We Must Run This To The Ground
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2020-05-16 06:00 by Karl Denninger
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We Must Run This To The Ground *
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We must run to the ground exactly how Covid-19 got into the world.  The "oh it was a wet market" explanation doesn't wash and cannot be accepted with a wave of the hand whether true or not.  If that's where it came from then any nation that insists on allowing that sort of butchery, and I remind you that China has been the source of several nasty outbreaks, must be turned into North Korea so they can't spread the love to anyone else.  I remind you that it is extremely likely that HIV got into humans the same way; people hunting and eating chimps.  If these nations want to stew in their own juice, fine -- they can do it completely isolated from everyone else, forever.  Nobody goes in or out, and if you try we shoot you.


If the truth is as I suspect, that this virus was an accidental release and not entirely of natural evolution then that needs to be run to the ground too and the people responsible permanently ejected from any lever of power, anywhere -- by loading them into howitzers, including any member of government, any government, that covered it up.  Lying about that sort of thing with full knowledge that nations will literally crap all over themselves and destroy their economies is an open act of war and cannot be tolerated.  No, there are no apologies after the fact for such acts -- only retribution -- and said retribution must be world-wide.  Those nations that don't want to join in same can sit inside the circle with the damned -- forever.  Those businesses that do not immediately vacate all supply chain links to said nations must find themselves cut off.

If other nations think this is not deadly-serious and calls for that sort of retribution, well, the Czech Republic and Spain both were sold defective Covid-19 test kits -- by China.  Both sent them back, but how many bad results were returned before they figured it out?  Counterfeit capacitors is one thing -- medical tests during a pandemic is another.

I'm sure people will claim that such acts will lead to a war.  They might.  But the next time around that a virus like this gets out it may not be as benign as this one.  It could be as bad as SARS or Marburg, with no natural immunity and no hope of a working vaccine for years, if ever.  It would kill more people than both World Wars combined -- easily.  It would kill more people than the biggest butchers throughout history.  It will have very good odds of killing you and a quarter to half of everyone you know and love.

Is preventing that worth the risk of a war right here and now?

Yes, indeed it is.

The madness must stop right here, right now, today.

That madness, in no small part, is coming out of China with their practices in this regard and they must pay for this outrage.

The Chinese Communist Party, and all who support it, must be utterly and permanently destroyed.

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