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 It's Called Evolution, Gentlemen (Tickerforum Changes)
Harrisonact 2k posts, incept 2010-10-04

What to say?

On one hand, if you increased TF fees, with likely increased tax submission, you ran contrary to the idea of withdrawing your Labour to hurt leviathan.

But, otoh, if it's really a lack of knowledge and not ignorance that causes Boobus Americanus to behave the way he does, closing down TF eliminates a very good educational resource.

Rock, meet hard place.

I was pondering what to do myself lately. I'm a pariah in my former social circles. While I protected my capital and did my best to warn family members they were pocketing high six and low 7 figure sums, all tax free, flipping their primary residences yearly. And laughing at me.

What did I get? Probably a 30-50% reduction in the purchasing power of my cash. My SO just renewed her mortgage for 2.15%, on a decent sized sum.

I'm crazy not to dive into a market with 7-9% annual appreciation at a cost of 2.15%. So I'm going to. With half my money. Which would have bought twice as much 5 years ago and shows all signs of only retaining 25% of its purchasing power in 5 years.

A long time ago I joked on another blog that food costs were irrelevant if you could finance your groceries. Don't laugh, the "truck" company store and scrip system were booming during GD1. Not because of GD1 but in parallel with it.

So far we've seen housing and education and transportation costs all detach from reality because you can finance that which you can't pay for today but promise to tomorrow. Food costs, IMO, will simply be another staple that detaches from reality and gets financed.

"I owe my soul to the company store" along with your mortgage company, your kids educational Institute, your car loan carrier, your health insurer and Uncle Cheese, the greatest armed bandit the world has ever seen.

The last 6 years have taught me that TPTB have more tricks up their sleeve and time to implement them than most of us have capital to carry on , without , at some point, eating our own seed corn. They're going to jawbone a return to fiscal sanity until this rock is in economic ruin. From reading history, it seems most empires take a good generation or two before they totally implode.

I can't choose what my descendants do with anything I leave them but if I don't start pocketing the free money I see all around me there will be nothing to leave them.

It's been an honor to have known many of you. It's a shame there's no other place on the net where like minds can gather.

Good night, and good luck.

The bullshit runs amok until the greatest armed bandit ever, Uncle Cheese, can't get more payday loans.Around the world men, women and CHILDREN meet oppressive governments head-on with rocks and
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