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2021-04-01 08:27 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 480 references
[Comments enabled]  

I've been pretty nice up until now.

Not any more.

Bluntly, to the FLCCC: Go **** yourselves.

You laid in bed with a bunch of *****s and now you have herpes, syphilis and chlamydia.  Your HIV test is pending but since your dick is already rotting off I'm not sure the last test result much matters.

You started by trying to appease, which you did with masks.  You know ******n well they don't work and so does everyone else.  The CDC itself told us that if we masked that Covid-19 would be controlled in weeks.  That was in September.  Then winter came, and, well, they lied and people died.

The only people who believe masks do anything beyond spread disease are the REEEEEEing Karens who can't manage to find 100 collective IQ points between ten of them.  To each and every one of those people I say what I've said since this started: If you're that scared of a respiratory virus stay home.  If anyone who you live with isn't as scared as you are, throw them out.  When you starve as a consequence either from lack of food or freeze to death in winter from lack of money to pay the power or gas bill you will have died as a direct consequence of your own stupidity and the world will be a better place.

Science is a process of setting a hypothesis, finding or creating a test, collecting the data and analyzing it.  We did that even if it wasn't "intentional" and what we found was that masks did absolutely ****ing nothing.  Oh, we knew that in 1981, by the way, when it came to source control and that has been repeatedly challenged and tested for four decades.  It stood as accepted right up until politics dictated that scaring the living hell out of people was required and then that forty years of science:  Hypothesis, testing, data analysis and results were thrown in the trash and dictators preached, to which you subscribed.

Now you're shocked, I tell you, shocked that the WHO is in the same pockets it was years ago, a year ago and more.

By God there's gambling going on in a Casino!  I tell you, it's a scandal!

I called you on the carpet for running your bull**** with masks nicely a couple of months back.  Why?  Because when it comes to your approach, for the most part, with Covid-19 you have it right.  Sending someone home without treatment until they're choking is the very opposite of "medicine."   It is in fact manslaughter, but you've not used that word either, have you?

But let's face facts: You have also refused since this began to call out the why.

Why, if the WHO and NIH don't believe there's enough evidence for Ivermectin (along with HCQ and others) have they not funded and run a large-scale clinical trial with proper blinding, enrollment, supervision and....... funding?

Why wasn't this all done last March when the first evidence of effectiveness was published out of Broward, FL?

No pharmaceutical company has or will and it's not surprising why not.  There's no money in it so why would they do it?  Even more-so such a finding immediately invalidates the EUAs for the vaccines and forces an immediate stop to their distribution.  That's not conjecture or some jackass on the Internet saying so, white coat or not, it's the law.

When you live in a world where the United States funds basically every single drug developed, permits all of them to be patented and sold, spends zero R&D money from public funds with the results in the public domain (or worse does do primary research and then lets private companies have the results on an exclusive basis!) and the world then purloins same intellectual property from us and pays only the reproduction cost, and there is no legal force to change any of that, why would a pharmaceutical company willingly destroy its forward funding model for a new disease including both therapeutics and vaccines?

The problem isn't Merck, it's what we -- and you, as physicians -- have allowed, promoted and cheered on for decades.

“To ignore the data the way the WHO has, does a disservice to science and to public health. It is time that as physicians we trust our own knowledge on how best to treat our patients.” said Pierre Kory, MD, MPH, president and chief medical officer of the FLCCC. “Allowing large, conflicted bureaucracies to do the thinking for us will only lead to continued and unnecessary suffering from the pandemic.”

One phrase, Pierre:  Healthy at any size.

'Nuff said.

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2021-03-29 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 481 references
[Comments enabled]  

Go read this article again.

Then go read the list of lies.

Now consider this; it is a stunning indictment of everything that has been done over the last year..

7/1,000 times an asymptomatic spread event in an infected person's own home occurred -- which is about the closest contact imaginable.  There is no asymptomatic spread of consequence.  Not ever in history for a pandemic and not this time either.

Now go read this article -- from 2016.

You have four tabs open, right?

I have spent my entire independent journalistic career, since 2007, writing about the lack of a Rule of Law for those in "protected" positions -- including specifically the entire medical industry.

This industry has through rank corruption managed to lever itself from 3-4% of GDP to 20%.

One dollar in five spent in this country is extorted by these ghouls.

That is now medical spending is five hundred percent of what it was just a few decades ago as a share of the economy.

Just look at what has been done with Covid-19.  At $150/each for alleged "tests" the medical ghouls deliberately set the cycle count on PCR tests to ridiculously high levels to claim infections occurred that really did not.  We knew this months ago as even Dr. Fauci admitted that the tests were only showing a true positive three percent of the time at 35 cycles but we deprived anyone testing positive of their livelihood for 2 or more weeks by slapping them with a demanded quarantine irrespective of symptoms and yet the FDA has still have not modified downward to a more-reasonable 25 the PCR testing Ct thresholds despite knowing all of this for more than six months.

The "modelers" have never been held to account for their blown claims; during the last Swine Flu outbreak one of them famously predicted 100 million deaths.  No such thing occurred and yet these same people were called upon to set policy this time, nearly 10 years later!

The CDC itself put forward a planning document that stated that the risk for young people from Covid-19 was 3/100,000 -- and now they claim it is 2/100,000!  Across the roughly sixty million people in that population group in America this would add up to 1,200 people dead; far fewer than are killed in that group by being in car accidents every year.  Yet we cower in fear over the remote possibility that a child might get sick and die -- or spread disease to someone else.

Big tech joined in by censoring anything that went "against the grain" of those who have abused 100+ year old laws and have been protected from their willful and intentional violation of same for decades.  Indeed I had Youtube take down a video of mine where, among other things, I pointed out that the CDC was wildly over-stating the death rate.  When I challenged Youtube on their censorship they refused to answer me as to what they had objected to, yet the data I cited was directly sourced and cited from the CDC and state authorities themselves.

I put forward in March and April of 2020 that the only rational way to attack this virus, given the data we had early on, was to segregate care homes including the employees so as to take our best shot at keeping the virus out of them, since well over half of the deaths were coming from a part of the population that is about 0.6% of the whole and, if we faced localized shortages of medical capacity to set up segregated Covid-19 medical facilities that took care of nothing else with equally isolated staff.   At the same time since immunity is immunity we wanted to let those wildly unlikely to be harmed get it and recover, as that would provide a firebreak for those most-vulnerable.

The scam lobby had other ideas.  Specifically, forcing tens of billions of dollars into their pockets for futile testing and tracing, billions for unnecessary ventilators we knew didn't work to save people infected with this disease along with tens of billions more for "warp speed" vaccine development for which there was zero liability and the producers knew was categorically dangerous because we have decades of experience with vaccine development and it simply takes a decade or longer to know if they're safe.  Money does not solve this problem and it is profoundly dangerous to jab a hundred million people as a human experiment that, if we're wrong, cannot be reversed.  I remind you that never once in history has a coronavirus been successfully vaccinated against and it is not for lack of trying; in fact every trial has failed catastrophically at the animal testing stage which we did not fully complete this time around because it takes too long.  If we pay for that arrogance, greed and your stupidity in allowing this to go forward an insane number of people in our nation will die -- potentially tens of millions or even more -- and there will be nothing we can do about it.

We have tried to claim that 500,000+ Americans were "killed by Covid."  This is a bald-faced lie; anyone with a positive test in the last month is claimed to be a Covid death and what's worse is that they're testing cadavers and counting that too.  There certainly was some amount of excess death but may I point out a few inconvenient facts?

During the year 2016 the US added 2.345 million non-institutional 16+ persons.
During the year 2017 the US added 2.027 million non-institutional 16+ persons, a delta of -318.
During the year 2018 the US added 2.108 million non-institutional 16+ persons, a delta of +81.
During the year 2019 the US added 1.942 million non-institutional 16+ persons, a delta of -166.
During the year 2020 the US added 1.728 million non-institutional 16+ persons, a delta of -214.

Where did I get these numbers?  From the BLS, an institution that cannot be corrupted by the CDC.  Do you see a particular pattern here that suggests 500,000+ people that would not have died did?  Nope.  In fact the growth rate of the US adult population has been declining for the last 20 years.  This data comes directly from population surveys taken each and every month.

Last year is not materially in excess of the previous five years and in fact if you look back even further -- I have the data from 1999 forward as I track it every single month for key labor statistics -- can you identify all those people who died last year and were not expected to anyway from this data set?


The truth is likely that 500,000+ people died who had a positive PCR test result some time in the past 28 days, but that's a completely meaningless statistic, especially when the "test" does not prove you have infectious disease.  We do not know and cannot determine how many people Covid-19 actually killed because the CDC changed decades-old classification rules (illegally, I might remind you, since being a government agency they must publish in the Federal Register and allow comment first but did not) that make disentangling this data flat-out impossible.

What the CDC did is identical to claiming that anyone who drank a single alcoholic beverage in the last 28 days of their life died of alcohol consumption and you'd be equally full of crap if you did that; that is in fact the "quality" of the CDC's claim and the damage they intentionally did to our mortality data set.

The one uncorrelated data set above, specifically one that looks at all persons except those most-unlikely to be killed by Covid-19 (those under 16 years of age) says the likely magnitude of actual excess death was somewhere around 100,000!

Oh, I know, the so-called "total mortality" number is different.  Is it?  Show me the entire population data set because that is all that matters, and that's what the BLS accounts for.  Their data says that somewhere around 50,000 - 200,000 excess deaths may have reasonably occurred, that the lower boundary of excess death may well be zero given the trend of the last ten years, and this is all excess death, not just Covid-19 caused.  We know, for instance, that an additional 13,000 people died from ODs alone just in the first few months of the pandemic (data from August to December of 2020 is not yet available, nor is data on suicides, heart attacks, strokes and similar.)  Dead is dead; if you die why it happened does not matter except that all excess death resulting from the lockdowns, mask orders and business closures is directly chargeable as manslaughter to the ghouls in our governments and "health authorities" who demanded and implemented those mandates.

In other words its entirely possible the virus itself killed nobody in excess when all is accounted for -- if we are ever able to account for it accurately.  We shall see -- but due to how the CDC and others (e.g. TNDOH) compile and release those statistics we will not have accurate data we can actually look at for another year by which point you'll all have forgotten about how badly you got raped, right?

Our entire government structure at all levels from federal to county and city mayors willingly, knowingly and maliciously bought into and advanced this scam for over a year.  Both Trump and Biden were and are fully complicit in all of it.

Not one apology has been offered nor one dollar of the money stolen reclaimed.  Those governors (such as DeSatan) who have tried to claim they did the right thing are conveniently omitting recognition of all the wrong things they did first.

If this was just about money it would be bad enough.

It isn't; it's also about lives both in the present tense and in future opportunities that were deliberately squandered or destroyed.

We have permanently stolen the entire spring quarter to more than a year of education from our children.  The value of that theft is in the trillions of dollars and it will be paid by them permanently in the destruction of their standard of living for the rest of their lives.  It is not possible to compensate them for that intentional destruction.  You cannot teach a child how to read over Zoom.

We have permanently deprived older people of a year of companionship and care by their loved ones.  For approximately 8,000 of them per day over the last year, or nearly 3 million people, they will never get that companionship back nor can we make it up to them because they died in the interim period, most of them from other causes.  Roughly 3 million people die each and every year, roughly that many will die this year too and we were and are monsters for depriving those people of the care and comfort of their loved ones in their last days.  You cannot put an economic value on that loss.

The ghouls are not done yet either.  They continue to press their narrative of even more permanent spending, billions of dollars of it, on unproved "vaccines" that may be extremely dangerous or even lethal down the road and yet nobody knows.

They are still screaming about forcing you and your children to wear masks which did nothing of value yet are proved and known to seriously damage human interaction, especially important in young people from birth to their teen years.

If you think "masks" did something here are two counties, one with a mandate and one without right next door to each other.  Which did better?


In addition Texas and Mississippi, along with Florida, all lifted their mandates.  All were told a massive wave of death and disease was going to happen within the next two weeks and in fact those governors were accused of committing human sacrifice!  Well, where is it?  When do you confiscate every penny from every official and their families who ran this bull**** on you for more than a year as of today, forcing each and every one of them including their children to live out of a refrigerator box under a freeway overpass for the rest of their now-miserable lives for what they intentionally did to you?

They didn't make a mistake, they lied and they are still lying despite overwhelming scientific proof.

Now they are trying to coerce or even force you to take experimental vaccines and the ghouls have also stated they intend to, and will, raise prices as they see fit on said vaccines -- presumably once they have secured a mandate by law or coercion that you take and pay for them.  Just as with a crack dealer the first hit is free but all the rest continue to cost more and more money until you're bankrupt -- and that scheme continues until you take one too many hits and die.  In this case "too many" may in fact be one and once taken you cannot change your mind.

Folks, this corruption is not limited to one party or another.  It is endemic.  It is everywhere.

Every single organization, corporation and government official involved must be brought to justice for the terrorism they have committed and continue to commit to this day.

If we do not do so right NOW we will lose our nation, you will lose your freedom and you may lose your life.

Worse yet you may wish you were dead.

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2021-03-27 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 3491 references
[Comments enabled]  

Let's go down the list.

  • This virus was newly discovered in January of 2020. FALSE; Judicial watch has now proved that Fauci and the NIH knew that Covid-19 was diagnosed no later than December 2nd 2019 in Wuhan.  This was deliberately concealed under confidentiality agreements between China and the NIH.  In short Dr. Fauci and the NIH knowingly and repeatedly lied about the time of first discovery and diagnosis and it is documented that this was known in February and early March and not disclosed.  We also now know with scientific certainty that the virus was in the US no later than the second week of December of 2019 because antibodies were found in about 1.5% of blood donations from that time.  This, along with the sequencing back-computation I performed in early 2020 places the latest the virus entered the US as sometime in October of 2019 and from the blood bank data it is scientifically proved it had infected about 1.5% of the population, or roughly 4 million people in the US, by the second week of December 2019.  This in turn means that we had widespread disease which was blamed on something else. Indeed we handled all 4 million of those cases just fine up until the hysteria started, didn't we?  You didn't even know those 4 million sick people, and those who died of it, existed prior to the hysteria being ginned up.

  • 15 days will slow the spread"If we all stay home and minimize contact for 15 days -- including closing businesses, schools and not traveling -- Covid will be under control and we can trace infections and stop it."  FALSE and we now know impossible because the virus was already all over the country on an uncontrolled basis by that time and the NIH knew the virus had been circulating for at least a month earlier than they admitted at the time.  It is true that if you immediately slam your borders shut 100% you can trace and quarantine yourself out of a transmissible epidemic -- at the cost of essentially all external trade, travel and tourism.  But Fauci factually knew when we started that this was impossible because the virus had been spreading here for at least two months at the time and we hadn't done a thing about it for those two months.  We were later to learn it was four months and perhaps longer.

  • If you give us 30 more days (remember, this is now six weeks to slow the spread) it'll work. FALSE AGAIN for the same reason; the NIH and Fauci knew there was no possible way to contain the virus when the original 15 days expired as he knew, factually, that the virus had been uncontained for at least three months.

  • But the lockdowns and restrictions worked to save lives! Nope; this is called the "exception fallacy" and now a peer-reviewed journal entry demonstrates it.   We knew this early on too; indeed for five decades we've had "pandemic response plans" that make clear that once you have widespread community dispersion of an infectious agent attempting to lock down people or impose any other sort of non-pharmaceutical intervention is futile and causes harm.  We ignored said decades of hard-won experience -- intentionally.

  • We don't have enough ventilators!  FALSE; not one of the DPA-produced ones was ever needed; NY's Governor lied and had plenty of them, as did everyone else.

  • Ventilators not only are needed they will save lives.  FALSE; they killed nearly everyone put on one then, and still do.  We knew they didn't work in February as they killed 95% of the people put on then in Wuhan and this had been reported out by March.

  • This is mostly a community-spread disease in places like stores, bars, restaurants, churches, concerts and the local city street.  FALSE; the CDC itself documented that more than half of all transmission was happening in homes and the next largest, and only other statistically material spread was occurring in industrial (e.g. meat packing) plants and health care settingsNashville suppressed the fact that they could only trace about one percent of infections to social businesses such as bars and restaurants and now the CDC itself has stated that less than 1% of spread is traceable to such public venues as restaurants and bars.  In other words we knew by late spring of 2020 the restrictions, including business closures, school shutdowns and masks couldn't work as that's not where the virus was spreading; we couldn't shut down the industrial plants without starving the population and destroying both energy production and sanitary services leading to an immediate societal and economic collapse.  Nor could we invade every house and forcibly segment positive-tested people either; we had neither the resources nor would they get away with it without the cops and government goons being turned into swiss cheese.  And when it comes to health care we could have segregated Covid-19 facilities and the people working in care homes but intentionally did not.

  • Asymptomatic transmission is a major risk.  FALSE.  Over millions of contacts traced in China not one was ever proved to be from an asymptomatic person.  There has never been scientific evidence that asymptomatic spread has been material in any pandemic through history and there is no documented evidence of material asymptomatic spread for Covid-19 in the US or anywhere else.  Worse, symptomatic persons least able to afford to call out sick due to lack of paid sick time or even the threat of being fired are those in low-wage and high-contact jobs such as fast food, grocery, meatpacking and other "essential" service industries never mind care home employees who are poorly paid and often moonlight in home health care among extremely vulnerable people.

  • We had no way to stop the nursing home deaths and did the best we could.  FALSE.  I pointed out immediately after Kirkland occurred that isolating the employees from all general public interaction, effectively creating a bubble, would stop nearly all of the transmission into these environments.  We happened to have a lot of empty hotels at the time too.  Yes, we would have had to pay significant bonuses to entice employees to go nowhere other than that hotel room and to work but we could have, and if we did it would have saved nearly 50% of those who died in the first four months.  Not one so-called "expert" demanded or even suggested doing so but I was calling for exactly this in March of 2020.  This, of course leaves aside the various Executive Orders that intentionally seeded the virus into nursing homes in multiple states by multiple Governors.  Indeed even this winter in still-locked-down New York there was still no segregation of employees and residents were killed in size by infection brought into the care home by employees.  Recent small case number spikes have been associated with vaccine distribution.  How's that possible?  There's only one rational explanation: The health care workers are giving the virus to the patients getting the shot!  And yet we are still told that all these people are "heroes" and don't you dare forget it.

  • We didn't -- and don't -- have early treatment options that work.  FALSE; Japan spent their effort on early treatment and keeping people out of hospitals.  They have roughly a third of our population and only 8,000 dead people.  Japan is far more-dense population-wise than us yet did a hell of a lot better despite having a materially older population.  What Japan didn't do, in short, is spread the disease via their health care workers.  In short if you went to the hospital you were likely to die; this has proved out in my own county in Tennessee with a >60% death rate.  Up until we started with the panic porn -- the entire first three months of this outbreak in the US until March of 2020 -- we did fine too despite the virus being literally everywhere for months.   We in fact knew of several early treatment candidate drugs, all cheap and available, in March of 2000 and exactly zero of them were investigated by the NIH, CDC or any of the so-called "public health" institutions such as Vanderbilt, IHME, Johns Hopkins and others.  Those physicians and even hospital systems who did investigate them on their own were derogated, attacked and in some cases even threatened with license suspensions and other sanctions which continue to this day.

  • Age is the primary determinant of risk.  FALSE; obesity and the panoply of health conditions caused and exacerbated by being a fat-ass is the primary determinant of risk.  Nations with lower obesity prevalence have a ten times lower or better risk of death from Covid-19 on a per-100,000 population basis.  Obesity is in each and every instance a lifestyle choice.  This was known very early on in the NY Coroner data which is updated frequently; only six persons 75 and older have died of Covid without one of a relatively short list of underlying conditions -- and over 10,500 died with one or more.  Simply put most of those who died deliberately put themselves in a medically compromised condition through their own lifestyle choices just a person who drinks too much and ruins their liver decided to drink.  Absent those personal lifestyle decisions the death rate from this disease, while certainly not zero, is approximately half as likely as death due to an automobile accident over a year's time.  Read here -- this is exactly what I pointed out one year ago.  Who's been right on this -- and who's been wrong?

  • Existing drugs will not work and we have no existing treatments until you're hospitalized; we must develop new treatments and vaccines.  FALSE.  The data is that ivermectin works, among others.  A trial out of Australia conducted in Britain (they locked everything in and did not have enough people in Australia who were sick) showed Budesonide (a cheap inhaled steroid used for asthma) works if given immediately when someone becomes symptomatic.  The latter trial was stopped because it was ruled unethical to not give the controls the medicine since it prevented ninety percent of hospitalizations.  Ivermectin has worked in every trial run thus far except one recently reported study the authors themselves state cannot prove effectiveness as the necessary deterioration in cases to do so was violated to the downside immediately, possibly due to widespread community use of the drug.  The data on HCQ says it works if used early but appears to be worthless if not used until you're in the hospital.  Remdesivir, which has an EUA, was disproved -- that is, shown worthless in a very large trial called "Solidarity" (along with several other drugs) and yet is still being used as it is on-patent and expensive No drug works 100% of the time nor should it be expected to, but we should damn well not continue to use drugs that are proved worthless just because they cost $3,000 and the FDA issued an EUA for them.  Deliberately not treating people until they're choking to death is monstrous and has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths, many if not most of them avoidable at a cost of a few dollars.

  • Masks are the best tool we have to stop the spread and, if you just wear them for a few -- 4, 6, 8 weeks -- we will have Covid under control  Stated under oath before Congress by the CDC's director in September following multiple previous statements over a two month period in the summer by the CDC and NIH which urged (and got) the issuance of mandates.  FALSE and known false as Hawaii took a ten times case rate spike a month after their mandate.  This was known before Redfield perjured himself before Congress.  There are ZERO states which did not take a monstrous spike in the winter despite mandates including California with the most-strict lockdowns and mask mandates in the nation.  Compliance via multiple surveys has been around 90% with no evidence of effectiveness anywhere against non-mandate states and counties next door.  Those states including South Dakota and Florida who repudiated the mandates or refused to issue them in the first place had identical or better outcomes than the states and locales that imposed them.  The CDC has now itself published a MMWR (weekly report) in which they "claim" masks work -- their definition of "work" is a shockingly tiny decrease in death and case rates and this assumes you ignore the confounding elements in their study that could invalidate even that tiny impact.  Their "study" also deliberately did not include the control counties (where there were no mandates); if you did, for example, Blount .v. Sevier, it would be obvious that the curve in fact was worse in the mandate county in many cases.  In other words despite the nearly year-long and continual screaming about masks even the CDC itself now states that out of the 500,000 dead statistically no lives were saved at best, they deliberately ignored the control counties and further, statistically-speaking it is entirely possible zero lives were saved.  REMEMBER, WE WERE TOLD IN THE SUMMER AND EARLY FALL THAT MASKS WOULD ABSOLUTELY CONTROL THE VIRUS -- NOT JUST SLIGHTLY REDUCE CASES -- AND IN FACT THE CDC STATED UNDER OATH THAT MASKS WERE BETTER PROTECTION THAN A VACCINE.  THIS LIE WAS REPEATED FOR MONTHS AND IS STILL BEING REPEATED TODAY.  This wasn't a random statement made "off the cuff" it was made under oath to Congress five months ago and has, over time and by the data, been conclusively proved to be a lie.

  • The new strains will cause another spike even worse than the last one FALSE; this was stated originally in the fall and repeated in December through February and yet since then cases have dropped like a stone despite these "new strains" becoming more and more prevalent.  Florida in particular has documented widespread prevalence of one of the "demon strains" that were trumpeted in Fauci's fear porn.  There has been no spike.  Incidentally viruses mutate all the time; within the first few months there were hundreds of distinct viral RNA strains of Covid-19 known and that was only of the infections sequenced -- a tiny minority.  If our actions do lead to new strains (specifically our ridiculously-unsound mass-vaccination campaign) and viral evasion occurs you may well be more screwed if you took the vaccine due to ADE than if you did not!

  • The Super Bowl will cause a huge case, hospitalization and death spike in Florida due to the ridiculously crowded parties and no masks in bars and similar all over the Tampa area.  In fact the mayor threatened to arrest people for exactly this reason (an empty threat as the Governor had banned enforceability of said mandates.)  FALSE; there has been no spike.  Look for yourself; it's been over a month and cases, hospitalizations and deaths are all falling.  Where's the spike?

  • Texas dropping its mask order will lead to mass-disease and death.  FALSE; there has been no spike at all.  Biden called the move "Neanderthal thinking" and predicted disaster, as did California's Newsom among myriad others, both among political leaders and so-called "medical experts" such as Fauci.  Multiple lefties claimed that "there is no limit to how far Republicans will go to kill people."  The truth is that Covid-19 cases fell by 28% in the next two weeks.  The histrionics were, once again, wrong.

  • If we social distance and wear masks we will buy enough time for the vaccines to be developed and approved.  FALSE.  The case and hospitalization rate on a national basis peaked and was falling before the first jab went in the first arm.  That which you do after something happens cannot be the cause.  Simply put the vaccines did not stop any of the death; despite the lack of testing and rushed approvals they came too late.

  • The only people who count for "herd immunity" are those vaccinated.  FALSE; never in history has such a lie been propagated for any disease, ever, anywhere.  The CDC by its own estimates puts the lower boundary of persons infected and recovered at over 1/3rd of the nation and that's their lowest estimate.  By more-reasonable belief the number is over half.  Those people have immunity and absolutely count.  Further, we knew in the first months that a material percentage of the population has pre-existing resistance to some degree, likely due to previous infection with other coronaviruses.  This is why the case rate peaked before fully-vaccinated persons existed in the US; there is no other possible explanation.

  • Even if you've had the disease and recovered you should get vaccinated.  There is zero science behind this claim.  If you've had the measles or Chicken Pox would you take a vaccine against either?  I certainly would not and have not; that would be pointless and stupid.  The claim that there is no durable protection once infected is nothing more than conjecture; note that coronaviruses circulate among us all the time and while immunity may not be perfect (e.g. eventually you may well get it again) the odds are extremely high that if you do it will be a mild case and of no clinical or personal significance.  Suggesting that you take the risk of an experimental vaccine if you were previously infected is wildly inappropriate; there is no such thing as a drug without risk and there is zero scientific evidence that your acquired immunity will not protect you against serious disease.

  • Even if you've been vaccinated or had the disease and recovered you should wear a mask and distance from others.  FALSE, unless you believe the vaccines are worthless.  If you believe the vaccine protects the person who takes it then you no longer need a mask or to distance and since others can choose to take a vaccine or not you have no reason to wear a mask or distance for allegedly protecting others either.  If you do not believe the vaccines are effective protection then why did you take it?  In short you either believe that you gain immunity by vaccination or infection or you do not; if you do then there's no reason for you to take any measures beyond either recovery or completion of the vaccination.  Further, if you don't believe infection and recovery provides meaningful and durable protection then neither will the vaccine so the same scenario applies to both cases and if you do not then believe the shots are protective then you are stupid for accepting them.

These are the very same people folks -- the NIH, the CDC, State Departments of Health, Fauci, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, IHME, Vanderbilt and many more who now tell you after a solid year of unbroken lies and falsehoods that the vaccines are both safe and effective while at the same time our government has provided a 100% waiver of all liability to the pharmaceutical companies that developed and manufactured them.

I note that unlike the other common vaccines that are safe and effective, and which took 10+ years to so-prove, the mechanism of action of these shots are wildly different; they use only part of the virus and rather than introduce it into your body they hijack your cellular metabolism to produce the spike protein exactly as would a replicating infection with the virus, but since only the "spike" is there rather than the entire virus the hypothesis is that hijacking your cellular metabolism in this fashion will not hurt you.  While for other vaccines the immunity produced is metabolically identical to infection because a killed whole virus that cannot replicate is used in this case the shots deliberately cause replication in your body of only one part of the virus, the spike protein.  This is not identical to the broad immunity provided by natural infection because it can't be with this approach; if the entire virus was used you'd get the disease and it would be systemic in every case instead of localized to your upper respiratory tract.  Further, unlike a killed virus vaccine that cannot replicate in your body at all these shots all cause production of the spike protein by your cells exactly as would an infection and that production is systemic since it is given by injection and thus circulates through the body.

The safety of this approach is unproved and in fact the rate of deaths closely associated with these vaccines is wildly higher than that associated with any of the other routinely given vaccinations including flu and chicken pox.  The intermediate and longer-term effects of this approach including the possibility of long-term or even permanent damage as a result of systemically hijacking your cellular metabolism to produce that foreign protein are unknown.

Unlike a mask you can remove you cannot un-take a shot and the litany of those previous lies killed over 400,000 Americans who otherwise would not have died.

What if their statements are false this time, specifically on safety?  What if viral evasion shows up as did during early trials for a SARS vaccine in animals, trials that were abandoned and not performed for these preparations?  It typically takes ten years to know if a candidate vaccine produces unacceptable side effects including lifetime disability due to immune dysfunction, never mind exactly how effective it is and for how long.  Further, the media and these people continually claim that nobody has been killed by these vaccines yet VAERS, the CDC's own reporting data which is public, shows roughly two thousand associated deaths.  The number of associated deaths with the annual flu shot from last year's flu vaccination which shipped roughly 170 million doses, was twenty-six.

That means the Covid-19 shots are associated thus far with roughly seventy five times (7,500%) as many deaths as last year's entire set of flu vaccines!  Remember that we give flu vaccines to old and morbid people just like the first priority for Covid-19 vaccines, so these should produce similar "associated" rates of bad events if they are similarly safe.

VAERS reporting is voluntary and thus always under-reports vaccine-associated events.  Association does not establish causation but a pattern of 75 times as many deaths as are associated with another commonly-given vaccine in the same population group damn well ought to raise anyone's eyebrows; to claim that such does not represent a "safety signal" is a flat-out lie.

I remind you that the false statements of alleged facts outnumber, by a wild margin, the true ones particularly when it comes to things you were told to do that "would work" to stem the spread of this virus.  Every single one of those claims has been proved false over time.

In short you're now being exhorted to believe a cadre of people and government agencies who are proved repeated liars and to trust them with your life after their previous lies killed your mother.

The facts are that Covid-19 basically burned itself out before the first shot went in the first arm and that none of the mitigating factors prevented net deaths from occurring; in fact all these mitigations, from mask orders to lockdowns to closing businesses and others caused more deaths due to ODs, suicides, avoidable heart attacks and strokes not screened for and other maladies by a wide factor than the mitigations, even using fatally flawed claims taken on faith by these very same agencies, could have possibly saved.  The actions we could have taken to actually reduce death, specifically as regards care home and other medical facilities we deliberately refused to do and we knew those actions would save lives.  Instead of protecting the most-vulnerable while those least-likely to be seriously harmed were naturally infected and built a wall of population immunity we deliberately refused to protect those older and sicker people from infection via the health care system and they died.

Given this record of falsehoods, actions and intentional refusals to act you're willing to bet your life they're telling the truth this time?

Even without full testing there may be reason for certain people to accept the vaccine, particularly those at specifically-high risk who have not had the virus.  However, on the data if you are not specifically morbid in known ways the risk of death from Covid-19, by the CDC's own data along with that of the NY coroner, is approximately 3/100,000.  From the associated deaths in the CDC's own VAERS system it appears the vaccines are approximately as dangerous to materially more dangerous than the disease in non-morbid individuals and that is without having any data on intermediate and longer-term effects which can only add to those risks.  Further, if you've already been infected with Covid-19 you already have broad immunity and there is zero scientific evidence that vaccination can be of any value to you whatsoever.

When do we stop allowing people like Fauci, the CDC, Joe Biden, Donald Trump and Governors along with various health departments to lie through their teeth about virtually everything related to this virus?

Is not your dead Grandmother enough reason to put a stop to this horse**** -- and all who support it?

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2020-06-25 21:44 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 1507 references
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There is zero science that the use of masks by the ordinary, unskilled and inattentive public does anything to protect anyone, and there is plenty of evidence that their abusive misuse, which is what an unskilled or inattentive person will do, increases rather than decreases risk because they, whether a "formal mask" or a bandana, concentrates everything that passes through or around it and if you make contact with your hands, which you do any time you "adjust" it, don or doff it, then touch any other person or thing, you transfer dozens or even hundreds of times as much concentrated contamination, including whatever virus particles are included, to that other person or thing.

Yes, you can avoid this through assiduous compliance with protocols for use of masks.  But you won't, I won't, and in fact nobody outside of a formally-trained medical environment does, especially when wearing such a mask for hours at a time or when reusing the same mask.

Everyone with any sort of scientific background knows this.  They know it's fact.  The Surgeon General stated so at the beginning of this pandemic before every single cocksucking virtue signalling bucket of human excrement turned every bit of science on its ear for political gain, exactly as was done with ventilators, contaminated testing materials and willful disregard of the known capacity to differentiate between serious and non-serious cases of this virus within the first WEEKS at a cost of under $20 -- a capability STILL not part of the standard of care published by the NIH and CDC and which, to my knowledge, is not being used anywhere in the United States.  Never mind the nursing home "order" outrage, especially but not limited to the states of New York and Michigan. Every one of these rat bastards, including President Trump, is in part responsible for the death of tens of thousands of Americans and as God is my witness, this nation's people should make damn sure they pay for every one of those deaths.

In addition there is not one scientific study showing masks are effective at actually preventing flu-like viral transmission.  Not one.  There is decades of hard science on respiratory viral transmission.  It is settled.

To this exact point, in addition every single one of these so-called "experts" knew damn well that masks were and are worthless on ordinary people and so do all the governors and mayors.  How do we know this?  Because every single one of them sat back and let thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of individuals take to the streets for a month straight to "protest" the death of a man, including rioting, looting, committing arson and even taking over six city blocks in Seattle, yet none of them sent in a single police officer, "code enforcement" person or anyone else to issue tickets and lock-up violators who did not wear said masks and keep their 6' distances.

In fact many of them including Fauci himself made PUBLIC statements that such "protests" were ok and "important enough" that their "mandate" did not apply and some of them, specifically DC's Mayor, explicitly joined them by giving permission to paint the streets with their protest banners!

That crap started a month ago.  It continued in the "CHOP", where the very same dickhead Inslee who refused to cite even one of the people there who did not maintain that protocol thinks he can issue said orders for everyone else.

Likewise an Oregon County issued a mask order that exempted blacks, proof positive on its face that compliance with said order is nothing more than an act of fealty to a pustule-ridden body of emperors who have been parading around naked while asserting that they are in fact clothed in the finest of silk.

Now the claim is made that "even more" orders are required.  Let me be clear: Either the cause of said increases in cases are from the protests and other actions of millions who ignored said orders without consequence and thus are a punishment leveled upon others for the unlawful acts of those who so-protested, or the protests did not cause the spikes and thus proved that masks do exactly nothing as there was no community spread from the writ-large lack of their use.

In either case the bottom line remains the same; NO American should accept punishment for the acts of others, nor should they accept orders that have no basis in science and fact.  One of these two facts must be true for all mask orders as a matter of simple logic.

Therefore let me make my response, and assert that this should be every American's response to any such order, having been proved by the actions of the very people issuing them that they have exactly nothing to do with public health: NO.

And may I further assert that if you claim to be American, if you claim that a single word of the Constitution has any meaning whatsoever then you must not only also state in a loud, clear voice NO you must also be willing to enforce said reply by any means that may become necessary.

Incidentally, this does not and must not extend only to masks.  Think about it.

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2020-06-04 18:13 by Karl Denninger
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I've been following this one, as have a number of physicians I correspond with, including a fairly well-known cardiologist.  

Statement from The Lancet
Today, three of the authors of the paper, "Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine with or without a macrolide for treatment of COVID-19: a multinational registry analysis", have retracted their study. They were unable to complete an independent audit of the data underpinning their analysis. As a result, they have concluded that they "can no longer vouch for the veracity of the primary data sources." The Lancet takes issues of scientific integrity extremely seriously, and there are many outstanding questions about Surgisphere and the data that were allegedly included in this study. Following guidelines from the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), institutional reviews of Surgisphere’s research collaborations are urgently needed.

The retraction notice is published today, June 4, 2020.

If you recall this original paper was allegedly a very large retrospective analysis of Hydroxychloroquine (and Chloroquine) for the treatment of Covid-19.  It found that the treatment was not only worthless but dangerous.

There were serious and obvious problems with the data set and reported incident rate.  The Lancet published the paper anyway, believing that its "review" was in fact appropriate and factually-based.  Whether that was willful blindness or just simple laziness doesn't matter.

The fact of the matter is that there is no rational explanation that does not include some kind of intentional misconduct; who committed the misconduct simply is a function of figuring out who to ruin to ash and scatter, given the avoidable mortality that was incurred.  It is simply beyond reasonable belief that the sort of data discontinuities that I and others noted were in the realm of honest error, and in any event honest error is supposed to be discovered by the review process before publication.

When called on the obvious issues the data sourcing organization refused to provide the original data, the contacts from which the data was collected and could be verified through, and also their alleged original audit report.

They claimed this was due to "client confidentiality" agreements.

Oh really?  So what was the intention of the clients?

Who were they?  Name them.

And why wasn't the data source integrity verified prior to the original publication?

This isn't over and it is not a matter of simply "retracting" this alleged study.  There is very strong evidence of intentional misconduct here that spans far more than one organization.  It it appears at first blush to be both multi-party and intentionally organized.  Given the amount of money involved in managing to obtain "on-patent" drug approvals which would be instantly torpedoed by literal dime-a-pill alternatives that work at least as well or better, and I remind you that Ivermectin, an extremely common and very cheap anti-parasitic drug used in both humans and veterinary practice appears to also have activity as a coronavirus treatment, with early results coming from places where they don't have a lot of money, such as India, with words such as "astonishing" being used to describe effectiveness.

In short between the CDC data, which certainly appears to show that Covid-19 may not have killed many if any who were not weeks to a couple of months from death anyway (we shall know this with certainty around the end of the year, but the pattern sure looks that way right now) and the repeated apparent evidence of intentional false results being published this, along with the "ventilator" nonsense and pre-ordering vaccines that haven't been proved to work yet needs to be run down as a potential medical and pharmaceutical system-wide Racketeering enterprise.  After all who wants or needs a vaccine if you can take a dozen 10 cent pills if you get sick with the same odds of preventing any serious outcome as getting jabbed in the arm with something that is unlikely to provide permanent immunity anyway.  The entirety of that process, including the US Government's and Donald Trump's personal involvement, appears to be an out-and-out fraud.

Incidentally the NEJM just retracted a study with the same data source firm implicated, also related to Covid-19.  This one attempted to "clear" the use of drugs targeting ACE and ARB, widely used for high blood pressure among other things.  There was plenty of reason to believe these drugs might worsen a Covid-19 infection due to how Covid-19 attacks cells and as such, along with the extremely wide use of these drugs, makes such findings of extremely high importance.  Being wrong about this is likely to kill people.  Again, there are plenty of people and firms who wanted a finding of "no harm" and had both professional and financial reasons for that outcome, and they got it.  Now that "finding" has been withdrawn as well.

The number of false claims made about this disease thus far literally boggles the mind and they appear to be made for both political and economic purposes.  In short it appears that while the bug is certainly real and for some people quite dangerous when looked at analytically, including intentional obstruction of functional, inexpensive medications we allowed our economy to be ruined by a scam that has now been turned into a looting operation far greater than the Floyd riots -- in fact, a looting operation that is still ongoing and which counts the damage, including the Fed and Congressional "handout" jubilee to the favored few, in the trillions.

Why isn't Bill Barr looking into the command and control structure of these looters and locking them up?

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