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 In A World Of Monsters, Hypocrisy Reigns
Joyce 139 posts, incept 2012-01-08
2014-03-07 14:39:27

Great ticker, and spot on about the untold causes of the civil war. The truth always hurts those with an agenda.

I've read this sentence over and over again; I knew this piece of history before reading this ticker (at least I have in mind what you're referring to) but I'm struggling with how it's phrased:

"Specifically there was a tariff aimed directly at foreign manufactured goods in Europe that were made from southern agricultural products, effectively boosting the price of everything the southern states imported by 50%!"

There was a tariff placed on foreign good imports that the south needed for it's agriculture... correct?

...should it read 'that were made FOR south agri products'...
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