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 America's Scam, Part 65023
Mangymutt 1k posts, incept 2015-05-03
2017-11-26 13:11:00

Question aimed at SuperTruck, but by no means limited to him: What happens to the 500 mile range when going up hills or twisty turny roads, especially in inclement weather?

Distribution of electrical power is done through power lines, most of these lines are held in place by towers, either wood, steel and in some cases concrete with costs close to $1,000,000.... YES... million dollars a mile.

There is never a straight line from generation to out put, the lines need to be built, state, federal, county and in some cases tribal authorities get involved with tons of rules and regulations. EPA says it needs a study, guess what? Cross a navigable river, you now have to answer questions for the Coast Guard.

Put the line over someones private property, you need to pay for easement to access the tower and line and the lose of land usage.

Find human artifacts, more down time.

Possibly obstruct someones or worse a communities view, now everything is put on hold again.

Not to mention up keep and maintenance on lines, what if someone decides to plant trees or dump garbage under the line?

Sure you can put the line underground, but the costs for that are astronomical.

Substations will need to be built and or upgraded as well as the privately owned (Substation to your house) infrastructure.

Even if Idiot Elon had all the paperwork in hand to start a 20 mile project, he would be looking at at least 5 years and 20 million dollars to MAYBE get it done.

Up here in the Pacific North West along the Columbia River they have put in 1000's of wind turbines, they make a humming and rumbling noise when in use (Which is not all the time) the noise disturbs the natural flow of the wild life, birds nest on them and even sometimes fly into them, when they get to turning and producing electricity the hydro dams need to be scaled back, sure you could put a lot of electricity through the lines but if no one is going to use it you are producing for nothing.

There is a pretty good system in place that regulates the flow of electricity and they can create more of it or less of it, but it takes time and resources to do that, what happens if 6 of these Idiot Elon trucks pull into a single power source at once?

Small scale use of electric cars, like commuter or run around town cars sure, but if you are on a cross country haul with a big rig and you are half way through a 700 mile stretch and you have hills to clime with no power source for over 200 miles, guess what happens.

Elon is an Idiot

"It's just a shot" - Gates
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