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 We Must Run This To The Ground
Ihsmta 908 posts, incept 2008-04-10
2020-05-16 12:29:58

The Chinese do so many things better than the USA; corruption, graft, arrogance, lawless banking, debt issuance, money printing, and malinvestment of capital - to name a few.

I stand by my prediction that one day we will wake up to the breaking news that China is imploding. It will either be a political or economic crisis, maybe even all out civil war.

I hope they hold off so that it is not a distraction from our own problems.

As long as we were humming along with the facade of a roaring economy with much money to be made, we capitalists turned a blind eye to the CCP shenanigans.

Analogy warning! Slowly and reluctantly the world is waking up with a severe hangover, rolling over, and squinting one open bloodshot eye to take a good look at the extremely awful person we spent a night of drunken passion with.

"Good Lord! What have I done? I hope nobody finds out..."

"Economists are no different than the prophets of ancient Pompeii who reassured that Mt Vesuvius would never blow. After all, it never had before." Baxter Black, DVM and Cowboy Poet

"You can avoi
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