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2024-06-27 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 338 references
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Oh look at the whining!

Leslye Headland, the "first openly queer person to create" a major Star Wars project as The Hollywood Reporter (THR) described her, spoke to the outlet this week about the backlash the show has gotten for its progressive themes, telling the outlet that she never intended to make a show with an overt political agenda, even if it contains some LGBTQ messaging. 

"I don’t believe that I’ve created queer, with a capital Q, content," Headland told the entertainment outlet.

Oh bullshit.

You're trying to tell me that an "openly queer" person didn't intend to make a queer production, when it is in fact queer?

Note that Leslye placed her queer status front and center; I didn't do that and neither did the media.  She made it the focus of her commentary and identity.

I have a hint for her and other creative types in her general line of work: Your job is to produce entertainment for an audience.

That's the beginning and end of it.


Star Wars has always had a majority male heterosexual audience.  Insulting and pissing them off is a bad career move, damages the company bankrolling it and thus reasonably calls into question their competence and intelligence in hiring and retaining her..  I don't care if you agree with the audience's point of view or not; that's immaterial.  You weren't hired to try to convert that audience of randy heterosexual dudes who think blasting and running people through with light sabers cool into gay men.  At least I don't think that was why Disney hired her, and if her intent was to bring more lesbians into the Star Wars fan club did Disney or she contemplate that for every such lesbian you might lose five straight heterosexual males, particularly when you simply look at the math of how many heterosexual males .vs. how many lesbians exist?

Only someone who is an entitled little twat believes that insulting five existing customers for every one new customers you might attract is a good business strategy.

It seems that Trannheiser-I-aint-got-no-Bush thought they could pull that off and they would gain more in mentally ill people who can't determine their sex by what's between their legs than they'd lose by Cowboy and Frat Boy types being disgusted with the pandering to the chop-off-my-dick cohort.  You might not, as a marketing executive, particularly appreciate Cowboys and Frat Boys (I have to agree that the latter tend to fart and puke a lot, especially after drinking all night) but if they buy and drink your beer by the keg and everyone else buys it by the sixpack or one at a time you had goddamn well better respect rather than insult them or they'll go buy something else!

Never mind George Lucas himself who pretty-much spiked those who claim that the Star Wars universe "isn't diverse enough" at Cannes with this reply: "Most of the people are aliens."

Uh, yeah, they are.

Oh and how about Headland's own comment when asked about it being "the gayest Star Wars"?

"I'm frankly, into it."

Well duh, given her personal forward position with it as the key part of her identity, because, well, being a creator and having your content stand on its own isn't enough, just like so many so others have to underline that they're black, female, or a "chick with a dick."

Yeah chckadee, this is the sort of self-absorbed bullshit that our society thinks is both reasonable and to be "celebrated.".

Headland, in short, believes that in fact its all about her and her identity, as she demands others not only accept but embrace whatever she wishes to waltz around wrapped in as the prominent element of not only her identity but the content she creates.  She doesn't lead with being as a good creator as her headline and thus that which she trumpets and insists everyone leads with, its that she's gay and therefore its good.

Recognizing that her entire job is to entertain people and this means understanding your target audience rather than causing them to throw up in disgust -- why that's a bridge too far (and I suspect she'll call that point of view bigoted on top of it.)  In short she can't shut up about her personal life and do the job assigned as a professional without making it all about her rather than her storytelling capabilities.

Is that because she has no such capabilities?

Perhaps she would find more fulfillment taking charge of creating one of the many drag shows down on Duvall in Key West.


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2024-06-24 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 502 references
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CDK and all the dealerships that use it.

How many times do I have to repeat that there is no "cloud"; there is only "your computer" or "someone else's computer."

Now this "wonderful" innovation for car dealerships obviously could not manage to keep its data safe from what appears to be a ransomware attack nor could they roll back to before it happened on a rapid and competent basis.  May I note that the latter is part of any sort of efficient IT infrastructure, and that you can do it without losing anything material provided the point in time just before when you got hacked is an acceptable recovery point is clear evidence of wild-eyed incompetence at best.  I know of what I speak here because I had a couple of incidents when running MCSNet that weren't hack-related but rather were due to a hardware failure, one of which was a RAID controller that literally scribbled on every disk it was attached to and destroyed the data on all of them.  That was a serious pain in the ass to recover from but recover we did as we had good copies and enough spare hardware.  Or would you prefer a somewhat-recent event right here at my house (which incidentally is a backup point for this blog) in which both of a mirrored pair of SSDs failed.  That was a few-hour recovery incident even though the data involved was over a terabyte in size as I had both spare hardware (albeit slower until I could have replacements shipped) and again, good copies from before the incident.

Never mind that in my opinion the entire premise of such an entity being able to be hit like this with a "ransomware" or similar attack belies outrageously defective IT practices and lack of competence in the first instance.

As I noted in a recent column that was intentionally less-acerbic we are not, in the main, a serious nation anymore.

One of the alleged "premier" firms in the world in aviation flew a space mission with known defects that could have killed  (and still might) everyone on board.  When they turned out to be more than the  "oh no big deal" they originally propounded them to be instead of aborting what they were doing they continued onward -- and now are literally stuck at the ISS.  They're still being dishonest with everyone on the ground here in the public but I suspect those up there know damn well what the facts are.

Make Guillotines Great Again on every single diversity hire at Boeing would be appropriate -- but you know damn well nobody will take such a step or even its lesser cousin in the form of felony imprisonment even if the outcome is death because of said stupidity.

Again I remind you that we used to be a serious nation.  Prior to the Shuttle (which was filled with bullshit diversity and environmental crap) and willful bending of known constraints for face-saving, otherwise known as "feelings", which got two shuttles full of astronauts killed with the loss of both hulls we had a serious space program and had never lost a man in space.  That doesn't mean we didn't fail -- it means we followed the rules and listened to engineering standards and thus didn't fuck up because lives mattered and so did success.

We famously did not have a crap-ton of thalidomide children born without arms and legs in this country because one FDA official spotted a problem in the data with that drug and banned its use in the US.  In Europe they didn't and the disaster occurred.

This last time around with so-called "public health" we put money in front of facts, data and competence and a million Americans are dead as a result -- and yet we still have not dusted off the guillotine and used it despite now knowing that the claims made by myriad parties were knowingly false.  We knew goddamn well that viral respiratory infection rarely kills directly but often results in secondary bacterial infections which does kill, especially without the prompt use of antibiotics.  We knew this is exactly what happened in 1918 (antibiotics hadn't been invented yet!) and we also knew it happened with AIDS where PCP killed a crap-ton of gay men despite our knowing how to prevent PCP in immune compromised people yet we refused to use Bactrim in said persons, on purpose, despite knowing it worked as we'd been using it in leukemia patients for several years at that point.  The same drunk-on-grant-money jackass who cockblocked Bactrim pulled basically the same bullshit with Covid, got away with it both times, and we got the same results -- a pile of dead bodies.

Oh by the way nobody's paid any attention to who was in the NIH ethics review path.  I pointed it out at the time -- have you heard one word out of our much-vaunted congressional committees about that little problem and any role it might have had in all of this?

What's worse is that virtually every single medical professional went along with it and got paid for their personal and institutional failures which, if they were competent at all or read any medical history, knew goddamn well was very likely to happen if they followed said "protocols."  Nobody has guillotined any of them either and yet on a doctors-per-dead-body basis you could reasonably apportion one such dead person to each physician in the country.  Indeed a decent percentage of the population actually still considers said persons as some variety of GOD!

If those people are God then I'll take the Devil because he's less-likely to kill me.

I am personally alive because I was prepared for that possibility and had sourced appropriate drugs for it; I was thus able to stick up the middle finger to the medical establishment.  Budesonide stopped a progression that was potentially fatal in my person within 12 hours and within 24 hours I knew I would be fine.  My long-term impact from that series of events is literally zero and I can prove it in cardiovascular terms as due to my physical activity and tracking of same I have the data to do so.  Post that event I told many other people what I had in preparation, what I did and when -- and one of them, in particular, did not take that advice (after all the so-called "experts" said I was "full of shit") and he got covid, wound up in the hospital and died.  While no drug is 100% effective, ever, he was convinced by these cocksucking charlatans to not attempt said remedies, all of whom were involved in his "care" got paid including bonuses for, in his case, proved worthless treatments because despite their use on him HE DIED.  If you think I will ever forgive or forget any of that system in this nation or anyone involved in his demise or those who attacked me during those years when I was ultimately proved right you're clinically insane.

Remember that Zuckerfucker's mantra was for many years touted as "move fast and break things."  Must be nice to have the luxury of being able to assrape people and get away with not having your neck stretched or severed.  You know, like by exploiting children and addicting them to dopamine hits from your social media, as just one of many examples, never mind telling people who decide to give you the finger at some point that they don't exist as they "failed your authenticity validation" (which is flat-out bullshit) and an active fraud.  But, should you "misgender" someone (that is, tell the truth about their sex) why that is an offense as well -- that's right, his "enterprise" insists that others lie and in fact enforces said lies by throwing out anyone who refuses.  Indeed the word "misgender" is a lie. as it is the act of referring to someone using their factual gender.  Of course our government doesn't consider forced lying a criminal act even when said force is applied to children, who lack the legal capacity to consent, yet are forced to lie both on social media and on actual public property, such as in school, at a library or public park.

We have a Treasury Secretary who claims to actually believe that not only do deficits not matter but our entire Congress believes this as well. Incidentally if you think that is confined to the Democrats may I point to Trump who has threatened to fire Powell and put in place a Fed Chair that will support unlimited deficit spending and not even pretend to give a crap about the inflationary impact of doing so!  Spare me the faux outrage aimed at Biden's administration in this regard as there are multiple reports that the GOP intends to pass a CR before the end of September continuing the fiscal insanity they are not only part of today but are cheering on and supporting with their votes.

That very same Congress and Administration also don't believe that competence matters when it comes to things like forest management (NM fires they admit they intentionally started during a high wind warning not long ago) and that we can have an open border with both massive welfare to attract anyone and everyone without murderous fuckheads and wild-eyed child rapists being embedded in said flows of people.  What other group of people might be in there too -- you know, perhaps state-sponsored saboteurs?  We have no idea but we do know that in the last few weeks multiple murders and rapes were committed by said "fine people."

Why bother with alleged "standards" (e.g. the CDL requirement to operate a commercial heavy vehicle) if you're not going to enforce it?  We just had reported that a man, deported several times and thus a felon as he re-entered the United States afterward, wreck a Class 8 heavy truck while hauling a load of steel that wound up in the road and on other vehicles, causing both serious injuries and death.  His booking information says he didn't have a CDL so how did (1) he get the truck (e.g. who hired him and owns said truck), (2) who had him haul that load without verifying anything including his license and presumably, lack of insurance and (3) how did he get through the various weigh stations and ports of entry between the source of said load and where he wrecked without having to show said credentials where you are asked for both if you're stopped for speeding?  Additionally we have no less than three illegal immigrants standing accused of serious felonies in the last few days all of whom are recent illegal immigrants; two are accused of murder and one of raping a 13 year old at knife-point.  All three apparently were caught on entry and released by our government so spare me the "we didn't know" bullshit and explain why we don't immediately jail every single government person involved for life along with everyone who aided, abetted and housed said criminals, all of which is in fact a felony and in the case of an illegal immigrant who causes death in the United States, a life sentence felony at that.  This crap continues because we allow the law to remain unenforced so spare me the "we need a new law" crap as that is a wild-eyed lie.

Why bother calling something a felony and passing laws to make it so (e.g. 8 USC 1324 for anyone who assists or harbors illegal aliens, or 15 USC Chapter 1 as pertains to myriad industries including the entire medical and pharmaceutical industry) if you will never bring charges and enforce same?  If the law has become no more than a political cudgel to be used to abuse and silence those not in political favor on any given day we're well past the point where the otherwise-peaceable citizens of the nation should have hoisted the black flag and gotten down to business taking out the trash themselves.  The entire reason we and any other allegedly-civilized nation have criminal laws is so the people don't have to do that and that is a good thing from a societal point of view as due process of law is extremely important to the integrity of justice.

But WHEN the government intentionally, over the space of decades, refuses to enforce said laws, and that both has been been and is the case todaythen the choices remaining to citizens are to die, be robbed or raped at the hands of said malefactors whenever they feel like it or take care of the problem themselves including on a preemptive basis and accept that mistakes will be made since due process, which relies on the government doing the job they are paid for is being deliberately refused and thus justice is obviously and systematically impossible. Further you can't use the democratic process to resolve the problem because no political party has changed it when elected and this has been conclusively proved over decades.  In this circumstance it is not the people who have destroyed the integrity of justice it is the government who has done so deliberately and with malice aforethought so if the people decide they've had enough of that crap after several decades of patience and maliciously false promises and decide to turn against them they and their family members deserve it.

Why bother with a definition of any sort of public corruption statute when it is ignored as soon as actual lawmakers are dual citizens or have spouses who are and they ride on said coattail and get into policy-making but unelected positions, as is the case with Mitch McConnell.  Is his wife a citizen?  Yes, but she was in fact born in Taiwan and, incidentally, he married her eight years after being elected to the Senate!  Incidentally her start in public policy positions came under Bush in 2001 and yet in those years, and the years since, we have ceded more and more labor to both Taiwan AND mainland China despite her position in Bush's government being advancement of AMERICAN labor interests.

Gee, how convenient that US high-tech labor has deteriorated every year since then despite her being allegedly "American" and where it deteriorated to and to the benefit of is in fact focused within and to the greatest benefit of where she was born.

How about Trump?  Remember 2016?  No?  Well I do -- he promised to end H1b visas as a cheap labor program and require, on an absolute basis, hiring Americans first.  He didn't do that, by the way and now has stated that any illegal who graduates from any college, even a 2 year Community College, will have a Green Card stapled to their degree.  Might I also note that actual competence is no longer a requirement to get a degree: Simply put in the money and out it comes, even if you go wildly into debt in order to do so.  Or should we discuss Trump's three platform planks in 2016 to put a stop to the medical monopolists all three of which disappeared on election night and were never seen again?  Those three planks were in fact malicious lies.

You think this sort of bullshit is unique to one or two among the top officials in our government?  Go count up the dual nationals who have Israeli citizenship in our government and then explain to me why that disparity on a basis of population representation exists, why we permit it to exist and why we are involved in a dispute that is some seventy years old on their land and yet we're both funding and arming them.  Is this our government or is it Bibi's government and if the latter who the fuck voted to cede our national sovereignty to Israel because I sure as Hell never saw that on ANY ballot and I've been voting for more than 40 years.

Oh, Hunter and his foreign pals?  Yeah, that too.  Gee, what a coincidink.  Can I have some crack with that line of bullshit so I can believe, for a while anyway, there's no outright corruption there and by the way, how many tens of billions of American taxpayer resource has been blown as a direct and indirect consequence of it?  Isn't perversion of our government by Ukraine, including Zelenskyy personally, sedition and why is it that everyone involved in that isn't rotting in prison or even waiting for a ride on Ole Sparky ala the Rosenbergs?  While we're at it can we discuss the intentional complicity of our media and government agencies in that it is now admitted (by the government, no less!) that the "laptop from Hell" is in fact authentic since they introduced and thus directly authenticated it in court when prosecuting Hunter?

Ukraine just hit Russian civilians with American missiles which cannot fly without active involvement and targeting assistance from American military assets.  Incidentally public flight transponder data proves that indeed one of our Global Hawk drones that are used for exactly that purpose was loitering in the area required to perform those functions and Ukraine owns, possesses and had in flight exactly zero air assets that can do that job.  That's right -- the American military appears to have been directly involved in shooting that struck and killed Russian children.  War sucks and civilians being shot (whether intentionally or not) is part of the suck but did you sign up for, and are you willing to have, a war with Russia if and when they shoot back at civilians -- possibly including YOUR kids?

Better ask yourself that and decide if you're going to let our government get away with that sort of thing because Russia just might shoot back and since our military is under civilian control per our Constitution the responsibility for every one of our military's actions is personally yours.

Why is it that any foreign-linked "PAC" can exist in the United States when the entire point of a PAC is to influence elections.  Should not any such attempt, control, influence or involvement be considered sedition and lead to the instant confiscation of all assets and imprisonment plus a permanent bar on entry into the US of any foreign national connected with same?  YOU BET IT SHOULD in each and every case.  Oh by the way what the FUCK are the CEOs of Pfizer, Palantir and Oracle doing lobbying US Senators on Israeli issues?

Why is it that when we know foreign governments, including Israel, fund and operate influence operations in the United States including on college campuses and elsewhere (and by the way Israel isn't the only one -- how about Confucius?) said "institutes" and "operations" are not subject to immediate criminal sanction, arrest and expulsion of every single foreign national involved along with asset seizure and prosecution of any US entity that accepts said funds, grants and otherwise cooperates with same, given that their entire purpose is to influence policy and elections, the latter of which is, by law, expressly forbidden.

Why is it that when you are effectively forced to let entities have personal information they then store (e.g. cellphone companies, health care and insurance firms, car dealers, banks and similar) when they get hacked and the data is stolen this isn't considered a criminal event and given that the scope of same is usually in the millions who get screwed their executives are not subject to summary execution?  If there was choice you could argue that you in fact made that decision of your own free will but there isn't when collusion or even government mandate is involved, and it usually is.

Why is it that the medical industry backed by government force in many places, including schools, has been allowed to deliberately mislabel drugs, which I remind you under existing law (21 USC Chapter 9, Sub III and V) is a criminal felony, yet this has not resulted in myriad 10 year+ prison sentences and ruinous fines?  I am specifically referring to the labeling of various shots "vaccines" when they are not.  A vaccine is a preparation that provides statistically the same or superior immunity from future infection as would otherwise be gained from said infection, including specifically and as a requirement protection from contracting and transmitting, when the disease is transmissible between humans or between humans and other animals, said disease.  The vast majority of current so-called "vaccines" offered today are legally not vaccines; they are personal prophylaxis (that is, pre-exposure treatment) and do nothing to prevent you personally acquiring and transmitting that infection to others.  Every single time I walk into the local Kroger store I am assaulted by this lie offering me these alleged "vaccines" on their signage which are legally not as described and which should expose every single member of said corporation, manager and pharmacy employee to a decade in prison and criminal liability for any and all harm that comes to said customers and anyone infected as a result of contact with said "vaccinated" person who is not sterile with respect to that disease but, as a result of said fraud, believed they were.  As was recently found by the 9th Circuit all such mandates rest on a ruling known as Jacobson from 1905, which in fact defines the word "vaccination" and any mandate following from same to require the induction of said sterile immunity as the core justification for any such compulsory statute.  THIS IS WHY, INCIDENTALLY, IT WAS FOR DECADES CALLED THE "FLU SHOT" AND NOT THE "FLU VACCINE" BECAUSE THE INDUSTRY KNOWS THIS IS A PERSONAL-ONLY PROTECTION AND THUS IT IS WITHIN YOUR LEGAL RIGHT TO PERSONALLY DECIDE, JUST AS IT IS TO TAKE (OR NOT) A BIRTH CONTROL PILL IN AN ATTEMPT TO PREVENT PREGNANCY.  The actions of the US Government along with the FDA, CDC and every mandating private and public entity (e.g. schools) were and are directly and intentionally in violation of Jacobson and in fact no less than Deborah Birx admitted both on national television and in her memoir she knew in advance in the context of the Covid shots that this was the case and as a government employee directly in the path of the decision and advocacy she had personal and severable liability for same, as did Fauci and dozens if not thousands of others.

Again it is a FELONY to mislabel drugs or offer, prescribe and give them to a person if you know that their label is FALSE.

We aren't just an unserious nation we're chock full of corruption and outrageous examples of black-letter violations of laws by the "privileged few" that have allegedly stood in guard against such conduct for decades and in some cases for more than 100 years.  Not a single one of those bastards, whether in government, health care or any other line of business gives a shit if you are bankrupted, get seriously and permanently injured or die so long as they can take all your Benjamins.

So cry me a river when car dealers get assraped after they served up a bunch of price-increasing bullshit for both acquisition and repairs on vehicles through ever-increasing mandates claimed to "improve highway safety and reduce crashes" when the data is conclusive that all that actually happened is that the cost of ownership, operation (e.g. insurance) and repair of said vehicles has skyrocketed as the choice to buy one without all that crap in and on it has disappeared, a fact that is trivially proved by ever-increasing prices for both vehicles and collision insurance on them.

They all participated, colluded together and feasted on fucking us all up the ass just as has the medical system so if you think I'm in any way "concerned" that they got it in the poop chute due to their own hubris you're dead wrong.

I hope they are and stay fucked to the point of bankruptcy and the ruination of their entire genetic line just as I will and do publicly cheer and offer toasts if and when any member of law enforcement or law-making entities has their DAUGHTER or WIFE raped and/or murdered by an illegal immigrant or some medical practitioner or their family member is killed by the very "magic shots" they advocated for and in some cases tried to legally force others to take in violation of decades-old laws or Supreme Court decisions which they have all willingly and intentionally ignored.

I'll return to giving a shit and being outraged about such things when and if, and only when and if, people go to prison for all of these crimes and all of it is reversed with those who have feasted on these criminal acts are forced to disgorge all of those funds and, in the case of illegal immigrants, every single one is forced to leave, the legal penalties due anyone who who has harbored, employed or assisted them are imposed as required by long-standard federal law and all false-claim medically-related items result in instant arrest, prosecution, imprisonment and treble-damage fines of every penny gained on a gross-revenue basis from same.

Until that day arrives my "Give A Fuck" meter is pegged at zero.

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2024-06-05 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 745 references
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Let's just cut to the chase and then I'll do the detail: Irrespective of whether you think he should be tried, convicted and hang for what he did during the crazy the facts are that we let this happen over a space of more than 20 years, we deserve it for that reason and we had damn well better put the marker on the table that any attempt at this sort of crap in the future will be met with immediate and summary deadly force aimed at every single person involved -- no matter who they are.

The worst part of the Fauci saga was that he was known to do this sort of shit since decades earlier and got away with it.  I'm speaking of the AIDS years in which he deliberately blocked the use of Bactrim in AIDS patients (remember, at the time AIDS was a terminal condition) claiming "we didn't have enough information" on its risks and benefits.  The facts are that we knew it worked to prevent PCP, a deadly pneumonia, in immune-compromised people because in the 1970s we discovered that and it changed the face of leukemia -- patients routinely were killed by PCP during their treatment as their immune system was trashed by the drugs.  Prophylaxis with Bactrim stopped that and made a huge difference in leukemia mortality.

Why did Fauci block this?  He was convinced AZT was the answer to AIDS.  It was not; it did not work, it never kept a single AIDS patient from dying and had hideous side effects, including destruction of the marrow's immune structure in a decent percentage of people which, if you didn't actually have AIDS, would basically give it to you minus the virus of course.  Oh, it was also, at the time, the most-expensive drug ever prescribed in the United States.  A lot of people made a lot of money and every person who took it for that condition died anyway.

If this sounds like Remdesivir (but worse) its because it basically was; AZT was a failed cancer drug -- which previously failed on safety, just as Remdesivir had previously failed on safety.

30,000+ Americans died of PCP that would not have otherwise and we did nothing about the blatant pocket-stuffing by the drug companies during those years, all of which Fauci was directly involved in.  He didn't personally make the money but he sure as Hell cheered it all on and blocked cheap alternatives that would not have done more than extend life either (Bactrim prevented PCP but would not have prevented your eventual demise from AIDS) but if you used it you might not want the expensive, on-patent drug.

Then there were the cheap potential drug therapies during Covid.  You can claim Ivermectin is worthless if you'd like but the facts say otherwise.  Does it work for everyone?  Of course not, but when using interdictions against a virus sooner is better than later in every instance because viruses replicate exponentially and further what also works if your lungs get involved and is extremely cheap is Budesonide -- an inhaled steroid typically used for asthma.  This too was known as a doctor in Texas was using it in the first few months on early presentation and none of his patients got sick enough to require critical care or died. 

I am personally alive because I sourced it in advance of need and used it; it reversed my lung involvement within 12 hours.  In most nations a Budesonide inhaler costs under $10 US and we could have handed one to anyone infected with Covid along with instructions to use it if oxygen saturation began to be materially impaired.  It likely would kept most persons out of the hospital (and thus those who died) and while my experience may be an "anecdote" I'm here as a result of it so anyone who wishes to attack me on that basis can fuck off and die -- and I both mean that and never will change my position on it either.

Again the issue here was money: You can't get "emergency authorization" if there are working, known safety profile alternatives.  There were.  Ivermectin has an effective zero risk profile (1 in 600,000 for serious adverse events) and while Budesonide does have some risks they're well-known and characterized as the drug has been used for decades on a chronic basis for asthma.  When used on an acute basis such as here the risks are very close to zero.  Never mind Hydroxyurea which nobody still talks about at all and which a small palliative care hospital used in critically-ill Covid patients in 2020 who were all expected to die and saved nearly all of them.  That drug is quite-dangerous (you wouldn't use it on a routine basis without damn good reason) but again we have decades of experience with it and its both off-patent and cheap as it is commonly used for maintenance of those with sickle cell disease.  If you didn't get and use either Ivermectin or Budesonide when you got Covid, wound up in the hospital and didn't get Hydroxyurea it is 90%+ likely when you died that the doctor and hospital refusal to use those three drugs was directly responsible for said death and that, I remind you, was all a deliberate act driven by myriad people including Fauci personally.  That's malice murder and every single cocksucker involved in it deserves to be indicted, tried and upon conviction be executed for it as there are hundreds of thousands of dead Americans who died as a direct result of those deliberate acts.

I am not going to forget about that nor will I forgive anyone involved -- ever.

The entire "mask", "distancing" and other bunk was known to be garbage within a couple of months.  I reported on the Iranian hospital study in which they found culturable virus in the bathrooms, specifically in the suction grates on the ventilation system at ceiling levelyet could not find culturable virus on the tray tables in the patient rooms.  This was hard evidence that the virus was both airborne and in feces (and farts), and thus not primarily droplet based.  As a result masks were known worthless; only a PAPR or other positive-pressure delivery mechanism is sufficient to provide any meaningful protection so all the alleged "social mitigations" were worth zero.  We knew all this with scientific certainty by the early summer of 2020 and I wrote on all of it at the time.  It has now been admitted that there was no science whatsoever behind any of that crap -- by Fauci and the others themselves.

There was also no evidence that prior infection did not confer durable, stable immunity at least against significant disease.  In fact we knew that it was effective in providing immunity by the back half of 2020 because the Cleveland Clinic published a study on exactly that -- and this was before there was any jab at all.  They had no incidence of reinfections among their very large staff complement and a hell of a lot of their people did get the virus during that time.

When it comes to the origin of Covid that it was a "natural evolution" of something originally found in bats is farcical bullshit.  Within days of the original sequencing coming to light it was known (as I noted) that the virus contains two amino acid coding blocks in sequence that never happen in nature among either bats, pangolins or humans, the two alleged precursors and of course us.  That specific pairing is used in virology research for this exact reason; if you are trying to find out if something can be passed through in an experiment (since viruses cannot live independently all such research inherently must pass the virus through some sort of living tissue) you use this as a marker since it never happens naturally; if you get it out the other side you know you successfully passed it through said experiment and are not looking at a fluke.  The presence of this group doesn't prove Wuhan released it either accidentally or otherwise but it does prove that man tampered with the virus on an intentional basis somewhere in its developmental path and thus humans are absolutely, with 100% certainty, responsible for its existence as without said tampering that pair of amino acids would not be present -- period.  All the rest is arm-waving bullshit.

None of the so-called "hearings" will go after any of this and neither will the political parties because the entire medical system from research onward is addicted to all the money they make and the stack of dead bodies generated from events like this is irrelevant to them.  In fact the more fear they can inculcate in you the better because fearful people will allow and expend any amount of money to avoid the boogeyman coming for a visit and if the visit can be portrayed as likely to be terminal so much the better.  Thus the more than one hundred times claims of mortality than fact, the refusal to trumpet the fact that among 80+ year old persons in NY who died of Covid a number smaller than that which you can count on your fingers did not have one or more of a short list of deadly comorbid conditions and thus if you didn't have any of those, or could get rid of them by improving your lifestyle your risk from this disease was in fact much less than the risk you take by riding in or driving a car.  That is there was no reason whatsoever to do anything other than improve your particular and personal metabolic profile.  Again this was all known within a couple months and I repeatedly reported on it as the NY Coroner data including age stratification and comorbid conditions was public and updated on a daily basis.

Note that the culpability for all of this goes far beyond the medical system.  The alleged "pandemic" was a fabulous excuse for all manner of fuckery in the economy generally, including a permanent 33% increase in the size of the federal government -- an increase that resulted in all of the recent-years inflationary pressures.  You have had your purchasing power deliberately destroyed by these ghouls and your "payment" for that was two $2,000 "stimulus" checks which now cost the average $50,000 wage-earner close to $17,000 each and every year and will, until and unless we force them to roll all of that back and cut it out will cost you that each and every year on a forward basis until you die.  Exactly nobody actually "won" in getting those "stimulus" checks among the general population and we are all getting financially raped up the ass each and every year, four years running now, with no indication that its going to stop.

How many of those reading this column have chosen to ignore all of this?

Nearly all of you, as this was all public data and I reported on all of it at the time so if any of the above surprises you or any of your loved ones are dead as a result of this bullshit while the responsibility rests with these ghouls the fault is yours for letting it happen without a single retributive act -- whether peaceful or not -- taken to put a stop to both the medical ass-rape and the financial ass-rape that to this very day continues on a daily basis so no, ladies and gentlemen, it is not over.

And oh, by the way, H5N1?  It displays signs of being man-made as well which should not surprise given that avian influenza is not transmissible to mammals due to genetic diversity between avian species and mammals sufficient to prevent it absent human fuckery.  Well, here's your human fuckery and yes, we've been dicking around with that clade specifically both here in the US and abroad.

Let me guess -- AIDS wasn't enough, Covid wasn't enough and you won't hang anyone for this one either just like you didn't the last two (really more, but heh, we'll be kind) times which is precisely why this third one is now a threat.

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2023-03-28 09:00 by Karl Denninger
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Friedman famously claimed that world "free trade", which he fully knew would begin with Chinese and Mexicans earning 1/20th or less of their American counterparts, would almost-immediately begin to normalize wages over there.  That is, having "tasted freedom" the workers would essentially force companies to pay competitive world wages and their standard of living would wildly improve.  This would turn them into consumers of the very same products they produced and thus greatly expand the economy as a whole.  While he acknowledged this distribution would not be even the premise was that the great improvement generally would outweigh any modest declines in established markets.

He was wrong.  NAFTA was passed and what Ross Perot said would be the case turned out to be true; wages in Mexico did not normalize with America.  We offshored labor to Bangladesh and Vietnam for textiles and nearly everything to China and wages did not normalize with the western world over there.

Likewise in many American cities in the 50s and 60s we built "projects" for low-income housing.  Cabrini Green was one of the most-notorious of course but hardly the only one.  Some of these were constructed to house displaced people during the Eisenhower Expressway system construction through major cities, but hardly all had that as their excuse.  These places turned into hotbeds of crime, drugs and squalor, and we were told it was the concentration that was the problem; dispersing said people with Section 8 vouchers all over the urban and suburban landscape would cause them to experience good culture instead of bad and thus adopt the good elements, at least in part.

That's not what happened.  Instead the "bad culture" expanded wildly into the urban and suburban school districts, destroying the quality of education for everyone.  The drugs, thuggery and similar nonsense expanded there too, along with the criminal element that inevitably comes with all of it.

Joe Biden nominated Kato Crews for a federal district judgeship.  Crews, who is currently a magistrate judge, was asked during his confirmation hearing how he'd evaluate a Brady motion.  He did not know what it is yet it forms one of the pillars of due process of law and any graduate of law school or person who passed the bar would know this.  Therefore it is fact that irrespective of any alleged credential he may have that allegedly "qualifies" him to be a lawyer -- or judge -- he never actually learned any of that material and thus did not actually earn the credential; how did he manage to get that seat?

Obviously Kato Crews' cultural values do not include actually mastering material before being given a credential, a rather basic precept in any honest society.

That people who fail this basic test are not and will not be immediately removed from any position of power and authority, no matter who they are, points directly toward an impending collapse in our nation's capacity to deliver all manner of things that are utterly-reliant on basic competence.  To refuse to demand ALL said persons' removal and back up that demand with whatever is necessary is a choice our society has made and it has consequences you are not going to like.

South Africa infamously had an "apartheid" government structure for 43 years; black people were formally and legally disadvantaged, unable to be treated as equals despite being in the majority of the population, from 1948 to 1994.  The nation, despite formal and legal segregation had a functional economy and government structure.  In the 25 years since that system was formally ended the nation has essentially devolved into gang violence, thuggery and is teetering on the collapse of basic goods and services such as production of basic foodstuffs (farming), electricity and water supply.  Please explain how, if there was no cultural or other significant difference whether in capacity or culture between the two groups this occurred and for extra credit please explain why anyone should consider assistance of any sort to this nation when the majority of the people there, who demanded equality and got it, are in fact fully and completely responsible for this breakdown in the basics of any civilized society and economy.

MASHELE: You've got a political crisis, which started in 1997, where the then-CEO of Eskom alerted government and told them that, if we do not get additional capacity in, we are going to start load shedding from 2007, which is exactly what happened.

Post-apartheid the electrical system operator warned the government that if they did not act to incentivize infrastructure and investment this would happen.  The newly-empowered majority government did nothing of the sort -- with fully ten years of fair warning -- and thus collapse it is.

Lest you think I'm bagging on people because of their race -- nope.  I'm bagging on people because of their culture and unwillingness to accept that which is when it comes to physical fact and deal with it.  Biden and his family anyone?  A wife in the family who gets a "payment" for no service of note?  A son who likes to smoke meth and, it appears, shower with underage girls in the family, never mind all manner of apparently-corrupt business dealings in multiple nations, being paid huge sums of money when he has zero relevant business or operational experience in the fields at hand.  This man winds up President, which tells me everything I need to know about the culture of this nation, particularly when his opponent in the other major political party just got done paying hospitals bonuses in the amount of tens of thousands of dollars per-person for procedures we knew did not work against a novel viral threat -- even when the patient died.

That is functionally equivalent to the Palestinians sending family members $10,000 when one of their sons wears a suicide vest and blows up a bunch of Israelis.  If that is an unacceptable act worthy of United States and international sanction tell me why the man who paid hospitals bonuses when they used known worthless treatments on your Grandmother and she died just had a huge crowd show up to cheer him on for a second Presidential run instead of running that rat bastard out of town?

When both major political parties post up candidates such as this and the people through their representative processes allow, enable and cause that to happen the cultural problem resides in us.

The instant rhetoric whenever someone engages in a school shooting is "ban guns."  How about banning thugs, virtually all of whom self-identify before the final incident?  We just had that happen in Denver, did we not?  I don't care how old you are or aren't or what race, sex or other "tribe" you belong to; if you're violent and disruptive you have no right to destroy the rights of others under some rubric of "equity."

You know, this thing called "The Rule of Law" which says when you demonstrate you're unfit to be in polite society through your actions we put you somewhere where you can't harm peaceful citizens.

I think they're called "prisons", but I could be mistaken.

There have always been thugs among humanity who, given the opportunity, will take advantage of others.  This is not new.  There have also always been narcissists among humanity who are absolutely certain they are the most-important person in the universe.

Positions of power attract these people just like crap attracts flies.

The entire reason we have an alleged "Rule of Law" and no "Divine Right Of Kings" in this nation, and such was ensconced in the Constitution of the United States is that history has shown repeatedly over more than two thousand years that as soon as you allow any group to be exempt from said laws the thugs are attracted there and you wind up with abused and dead people by the score.

Tell me again how Ghislaine Maxwell, who was convicted and imprisoned for sexually trafficking minors, managed to be convicted for that crime when not one person to whom she trafficked said minors to has been indicted, tried or imprisoned?  Its rather difficult to traffic minors for sex without someone consuming that service and in each and every case doing so is a serious felony.  If you believe the only person she "trafficked" them to was Epstein you're a few cans short of a sixpack; the flight logs from his aircraft make quite clear an awful lot of people were flying around on that plane, nearly all of them men and underage girls, and in addition no plausible legal explanation for where he got all of his money from has surfaced.  So where are the other prosecutions, convictions and imprisonments?  You see we still have "The Divine Right of Kings" don't we, and we, as Americans, have not sacked our government for continuing that practice despite it being the very reason this nation exists and why we shot all those British soldiers, ejecting them from America!

I'm supposed to be mad enough to ban guns over the shooting in Nashville despite the fact that a gun in the hands of a non-thug at that instant in time ended the slaughter?  At the same time 107 people, as of 3/20/2023 were shot and killed this year in Chicago, all but two of whom were apparently killed by thugs (the other two were, it appears, legitimate police stops of a thug-in-process.

The shooter in Nashville was apparently a 28 year old woman and the "early reports" were that she was apparently "in her teens."  Oh really?  Why isn't her name all over the place if she was known to be 28 years old and since when is a 28 year old apparently "in her teens"?

Then we find out -- the shooter, according to the Nashville cops, identified as a man and so gee, was biologically a woman. A copy of a social media profile with pronouns has been found.  Gee, no culture problem there right?  I get it, you didn't like being born with a slot between your legs instead of a hose.  I didn't like being born a dude who wasn't really all that good at hand-eye coordination sports because my right eye isn't as good as my left and thus, for example, I will never be any good at hitting a pitched baseball, but there's no "bionic" replacement so there's also nothing I can do about it as I was born this way.

I didn't go shoot up a school because I sucked at baseball when I was a kid nor did I demand people coddle me because I couldn't process an incoming baseball fast enough to accurately swing a bat at it.  Not do I have a right to play in the Major Leagues even though, no matter how much effort I put into training, I will never be capable of hitting a fastball.  Ever.

We all have something we'd rather be different.  The cultural difference between "well, that's how the cookie crumbles; I have to figure out how to deal with it" and "this is reason to scream, shout, demand accommodations and then go kill a bunch of people" is, well, rather profound.


Rational response (this is who I am, like it or not, so I have to deal with it and figure out how to be ok with it) or kowtowing to the screaming demands of those who, when they don't get what they wish they were and can never be or have, turn rabid?


Biden's administration immediately tried to frame this as yet more "gun control" nonsense which is a nice attempt from deflection from the fact that he and his administration have funded the slaughter of tens of thousands of people in and around Ukraine which incidentally shielded wild-eyed corruption over there, was a direct beneficiary of our corruption of their political process and then "demanded" literal tanks in the streets -- and got them, from us.

Oh, never mind the LIE that there is no objective reality with it comes to things you cannot change and are fixed at the moment of conception too.

Why do I bring this up specifically?

Because its really all part of the same issue.  Prior to 1968 you could literally buy a gun out of the Sears Catalog by mail order and have it delivered to your door by the post office.  There was an entire section in the "wish catalog" that came out every fall before Christmas; I remember that catalog as a boy since the back part of it was Christmas toys.

Yet there was no such problem.  Indeed it was common for boys to have a shotgun in the rack of the back of their truck in rural areas because they went hunting after school with it.

Why was there no such problem?

Because if you were a thug or decided that your specific issues meant someone else had to kowtow to you our culture was that you were not allowed to get away with that crap -- you sucked it up or not, but you could not impose your insanity on others.  Oh sure, there were exceptions -- the mob in some cities and similar -- but not in the general case.  You hit a teacher or threw a chair at her you got expelled and your parents had to deal with finding a way to get you an education at their own expense.  You got neither an IEP or a "cry room" if you were incapable of being in the same space with others and not disrupting their learning.  If they didn't or couldn't act as parents you wound up having to fend for yourself.  If that ended with you in prison for life tough crap.  If you attacked someone else you got jailed.  If you did it again you got jailed for a lot longer and you got to break rocks or make license plates as your highest and best life achievement.  If you believed you were a woman trapped in a man's body, or vice-versa, you were told to suck it up buckwheat -- your chromosomes were set at conception and there's nothing you can do about it.   If you wanted to be wild-eyed crazy that was your prerogative until and unless you committed a criminal act against someone else -- and then off to jail you went.  If you were a man but liked to dress as a woman that was fine, but we still called you "Joe" and there was nothing you could do about it and no, you could not be on the woman's track or swim team.  We did not allow a parade of people to break the law coming into the United States and if you tried that you were summarily ejected, we did not allow a river of fentanyl to flow in via said illegal border crossings and we did not coddle people who committed violent offenses against others no matter their age.

Whatever gifts and abilities, for better or worse, you were born with that's what you had.  Our culture instilled the viewpoint that you should make the best use of your unique abilities to the best of your capacity, and if you choose not to for whatever reason that was fine -- but the cost of that decision was on you and nobody else.  If you tried to make it someone else's problem you'd be told "NO!" in a firm but compassionate manner -- and if you refused to accept that answer it would be enforced if necessary.

With this culture we advanced in this nation as no other country ever has over a similar period of time.  We conquered atomic energy for peaceful purpose, we put men on the moon multiple times, we built reusable spacecraft that could fly to orbit and return and we created and distributed all manner of apparently-miraculous things, including electric lights, electricity on demand, automobiles capable of being bought by the average person's salary, calculators you could hold in your hand, computers in an office, then on your desk and finally in your pocket and more.

But then over the last several decades we decided we could instead create and nurtured culture where flat-out false claims and demands for "equality" when in fact that is impossible are tolerated and even rewarded, such as the insane "reparations" nonsense out in San Francisco, claims that a man is in fact a woman., that one is entitled to a law or other degree or diploma if one hasn't learned the material and repeatedly releasing violent accused felons on trivial or even no bail whatsoever.  Friends of mine vacationing in Nashville a few months ago were held up at gunpoint overnight in their rental by armed thugs.  To the best of my knowledge the assailants have not been caught.  Anyone care to guess whether they had priors and if so why weren't they in prison?

A couple of years ago violent bands of thugs burned and looted cities all over this nation.  How many were imprisoned for a decade for committing arson or commercial looting?  Effectively zero.  What does that tell you about how our culture has evolved to consider such thuggery nothing more than a nice night out on the town?

It is all the same thing through this article and these examples -- culture.  We have enabled and celebrated thuggery in Mexico (drug gangs), China (Uyghurs, Christians, Muslims and right here in the United States (drug gangs, illegal immigrants slaughtering a girl in Iowa, BLM and antifa "mostly-peaceful protestors" and more.)

This has extended into our government with both Trump (paying hospitals a bonus when they kill you) and Biden (mandates that had no basis in law or fact, "defund the police" out of Harris, shielding from prosecution his son for apparent criminal acts and more) never mind our Congress which has enabled repeated scams and schemes (Solyndra and all the various Covid-time period rip-offs anyone) going back decades and accelerating on an unbroken basis over the last 20+ years.  Rather than punish the funding source for the 9/11 attacks (Saudi Arabia) we instead waged war on TWO nations that had nothing to do with it (Iran and Iraq) and killed a few million children in one of them; one of the most-outrageous examples of thuggery in human history explicitly endorsed and permitted by the American people.

Spare me the crocodile tears until our culture changes and we decide, as a body politic, that this crap is going to stop -- and mean it.

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2023-01-14 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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As many of you have read in these pages Ishmael has contributed several articles on the clown world challenges of the last few years.  No, that's not me writing under another name, and yes, it is one contributor.

Let me offer, at this point, a different perspective: We won, they lost.

The outcome was in doubt for quite some time.  But now, its not.

Rasmussen ran a poll not long ago and found a very large percentage of people who are convinced that someone they knew was seriously injured or killed by the vexxines.  Remember the old mantra -- safe and effective?  Its no longer an opinion that holds sway among the American people.

But its not just opinion anymore: Now its fact, as we keep seeing.  Report after report, even showing up in the mainstream media, of people taking the Fauci Flop.  Allegedly healthy people, even elite level athletes, suddenly collapsing and in many cases dying.

Reality is that everyone dies and death is not uncommon.  But unexpected, sudden death among people younger than 60 or so is quite unusual.  Especially among athletes and other people of prominence, except from drugs, which of course have always been a scourge and have claimed people all the time.  Elvis infamously died on the crapper and upon autopsy they found ten prescription drugs in size and a seriously damaged liver.  Not all that long ago my sister died under similar circumstances, and from similar root causes.  I've had friends who also succumbed from the same sort of abuse of substances and that sucks.

But many of these are not slow suicides by drug abuse -- or, for that matter, by potato chip and sugared beverages.  They're "side effects" of something peddled to the masses and everyone knows it.  Those who were conned are scared of meeting God and having to explain their personal insanity to him, thus that fearful look in their eye.  Their attacks on you both over the last two years and today are from that exact reason: They're scared they got it wrong and you had it right -- and they may be literally walking while already dead.  Those who conned others or worse, who were enforcers either through soft coercion or even literal force, such as politicians, police officers, CEOs and supervisory people are not just scared they might be next but that their particular fiefdom and ambitions are screwed, never mind their personal life and wealth, perhaps terminally so.


The suck that the so-called "mitigations" caused from destruction of two+ years of children's education and productivity in our economy is nowhere near finished.  In fact the worst of it is just starting.  A virus that for many including healthy young people was actually less dangerous than the flu has done what essentially every highly mutable respiratory virus does: Entropy is not a suggestion any more than the laws of thermodynamics (which is what gives rise to entropy, by the way) and nothing escapes it.  Covid followed the same pattern that OC43 did back in the 1890s when nobody knew a damn thing about the structure of viruses nor were there any shots.  Even with our tampering the laws of physics were not to be denied or evaded; man may create God in an image that suits him, but he can't make hydrogen and oxygen turn into gold instead of water.

There is a maxim I didn't much discuss when I was running a business (because I certainly preferred not to educate my competition!) which is that you don't make money selling things -- you make money when you buy them.  Its has and always will be true.  When you take advantage of someone else's stupidity (which you're not responsible for since you didn't contribute to the stupid act) you acquire an advantage your competitor cannot outrun or outmaneuver whether its in business or your personal life.  MCSNet managed several of these, with one of the larger being a deal we found for office space (which of course every business needs) that was at about 20% of the going rate as a result of another firm's stupidity.  I was able to capitalize on that because I had stashed back cash, acquire a five-year lease on said office space and the cost of operations advantage over others was immense -- and dropped immediately and durably to the firm's bottom line.

The "suck" is going to tempt you in the next few years to whine and cry.  Don't.  That's self-destructive, especially if it prompts you to do something stupid like drown yourself in a bottle of gin.  Instead, if you're one of the people who said "no" and meant it build reserves, live frugally, shed unnecessary debt and expenses and be patient.  The stupidity that has run through not just the United States but worldwide over the last three years has not been local or minor: It has been immense, it has crossed nearly all professions and it has sucked into its maw the majority of Americans, say much less those in other nations.  The opportunities this will generate are also going to be immense, particularly when coupled with all the other stupidity of the last 20 years, including so-called "diversity hiring."  Just look at one minor piece of this -- the recent NOTAM meltdown in civil aviation.  NOTAMs even got "diversity renamed" to Notice to Air Missions when in fact it is Notice to Airmen.  It really is a trivial problem from a computing point of view; just a list of notices that deal with a specific route or place to warn pilots of local and abnormal conditions, such as a restriction on flying into a given set of coordinates during a certain time.  I could probably code up a system to do this in a weekend and run it in a single rack of equipment for the entire nation, then triplicate that in three strategic locations so there are two always-on spares -- literally.  Well, the FAA apparently did not care about making sure this "non-safety critical" (after all, if it fails it doesn't directly crash a plane) system actually worked and was redundant, and it failed.  The problem is that without it you can't fly because if you take off without having the NOTAMs for the area you're operating in and go somewhere you can't as a pilot your ticket gets punched, so said failure basically grounded the entire US non-military aviation system, commercial and civilian, for several hours.

This occurred because the stupid has run rampant throughout or civil and government systems where competence is no longer the gating factor to employment and supervisory positions but rather has been replaced with blind obedience to whatever the flavor of the day happens to be whether its hiring someone due to their skin color or their pronouns and then, in the last couple of years, whether they damaged their bodies stupidly because of a bunch of money-grubbing jackasses along with their enablers in the media and government.

All this will unwind and those who did the stupid things will be the ones who pay for it.  Yes, you'll have to live through the suck and we're all going to have to deal with that.  If you're younger you have never lived through a real suck.  That must be nice.  I'm almost 60 and I did -- both little sucks (e.g. early 1990s) and one pretty nasty one in the late 70s and early 80s which was caused by stupidity and arrogance, just like this one.  That latter one went on for about five years before it turned and started to improve but if you were prepared and took advantage you did damn well.  I was both too young and personally stupid at the time but I learned from that and in the 1990s pounced on its little brother.  That smaller one came at a great time for me professionally and was a big part of MCSNet being successful.  Some people levered up and won but most who did that lost with many literally losing everything.  The prepared who didn't lever up did quite well without the risk of a zero; winning less is ok unless you're a pig, in which case go ahead and grab for that Ring of Power -- just don't whine if you fall off the cliff into the lava instead of getting it.

Those of you who said NO -- the most-powerful single word in the English language -- are already winning.  You don't wake up every morning wondering if tonight you will go to bed and never wake up from a clot you throw in your sleep.  You might have been persecuted, fired and ostracized but you have your health and are not wondering if there's a ticking time bomb in your chest.

You should contemplate putting your unvexxed status everywhere -- including especially on resumes.

Wear it proudly -- you were RIGHT and its a perfectly-valid marketing point to use both personally and professionally.

Those who cheated (e.g. bribing the doc $50 to squirt it in the trash) are arguably in the worst situation of all.  You branded your own chart by doing that and in today's world with EMR (electronic medical records) you can never undo it.  If you ever used that fake credential you committed an offense against the person who you gave it to and might have committed a crime but even if it wasn't a crime if and when you get caught (and yes, it is possible for it to be proved you never got the actual shots) or try to walk it back you risk being blackballed in your industry or worse, particularly if your profession has ethics clauses -- and many professions do.  Even if you can't be blackballed you marked yourself as untrustworthy, and that cannot be reversed.

The consequences from all of this stupidity are going to have to go through the system and this is not going to be "over and done" as if nothing happened next week -- or next year.  But those consequences are going to create tremendous opportunities.   All-cause mortality is currently running in the high single-digits to around 12% all over the world, it is not coming back down materially and that is not a small figure.

Then there's disability, which is doing its best impression of a skyrocket just after launch:


Note the dip in "disabled" as we went into 2020; that was disabled people dying from the virus.  They were medically fragile and succumbed; we know this virus was especially ugly in those who were already seriously medically compromised, and that shouldn't have surprised anyone.  But what happened afterward and why, even though Omicron has been the dominant virus form for the last year and it kills almost nobody, has that trend in disability gone vertical?  Those newly-minted medically-fragile are the new screwed -- and they did it to themselves.  Perhaps this will level off in the next year or two and stop but if it doesn't, and the evidence thus far is that it is not slowing down, asset prices are going to collapse in many areas and those who are healthy and didn't screw themselves will be writing their own ticket, which will go a hell of a lot further when it comes to standard of living than it did five or ten years ago.

Take a million and a half extra people out of the workforce every year just from disability and perhaps 1/5th of that again in deaths on top of the normal everyday rate and guess what: That's almost exactly the 3% rate of "seriously screwed" I predicted and what this data appears to show was a pretty darn good educated guess.

The rage over the last couple of years was surcharging people's health insurance for refusing the jab as a punitive, coercive act.  On a forward basis those who took it may find themselves uninsurable at any price, never mind life insurance and those who refused have every right and should demand all of those surcharges back in cash, with interest at today's higher rates.  This is where you'll get caught if you try to lie too, because both the damage and residuals from taking the vexxine is almost-certainly going to be detectable and will be looked for.  Elevated troponins or even worse LGE on a cardiac MRI are impossible to hide.  Yeah, Obamacare will be there but for the healthy this means subsidy levels for decent insurance will go way up and that's good if you don't need it because it means you can have reasonable coverage for little or no cost.  In private business when this worm turns the screwed may find themselves unemployable at anything other than part-time, no-health-insurance jobs as the prognosis for those with LGE is both very poor and hideously expensive.  Then there are all the younger people still in or before their childbearing/siring years -- you have to be out of your damned mind as a young man or woman to date with the intent to marry and try to create children with a vexxed partner when you have the choice of a someone who didn't take it -- and you do.  Three percent doesn't sound all that bad but it is: Do you like adding a one in thirty risk that your husband or wife-to-be is mortally wounded and going to stick you with both the psychic and economic costs of their prior decision two, five or ten years down the road, never mind the possibility of being unknowingly unable to have children?  How about the recent study that found evidence of cardiac damage in nearly one in five young people?

How do you like those odds if you're a young man or woman?

Choose wisely -- which means unvexxed.  Let the vexxed have each other and whatever misery comes to them.  They bought the ticket; don't take their ride for them.

Here's my take: Those who thought for themselves, read the available information and then stuck up the middle finger at the people attempting to convince them to take the vexxines not only will win they have already and will keep winning.  Be smart now and into the future, build reserves, live frugally so you're prepared and be patient; you're not just winning now, today and here you're going to continue winning and those who made the other decision are going to continue losing both now and well into the future.  Not everyone who did a dumb thing will lose but in terms of economic impact that does not matter; all that matters is that many, far more than usual in our society, did a stupid thing and you will be able to take advantage when they are awarded their stupid prize.  If you do that and keep your powder dry five years from now you're odds-on to have a big fat grin on your face.

When all is said and done I expect mRNA to be consigned to the dustbin of history, the worst of a bad set of medical experiments run on entire populations without cause -- and those firms involved in it are going to be severely damaged if not (as in the case of one-trick-ponies) utterly destroyed.  Biotech firms blowing up is nothing new; they do it all the time and most of them fail.  The only difference here is the size of the detonations as a result of the stupidity of attempting to use unproved medical technology on a mass basis.

Do not expect the economic and sociological impact will be over or "back to normal" in a year.  If we're lucky in five years we'll be coming out of it; if not it might be a decade or even longer.  But those who made smart decisions will be the winners on a statistical basis and already are winning.

Hold your head high if "screw you!" was your answer to this garbage.

You were right and it is rapidly becoming consensus whether the media and so-called "bigwigs" like it or not.

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