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 We Must Run This To The Ground
Step55 241 posts, incept 2009-02-27
2020-05-17 13:54:46

During spring 2017 we were instructed to incinerate or compost all orange petunias. A Finnish biologist thought them odd and took a look at the DNA. Since there is no natural reason for the orange color to appear in petunias he found someone had spliced corn genes into the petunia plant. GMO plants have a process applied worldwide to make sure any new "creation" does not harm a food crop like corn or create another hazard. Orange petunias were never permitted in America and I believe Europe thus the dumping. Today they have passed the "permit" phase and are sold everywhere.

About 20 years ago the ordinary petunia was either bred with, radium treated or spliced to spread sideways from the round plump plant of eternity. Purple Wave was the first variety and is still the best spreader. A Crayola box of "wave colors" are now available but Original Purple is still the best. Suntory, a Japanese alcohol conglomerate, originated and still owns the rights to the plant. I have no direct knowledge but imagine they have research greenhouses for barley, corn, hops and what ever else could improve small grains. As with all corporate greenhouses the scientists probably have hobby sidelines and one found or created a new petunia.

The reason for the two proceeding paragraphs will soon be apparent. Since a pangolin is a small rodent related to cats and dogs Asian people most likely ate them as soon as they were hungry and caught one. This also includes bats which sleep during the day. Since open fire cooking is such an exact science and who knows if the Asians cooked them at all, a species which carries corona virus over what a quarter to a half million years, humans never experienced Covad 2.

DNA manipulation began when our sun began to emit radiation. In the past half century radium, gene splicing and now CRISPR methods have all quickened the process. My opinion falls on the latter reasons as the simplest is usually correct.
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