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 We Must Run This To The Ground
Mannfm11 9k posts, incept 2009-02-28
2020-05-16 16:54:16

Here is the CDC page on past flu pandemics. This is probably no worse, when adjusted for population than the Asian flu in 58 and 68.

War probably isn't an answer. A country that would let this crap spread around the world while taking protective action within, probably wouldn't mind dropping a few nukes. Moving the supply lines out of China would likely topple the Communist Party.

The recent business of China isn't iPhones, it is expansion. iPhones and other crap sold us funds the expansion, but expansion is the economy. 50% or more of China's economy is building more capacity. Take away utilization and expansion becomes a garbage dump.

There are a lot of stories about why the dollar is used in trade, but the most important one is the pool of assets that are issued in dollars. Not only are there international loans, but there are American mortgages and bonds. China has made an effort to tie some commodity producers into their currency, but they have little in the sense of a pool of Chinese paper assets of any valid consequence. You going to buy the junk paper in China? The stocks with fraud financial statements? China has to have dollars and from what I understand, they are starved of them.

Absent an expanding demand for their goods, China goes into an economic dust pile. China has spent massive amounts of money expanding their influence in commodity producing areas of the world. This is especially true of Africa. They bought Ethiopia, which is why they got the silence of Tedros of the WHO. A country that loses its capacity to purchase goods loses its influence.

The contrary to this is that moving expansion out of China likely bankrupts a lot of commodity producers. The expansion has to go somewhere. It was mentioned that Apple is going to move production to India. Trump has favored India and is looked at as a hero there. A supply chain from India is more complex than one from China, due to shipping and location. There is probably no place more remote by boat from the USA than India.

They are running a PR campaign against Trump. Without coming right out and saying it, the Trump trade team is as anti-Chinese trade as we are going to see in the USA. The Democrat Party and some of the Republican Party might as well be a branch of the Chinese Communist Party. I think it was Pompeo, who did a speech in front of Governors, where he said to the Governors that many of them had been acting like lapdogs to the Chinese Communists. Pay attention to which Governors are trying to destroy their economies.

If Trump loses, the trade team will go into the dustbin of history. American politics is laced with Chinese bribes. One only look at Feinstein to realize we have Chinese spies in Congress. The fight against Trump is largely a fight for wars and the status quo of declining US industrial output. You could look at the White House press corps as a group of Chinese lobbyists. Trump nailed one the other day, then walked off when another whore came forward.

The political class has gotten rich on starting wars and selling American demand to the rest of the world. We will see the race card played again, as we are now dealing with Chinese. Wasn't that the game the Chinese reporter tried to play on Trump this week? This is going to be the big issue in this election and the Democrats have no leg to stand on. Just like Americanized Mexicans might have some sympathy with immigrants, they are not interested in paying the price of open borders. Many American Chinese are glad they were not in China, aren't in China and don't have any interest in identifying with China.

Regardless of what happens, it is plain for anyone to see we need our supply lines out of China. The idea that medical supplies are now anchored in China, shows how far up their asses our national politicians have had their heads. Tedros threatened the US with another germ. He should be dead by now and the US Ambassador to the UN should have declared the WHO a Chinese pawn and forced its total shut down and the firing of all involved. An organization like this should have maybe 100 people, plus clerical and they should be limited in tenure and be verified experts, not bureaucrats. 4 to 6 years is plenty and it should never be headed by a banana boat bureaucrat, as it is now.

The same is true of American health institutions. We have criminals buried in the various medical institutions in the USA. How many of them are on the Chinese payroll? These are the people that should have been sounding the alarm that China was capturing the US supply lines for medicine and should have never stopped pushing the message. They should also be looking for large cost cutting in the cost of US medical care instead of lobbying for the most expensive and not necessarily the most effective treatments. All the bitching involved goods we had to get out of China.

Export economies are like sharks. They stop growing or swimming, they die. WE don't necessarily need to move production out of China, just stop the growth. Anyone wonder what happened in Japan? The revaluation of the yen stopped the growth of manufacturing exports from Japan and the growth left the country. They had to absorb the reduction of capital spending. The same event happened to the USA in the 1930 era. Massive export booms are not good for economies. Only so much of an economy can be devoted to non domestic growth, because it can't go on forever. The trade partners run out of money.

The US policy should move to moving strategic production home. Trump mentioned the supply chains for defense equipment with Maria the other day. I'm sure some of it has to do with NATO, a political arm, in its own right. But, any thing made it a potential enemy territory has to be brought home. We are funding it, we need to produce it. Mexico and Central America are a better location for much of what we need, if we can't make it here. In the meantime, the organized crime networks involved with these countries need to be crushed.

We have had 4 years of attacks on Russia, by pawns of the Chinese. Russia, save for bombing us with a nuke, isn't a problem for the US. China has had a stated goal of dominating the world during the 21st century. Globalism and enemies are not congruent with each other. Strangely, much of the politics in the US has leaned toward a surrender to China. We don't want war with China, but we don't want their political system either. There are political forces in the US, including much of the press, which is lobbying for the elimination of the bill of rights. They won't say it openly, but just look at their actions. We have social media companies that are censoring truth, in favor of lying narratives. They should be declared enemy companies, if they continue their methods. The actions of Facebook, Google, and Twitter are basically official censoring and repugnant to the bill of rights. Private or not, they are public expressions of opinion. They are running criminal coverups of the left and pushing narratives against mainstream politics. Mainstream can't mean the official line or it becomes propaganda.

Somehow we are stuck in a 4 year lie. It is repeated over and over again. Now that it is clear, for anyone who cares to look that the story was conspiracy between the Democrats, the CIA, FBI and the press. The story the Trump people were conspiring with Russia needs to stop. The story Trump is a pawn of Putin is about as ridiculous and saying the Governor of Texas is a pawn of the Governor of New Mexico.

I bring this up, because the Chinese debate is going to be obscured by more Russia bullshit. We have done nothing with this story and the war Obama and Soros were waging in the Ukraine, but push Russia into the Chinese orbit. It is as important to expose this conspiracy and push the Russian interference lie into the dustbin of history as to push the Chinese fucked us over story. Adam Schiff will be put on the lie media to push the story again, despite the fact that Schiff authored a report that he knew was a lie and should be in prison. The US network news isn't fit to be listened to, for anyone looking for the truth.

The story needs to turned to the truth. The truth is the Chinese failed to notify, they closed their internal borders to movement, while allowing travel around the world. This is at a minimum, benign neglect. But, it appears to be malicious action, maybe to level the playing field of what was pretty much an unknown national epidemic. The opportunity of the US to trace this disease was foreclosed by this allowed travel. They went to Europe instead of the USA and it travelled from that direction.

Much of the negligence of this disease, outside of China, lies at the feet of the EU and the NY officials. Absent NY and this is not a national story. NYC has a near $100 billion budget. NY state has a budget double Florida. Why weren't De Blasio and Cuomo looking after the health of their people? Why wasn't the EU looking after the health of their people. The EU should have followed Trump and closing off China. There was knowledge of this disease by the end of January, as Trump made the announcement with his closure of China. De Blasio was holding his parties in Chinatown in late February, instead of watching the import of the disease. There are roughly 350,000 confirmed cases in NY and another 150,000 in neighboring NJ. Real cases in the area are likely 10 to 20 times that amount. They should have known and been taking action in early February. Trump should have closed all international travel, when he shut China, but hell would have boiled over.

Now they want to do contact tracing. What a bunch of morons. Contact tracing in NYC would have been difficult in early February, had we shut the borders. It could have been done, but NYC itself would have needed to be quarantined. Where was Cuomo, De Blasio and Fauci when something was possible? Were they planning a political attack instead of a defense?

In comparison, one must ask why there are 1/5th the cases in California than there are in NY? LA county is likely as populous as NYC. How many cases in LA can be traced to NYC? I bet most of them. A sizable number of celebrities have tested positive. Where do they travel?

We are going to have to push this China story, as the damage lies at the feet of China. We can't get the truth of national politics out in the open. We have a judge in DC ignoring a 9-0 recent Supreme Court ruling on the Flynn case. We have the media ignoring the Obama scam run out of the White House to undermine his successor. Obama is aiding the current obstruction. He messaged the swamp, talking about the rule of law, something that was never applied to his administration, which was engaged in massive political spying.

The link is to The Duran. They discuss a wide number of topics, including CV19 and Obamagate.

The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.---John Kenneth Galbraith
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