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 You Must Like Your Daily Sex
Jeepguy 442 posts, incept 2020-02-07
2020-05-18 07:30:01

I agree, I've noticed as well that boy oh boy though it's both sides screwing us plenty of QTards especially in the stupid realm of Facebook that will make any damn excuse!

I had some dork form make the shitty excuse that the reason that Trump bitched at the Georgia governor was because.. here is the comment......

"Pay attention Georgia had not met requirements and many more hot spots if you've never lived there couldn't possibly understand"

Lol my God if that's what these retards think then I'm sorry Trump is already dictator!!

We all know the president doesn't have the right to tell states when or when not to reopen nor can he or any federal government douchebags can't force a state to do shit!!

At best the only thing Trump-a-bump can do is to remove the bullshit national emergency and cut off the funds that these states are getting!!

Then these states would be whining yes, but boy oh boy would they be work ethic dick wagging like never before, yes without federal funds they'd be screaming for everyone to go get jobs!!

Although gee golly whiz they done fucked up most jobs so hummm how's that gonna pan out??

Yep I can see it now, Mr and Mrs middle-class perhaps upper middle-class! Sitting around in their nice posh home that yes they've earned, still able to go to their well paying perhaps cushy jobs not having to actually look for a job in the past, oh 10-20 years not knowing Jack shit about the job market living in their safe bubble, watching the news and screaming "why do you people get a job" as if they exist on every street corner!!

Man oh man Facebook is lit up right now with those who are delusional and act as if their is jobs especially decent jobs for those who lost their job!!

People like to work ethic dick wag.. it became fashionable last decade!

The reason why is simple, many of these folks was pretentious preppie types whom played "keeping up with the Joneses"

Then many lost their ass so they lost the toys, you know the boat, the certain car four wheelers and some lost their marriage and many of them lost their house!

The only damn thing they a had left to brag and dick wag about was their job and work ethic!! So thus began the annoying quote memes on Facebook and everywhere!

Yeah it's become a false religion that show-offs use to pass out lectures to deflect attention away from themselves and their bullshit!!

Low pay::::

Yes indeed employers didn't take long to realize having a job became fashionable and so they figured if everyone is more focused on fitting in simply because they got a job then they'll pay you less because you feel oh so honored to have a job, like a good little job worshiping moron!

And of course the middle-class yet again did it to themselves, employers/politicians know that the middle-class types do lecture each other into doing shit... You know being good little sheep and falling inline!!

So that means that they'll blame each other first then they'll blame the lower classes they blame the youth... But they'll hardly blame the politicians!

Of course what I do find interesting is this time around they're not going to be able to pin it on the youth! Oh I'm sure they'll try, I have seen some attempts but it's not going to work!

Could it be that politicians may actually get their asses handed to them this time?? We shall see but I'm not banking on it!!

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