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 America's Scam, Part 65023
Supertruckertom 8k posts, incept 2010-11-07
2017-11-25 16:45:28

So far today averaging 8.6 mpg with a light load heading South on I-65 running from Indianapolis to Nashville then to Atlanta.
Took 10 minutes to pump 75 gallons of fuel, top off the oil and washer fluid. Hooked my trailer and did all of my paperwork and a final bathroom break in another 20 minutes.

Port of Long Beach, where California Air Resources Board has mandatory CNG powered trucks, is about the only market I can see him being able to get any sales. That would likely be because of a future government mandate.

2 Megawatt diesel generators are huge.
Circular logic will have most of the recharging stations generating the electricity on the premises rather than bringing it in.
A hybrid drive train is a better solution in air quality critical areas.

CNG is even better.

Preparing to go Hunting.
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