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 It's Called Evolution, Gentlemen (Tickerforum Changes)
Seobook 43 posts, incept 2010-09-05

"Old articles will disappear from public view, a change recently implemented and one now filtering through the various Internet archives as they "refresh" their links."

If your goal is to spread your message & help wake people up to reality, what incentive is there to break thousands of inbound links to your site that act as a gateway to help introduce people to your site?

By breaking those links in bulk it would...

- make some people who click into those links back out without exploring further
- make some webmasters less likely to link to your site on a forward basis (if they presume the links will just break they might just cite other sources that they feel are somewhat inferior but less likely to go away)
- lower the exposure of the site inside search engines like Google and Bing (search engines view links as votes & by breaking the links you effectively remove those votes from the search ecosystem)

If there is a section that isn't worth the cost of policing it would be more beneficial to set those sections to "archive only" rather than outright deleting them.

Another aspect here is that some of the people who have spent hundreds or thousands of hours reading/writing/participating on your community forums might be less willing to participate on a forward basis if they think that the 45 minute post they write is likely to disappear in a few weeks or months or such.

Best of luck on a forward basis with whatever you do...I read your homepage daily & will probably still look daily even if the posts are far less frequent.

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