Who Wants To Take On The Home Automtn/Sec Market?
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2017-11-08 16:10 by Karl Denninger
in Small Business , 171 references Ignore this thread
Who Wants To Take On The Home Automtn/Sec Market? *
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I've talked about HomeDaemon-MCP before.

It's still here, of course, but has continued to be refined and developed.

The current version is 3.0.0 and runs the place.  What's distinct about it compared against other choices?

First and foremost, it has no "central site" requirement at all.

In other words nobody but the owner has access to it and what it controls and monitors.  It uses SSL certificates both to secure your login (via a simple https interface) and to control slave connections between units (of which it can support an effective infinite number of.)  It will talk seamlessly to Zwave devices (including secure ones using AES encryption) and, for those who insist or have legacy devices, X10.

The certificate-based security model means it's trivial to set it up either a "buy it once, get a certificate good for what amounts to lifetime service" or a "buy a certificate good for a year" sort of model (e.g. subscriptions) on the retail side.

In the present political environment I have no interest in retailing it or developing the business structure to either put forward a distribution model or a retail sales model.

But you might.

Oh, and there's a provisional patent related to it that I will file (obviously before I tell anyone what that is or how it works) and it will go with the code, if someone buys it from me.

Yes, this is a "one check" sort of deal, but as you can imagine it might be a fairly large check.

If there's interest use the links on the right to email me and I'll get back to you promptly.

This is what the "monitor" page looks like on my cellphone:

And this is what's running all of that except for the pool gear (it'll run on essentially any system that can run FreeBSD; the Pi happens to be nice and cheap!)

The pool gear has another Pi with a handful of inexpensive ADC (commodity "adafruit" modules for analog sense and relay) ports to switch the valves, pump VFD and spa heater, enclosed in an inexpensive outdoor-gasketed sprinkler-controller enclosure.  It connects over a machine-certificate secured SSL link via WiFi, appearing as a seamless part of the whole.

No more spying, no Alexa, and if you're wondering how stable it is here's your answer -- the last downtime was due to me voluntarily turning the power off to do some work on the rack underneath it..

HD-MCP Controller
Private System; unauthorized access is punishable by law.

$ uptime
2:57PM up 144 days, 17:16, 1 users, load averages: 0.19, 0.18, 0.13

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