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 We Must Run This To The Ground
Jeepguy 442 posts, incept 2020-02-07
2020-05-16 17:37:51

As I said a couple of months ago, our corporations that have production lines in China aided and abetted the Communist Chinese government, by not saying anything last year!

Gee sounds like they kept quiet as they watched people drop off their production lines!!

Oh wait humm you don't suppose that our Merican companies didn't notify Washington DC do you and they too kept it quiet???

Hummmmm yeah notice how all of the stores had all of the covid-19 signage for the restrictions of socialist distancing ready to go!!

notice how all of the stores that set up stupid apparatuses in front of their entrances had all of that shit shipped in, in no time yeah you know it's almost as if it was in the back waiting to be used!!

and they're stupid pointless face Shields at the cash registers, notice how those came out of nowhere real quick????

but let me guess everyone's going to talk about how there's a special group of people in Washington DC that totally kept Trump in the dark about it he didn't know oh nooooo!!!

Nonsense, if all of our corporations even just Ford, GM, Chrysler and Apple computer they knew about this they saw people dropping their production lines and you can't tell me they didn't tell somebody, really why would they do that oh well wait a minute see that means that they are firmly in the Communist Court, yes that means that they really are helping the communist government oh gee....

but of course the other side of the coin is that if those companies did whisper a little something to Trump and the gang in DC or told some senators on either fictitious side of the aisle and then they still never said anything which means oh no they're all helping the Chinese government!!!!! see the pickle that were in????

And yet they scream that they're going to sue the Chinese government even though it was the American government that completely overreacted for nothing more than basically the flu!!

So the angry at China shit is a cover!! It's all a fucking cover for the fact that China doesn't need America!!! Our own fucking companies have ditched us!!
They make and sell their products everywhere in the world but here!!

They do sell us products (for now) but we pay 3-4 times more than the rest of the fucking world!! Pretty soon books will be taking out alone to buy the female of the family tampons!!

what in the hell are people going to want these companies do not give one flying fucking dick about us we're going to learn what do they help people going to learn that mouthpiece more on politicians don't really give a fuck either you know why because the political parties in which you vote for because that's who you're very poor not voting for the person you're voting for a fucking political party which is guess what a corporation.... what are people going to wake up and see that and yes it is a corporation (RNC) Inc and (DNC) Inc....

You know what this really is call this is a classic case of Washington DC sold our fucking asses out yet again that's what the hell this is instead of putting on a dog and pony show the fool fucking retards!!

Oh I'm pissed off!!
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