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There is only one Android smartphone you can buy if you care at all about security and privacy.

It's the BlackBerry Priv in factory unlocked (e.g. from Amazon or ShopBlackBerry) form.

The public release of their operating system update has occurred, and the differences between that device and every other device on the market are now stark and impossible to argue against in the security/privacy realm.

A full post is coming soon.

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2016-04-18 15:07 by Karl Denninger
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Revenue light, price increase going into effect here shortly, that won't be good either.

Oh, and forward growth expectations were cut.


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Oh my, I wish people had a bit of perspective.  But they don't, and the media is really good at hype.

According to privacy expert Christopher Parsons from Canadian security research hub Citizen Lab, the RCMP may still have the ability to read anybody’s encrypted BlackBerry messages, as long as the phone isn’t linked to a corporate account.

This isn't news.

BBM, the messaging app in question, has never done "end-to-end" encryption in a secure fashion; that is, using unique user keys -- unless you're connected via BES, BlackBerry's enterprise management software.  If not then BBM uses a "master key" that is held by BlackBerry.

The problem with master keys is that they're master keys, basically.  Any mistake anywhere in any version of the software that uses it renders it exposed, and once exposed if it's built into the code it's hard to change without orphaning older users who might not be supported any more.

So, generally, it isn't.

Nobody with half a brain expected that BBM without a BES server connected to it was secure in the modern sense.  Well, except, perhaps, for some criminals.


As for how "bad" of news this is, it isn't.  BBM is secure against casual interception, but not against those who really mean it in their efforts and have solid resource bases behind them (like governments) -- unless you're on a BES connection.

Remember, BBM dates back a long time, and is still interoperable, which means that you're betting there has never been a mistake, anywhere, made in any of the code going back to the early days on the Java-based devices.

If you took that bet you probably deserve to lose it.

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Not long ago I noted that there had been a dramatic drop in Facebook advertising of all sorts.

Well, apparently someone in the "analyst community" noticed too, because today the stock is taking a bit of a header.

Here's the problem, as I see it -- it hasn't recovered and won't because those ads, especially video ads, simply don't work.  There was a big spam factor right near the end of the year but as with all such "new things" if they don't produce sales that lead to enough profit that it's worth it "all-in" they fade fast and hard.

Well, it's fading all right..... toward black.

Good luck longs....

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As I'm sure you've heard by now PayPal is "responding" to North Carolina's ban on men who dress as women being able to use the girl's restroom by deciding to cancel a global operations center in Charlotte.

The same company, PayPal, does business in 25 nations where homosexuality is illegal including five where the penalty for such behavior is death.

That's right.

This is a US company that claims that refusing to allow people who are male -- that is, born with a penis -- to use the woman's restroom because they wish they were born without one is grounds to cancel a project and employ people in a given state but the very same company will do business in a nation where your head is chopped off for being gay if you're caught.

Why would anyone in their right mind have anything to do with a firm that is this ****ed in the head?

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