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2019-08-13 09:05 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 189 references
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Humans are very good at evaluating certain things.

Put an image of two colors in front of 100 people and 99% of them will be able to tell you which is the darker shade of the two.  Essentially all humans, even the blind, can differentiate between a dog and a cat.  If something is very probable (e.g. "will it rain today") most humans can get pretty close to right, even with ridiculously-deficient information (e.g. no access to satellite, radar or surface weather maps.)

But humans are very, very poor at evaluating certain other things.  We're very bad, for example, at evaluating the risk of a nuclear accident resulting in our death by radiation poisoning.  Witness the screamfests after Fukushima all the way over here in America, yet the amount of contamination that reached our shores was, while measurable, a tiny fraction of natural background radiation.  Here in NW Florida, where I happen to have a recording geiger counter that tracks background levels and can read all three forms of radiation including alpha (many less-expensive units cannot read alpha particles) the change in background radiation level was a literal zero.

Humans, it turns out, are terrible at evaluating the true risk of highly improbable but catastrophic events.  We tend to evaluate them strictly on the level of catastrophe that could result and ignore the probability.  That is, a serious car accident will kill you and so will a serious nuclear contamination event (whether from a bomb or an accident of some sort.)  Since the nuclear accident, if it's severe enough, will kill more people we evaluate that as the more-serious danger by far, when in fact it's the other way around: Over 37,000 people are killed a year in the United States in motor vehicle wrecks of all sorts where the number killed by a nuclear release last year was a literal zero.

Indeed the number of acute radiation deaths in Japan from Fukushima to date has been zero.  However, about 600 people were killed during the evacuations from other causes -- in other words, the scaring of people managed to result in 600 fatalities.  Oh, and roughly 20,000 people were killed instantly by the tsunami itself, which of course has nothing to do with nuclear power.

But it gets worse.  In the wake of Fukushima Japan has shut down nearly all of its nuclear plant capacity.  Coal replaced a large amount of that.  Coal mining is quite dangerous and often kills the miners, but what's even worse is that thermal coal, that is, burning it for power, kills tens of thousands of people a year.  The irony is that nearly all of them die not from the particulate matter from burning coal itself but rather from a trace element, Thorium, that is found in coal naturally and is an alpha emitter.  While alpha emitters are safe to handle as unbroken skin stops alpha particles when inhaled it causes lung cancer.

So the Japanese shut down their nuclear plants which had killed zero people due to radiation and substituted coal-fired power which in turn kills people through radiation.  It just kills them one at a time on a continual basis over the space of a few decades instead of the possible, but highly improbable, risk of killing fewer people all at once.

There are a decent number of sociopaths and worse -- tyrants -- who know all of this.  They study human behavior.  They are well-aware that scaring people right into a trap that enslaves or even kills them is not very hard.  What's worse is that a lot of those scares can be structured to be very profitable and sold to the public as "good."  So-called "climate change" is one of these.  Not only is it extraordinarily unlikely that man is the cause of the changes in climate (natural cycles are in fact responsible) but even if human activity is responsible for it short of a genocidal war at a scale never contemplated in the history of the planet there's nothing we can do to stop it.  There is thus only one rational action to take, and that is to adapt to what may happen.  If sea levels do indeed rise by a few feet over the next 500 years you can quite-easily walk faster than the water rises, even if you're the sort of sedentary jackwad that weighs 600lbs and requires assistance to go take a dump.  In the decades or centuries over which this change will take place we can move and reconfigure agriculture to take advantage of the higher CO2 levels -- which increase plant growth rates -- rather than whine about it.  We can take those decades to build more electrical infrastructure with which we can power A/C units, so when you want to cool off you can come inside and do so.  And we'll gain a tremendous advantage in the wintertime as, not being as cold, the expenditure of fuel to heat homes and businesses will decline.  However, if the rich and powerful scare people they can make trillions of dollars between them by screwing you in myriad ways from new taxes to intentional destruction of your lifestyle, all of which you will comply with.

 The same sort of thing applies to "mass shootings."  The screaming is incessant about these while a literal Shootapalooza continues in Chicago.  Over the weekend to 10:00pm Sunday the 11th of August there were 42 people shot.  On the 4th of August alone there were more than 30 people shot.  The political screaming about this amounts to zero because there are no scary black rifles involved and you can't blame "white nationalism" as nearly all of the shooters (and their victims) are black or Hispanic.  Encouraging everyone to go armed all the time in Chicago would stop a huge percentage of these shootings (not even a thug likes the idea of being shot at) but if the shootings stopped the prison and police industries would be able to rob less money from the residents -- and taxes would go down.  That just won't do, so the shootings must continue.  Don't worry about that, you're told, it's just the black and brown people that get killed.  Right?

Having now thoroughly buried the lede let's get to the point: Our government, at the behest of corporations and powerful individuals, has been intentionally suppressing wages across the board and destroying your prosperity and wealth for the explicit purpose of allowing the rich and powerful to steal it from you using government force.

The obvious, blatant example is our wide-open border in which we claim to have (what's the point of having a Passport if there is no real border?) but never enforce.  We currently have some 20 million "undocumented" (illegal) invaders in our nation.  Every one of them consumes resource that does not belong to them.  They are here only because they think the opportunity here is better than there.  But how's that possible?  You can't work here legally unless you came here legally.  You can't have a bank account without a social security number.  You can't buy land without being here legally either, nor get a mortgage since both of those require bank involvement and that in turn requires proof of identity and a valid social security number.

How is this "superior" to where you came from?  It's not, unless the government refuses, on purpose, to enforce the law and the corporations and individuals that hire said persons intentionally break said laws.  Both take place for economic reasons.  But who does this hurt?  Those on the left side of the bell curve who are Americans and have their job prospects either diminished or destroyed.  These are the people who, due to lack of ability, education or both will never be rocket scientists -- but they can nail on roofs and pick strawberries.  The problem is that the law says that to do either you must be paid a certain wage, have certain benefits (including health insurance, incidentally, if the place employs a certain number of people) and have the right to a workplace free from unreasonable hazards (like falling off said roofs due to lack of proper harnesses and such.)  You must also be paid overtime for more than 40 hours of work in a week and have at least one 24 hour period of time off per week.  Of course an illegal invader brings none of those costs and as a result they are cheaper to employ, which is why they're employed.  In the meantime all of those citizens on the left side of the bell curve get screwed blind.

Over the last nearly 30 years, however, even that wasn't enough.  Our own National Science Foundation produced a rigged "study" that put forward the claim that we did not have "enough" high-tech workers.  These are people of high skill and education -- that is, they're all from the right side of the bell curve.  Corporations, of course, do not want to pay market prices -- they want to pay less.  The market is very good at allocating this sort of thing; if there are not enough computer programmers that will take a job at $50,000 a year the offered salary will rise until there are sufficient numbers of said people.  It may take a couple of years for the market to adjust to this but it will; there are more than enough smart citizens in the United States who either are in or can return to school and obtain the training necessary for that position.  Wages will rise, in other words, until the demand is met.

The same is true for physicians and other professions.

However, this is not what businesses want.  Not coincidentally it is also not what the government wants, because rapidly rising wages lead to "wage-push" inflation that cannot be hidden through lying in the consumer price index reports which means higher interest rates and that chokes off deficit spending immediately.

So the government actively conspired with business to suppress wages in high-skill jobs through creating and now expanding the H1b visa programs.  This effectively created indentured servants because an H1b visa is not transferable; that is, if you are here on one and working you can't take a job somewhere else for a higher salary as your visa is a pumpkin if you leave your present job and you're thus forced to leave America.

At the same time this has both utterly screwed Americans who have higher skills and abilities by suppressing the wages they would otherwise earn and at the same time enabled Washington's deficit spending by inhibiting the very-visible wage pressure that would have otherwise forced up interest rates.

Do you think this is all coincidence?

Of course it isn't.  I've always assumed it wasn't but, until that National Science Foundation "study" was unearthed couldn't prove it.  But now the proof is on the table; this was a deliberate act of wage suppression intended to hose high skilled and highly-able Americans taken in concert by both government and industry.

This isn't a "only hits the downtrodden, lazy people of color" problem that some would claim is that bastion of "white privilege."  It is in fact intentional and aimed at all ordinary citizens across the board, from the most-able to the least, whether white, Hispanic, black or Martian.  It was done intentionally, with malice aforethought and funded with our tax dollars.

The government, in short, declared war on its citizens, intending to impoverish nearly all for the benefit of a tiny few at the top with political connections and yet, thus far, we the people have been too stupid, to drunk or had our heads buried too far into a smartphone to realize this, rise up and throw their asses out and lock the **********s up, one way or another.

Can you guess why both sides of the aisle will "compromise" on more "gun control", having highlighted only certain shootings that fit the sort of weapons you might want to stop such abuses?  The gang-bangers don't give a damn about the law but it's sure convenient for those in power to limit firearms for those who aren't gang-bangers as they're screwing you in the ass, isn't it?  Let's be real here -- if you're a rapist, financial or otherwise, would you prefer an armed or unarmed victim?

After all you might get tired of being financially raped on a daily basis, decide you're not going to put up with that anymore and that maybe -- just maybe -- you'd like to be able to underline your demand that it stop.

Now let me guess -- having read this you'll go grab a beer, screw your girl or boyfriend, and then go right back to sleep.

You may not care about politics but that won't stop the politicians and business people from screwing you blind.

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2019-08-12 09:30 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 251 references
[Comments enabled]  

Call it what it is folks.

Intentional lying by both industry and government-funded institutes designed to severely damage the rate of pay for high-skill, high-cost labor.

Just like industry does on the low end with agricultural and construction working, hiring illegals, the H1b program was designed to screw Americans.

During the late 1990s I became convinced that in order to orchestrate lower wages for scientists, there would have to have been a competent economic study done to guide the curious policy choices that had resulted in the flooded market for STEM PhDs. For this theory to be correct, the private economic study would have had to have been done studying both supply and demand so that the demand piece could later be removed, resulting in the bizarre ‘supply only’ demographic studies released to the public. Through a bit of economic detective work, I began a painstaking search of the literature and discovered just such a study immediately preceded the release of the foolish demography studies that provided the public justification for the Immigration Act of 1990. This needle was located in the haystack of documents the NSF was forced to turn over when the House investigated the NSF for faking alarms about a shortfall.

The National Science Foundation was the source folks.

A US Government agency.

Which, the evidence shows, intentionally, as the author describes:

American industry and Big Science convinced official Washington to put in place a series of policies that had little to do with any demographic concerns. Their aims instead were to keep American scientific employers from having to pay the full US market price of high skilled labor.

At the same time the very same government was underwriting college debt and guaranteeing it.  Then Obama came into office and put that into hyperdrive, resulting in the skyrocketing student debt situation while at the same time the very same government -- ours -- intentionally suppressed wages to screw graduates.

This was a flat-out intentional scam orchestrated at the highest levels of our "research agencies" in cooperation with (and, no doubt, at the insistence of) corporate entities as well.  It was passed through by Congress and signed by the Executive.

It was singularly designed to screw everyone in STEM fields by suppressing their wages while at the same time these very same government entities were cranking the cost of college ever-higher and our government schools were shutting down shop and other vocational classes and insisting that the only way to succeed was to attend said colleges.

This had nothing to do with labor shortages -- not then nor now.  It was and is a scam and Donald Trump has done exactly nothing to resolve it.

To all of you Millennial folks and beyond: Why haven't you started building gallows yet or writing the next edition of a document that begins with "When in the course of human events"?

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2019-08-11 08:45 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 211 references
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No, I'm not kidding with the title of this piece.

Our governments, both federal and state, are slave enablers.  Literally.  Despite this being in the Constitution in the form of the 13th Amendment:

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

But in fact it is.

Right here.

In the EEOC lawsuit, one Koch Foods employee without legal immigration status alleged that a manager sexually harassed his wife and made him pay to use the bathroom, once waiting until he had soiled himself to give him permission to leave his spot on the production line.

“If he found out that I had talked about anything that he was doing, charging money, the way he mistreated us, the dirty words he used; he told me that if I went to complain in the office that he had contacts in immigration,” the worker said in a 2012 deposition that was filed as part of the suit. “And that he knew where I lived.”

In other words, slavery.

This is the reason that employers hire illegal immigrants: They can abuse them with impunity in acts that amount to slavery or involuntary servitude, under threat of deportation or imprisonment if they complain about it.

The abuses are as long as you can find a roll of paper to write them on.

  • Paying people less than minimum wage.
  • Not paying people for time worked.
  • Forced overtime, under threat of dismissal, without time and a half in pay.
  • No 24 hour break per week, as mandated by federal law.
  • You can't leave the line to take a crap.
  • You can be groped, grabbed, even raped.
  • You can be verbally or physically abused.
  • You can be forced to work under conditions that OSHA says are unacceptably dangerous.
  • If you get hurt on the job there's no Workman's Comp to take care of the injury -- it's on you.
  • There is no unemployment if you get fired or laid off, since you never paid into it.
  • You're under constant threat of a tax audit (since your employment taxes were not paid and no federal taxes were withheld), which can and is used as a means of threatening you in order to force you to shut up.
  • You're under constant threat of deportation or imprisonment, which is also used as a means to make you shut up.

I can go on and on and on and on.  Every single employer using illegal immigrants does so for one or more of the above reasons.  The group of employers doing so encompasses a massive percentage of the landscapers, construction firms and agricultural interests in this country including both corporate and so-called "family" farms.

Every one of these reasons for "demanding" said illegal immigrant labor, and the rest of them which I could literally spend hours going through and enumerating, amounts to a violation of the 13th Amendment.  Every one of the individuals and firms employing any of these people are slavers.

Our Congress, our State Legislatures, and our law enforcement personnel do not give a wet crap about any of this.  They never have, and they never will until and unless the citizens of the United States stand up and make them under penalty of being forcibly removed from office and asset stripped to their underwear -- or worse.

AOC does not give a crap about Hispanics despite being Hispanic herself.  She doesn't give a flying **** about these people.  Worse, she cares even less about the citizens who are displaced from jobs they could have in place of these illegal invaders, including but certainly not limited to Hispanic citizens of this nation.

The only thing she, and the other 536 ass-sucking jackasses in DC care about is that "businesses" want slave labor.

They're not alone.

Mississippi, where these plants are, has a law on the books mandating 100% use of E-Verify for employers.  It is a requirement to have a business license in Mississippi.  Despite this fact the executive in Mississippi has not given a wet crap about these slave labor agricultural factories as it is obvious that none of them complied with that law.

Not one Mississippi state swine showed up and arrested the people running these plants for facially breaking that law.  Their business licenses were not revoked.  The State Authorities did not come and chain the doors closed.

Indeed, one of the plants is allegedly holding a "job fair" this weekend!  WHAT THE ACTUAL ****?

How about Apple and Amazon?  Two big American companies.  Foxconn, which makes products for both in China, was busted nearly 10 years ago using child labor -- and then again, multiple times, in the assembly of iPhones.  Their abuses of workers got so bad they were committing suicide by jumping off the firm's buildings.  Did they stop?  No.  They instead put nets up so if you jumped you wouldn't die.  Was any member of Apple management arrested and jailed?  No.  Now it's alleged they're doing the same thing making Echoes and Kindles for Amazon.  And again, it's not just about the age of the worker it is about slavery; in all of these cases we are talking about forced labor, with the threats including denial of graduation from high school if the "interns" do not comply.  Is Jeff Bezos under indictment right now?  No.  Why not?

Foxconn is a serial violator.  But rather than blackball them from supply chains into the United States and toss in prison any executive who signs a deal to use them for electronics assembly, which if we had any intention of honoring the 13th Amendment we should have done more than a decade ago we instead gave them tax subsidies to build a factory in Wisconsin.

This is not just a matter for one party or the other.  It is a fact that both political parties are equally guilty in this regard and both suborn and explicitly support slavery.  Here, now, today, both in America and abroad.

To all the black and Hispanic people in this nation: You are voting for and support slavers both in State and Federal elections.

All of the current State Legislatures and Executives permit and explicitly condone this behavior.

So do all current state Law Enforcement agencies and individual officers.  The number of executives and business owners arrested even in states where explicit E-Verify laws are on the books by said State LEOs numbers ZERO.

ALL of the current members of Congress, ALL of the current agents of the FBI AND our current President along with all the previous ones since at least Ronald Reagan also explicitly permit and condone this behavior as well.


Do not talk to me about so-called "human rights" so long as one single illegal immigrant is employed in this nation.  Not only are all of those people being abused and effectively enslaved in direct violation of the Constitution but in addition every single one of those jobs is displacing an American citizen or legal immigrant who could do said job and who could not be so-abused as they could raise hell about any such attempt without fear of deportation or imprisonment.


This can be fixed with a TWO PARAGRAPH bill which anyone who actually believes in the 13th Amendment must demand be passed now:

1. All employers shall verify each employee prior to hiring using E-Verify, and shall verify all existing employees within 180 days.  All 941 tax reports shall include the E-Verify control number for each employee.

2. Any employer who fails to do so, either through not reporting an employee or through falsification of any such control number shall suffer a penalty of 300% of the taxes due and each executive, officer, director or other responsible party shall be imprisoned on a felony, not to be diminished to a misdemeanor or other prosecutorial discretion, with a term of not less than one nor more than five years per person not reported, with all sentences served consecutively.  No employer may waive or otherwise lay off said responsibility through the use of any outside agency for payroll, hiring, human resources management or similar.

There is no reason, given the existence of the 13th Amendment, that every state and federal lawmaker's offices, homes, family, children and outside businesses are not immediately and permanently under protest and picket until and unless this is resolved in all respects including those American firms who employ labor overseas under the same sort of coercive conditions.


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2019-08-10 13:50 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 631 references
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So let me see if I have this right.

You bust a notorious serial pedophile after evidence of corruption in letting him go with a slap on the wrist 10 years ago surfaces.

You raid his house in the process of this bust and find evidence of continuing criminal sexual activity related to children -- specifically, you find alleged child pornography in his home.  Possession of this material is a serious criminal act.  Transportation of that material across a state line, which essentially had to occur for it to be there given where some of the acts allegedly took place, is a serious federal offense standing alone.

Said person is known to have had a "black book" and other associations that appears (but is not yet proved) to finger dozens of high-profile executives, billionaires, and government officials both here and in other nations, including royalty and an ex-President, in the sexual trafficking and abuse of young girls. Some of these allegations, but by no means all, were raised in a related civil case that a court ordered unsealed.

Said person allegedly tries to commit suicide shortly after being taken into custody, and fails.

You do not put said person under 24x7 individual secured watch to both prevent a second attempt or an "assisted attempt" on an immediate, right now, permanent basis until he can be brought forward to trial.

Uh huh.


I'm supposed to believe Barr is "shocked" at these events?


Barr didn't bother making damn sure on a personal basis, as the Attorney General of the United States, that a person who is arguably the most-notorious abuser of young girls ever arrested in the history of the United States, and who has fingered myriad rich and powerful people by both evidence and implication, all of which needs to be run into the ground and might well be during said trial, when said accused people include both foreign royalty and an ex President of the United States, is not kept absolutely safe and secure in such a manner as to preclude any possibility of him killing himself (since he already tried it once) or anyone else, of which there are many that I'm sure would like him dead, from killing him?

I'm supposed to believe that?

Let me just put one example out here: Acosta is on the record, albeit "informally", saying that he was told to back off in the original prosecution because Epstein was an "asset." To Barr: Who's asset and who told Acosta that?  Names.  In public.  Right ****ing now, jackass.  You think Barr missed that?  I sure as hell didn't.

Go **** a goat folks; this is so outrageously blatant and the list of people fingered as allegedly involved so long and distinguished that if you actually believe that this was anything other than intentional you do not deserve the oxygen you consume.

The United States as a nation, and the credibility in all respects of it's so-called "law enforcement" is finished.

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2019-08-08 08:25 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 293 references
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This is an interesting article, and well-worth the time to read:

There is also the intriguing example of Dennis Hastert. As the longest serving Republican Speaker of the House in U.S. history, holding office during 1999-2007, Hastert was third in line to the Presidency and even ranked as our nation’s top Republican elected official during some of that period. Based upon my newspaper readings, he had always struck me as a rather bland and ordinary individual, with journalists sometimes even strongly hinting at his mediocrity, so that I occasionally wondered just how someone so unimpressive could have risen to such extremely high national office.

Then a few years ago, he was suddenly thrust back into the headlines, arrested by the FBI and charged with financial crimes relating to what apparently had been his past history of abusing young boys, at least one of whom had committed suicide, with the federal judge who sent him to prison denouncing him as “a serial child molester” at sentencing. Perhaps I’ve led an overly sheltered life, but my impression is that only a tiny sliver of Americans have had a long record of child molestation, and all things being equal, it seems rather unlikely that someone of such a background but who possesses no other great talents or skills would rise to near the absolute top of our political heap. So perhaps not all things were otherwise equal. If some powerful elements held the hard evidence that placed a particular elected official under their total control, making great efforts to elevate him to Speaker of the House would be a very shrewd investment.

Gee, I've written on that, haven't I?

But isn't it curious who hasn't?  Everyone in the mainstream media, for example.  And this is not a singular instance either; indeed, is this not more the rule than the exception when it comes to people in "high places"?

Witness the Obamacare decision out of the US Supreme Court.  When I read the opinion I was literally left with my head spinning.  Here is the Chief Justice, John Roberts, taking a law that the court found unconstitutional (imposing a fine for not doing something) and then acting to "save" it by ignoring the explicit Congressional Record of its debate and passage -- that is, that Congress knew, at the time it was drafted, that they could not write the law using the penalty as a tax because direct taxes, other than the income tax made legal under the 16th Amendment, are unconstitutional.  Congress knew this, it's in the Congressional record and it is why they wrote the law the way they did.

So Roberts, knowing this, turns around and rewrites the unconstitutional law into...... another unconstitutional law, one that Congress itself knew it could not pass because it didn't meet Constitutional muster and thus had been rejected!

He didn't care.  But why didn't he care?  Was it because someone has something on him?  There's plenty of speculation related to his adopted children and alleged irregularities -- which could lead said children, even now and in fact forevermore into the future, to be deported!  Do you think that might be a pretty good "pain point"?  I pointed this out at the time.... and of course it got nearly no press, except in Esquire, which ran a (short) article after the same-sex marriage decision.

But then again we, the people, have become supine in general.  I get asked from time to time (including the other day on Twatter) why I point out that people should rise up and take action, yet what I do is sit behind a keyboard and opine.  The obvious open question that wasn't asked (lest it get the asking party banned from Twatter) was "why haven't you gone postal?"

Such a question is beyond stupid but since logic provides a simple answer I'll give it to you anyway: Suicide isn't on my agenda and since nobody gives a wet crap about any of this corruption and the destruction it has served upon America and Americans, why would I do something that would have exactly the same impact on the course of human events as my walking into the middle of the street in front of my house and blowing my own brains out?

Perhaps sometime down the road the situation will change and the people will wake the hell up.  But I have little reason indeed to believe it shall be so; after all, there's certainly no indication of any stirring of the great fire in the belly that empowered the people on this land to tell Britain to pound sand in 1776 -- and mean it.

Then again somehow I doubt George Washington or Thomas Jefferson were into buggering little boys or raping 14 year old girls.  It seems, however, that such is indeed a common thread today -- far beyond the representation that mere numbers would suggest -- among those in high office.

And that leads to the obvious question:  Is that a bug, a feature, or, as seems more likely, are those who "aspire" to high office placed there by the very people who proffered those boys and girls to said sickos?

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