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2021-05-23 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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Psychotics? Yep - Created And Fed *
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Facebook has decided that anything you say there that discourages the use of a vaccine, including especially Covid-19 vaccines, will be removed (and you might get banned) even if its truthful.  For example, you can't talk about the fact that 95%+ of all associated deaths in VAERS for the last two years have been associated with Covid-19 vaccines, and 99% of them this year are associated with the Covid shots.  This is the truth which you can look up right here on the CDC's own web page, but if you say it on Facebook - poof.

OSHA said if your employer required the vaccine they owned the results -- including the bad results.  That quietly disappeared a day or two ago; you see, workplace injuries do not include things the government wants to happen.  One wonders why this isn't applied to coal mining, oil drilling and even asbestos abatement; after all, the government does want asbestos out of buildings, right?  So now your employer can injure or even slaughter you so long as the government approves.  Germany didn't do something like that 80 years or so back, did they?

Incidentally OSHA will likely get attacked on that and lose on a TRO and injunction because under the APA (Administrative Procedures Act) there is a specific process a government agency must use to modify a previous stance, and their previous position was consistent with both law and practice for decades: As an employer if you mandate something as a condition of employment you own the outcome -- it's deemed a workplace injury -- if it goes badly.

It gets better.  The CDC has now declared that if you've been vaccinated you are not a Covid-19 case unless you wind up in the hospital or die.  I'm not kidding.

As of May 1, 2021, CDC transitioned from monitoring all reported vaccine breakthrough cases to focus on identifying and investigating only hospitalized or fatal cases due to any cause. This shift will help maximize the quality of the data collected on cases of greatest clinical and public health importance.

So now "cases" don't differentiate, or if you're vaccinated they may not report a positive result at all.

This "deems" the vaccines automatically 97-98% effective -- even if they're saline shots.  Why?  Well, you could look at our county here; as of December 1st, before there were any shots, we had 5,219 "cases" and 136 of them wound up in the hospital; 2.6%.  Thus if you refuse to count a "case" in a vaccinated person unless they go to the hospital then you have deemed the shots 96+% effective even if there's nothing in the syringe.  Magic, I tell you, magic..... and in a sane world such an open and notorious fraud would get you instantly arrested -- or worse, particularly when someone relies on that line of bullshit and dies as a consequence.

It's even worse: Unlike non-vaccinated Covid-19 people where reporting of positives and negatives was mandatory under CDC demand this is not:

The number of COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infections reported to CDC likely are an undercount of all SARS-CoV-2 infections among fully vaccinated persons. National surveillance relies on passive and voluntary reporting, and data might not be complete or representative.

In other words hospitals don't have to look and see if you've been vaccinated if you show up there with Covid-19 nor is a hospitalization if you have been a mandatory reportable Covid-19 event.  Of course they can (and I presume if your Ct is low enough they will for sequencing purposes) but the mandate is gone.

That's nice.  How much resource do you spend on something that doesn't happen?  Nothing.  Therefore what is the reasonable presumption if you willfully refuse to look at and catalog data that is otherwise trivially available?

That's what I thought.

So the CDC has intentionally destroyed the integrity of the data set from April forward by introducing a new twist; they declare the shots "effective" to stop you from spreading the virus but then refuse to collect and document the data to prove it.  Indeed they deliberately eliminate the means of determining that from the data, despite having recorded and reported every shot given and thus they do in fact know.  If someone comes up PCR+ after the shot on a Ct40 test, well, whether symptomatic or not by the very rules the CDC adopted last spring they have Covid-19 and count as a "case"!  Remember, the entire premise of their campaign and everything that everyone was ordered to do since last March was that even if you weren't physically sick you were still dangerous.  After all it's obvious that someone who is sick could give whatever they have to someone else; you need no mandate other than "stay home if you're ill" if there is no asymptomatic transmission.  The actual science has failed to identify asymptomatic transmission; it was never anything more than a computer model statistically, and an attempt to actually isolate cases of it in China across a huge population failed to find even one instance.

But if in fact the CDC still believes asymptomatic transmission is a "thing" then they should be collecting any and all evidence of Ct40 positive tests among those who got one or more shots.  After all, positive is positive and any positive is dangerous, right?  We kicked kids out of schools, we quarantined people in their homes and took all manner of other "precautions" on that basis including mask orders, closing businesses and the like and now the CDC is deliberately refusing to collect data of anyone with a positive PCR test for other than sequencing purposes who has been jabbed unless they wind up in the hospital, which is wildly more serious than simply being symptomatic!

Thus we can reasonably presume that the CDC has now declared that asymptomatic transmission is in fact not a thing; in other words, they now believe in the science.  Or, to put it more-succinctly, they lied and ruined the economy, along with issuing mandates including the current mask "recommendation" in schools for no reason whatsoever.

But this also means that there is no public health argument for vaccination at all; only a personal one, and any attempt to mandate otherwise is unconstitutional since they now admit they cannot meet the first test when it comes to the burden of proof required: An unwitting person will transmit the virus to others only if not vaccinated; ergo, there is a "serious harm to others" argument which is extinguished by vaccination -- and only by vaccination(There are plenty of other tests to be met too but if you fail this one you lose immediately in terms of a mandate when it comes down to both Constitutional and common law principles.)  Given the CDC's actions anyone faced with such a mandate would appear to have a very good crack at nailing the issuing party to the wall on both an injunctive and final basis.

Never mind the now-irrefutable evidence coming out of India -- you know, where there are over a billion people?  The CDC, NIH and FDA continue to proclaim that there are "no early treatments" that work.  That's a damnable lie and was known in the spring of 2020.  How many people do you get to kill with lies like this before either a crap-ton of people get frog-marched to face trial for mass-murder or, if the government refuses, a gallows gets erected right next to your signboard and the people take care of ridding the place of vermin themselves?  It appears that the threshold is well beyond even a minor genocide, seeing as the body count is now over 500,000 by their own claims!

This would be truly unbelievable but of course it isn't because a huge percentage of the population have become psychotic.  They were in fact driven to psychosis due to the deliberate lying and fear porn peddled by the government and all of the media but especially CNN, Rachel Maddow and others. These actors have all determined that the psychosis must continue and in fact Zuckerpig along with the other media and "social" outlets all insist: You may not do anything that might break people out of their psychotic states and if you do we will attempt to silence you.

You see, we cannot discuss whether the shots are safe on Facebook and other social media without the risk of being banned.  If employers mandate it, which is illegal by the way as the EUAs make clear, the government doesn't give a fuck anymore.  What else is new -- when, may I ask, has the government ever prosecuted someone doing something illegal provided they liked the outcome?  Of course you get prosecuted for doing something illegal.  But that's because you're not doing what Joe Biden (and before him, Trump) along with Fauci wants.  Now about that gun Hunter bought and lied on the Form 4473... 

So let's look at the data to see if indeed on the data the shots are effective.  We already know they're not known safe; as I've pointed out back to December there have been myriad concerns with them, none answered.  This doesn't prove they're unsafe but the burden of proof when it comes to safety is on the person making the claim, and the evidence must be clear and convincing; unanswered, reasonable questions all run the wrong way hereThere's a nasty compendium that some fine folks put together, scientists and doctors all in an actual vaccine-related academic journal.  Most of these were known to be potential issues back as far as December, before the first jab went in the first arm, and some were plausibly known in September yet not addressed by any of the makers before they filed for EUA, nor is any mention of them in the EUA documents.  In fact, some of the issues now known were claimed to not occur by the manufacturers; an assertion we now is false   That's mostly because it simply takes too long to answer the questions so in order to get the speed you want you can't wait for them -- you just go ahead and hope and, if an inconvenient question does arise, you ignore it.

If you come to me as a CEO and tell me that you want something in six months that normally takes ten years, and you'll give me immunity, I'm going to direct my staff not to look where suspicions might lay.  Sure, if something is seen it has to be run down but if you don't look you're unlikely to see.  It's not like we did not know that every mRNA attempt prior had resulted in the drug ending up where it wasn't supposed to go with resulting toxicity problems in animal trials, right?  Oh wait, we did know that.  So just don't look too closely and hope it doesn't wind up in data somewhere so we maintain plausible deniability.

It is what it is and that's what we did.  It was stupid and nobody in their right mind should trust the process because it was intentionally made incurious to meet a timeline.  Go talk to Trump about it originally and then Biden for not instantly halting it at one minute past noon on January 20th.

But there still is uncorrupted data available that we can look at -- specifically, to see if the core claim for you deciding to take these stabs is true: They will prevent you from wind up in the hospital or dying.  If that test cannot be conclusively demonstrated then safety is irrelevant because the claimed benefit is either smaller than claimed or non-existent and thus no risk is acceptable.

Let's look at the hospitalization rate of people of ages from 50-64.  KFF has some pretty good data here showing that by April about 70% either had received the shots or immediately intended to when they could, and basically everyone in that group could during April.  So if the shots were 100% effective at preventing hospitalization and death and there was no preference for getting them among those who haven't had Covid-19, (there should be; if you've had the virus there's no reason to get it but all the screaming "urges" you to anyway) then hospital admissions among that group should be down about 70% from March levels plus the same sort of seasonal drop that we saw last year in the same group when there was no vaccine.  Nobody is claiming 100% effective except in a flippant manner, but all are claiming wild reductions in risk for hospitalization and death, typically in the 90%+ range.  90% of 70% is 63%.

Did it happen?


That doesn't look very different from last year, does it?  It certainly isn't 63% different; you wouldn't need to count or draw lines to see that as it's nearly two thirds.  Look at 65+, where the uptake for shots is even better; indeed there according to KFF the take rate for the shots is about 80%, and pretty-much everywhere anyone 65+ could get shots in March, not April.  There should be very close to zero -- a roughly 75% reduction -- in people 65+ going to the hospital with Covid-19.  But.... but..... but...... we were all promised!

Remember how a virus works; it can only infect people that are susceptible.  Once infected you don't count as "susceptible" anymore.  This immediately suppresses the R0 to what can be denoted as "Rt"; that is, the effective transmission rate, and once Rt goes under 1.0 then the case rate falls irrespective of all other measures because each infected person fails to find a new victim.  That doesn't mean the infection rate goes to zero because as long as there are reservoirs (e.g. in cats, ferrets, etc.) even if in a given area all the people who have it fail to give it to someone else it will come back, whether from reintroduction by a person or one of the animal reservoirs.  So all those people who got it and recovered over the spring, summer, fall and winter are neither reservoirs or transmission sources.  Thus, by the data, if the shots worked there should be a dramatic reduction in hospitalizations.

Where is it, beyond the expected seasonal drop-off that mirrors exactly what we saw last year as the weather warmed up?

Any questions?

Further a shocking number of reports on social media are out there -- including Eric Clapton -- who were not sufficiently disabused of their psychosis even after a kick in the nuts; they had a severe reaction to the first jab and still went back for the second and not only got hammered again they got it worse the second time!  Sure, it is true that the shots don't nail everyone; not even close.  But think about how far into the land of irrational, psychotic fear you have to be to to back for seconds after being kicked in the balls.  This is the world we live in today folks -- like it or not.

Don't be psychotic; it's not attractive at all and, frankly, that sort of behavior marks you as dangerous -- far more-so than any virus.

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Comments on Psychotics? Yep - Created And Fed
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Imhotep 1k posts, incept 2013-07-18
2021-05-23 10:41:01

Retired veterinarian Buddy (who recommends IVM, too) has a very good friend with neurological issues after the jab. His wife is a nurse and is seeing a lot of neuro issues after the jabs. She is, also, on the IVM train and will not be taking the shot(s).
Blanca 578 posts, incept 2020-07-25
2021-05-23 10:41:09

Lie, lie, lie - that's what this government does now and has been doing for years.

Because the unvaccinated are likely to be the deplorables, they do not deserve to be protected. Thus all statistics gathering and reporting, rules, policies, and procedures will be twisted to ensure that the maximum pressure can be applied to make their lives miserable.

You can kill your baby just before it's born and the government will protect that "right." But you can't refuse a jab of an experimental vaccine into your arm. I expect the next talking point will be that the unvaccinated are the breeders for the virus variants and for that reason alone they may not fly, gather at public events, have a job, or get health insurance.

The vaccinated don't mind seeing the unclean punished. But what they don't realize is that every year they will be forced to take another jab. And now that the despots know how to manipulate a population with a fake health-care crisis, they will manufacture another crisis (green energy) that will give them all the justification they need to further restrict freedom. The vaccinated have made a deal with the devil, but it won't be the last one they'll have to make to keep their liberty.

We can all see where this is headed. It isn't good for society to polarize the population and marginalize a large segment of the population. The politicians encourage this because it keeps them in power. But everyone (except those in power) and the elite suffer.

Early_retirement 4k posts, incept 2007-06-26
2021-05-23 10:41:28

Being a member here has always kept us informed (thank you Karl), but i would like to think normal objective people would have wondered as early as last year when all social media banned any dissenting Covid views even from medical professionals with credentials who know this shit and were on the front lines.

Maybe there arent many normal critical thinking people remaining or maybe theyre too dumb to know things are being censored by living so long in their echo chamber.

But you nailed it Karl - Psychotics is what it is. Scientific papers dont matter to people. FDA and CDC and the manufacturers say its 100% safe so nothing else matters.

Personally Ive stopped talking to a lot of people about it because theyre beyond hope. I just wanna watch people die now and maybe Ill even throw in a few told ya sos.

Monty 7 posts, incept 2020-08-19
2021-05-23 10:41:40

Mass psychosis is spot on and that is the frightening thing. A friend of mine who had corona is not making any plans on the days following his second shot in case he needs to go the hospital. How insane is that.
Susanlauren 1k posts, incept 2021-05-01
2021-05-23 10:41:43

This is what I think happens next.

Pfizer or one of the other manufacturers applies for straight up approval of their "vaccine" as a standard of care (as contrasted with the current approval as EUA). The rationale will be that they have given millions of doses/ injections safely and approval is imperative for future public health. Pfizer will claim that all is well with those millions of doses. (Of course all is not well, but the media/ the press and the social media gatekeepers are doing a bang up job at suppressing adverse reactions, MD and expert debate, opinion and criticism along with anything else that contradicts the official and accepted narrative.) Approval will be granted by the FDA and the other manufacturers will soon follow in the application process. The other manufacturers will likewise be approved as standard of care. What that process will do is open the door for mandatory vaccination - just like an annual flu shot. It will be "no jab, no job."

Please tell me this can't happen given all of the other shinnagians that have taken place over the last year and a half. You know, just like Slo Joe and the Ho won the election by 81 million votes and other assorted nonsense. OSHA be damned. Existing study drug protocols and regulations be damned. And existing federal law and regulations were made to be changed, suspended and/or likewise disregarded. Mark my words. Timewise I would give it by this fall if not sooner.

And I don't mean to be pessimistic, but a vast majority of people will cave because they have car payments, mortgages, college tuition for their kids and food to put on the table. Many will choose their job over their lives and health but in the end they will have neither.
Jules 1k posts, incept 2009-04-18
2021-05-23 10:53:24

What that process will do is open the door for mandatory vaccination - just like an annual flu shot. It will be "no jab, no job."

Please tell me this can't happen given all of the other shinnagians that have taken place over the last year and a half.

I would love to tell you that can't happen, but we both know I would by lying thru my teeth...because that is exactly what the plan is, imo.
/hope that helps smiley

The entire global financial system is a pawnshop.

If you don't like your life, change it. - Workerbee 5/2/23
Winesorbet 1k posts, incept 2010-08-23
2021-05-23 11:16:09

So they lowered the Ct threshold for vaccinated folks but not for non vaccinated folks? In other words the cdc now claims only non vaccinated people can spread the disease asymptomatically? What a bunch of bullshit!
Raven 16k posts, incept 2017-06-27
2021-05-23 11:16:27

This is a great summation article Karl, thank you.

Respectfully submitted that you pin it.

One thing must be noted which i wrote in another comment here. Regardless of what the big players in DIY media restrict, the story gets out in stages over time.

The truth about HIV/AIDS got out before the internet was a big thing through a variety of means whether niche talk radio or common conversation. The official story line were more and more ignored until the point where no one believed the official story and went about life with nary a care and a bunch of correct prejudices. People abandoned the myth in stages, quite early, of personal risk to the non-fucked up (as in not male gay, drug users, bisexuals or massive promiscuity with said) while not directly fighting the lie in public. It was everyone knew that it was bullshit for them, but outside of a few souls who could not rest with a lie out there, people figured that they would parrot the rituals (while not engaging in them personally) and talking points for personal peace and job security. People did fear being shunned outside of a few assholes who liked to tell it as it was. Once the public internet grew common, people did say the above under the safety of anonymity much like they did many other things.

Yet, the current internet authorities are not stopping anything with their restrictions. The HIV/AIDS story was out before the internet published it.

What is on the common internet is simply a symptom. Yes, people got accustomed, translation: lazy, to using the common internet for discourse, however like HIV/AIDS the truth happens to get around, and there is more internet that cannot and will not be restricted.

What is being exposed is a futile attempt based in the panic of the authorities and powerful people with empires based upon bullshit trying to stay relevant. They know as big as they are, that their time is going to pass. There was a time before Facebook and there will be a time after it.

For example, platforms shutting down "free speech" on the internet is nothing new. In the late 2000s amazingly alive local newspaper forums shutdown lively and erudite debate as people were offending others, and now they are but an uninteresting shadow of themselves with much lower interest. BTW: it helped the reporters get information, ideas, perspective and interest. POOF, gone! Nice work, asshole. Was it fun to shoot yourself in the head.

My own personal interest known lovingly as the "manosphere" had the same thing happen when public platforms were used, with a major amount closed right around the Trump revolutions, but many before. Most of us considered this a graceful way to exit once the work was done, and BTW all of the work still exists plus the interest in it.

Alex Jones, i know yuck, was going on and on in the early 2000s about how Youtube would eventually ban him. Last i checked, he is still here as is his information whether one disagrees or not.

David Icke, who we can all agree never promotes any violence or hatred or disgusting things regardless of what one think of his work, is banned by YouTube for no reason. He is still here as he was before YouTube. Get it.

Let's get into nastier stuff but view it objectively. There is this thing known as sex work, like probably one of the oldest businesses in its prime form of prostitution. Well, over the past two decades various website were shutdown by the authorities for various lie reasons and having nothing better to do with lots of publicity. It does not matter one's opinion on the matter. Look at te effect from the standpoint of what is not stopped, pre-internet as described above and currently.

The prostitution websites simply did the following. They changed domains to foreign, went other places, created other things and those who sell it, want it and support the freedom to do it are going about unchanged after a brief transition. And, using the internet model some have evolved methods impervious to scorn and policing under various guises. Some might actually be lasting or easy to perpetuate in the instance of some "new" frustrating factor. Seekinganarrangement anyone? Dating sites? Go ahead, fuck with (oh, that was droll) these concepts.

Remember such arrangements as the above latter two have existed openly long before the internet as anyone who read a college bulletin board in earlier eras knows quite well. for the older initiated: Holly Golightly anyone?

Lots of things above that people get worked up about, temporarily inconvenience providers and customer and truth seekers and advocates for said (such as Karl here), and moral causes and great coverups of crime.

Well the truth always gets out, and people figure a way to get and do what they want.

The only ones who suffer are those who thought that they were the forums or utilities providing the only avenues. They are merely the symptom or the result of somethings going on for a long time. They convince themselves of relevance as any good salesman promoting to the market. Got to believe in what one is selling, right. Well if it is false, they go from brokering millions to being a middle aged man selling cheap mattresses in a strip mall in a suit that once looked good on him, or selling something else that is pathetic.

Don't be that guy.

The founders of things like Facebook are going to be My Space one day for the same reasons that most thing are not timeless.

To be timeless requires honesty, quality and humility.

Look at something, anything, that never goes out of style, even if quite old and maybe not as serviceable in the modern era. This is where the answer lies.

The newspapers of print did not go out of business due to the internet. The going out of business due to the internet was a symptom of crap journalism and printing lies.

Those who have standards and not censorship masquerading as standards will tell you two things. One must stand for something and have morals and the work never ends, and there is no fear of opposing viewpoint.

Such occurs here in the Market-ticker as often as Karl desires. Notice how no one with a differing point of view is silenced, only assholes and those who promote lies. Vigilance takes effort and time.

When one peddles lies, one is afraid of truth. Facebook's leadership knows that their model is based in a lie and is such on many levels and has no staying power once someone finds a new way to exploit. They assuage this fear by deflection. They are saying, "We are relevant and have staying power as we are maintaining standards."

Whom are they trying to convince? Who lives in fear?

Mission Complete

The truth is just too powerful to know. Those who hold the truth suffer more than those who believe the lie. -The Hall of Tears
Ceiii2000 557 posts, incept 2021-05-17
2021-05-23 11:20:10


Not only do I agree with you, but I am currently trying to figure out what my plan b is when Oregon makes it mandatory.

Now the CDC has reports of heart inflammation in young people, you know the ones they JUST said it was safe to inject. But don't worry there is no proof it is caused by the jab, the CDC says so.
Purplefang 717 posts, incept 2010-03-28
2021-05-23 11:20:17

It's been obvious to me for quite a while that preventing covid-19 is not the purpose of the injections. The only thing that appears to matter now to those in control is getting more people injected. Those who got the injections were conned. The magnitude of what is going in front of us is too large for many to see.
Weezie 8k posts, incept 2008-05-19
2021-05-23 12:02:13

@Purplefang - Yep. I had been hesitant to believe it, even passed it off as tin, but more convinced by the day that Vaccine Passports are the goal.

jihad pressure cooker tea party guns Constitution Bill of Rights play doh squiggly line prepper home garden clusterfuck
Susanlauren 1k posts, incept 2021-05-01
2021-05-23 12:02:29

I think I spelled "shenanigans" wrong in my post above. My bad.

Hey Jules, no that doesn't help. Can't you at least help out with a comforting lie or two.

Blanca, in the post above, explains the rest of the restrictions and limitations to follow. A vaccine passport is absolutely on the agenda and in the works. I think it starts with concerts, sports and entertainment events along with travel and moves to work, grocery shopping and banking.

By manipulating the numbers, it will be the unvaxxed who will be blamed for the cascade of deaths and disability soon to unfold. Four months to fourteen months is the timeline Dr. Sherry Tenpenny projects. That's September/ October 2021 to July/ August 2022.

What is shocking to me is the response of people whom I had considered friends. One was almost gleeful to tell me that if I don't get the jab, then I won't be able to go anywhere. Of course she and her husband had dutifully signed up as soon as it was available to them. So far they have not experienced any negative side effects but it has only been since mid- March and the beginning of April when they got their shots. I fully expect them to cheer when the vaccine is mandatory for all. I tried to warn them both about the risks and maybe it would be a good idea to get more information and to wait.
My efforts were entirely wasted.

Deal with the devil indeed.
Ktrosper 6k posts, incept 2010-04-06
2021-05-23 12:03:06

The bigger the lie, the easier it seems to pull off.

The change in CT for the PCR test based on which group your testing should tell the average Joe everything they need to know re: trusting TPTB.

Why is nobody hanging from a bridge and being set on fire, a la MS13-style retribution?

A few reasons I guess.
1. 1/2 population lives on the left side of that IQ curve.
2. The entire population has been dumbed down, brainwashed and to the extent that any of us find our way through public miseducation with our ability to get at the Truth in tact, it's probably some kind of miracle.
3. Most people just flat out don't fucking pay attention.. They are so fucking distracted/busy with shit they can't be bother to sit the fuck down and read and think for a few fucking minutes every day about important shit... Well, those priorities will change FAST when they see vax'd folks all around them dropping like flies.

I'm ready to see some bodies. It'll do us all a lot of good in the long run.

Edit: and I'm sorry to all those who are gonna lose loved ones. I'm gonna lose some too. But being stupid and reckless with your life has never been a good survival trait - not even in the modern age.

The unexamined life is not worth living.-Socrates
The only stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law.-Aristotle
Liberty exists now in the spaces government has not yet ch

Onelegged 1k posts, incept 2009-11-13
2021-05-23 12:03:24

I am curious as to how much the taxpayers are shelling out for these hundreds of millions of "free" jabs in the arm.

Is it $10,000 per syringe? $20? $14.68?

I've read nothing on this subject.

All The News That Fits, We Print.

New York Times
Robackrman 323 posts, incept 2021-04-07
2021-05-23 12:39:18

I see hope. Vaccine supply has more than caught up to demand so it appears based on current trends reported by the CDC that interest for receiving the vaccine has waned considerably. So much so, it may settle on roughly a 50-50 split between those vaccinated and those not. There will be short-term regional hassles but 50-50 won't be a good enough ratio for long-term policy, especially given the general temperament of those that are not vaccinated.
Abelardlindsey 2k posts, incept 2021-03-26
2021-05-23 12:39:27

That the CDC is changing the reporting on VAERS makes clear they know the vaccines are dangerous and they are trying to cover it up. This is suggestive the the vaccine milieu (vaccine manufacturers, CDC, etc.) is now in CYA (cover your ass) mode.

I wonder how exactly the manufacturers have their hooks in CDC. Is it similar to how the investment banks had their hooks in the bond rating agencies during the run-up in mortgage securities and CDO's 15 years ago?

The problem this time is that it is both liberty and life threatening. It is not like 2006 where you could merely ignore the housing bubble and go about your merry business.

Its all in the mitochondria.

Soylent Green is people!
Chromehill 1k posts, incept 2010-03-03
2021-05-23 12:55:41

Pfizer has announced they will seek full FDA approval.

No idea how long that is going to take, but imagine it is just a formality and that it will be sooner than later. Pfizer talking about the coming months.

We the unvaccinated must stand together and refuse to comply. If we cannot go to concerts, ball games, travel, etc, as long as we stand together, it is a huge revenue hit to those entities enforcing vaccine passports.

It is the same with our jobs. Get the jab or be fired. OTOH, what happens if a third of a employer's workforce refuses? You cannot terminate that many people and survice as a business, too many critical skills out the door. They are already having a difficult time filling positions, best job market ever. By terminating those who refuse the jab, they are in many cases forcing out their best and brightest employees.

I am prepared to be fired if it comes to that and my employer will quickly regret that. I work on mainframe computer systems and fortunately for me, I am a single point of failure for numerous critical processes (they have been warned in the past and have so far not addressed the situation). I would be willing to come back and get others up to speed for 10K a day, should get fixed in several months.

If we stick together, we can successfully resist. Something else to consider, where the economy is going to go in the coming years, very high inflation, etc, people are going to lose interest in Covid.

'Power, like the reproductive muscle, longs to be exercised, often without judgement or right' - Gerry Spence

"Above all, while defending our own vital interests, nuclear powers
Asimov 148k posts, incept 2007-08-26
2021-05-23 12:56:09

Many will choose their job over their lives and health but in the end they will have neither.

I don't think it's because of choosing lives/health, but have you seen all the help wanted signs lately? They definitely choosing something over jobs.


Moderna, a two-dose vaccine, recently announced each dose will go for around $32 to $37.

The Pfizer vaccine, also given in two doses, is expected to cost $19.50 a dose.

Each dose for Johnson & Johnsons one-dose vaccine will cost an estimated $10, and AstraZenecas two-dose vaccine could be the cheapest at just $3 to $4 a dose.

Novavaxs two-dose vaccine is estimated to be $16 a dose.

It's justifiably immoral to deal morally with an immoral entity.

Festina lente.
Fumei 4k posts, incept 2019-01-08
2021-05-23 12:56:19

Abelardlindsey, take a look at Doctors at the CDC own patents and get money from Big Pharma.
Quantum 984 posts, incept 2021-05-18
2021-05-23 14:11:49

@ Susanlauren

I have had the same experience with some vaccinated friends. One I referred to before missed some work because she was walloped by the second dose. She was taken aback by the VAERS stats the first time I discussed them with her, but two days later was affirming that vaccine passports were a good idea. She wants the world to know that she's safe. I've sworn off of discussing anything related to this with her a couple of times but she keeps bringing it up. It's like bouncing BBs off a brick wall.

Our God, will you not judge them? For we have no power to face this great multitude that is attacking us. We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you. --2 Chron. 20:12
Onelegged 1k posts, incept 2009-11-13
2021-05-23 16:26:00

Thanks Asimov.

All The News That Fits, We Print.

New York Times
Edwardteach 391 posts, incept 2021-05-01
2021-05-23 16:26:06

Psychotics? Yeah, Paul Joseph Watson pretty much nails it:

Know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with until you understand who's in ruttin command here.
Erroldo 681 posts, incept 2013-09-12
2021-05-23 16:46:14

I remember reading earlier this month the PFE applied for standard approval and request a fast track approval by end of year.
Abelardlindsey 2k posts, incept 2021-03-26
2021-05-23 16:46:30

Abelardlindsey, take a look at Doctors at the CDC own patents and get money from Big Pharma.

Clearly these assholes do not understand even the concept of conflict of interest.

Its all in the mitochondria.

Soylent Green is people!
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