Trump May Be, Sadly, A Fraud
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2016-10-22 13:46 by Karl Denninger
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Trump May Be, Sadly, A Fraud *
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We're about to find out.

First, read Donald Trump's Contract With The American Voterwhich he just released in a bid to convert undecided voters.

There's a lot of good stuff in there.  In fact, I can't find anything in there I disagree with, and I bet you can't either if you're honest about actually improving the nation (leaving aside the red-meat pie-in-the sky stuff, such as "repeal and replace."  If you don't understand why that's a topic for another column.)

Nonetheless, one thing is missing, and it simply can't be missing if we are going to ever have America be great, whether you believe it is now, will be again, or for that matter can ever be in the future.

That's indictments and prison for the health care monopoly abusers violating 15 United States Code Chapter 1 -- a class of individuals and firms that, in my opinion, include virtually the entire health-care industry in this nation.  They have taken health care as a percentage of our economy from about 3% to nearly 20% in 30 years and if we do not only stop but reverse this now the federal government, state governments, pensions, all asset types and the American way of life will all collapse.

There are a number of ways to get there.  We could do it via the means outlined in a post I entitled "How to Fix The Budget" from 2012.  Or we could do it some other way.  I'm not married to the means, but due to the certain outcome if we do not act to resolve this issue now, I am forced to politically demand the ends in return for my vote.

The method by which we accomplish this goal will matter to many, but it matters little to me.  That we get there and do this now, however, is of primary imporance because if we fail to do so during the next President's term the American way of life in this country ends, and it does not matter who is elected President.

That's math, not politics.

On Monday, two days from now, Florida begins early voting.

I would like to vote for Donald Trump.

But if he does not, prior to my voting, publicly take the position from the above "How To Fix The Budget" post or something substantially the same that will plausibly lead to the same outcome, including specifically the enforcement both now and on a forward basis the existing anti-trust regulations against all health-related firms -- a power the Executive Branch already has and thus does not require any form of Congressional approval -- I will be forced to vote for Cthulhu exactly as I did four years ago.

I will not vote for the destruction of this nation irrespective of who will be President when it happens.

Yes, I'm a single-issue voter, and I'm not compromising on the issue that we must resolve in order to keep our nation.  We either act to save this nation or we do not.

To quote Yoda: "There is no try."