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 It's Called Evolution, Gentlemen (Tickerforum Changes)
Jstanley01 8k posts, incept 2008-07-30

I withdrew consent politically, defacto quite a while ago, which got set in stone the day of the Roberts' decision. Allowing TPTB to game my exercise of the franchise in order to legitimize their thievery and murder is not ethical.

Financially I am presently passing up what, ten or five or even three years ago, I would have counted as a golden opportunity to grow my firm. Not just to withdraw consent where it damages TPTB the most, but because of the uncertainty surrounding everything but the simple fact that the numbers no longer add up to make the effort worth it.

TPTB of the Roman Empire taxed its productive into oblivion as it fell. There is no reason to believe that TPTB of the Amerikan Empire won't do the same.

Ethically IMHCO, the only honest work possible today is trading the markets. Precisely because it is a zero sum game. The way I choose to view the matter, very dime I make swapping futures is a dime that won't go into the Vampire Squids' pockets, while Babylon on the Potomac's rake off the top will remain more or less even.

It has been one helluva ride here on TF. Sincerest of thanks for the matchless education, Karl. I hate to think how clueless I would still be today without all the chills, thrills and spills. All the best to you and your loved ones.

Okay, well. All that said, does this mean no more Boobie Thread?... smiley

They assume an authority which is nowhere so dangerous as in the hands of those who have folly and presumption enough to fancy themselves fit to exercise it. --Adam Smith

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