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 Freedom Of Speech: How Quaint
Rantocanada 81 posts, incept 2009-12-06

I think, if nothing else, we can now truly appreciate the complexity of this issue. From one side of the spectrum, the black letter of the law and its immutability, to the other side of the sprectrum, which maintains that we must devine the intent and spirit of the Founding Fathers and apply that interpretation to a reality that they could not have possibly foreseen given the profound societal changes wrought by the two centuries since the Constitution was inked. Fascinating. There are no easy answers, but many damn good points to be gleaned.

What I do know is that there is no way that the FF could have predicted the sorry state the Fourth Estate has sank to. It has repudiated and capitulated its historical role as watchdog, and has instead become the fox: It is owned by those who own the very people it was supposed to guard against: our elected officials. This is a very perverse situtation, and is more an affront to free speech than anything I can imagine.

Sorry, I have no solution for this.

The Truth is right here... err, wait. Well, it WAS there just moments ago!
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