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10.3.1 is now showing up as an "official" load across multiple carriers worldwide.

The importance of this is that unlike many other vendors all BB10 devices, all the way back to the original Z-10, are supported and can and do run the newer firmware quite nicely -- unlike Android phones which often NEVER get updated and IOS ones which do but might not run acceptably well on older devices.

I've had this as a "leak" on my Passport for a while (SR 1581) and it's very nice.  Among other changes are dramatic improvements in customizing of notifications (per-contact and per-profile if desired), better "advanced interactions" and material improvements in Android interoperability.

One of the more-important ones (from my point of view) is that the restriction on Android app name length that has been present since the original releases appears to have been removed.  This means that ThinkOrSwim now loads and runs without issue; previously you had to decompile it, shorten the internal name and then re-pack and re-sign it (with your own key) in order for the phone to accept it.

That, incidentally, points out one of the problems with Android apps -- you can do that sort of thing, which means if someone is malicious you're in serious trouble as they could patch the app and if they got you to load it, there goes your password!

Stability of this release has been outstanding and in addition significant reductions in battery consumption while on standby have been noted here.  The latter difference is not small, particularly in LTE service areas.

CrackBerry has the links up and someone will almost-certainly post a "Blitz" file shortly, which can be used if your carrier is being a pig and not releasing this promptly (US Carriers, all of them, are on this list -- can you hear me now John?) and, unlike Android devices in particular it is entirely safe to load such a file because BlackBerry's chain-of-trust prevents the phone from accepting a modified or unsigned file.  If you manage to force the phone to load a tampered file (that can be done through some rather ugly machinations) it will not boot -- all operating system related files must be signed with BlackBerry's cryptographic key for the phone to "take" them.

"Blitz" files can be loaded via either Sachesi or Darcy's tools; either will select the proper OS and radio for the device connected, reducing the risk of a "soft brick" that can occur if you accidentally load the wrong file.  Such an update is non-destructive; your data will not be erased, although it's always a good idea to take a backup using BlackBerry Link first just in case something goes wrong.


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