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 We Must Run This To The Ground
Pete_brewster 173 posts, incept 2015-12-10
2020-05-16 19:44:45


No, everybody would not lose if Americans used nukes on the Chinese. The people plotting to replace you and everyone you love with a vermin-eater would lose, and lose big.

On the contrary---nukes are the only realistic means of removing the threat China poses to western civilization. It would take a matter of hours.

Big winners would include the peace-loving peoples surrounding China that China has tormented and exploited for centuries. After the People's Republic had effectively ceased to exist, I would invite China's former subject nationalities to help themselves to as much land in Chinese territory as they thought they could easily defend, and finish the job of wiping the Han tribe off the face of the earth.

I expect them to accept the offer with gusto. They hate the Chinese as much as we do---and have centuries worth of scores to settle with them.
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