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 We Must Run This To The Ground
Pete_brewster 173 posts, incept 2015-12-10
2020-05-16 14:20:37

That's what the atomic bomb is for, Karl.

The United States has the bomb so it can inform tribes of monsters who have contributed nothing to humanity but plague on notice that they can start behaving like civilized human beings or be annihilated, no boxcars necessary.

The Chinese can cut this crap out, now, or they can get bombed back into the Era of the Warring States, and their population reduced accordingly. It's 1.4 billion today. It should be 70 million, tops---the most they can support with subsistence farming.

Getting good manufacturing jobs brought back to north America because we've literally destroyed Tim Cook's pool of cheap labour will be gravy.

So will the revenue earned from selling the warlords fighting over the remains of the Middle Kingdom Afghan- or African-style. Far better the Chinese devote their energies to killing each other than trying to enslave us.

This is why Donald Trump has, by several accounts, repeatedly asked his generals why the atomic arsenal of the United States can never be used. They have, by all accounts, never given him a convincing answer.

Nobody can bring himself to say, "If we blow China to kingdom come corporate America will have to pay Americans a living wage, and none of America's creditors want that."
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