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 Freedom Of Speech: How Quaint
Widgeon 13k posts, incept 2007-08-30

The "issue" I have w/ the 'buying an amplifier' analogy is that corporations and the like aren't actually speaking ... people speak. Further, the 'officers' of the corporation aren't the corporation ... stock holders are the owners so the officers aren't 'speaking' for the corporation either; they are merely custodians in their positions. Further, it isn't strictly a "free choice" or "freedom" to hire others to do your bidding (PR, advertising, etc.). It is, in my humble opinion, clearly coercion.

I understand that this whole mess is a terrible situation ... but signing even more contracts w/ the Devil isn't "the answer." We've got to go back to fundamentals on this too ... the 100+ year old SC "precedent" determining the corporations are people and the several decades old ruling that money is speech must be overturned.

I see the thinking on the other side of the equation; I just think it's Dead Wrong.

There, I've said My Piece.
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