. They actually now need to know more about who is vaccinated than who is not! Wonder bhow much HIPPA laws will interfere with this.!

Now tell me all this was not planned......

"Mass intelligence does not mean intelligent masses."

Reason: Fighting with know it all spell checker
Lobo 1k posts, incept 2013-12-25
2021-02-13 16:16:44

If a bio attack like that occurs, it would have to be pretty quick at taking out the US. If it took time, there would be the possibility of a Samson in the temple reaction. Of course, they wouldn't start a bio attack by itself, it would probably be combined with a cyber attack to try to paralyze any retaliation. If I were the norks, I'd try to make it look like China or someone else was behind the attack. Getting my enemies to nuke each other on top of the disease would make things easier.

I hope you're wrong. The combination of things would be civilization ending.

As an aside, how likely is it that the elite are getting saline shots and planning to be the outright rulers once the population is greatly reduced? They could have the green feudal monarchy that they seem to desire.

Village Idiot
Raven 16k posts, incept 2017-06-27
2021-02-13 16:21:33


well it would eliminate a lot of stupid people who are basically liberals. Perhaps this would do us a favor long term.

The problem is that once we cross a certain percentage of societal death, things are broken. Not necessarily due to the smart people not being able to take the lead and continue as normal, but the shock of it all along with economic activity ceasing for quite some time as it is recognized and sorted out. We would be dealing with immediately orphaned children, local and national leaders just dropping dead along with a lot of the administrative class both govt and private employed. Just the chaos alone of filling positions would be interesting. People would have to take over the administrative and policing functions of their communities for a time.

When one thinks about it, the population of These United States of America was much lower prior to the mid twentieth century and existed a lot closer to the original intentions of the founders with a lot more individual competency.

I suggest that people revisit or watch for the first time the mini-series "The Last Ship" for an idea of a society that has a mass death event.

One thing from this series and will be the case if Karl's warning comes true. People not compromised by this bad scenario will be veritable gods.

It is a fact that vaccination for this COVID-BS is being over represented in the media. I know for a fact that many of these centers are rather quiet and that certain communities are refusing to take it. The only reason for the vaccine BS is to cover the lie that this was serious. Guaranteed that the politicos are going to claim that the majority of people are vaccinated at some date in the future and that poof, COVID-BS infections are down enough to reopen the society to full unrestricted commerce and activity. The reality will be that people will meet dozens and chat with many others who have not taken a vaccine. However, the govt will control the data and release its own story.

People will really know, but the stupid will feel better, the Pharma stocks will benefit, the lie covered, and perhaps one day, a lot of people will die of some infection and never make the connection except for a few in meeting places like here.

I am Legend.

Mission Complete
Tickerguy 200k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2021-02-13 16:23:46

@Lobo -
As an aside, how likely is it that the elite are getting saline shots and planning to be the outright rulers once the population is greatly reduced? They could have the green feudal monarchy that they seem to desire

SOME of them may be smart enough to figure out the risk and that getting the Coof is at least somewhat controllable.

But you're assuming the "elite" can actually think and put two and two together. Not all of them can.

"Anyone wearing a mask will be presumed to be intending armed robbery and immediately shot in the face. Govern yourself accordingly."
Flappingeagle 5k posts, incept 2011-04-14
2021-02-13 16:45:32

But you're assuming the "elite" can actually think and put two and two together. Not all of them can.

Most people use the term "elite" in a way that is far too broad. They include everyone from the folks in Hollywood to politicians to the uber rich and that is inappropriate.


Here are my predictions for everyone to see:
S&P 500 at 320, DOW at 2200, Gold $300/oz, and Corn $2/bu.
No sign that housing, equities, or farmland are in a bubble- Yellen 11/14/13
Trying to leave
Zappafan 6k posts, incept 2007-11-30
2021-02-13 16:45:37

China banned both the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer/Moderna.)

That fits the picture here.

Buckle up, we may get our mad max scenario before we croak.
Tickerguy 200k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2021-02-13 16:46:43

Yep @Zappafan.

They know goddamn well which is why when I saw the article come across my feed that the antibodies were distinguishable the connection became immediately obvious between what China had done and why.

If we don't stop this the odds are VERY high that we're fucked.

"Anyone wearing a mask will be presumed to be intending armed robbery and immediately shot in the face. Govern yourself accordingly."
Pahick67 55 posts, incept 2018-12-30
2021-02-13 17:14:31

Notice what the jackass says.."This is not a reason, not to get the vaccine. Its a reason to get the vaccine, because only people who have had the infection have had this occur."
Easytiger 206 posts, incept 2008-03-22
2021-02-13 17:17:06

The poster child for ADE in coronaviruses was an attempted vaccine for a feline coronavirus that often made cats very sick.

Do you happen to have a link to this trial/study? I have received a considerable amount of pushback from both my immediate family members and primary care physician when I have questioned the efficacy and safety of the supposed "vaccine."

Reformedhippy 4k posts, incept 2020-07-01
2021-02-13 17:17:22

I would have a hard time conjuring tears or even a sad face for the demise of those who ran out with their sleeves rolled up, demanded the jab, then proudly displaying their "I Voted", er, I mean, "I Vaccinated" cards on social media, along with some kind of anti-vaxxer Trumptard shaming message to those who didn't immediately celebrate their "Trust the Science" loyalty act.

In fact, it sounds too good to be true. Removing those who failed the intelligence test but passed the compliance test with shining colors? Isn't that the opposite of the selective culling "they" should prefer, that the easily subjugated population remain to be further enslaved?

Perhaps those western compliants would still be a little too free to make proper slaves, a little too fat and lazy and generally worthless. They may reserve the new slave class for the third world serfs who are used to hard labor, more malleable and less entitled.

For those of us left alive who do not comply, do not pledge blind loyalty to the talking heads of the cabal in the name of "science" and "wokeness,"
perhaps the end game envisions a more violent eradication of us deplorables. If we are the only ones left, it would be easier to justify mass destruction, and all the guns and ammo in the world would not aid in our self defense.
Bodhi 6k posts, incept 2008-02-23
2021-02-13 17:17:39

This has to be stopped before enough penetration occurs to be worth it for someone to use that sort of weapon.

Easy peasy. Just have your governor tell Gropey Joe to go fuck himself like DeSantis did and he'll withhold the "vaccine" from your state. /somewhat sarcastic

Seriously, I clearly see why you wrote in another thread that we didn't want to know the answer to why China was not using our so-called vaccines.

There is too much negativity in the world. Do your best to make sure you aren't contributing to it.

Reason: spelling
Tickerguy 200k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2021-02-13 17:18:15

@Easytiger - There have been SEVERAL attempts to come up with a vaccine for this since it is a very nasty infection and kills cats.

There have been REPEATED failures, not just one.

Any so-called "medical" person who is unaware of that hasn't taken the 30 seconds to look it up.

"Anyone wearing a mask will be presumed to be intending armed robbery and immediately shot in the face. Govern yourself accordingly."

Stoictom 3 posts, incept 2013-02-13
2021-02-13 17:30:06

I have a different take. Lets say a new virus that is very virulent and lethal is engineered with the identical spike that is generated by the current vaccines thus protecting the vaccinated supplicants of the world that got the jabs. The independent free thinkers and statist resistors who did not get the jabs would be targeted and eliminated by this new bio-weapon, thus leaving only the state-slaves who will be easily ruled and exploited. Use the very independent streak to eliminate the independent streak. Very cleaver. Something an A.I. Program would come up with.
Invisiblesun 853 posts, incept 2020-04-08
2021-02-13 17:33:23

Concerning Trump's acquittal: Since the Constitution clearly states the Chief Justice presides over the impeachment trial of the President, it follows Trump's accusers did not consider him to be president. Yet the acts he was tried for occurred while he was president!

It reasons the exercise was a show trial. For by the same logic used to justify this trial of Trump, a trial could be held of any former president for acts they committed while in office!

I can only laugh at Romney & Sasse. They claim to be following the constitution yet then how do they explain the absence of the Chief Justice? And since when is a trial presided over by a declared political adversary "Constitutional"?

As I say, I can only laugh at such foolishness.

Tickerguy 200k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2021-02-13 17:33:13

@Stoictom - Well that's possible too.

But -- it's harder to evade the "own goal" problem going that way because viruses mutate all the time and once you let it out you lose control of it.

Trust me when I tell you that the bioweapons folks have tried to come up with that for several decades -- something they can vaccinate the entire population against and then fuck their enemy with it.

The problem with doing it is you can't control the mutations of a virus in the wild and once it's out it will EVENTUALLY evade the vaccine, and now your own people all die too. That's why it hasn't been done before now -- they can't be sure they can prevent the mutation/evasion problem and if you try and are wrong you just killed all your own people.

This is what makes the risk of what we're doing now so unique; the mutations, when they occur, make the virus STOP KILLING instead of START KILLING and as a result the weapon becomes feasible.

"Anyone wearing a mask will be presumed to be intending armed robbery and immediately shot in the face. Govern yourself accordingly."

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