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 America's Scam, Part 65023
Gianmarko 287 posts, incept 2013-03-11
2017-11-26 08:41:00

check one of latest videos from Thunderf00t, he makes a very good debunk of the battery promises. try to ignore the BS about global warming, the rest is very good.

bottom line is, the "miracle battery" has been already invented and it is the li-ion cell. i dont believe these cells can be improved by 7% per annum as some claim. and the "improvement" often only consists of more cell surface in the same space (less insulation, less safe, more weight) or a cell so slightly larger as it happened in AA rechargeables that mysteriously do no longer fit battery compartments.

regarding the multi MW recharging stations, of course they can be built, and what will happen is that when you have more than one truck recharging, the power will have to be shared and recharging times will increase

still i wouldnt want to be nowhere near a MWh battery being recharged at 2C.
one MWh is equivalent to one metric ton of TNT, which i assume will make a hell of a firework.


imagine that. using diesel generators to recharge electric trucks. it doesnt get much dumber than that
but then again, in the era or the BS, even this becomes not only possible, but mandated by law.

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