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2023-05-28 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Politics , 408 references
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As they say.... oops.

Democrat politicians have been buying votes for the last two decades with two policies:

  • Sanctuary cities.  That is, come here, legal or not, access services which cost taxpayers money, and its fine.  Whether that's education, medical care, housing, whatever.

  • Reparations.  The premise that black people today are owed something due to the legacy of slavery.

I've dealt with the absurdity of the latter several times in my column and see no particular reason to go back through all of it here.  It is simply sufficient to note that when it comes to both over-allocation of resources (e.g. dollars-per-pupil on education) and per-capita spend on welfare black people have gotten more and paid less for the last 50+ years to the tune of trillions of dollars.  Anyone who wishes to argue for such has to deduct all of that out first and its entirely possible you might find that if you do black people owe everyone else, not the other way around.

The sanctuary city nonsense, however, was especially rich.  

The mayors who did this had no expectation of any material percentage of the 20+ million illegal immigrants in the United States would show up to try to claim their alleged "sanctuary."  Most of these "migrants" are from warm climates in Central and South America and have no desire to deal with 0F overnight winters, never mind this white stuff called "snow."  But as more and more cities simply ran out of resource in the south and started busing these people northbound the claim they were "sanctuaries" with no boundaries was put to the test.

In Chicago, for example, the migrants with kids are not being required to document -- or take -- any of the childhood vaccines that everyone else is expected and in fact required to in order to enroll in school.  Leave aside Covid -- we're talking measles here.  Undocumented means just that and it includes medical status.  Never mind that almost none are fluent in English, so now all of them require ESL education and hiring teachers who are fluent in their native languages in order to begin or they learn nothing.  At the same time they're being put up in posh hotels paid for by the state or city while actual Americans, often people of color, are left to their own devices.

NYC has turned several $500/nt hotels into "sanctuaries" -- with zero enforcement of law.  The result is that they have immediately degenerated into drug, booze and orgy-filled hellholes that nobody in their right mind would stay in if there was any room for them to do so -- but there isn't.  Oh, and the city is paying the same $500/nt.  From where are they getting the money?  It'll be interesting to see how this works out given that this is basically screwing American citizens in NYC out of $15,000/month each that could otherwise be spent on them rather than the "migrant" lodging bill!

All of this spending, of course, screws the lowest income people hardest because the additional demand on goods and services is what drives inflation, so prices for rent, groceries and similar go up and screw the American citizens, again often black Americans, even more.

Reality is that none of these left-leaning Democrats actually thought they'd have to cash the checks they were writing with their mouths.  They were buying votes not with actual policy but with mere words that they never thought would be redeemed!

Now, unfortunately, the demands to "make good" are coming from all sides.  What can reasonably be expected in response?  "Bite me" isn't likely to go over very well but it will be quite interesting, specifically in the context of "reparations", which were unserious at all levels never mind unconstitutional as not even Treason can work corruption of blood nor may attainder extend beyond the lifetime of the offending party.

You'd have to amend the Constitution to change this and every left-leaning politician who ran this garbage knows it.  No attempt to invoke "reparations" would survive a challenge otherwise; that is, they knew damn well they were making a promise that could not be kept as it is directly unconstitutional to assess anyone -- whether directly or otherwise -- for a crime beyond the offender's death including the only crime explicitly noted on the Constitution itself.  Treason, by the way, is a specific exemption, valid only during the offender's lifetime, to what is otherwise an absolute in the Constitution.

You see Article 1 Section 9 explicitly forbids a federal Bill of Attainder in all other circumstances which is what reparations are; they are a declaration that a person or group of people is guilty of some offense and thereby punishing them since the funds for any such payments would have come from somewhere.  Section 10 forbids the same act by a state.

In other words this always was a dead letter promise and everyone who made it knew it.

Now let's see all those so-called "officials" deal with that fact and the backlash when every black American realizes that they were not only lied to but that the politicians who did so knew they were lying, knew what they were claiming and "studying" was per-se unconstitutional and would not survive ten seconds in a courtroom and made the promise to buy black votes anyway.


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Let's cut the crap and get right down to it:

Voting for a lesser evil is like being asked whether you'd like to be robbed -- or raped -- a little or a lot, both at gunpoint.  I will not and you should not support this; such nonsense, placed before us every 2 years, is a false choice.

There are answers but they only occur when we, the people, condition our support and, perhaps, even acceptance of our government on having an actual choice in this regard.

Its one thing if the people, presented a choice, choose insanity.  But -- what if, as was the case for the last several election cycles, there is no choice?

We all know the situation with the pandemic.  Not one Governor actually said "No!" and meant it.  People claim DeSantis did but they're lying.  I lived in Florida when this started; I was in the process of moving to Tennessee but was a Florida resident and had to put up with all of it during the process of moving.  My daughter lived in Florida, as an independent adult, and lost her job because the place she worked was forced closed by the Governor.

Others I know ran establishments that were forced closed, in one case by cops showing up and forcibly ejecting the patrons; the cops were all, of course, armed.  Do not tell me that this didn't happen: It did happen, it occurred to varying degrees everywhere and not one of said 50 governors has apologized, said they were wrong and most-importantly passed iron-clad law to prevent it from ever being done again.

How about illegal immigration?   Florida has some of the highest premiums for car insurance in the United States.  One reason is that Florida has done little or nothing about illegal aliens driving without insurance thus there is a very good chance that if you get hit and it is their fault they'll have no insurance -- and suing someone without anything is a waste of time.  Thus you are forced to pay for the risk of said person hitting you and that price falls on every driver licensed in Florida in their uninsured motorist coverage.  Over my 20 years of living there this cost me thousands of dollars, directly, for which I got not a nickel of actual benefit.

Now DeSantis has asked for and gotten an "E-Verify" bill passed.  But did he also get an Amendment proposed and passed that bars illegal aliens from access to state-funded taxpayer services?  No.  And is there a mandate that the State actually guarantee compliance -- by, for example, requiring that employers document said compliance via a state-operated system at the time of hiring?  No.  That wasn't part of it.  Further, the law exempts employers with fewer than 25 employees so the crew of illegals roofing houses will not be impacted.  It is trivial to get around these rules in the contracting industry by setting up parallel LLCs and keeping each subcontractor under 25 employees.

So let's talk about what would be a reasonable ask.

Is it not reasonable to expect that manufacturers are legally responsible for the integrity of their products?  If, after discovering that a flaw or risk exists they continue trials, sweep said evidence under the rug or otherwise obfuscate what's going on a courtroom is accessible to those allegedly harmed in which such evidence can be heard and a determination made?

How about the rank price-fixing?  What has DeSantis done in Florida about it?  I can tell you what he did during the time I lived there: Nothing.  In fact there are medical centers in NW FL in particular that feast on such disparities and have been known to be doing it for a very long time.  Florida has long been the capital of this sort of abuse and you have paid for it if you live in the state, directly and indirectly, particularly when inmates in a jail require care and thus you get the bill in your property taxes.

Can this be fixed at the state level with legislation or even just executive action?  You bet; States are the exclusive issuers of both business and medical licenses.  Any state can condition said licensing on non-discriminatory pricing irrespective of the method of payment.  You expect this at WalMart, the grocery store and gas station.  Nobody would tolerate the price of gasoline varying by 10:1 based on which company you bought auto insurance from.  Yet this sort of nonsense is bog-standard through the medical industry.  Where is the candidate who will put a stop to it and, if they're a governor, can demonstrate they're serious because they did put a stop to it?

In addition the executive, which is the Governor's department controls the prosecuting apparatus.  DeSantis could have directed his prosecutors to go after medical providers for violations of the State anti-trust laws, which absolutely do exist in each state and which are available under existing law -- no new legislation required.  He, like the rest, actively refused.

DeSantis is NOT a governor who did any of these things.

Folks if we are going to fix what's wrong with this nation it starts with the medical system.  If we don't force one of the political parties to do it neither will because there are billions of reasons for them not to spread around the politicians in both parties.  This has to stop because CMS, Medicare and Medicaid services, consumed one third of all dollars spent federally last year -- $2 trillion of the $6 trillion total -- and is in fact responsible for the entire trillion dollar deficit.

That's right -- if it was stopped (that is, it spent only what it took in via taxes by stopping the screwing medical system-wide) the federal government would in fact run a modest surplus and the inflation you are having happen right now would not be happening.

It is our responsibility because we have allowed the last several election cycles to pass without holding anyone accountable for this.  Trump infamously promised to put a stop to it with three platform planks during his campaign.  I said at the time I didn't believe him.  Literally on the night of the election all three disappeared from his campaign web site and were never seen again.

As if that wasn't enough he agreed with and signed the largest deficit spending spree in history.  Yes, there was a nasty virus.  That doesn't justify what was done including paying medical providers bonuses for procedures irrespective of success or failure, including in some cases an 89% death rate across six months in the back half of 2021.

Nobody with a single hint of intelligence would pay someone a bonus when they fail nine out of ten times -- but we did, and it is this sort of perverse incentive through the system that must stop now or the federal government and our economy risk collapse due to the inflationary spiral that comes from continually expanding said spending even when it is objectively worse than flushing the money down the toilet as the patient dies 9 times out of 10.

So will we demand this from a candidate who we can then support, vote for and hold to their promises?

Or will we simp for whatever someone says, but with no record of addressing any of this if they are currently in an office and have been for several years without doing any of it?

If we do the latter, I remind you, my prediction for CMS "eating the budget" in terms of time was 2024.  That's next year, and while there might be some slop in that time there's not much as all of the mathematical predictions and their impacts that I've made in this regard, which go back to the 1990s, have proved up.

That's the choice folks.  You may not like it, you may think you can simp on this due to this or that issue, but the pandemic "response" was a symptom of the problem, not the problem itself.

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2019-09-22 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Politics , 274 references
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You have to give Andrew Yang credit for being willing to put forward "UBI" -- a $1,000 a month "stipend" that he foolishly calls a "Freedom Dividend" -- with of course a boat-load of fraudulent claims of how he's going to pay for it.

Chief among these is a 10% VAT -- which sounds good, but it's problematic for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which is that it won't raise enough money.

Remember that a VAT exempts government spending, since that's just taxing yourself.  Yang recognizes this and pegs the revenue from a VAT at $800 billion as he also removes groceries, clothing and apparently some other things from it.

He also says he's going to "consolidate" (get rid of) many other welfare programs.  The problem is that the only ones that matter from a budget perspective are health care related.

At the same time Yang wants to expand Medicare to everyone.  The problem is that these two programs are in direct opposition to each other.  He says he'll be able to bring costs under control but Medicare and Medicaid have utterly failed to do so.

In other words Yang is a pie-in-the-sky Democrat protecting and in fact expanding the medical monopolists.

Look folks -- CMS -- Medicare and Medicaid Services, have spent $1.465 trillion through August which is 35% of the federal spending all-in.  The federal budget deficit during that time was $1.067 trillion.

In other words that spending was 137% of the deficit.

If you killed all the medical monopolists and took the "low hanging fruit" as I described in that post you would erase the entire federal deficit, plus some and not one person would be denied medical care.

Further, you'd take roughly another trillion and a half off private forced spending on this alleged "service" since the "service" is 500% overpriced.

This would instantly resolve both the federal debt and all the state and local pension problems -- at once.  It would also eliminate the destruction of personal purchasing power and that of saved funds.

20% of the people in the country -- those who are involved in and require this scheme to make a living -- would hate you.


In short this is one of those nearly-impossible to find 80% issues among the electorate.  That's exactly what Trump exploited (a claimed 80% issue that he never actually addressed) to get elected himself -- illegal immigration and displacement of American workers.

He was lying, as we now all know in that instead of resolving any of these problems he has dripped out half-measures where, as the head of the Executive he could have resolved several of them immediately but that sales job is why he's President today.

Yang seems to think that socialism will somehow "work" in health care.  It never has -- in health care or anywhere else.  NHS in Britain is falling apart.  So are the other socialist health care systems.  They're falling apart even though they exist almost-entirely on the back of the 500% overcharge Americans pay in that we effectively fund the R&D and in many cases the reproduction cost of everything they use.  Even with that sort of outrageous transfer and theft they're still fiscally underwater.

Yang could have -- and perhaps, for a very short period of time forward still can -- become a credible candidate.  He needs an 80% issue -- indeed, anyone who intends to try to take on Warren, Bernie or Biden does, just as I've argued for decades that if you want to try to run as a third-party candidate you need to as well.

Remember Ross Perot?  He took up an 80% issue -- the giant sucking sound of "tariff free" trade with Mexico.  Had he not folded his tent he would have likely won too.

There are so many other crackpot ideas on Yang's plate that frankly, I can't take him seriously.  The "vote at 16" idea is one of them.  Representation comes with responsibility, or at least it's supposed to.  Yang is nothing more than pandering with this bullshit -- if my kid can vote at 16 I can eject him or her at 16 and they can go fend for themselves.

There are acts that should define you as an adult in all respects.  Reproduction and Felonious conduct are two of them.  Voting is a third.  Today we refuse to recognize that exercising the most-profound power a human can have -- to reproduce or not -- does not come with the responsibility commensurate with that power.  This must change and since slavery is immoral (never mind illegal) there's only one direction it can that is consistent: Pregnancy, for both sexes, is an automatic and irrevocably emancipating event.  So is a felony conviction.

Further, Andrew is a pie-in-the-sky economic bullshitter.  "Saving for retirement", which is one of his planks, is impossible in a nation where the federal government runs a 25%+ fiscal deficit and thus destroys the value of all saved capital.  This has to be stopped -- or those who both promote policies that allow and expand that practice must be removed from the public square by any means necessary.

Fortunately for Andrew there is a way to stop the deficit spending and get the 80% issue and greatly improve health care delivery while slashing cost by 80% or more.

But he hasn't taken it -- just like the rest haven't either.

That's because he doesn't really believe in any of it, just as neither do the others -- including our current President.

Sadly they're all bullshitters and con artists.

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2019-08-30 13:12 by Karl Denninger
in Politics , 1584 references
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Here's what you get if you basically draft me, since I don't fit either the RINO or Communist party profile:

  • Wage, environmental, IP theft, government oppression/subsidy and currency manipulation tariffs.  There will be zero incentive for any entity selling to anyone in America to place manufacturing or anything else (assembly, sourcing, etc) in a foreign nation to try to arbitrage poor people, dump poison in their water, into the air or on their land instead of here, etc.  Each class of goods will have the appropriate tariff calculated on a per-nation basis with no exceptions.  Any nation or firm attempting to circumvent this by cross-shipping or falsifying records will lead to an immediate, 100% embargo of all involved goods with them seized and destroyed on entry.  Again -- no exceptions.  Yes, this includes (but certainly isn't limited to) China, Vietnam, India and Mexico.

  • 100% E-Verify now.  All employers have six months to comply for existing employees, all new hires must have it run.  Liability is personal and cannot be thrown off on a staffing company or other scheme.  All 941s (quarterly withholding filings) must include E-Verify control numbers on them.  Congress will receive a bill on my first day in office to upgrade failure to include same on 941s, hiring or paying people without reporting accurately on same, or any other form of evasion by any means to a criminal felony with 5 years in the slam-slam for each person so not-reported or evaded, served consecutively, with no pleas or reductions allowed along with a $50,000 fine per person, per year who is not reported accurately.  That ends the BS.

  • It shall be the policy of this nation that no free trading relationship nor normal customs and immigration relationship shall exist with any nation that permits either their nationals or foreign nationals to travel through or use their border with our nation for the purpose of unlawful entry into the United States, nor shall such a relationship exist with any nation that suborns or permits its nationals to violate our laws whether in regard to people, goods or services.  Mexico in particular shall cut this crap out or the border will be closed -- period.  The National Emergency required to do this has already been issued by Trump and I will execute on that on my first day in office.  This shall also be applied to China as a consequence of its export of fentanyl and precursors intended for unlawful distribution in the United States.

  • H1b visa sponsors shall be required to pay 200% of the prevailing wage in America.  If there is truly a shortage or is being used to import those who are truly exceptional minds, to the point that we simply can't meet the challenge here, so be it -- the cost of doing so compared to the benefit will be tiny.  If this visa is being abused by corporations a wage suppression artifice, and today it is, that's ending.  Right now.

  • As President my first and foremost duty is to protect the integrity of the United States.  This includes physical security at the US border.  If necessary the military will be deployed to defend same against any and all invaders.  Our military exists for the primary purpose of preventing and repelling any attempted invasion of United States territory.  This is not only Constitutionally permitted it is Constitutionally required of the Commander in Chief.  This does not violate The Posse Comitatus Act; the military will not be there to execute a civilian police action, they will be deployed to prevent and turn back invasion.  If you want to come and apply as an immigrant, whether claiming asylum or otherwise, do it lawfully at a port of entry or US Embassy.

  • 100% enforcement of 15 USC Chapter 1.  Amazon is the poster child in the retail space but hardly the only offender.  The entire medical space will also have this enforced against them.  See my model bill for how to fix it entirely.  Until passed I'll be content to throw lots of hospital executives and virtually every pharma company head in the slam-slam and destroy every one of their firms with ruinous fines.  Yes, as the head of the Executive (law enforcement) I can do that without ANY new laws, and will.

  • 100% legalization and regulation of marijuana immediately by de-scheduling.  The DEA is under the DOJ, and as the head of the Executive I'm their boss.  THC will be de-scheduled immediately.  Period.  In addition a full review of the medical and scientific evidence will be undertaken for every drug currently on said schedule and they shall be adjusted accordingly.  No ifs, ands or buts.  States can do what they wish but on a federal level it's done on Day #1 and I will fire as many people as necessary and replace on an interim basis until it happens.

  • BEA and BLS will be directed to remove all "hedonic" and similar adjustments immediately and permanently.  As they are under the Department of Commerce and Labor, respectively, they too are under the Executive.  Therefore said order will be issued on Day #1.  Inflation numbers shall have all hedonic adjustments removed immediately and on a forward basis, and in addition productivity shall be removed from inflation numbers as well.  That is, inflation is inflation and we're going to stop lying about it.

  • The Fed will either adjust policy to meet its mandate of stable prices over the medium term or I will do whatever I must to destroy and replace it.  Period.  They do not have the privilege of re-writing legislation and "stable" means unchanging, not 2% "doctored and fraudulent" inflation.  Specifically they will control money and credit aggregates to reverse the scam of the false inflation numbers via hedonics and productivity that were unlawfully applied over the last 30+ years.  I understand doing this in a week can't happen, but it will happen and they will run policy commensurate with their Congressional mandate or I will find a way to remove them by whatever means it takes.  Cue President Jackson on this one, if it comes to it; Treasury can be directed to buttfuck The Fed under Executive power, that's already obvious and actually not even slightly difficult given the will and I will do so.

  • A National Emergency will be declared on the first day of my Administration relating to the Internet and threat to our Republic that the current abuse of same both foreign and domestic has incurred.  The specific demands for reform will include separation of utility and application functionality with the former being absolutely barred from discrimination in sales of like kind and quantity for any firm with more than $100 million a year in revenue worldwide.  Any firm that refuses will have all foreign transactions blocked in accordance with the 1970s NEA powers and all dollar-denominated transactions and assets frozen.  Further any coordinated action to ban particular political perspectives, points of view or publishers shall bring instant prosecution under 15 USC carrying felony criminal penalties.  I will perp-walk every single major social media, transport, cloud and DNS company executive straight into federal prison if I must. The bullcrap we're dealing with now will stop or the firms doing it will be destroyed with their executives asset-stripped to their underwear.

  • The 2nd Amendment shall be restored.  I shall seek declaratory judgment from the Supreme Court on the fraud in Miller's instance and, once having secured same shall move to have the entire body of existing "gun control", other than actual commerce between states which does remain a federal power, declared void.  In addition the 14th Amendment guarantees incorporation against State Laws on matters of civil rights.  Any state or local government official who disagrees will find themselves in the federal slam-slam facing 18 USC 242 charges.  Until that is accomplished the DOJ shall be directed to ignore that blatantly unconstitutional set of laws and if they or any other federal agency refuses I shall issue pardons to anyone they arrest on any non-violent firearms offense.  If you want to make, own and carry a firearm, suppressor or whatever -- have at it.  If some federal agency cop shows up and tries to bust you the next morning you'll be pardoned.  I don't care if I wear out 1,000 pens signing pardons.  This bullshit will stop -- right now.

  • The 4th Amendment shall be restored.  The entire "policing for profit" revenue share model on civil forfeiture is rankly unconstitutional and the entirety of that program will be scrapped by Executive Order on my first day in office.  Any state, county or local official who continues it beyond that day shall be subject to arrest and indictment by the federal government under 18 USC 242 which explicitly prohibits the violation of Constitutional Rights under color of law or authority.  That is a criminal statute and I will be more than happy to put 50,000 local cops and county sheriffs in the federal slam-slam if I must.  We'll have plenty of room with all the weed violations that will be released.  This crap will stop; if some copshop claims that money or property is the fruit of an illegal act before they can seize and attempt to forfeit it they must obtain a felony criminal conviction on the underlying offense and prove the connection beyond a reasonable doubt.  Period.

  • The Glo-bull warming scam will be stopped dead.  All federally funded research and data, past, present and future shall be declared as public domain.  Mann and his cohorts will be forced to disgorge same or be charged with theft (or destruction, if they try to evade it via tampering) of government property.  Enough.

  • I shall demand of Congress that the current law permitting International Cartels to operate in facial violation of 15 USC Chapter 1 be repealed.  This is an outrage passed in the 1970s in response to the Arab Oil Embargo.  Congress shall be called upon to repeal it on their first day in session.  Period.  Until they do I shall tariff all cartel-controlled products, including oil, sufficiently to make them non-economic for import and sale in the United States.  We can be oil-independent today and until Congress puts a stop to the OPEC rape-job one way or another we shall be.

  • I shall demand of Congress an immediate rescission of (1) all federal funding of student loans and (2) immediate removal of the "privileged" status of such debt on a forward basis from bankruptcy discharge.  All such lending on a forward basis shall be private and shall be subject to the risk of bankruptcy discharge.  This will instantly collapse the cost of college to something you can afford to attend and engage in by working at Starbucks.

  • It shall be the national energy policy of the United States to explore and, if justified, develop LFTR-based nuclear energy, including using coal as the Thorium feedstock, so as to become entirely energy independent through its use and CTL technology within 20 years.  The math and basis for this is found in this post from 2011, or if you prefer in my book Leverage.  This is achievable given the technology of today and we shall do it as a nation so as to never again be able to be held hostage for electricity, transportation or war-fighting fuels.

  • It shall be the foreign policy of the United States that unless (1) an American or (2) a piece of American property, including a flagged vessel, aircraft, embassy or other item is damaged or destroyed it is not a matter for our military.  The United States shall respect the sovereign power of all nations.  However, no nation shall enjoy a free and open trading relationship nor shall the ownership and control of any US property whether physical, intellectual or otherwise be recognized on an equal and unimpaired basis by any of their firms or nationals if said nation does not afford all of its citizens on a substantially equal basis the freedoms guaranteed by the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments to the US Constitution along with substantially equal rights without regard to sex, race, color and creed.

  • It shall be the goal of my administration to fire half of all Federal Employees within my first term and shrink both the Federal Statute Books and CFRs by 50%.  I think I can do better, but that's the goal for the first 4 years.  We'll see.

  • I shall neither submit or sign any budget that runs a deficit except in a time of declared war and in fact shall sign no budget that does not run a surplus as a percentage of GDP equal to the previous 12 months productivity gain or more if same is positive.  End of discussion, full stop.  Whatever the government wishes to do it will pay for, and all such shall include the room for whatever supplemental appropriations may arise including disasters.  No exceptions.  Disasters are not known in advance but that they happen every year is.  Further the government shall not steal the natural improvement in purchasing power that belongs to the citizens as a consequence of their improvement in productivity either.

  • No, I will not stop using "colorful language" when it is appropriate.  Running a nation is an adult job.  Children do not have a seat at the table -- not because they aren't respected but because they lack the experience, wisdom, impulse control and judgment to be considered an appropriate resource in such matters.  If you're incapable of dealing with adult matters then feel free to go hide in your "safe space" and let the adults do what has to be done -- including, occasionally, erecting a well-earned middle finger.

  • No, I will not publish my tax returns.  The requirements to run for President are in the Constitution.  Tax returns are confidential, period, end of discussion.  Incidentally, so are medical records (HIPPA) so no, I won't be taking any public medical exams either.  However, you're welcome to peruse my running time records in races where I publicly appear and there is a publicly-visible clock, and draw from that whatever conclusions you wish.

To the extent any of this requires Congressional approval I will veto at my discretion every single bill that comes across my desk until the necessary statutes are enacted or repealed.  This specifically includes but is not limited to all spending bills.  In addition to the extent spending is constrained by said vetos I will direct that the first cuts are to all security, maintenance, utility and other facilities and programs that benefit any member of Congress or their staff.  They will either do their damn job or they'll take the brunt of their refusal, unlike Barry Soetero who punished ordinary Americans when Congress didn't do what he wanted.

There's plenty more but this will be a good start for my platform.

I'm available for public debate on any or all of this platform against anyone else who believes they have better ideas and wishes to take the left seat.  As noted, since I'm aware of no party interested in these positions one of them will have to draft me....

As for electors and the state filings for same we'll cross that bridge if there's enough to be worth doing what has to be done to make that happen.

This page is subject to update but no commitment above shall be materially weakened or changed to the detriment of the people of this nation, and if challenged on same I will produce the entire audit log of this page back to the original posting of this message. -- Karl

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2019-03-04 07:00 by Karl Denninger
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Since nobody at CPAC wants to talk about it.... I will.

The bill is really quite simple:

  • No person shall be entitled to any public funds or federally-funded government services unless they are a United States Citizen, Lawful Permanent Resident, or explicitly admitted under a formal refugee resettlement agreement.  No person admitted under such a formal refugee resettlement agreement may receive any federally-funded service or public funds beyond the term of five years, which may not be extended.  (In other words you either qualify for lawful permanent residence during that five years, including integrating and learning English, or get the hell out.)

  • No person or organ of government may obligate any private party to provide any form of federally-sponsored benefit or mandate to any person not a Lawful Permanent Resident, Citizen or explicitly-admitted refugee during the above five-year period where said benefit, mandate or enterprise operates with any material connection to or with supplies procured in interstate commerce.

  • No person who is not a citizen or lawful permanent resident may obtain any personal or financial benefit from federally-sponsored or funded benefits or mandates through a claim of familial or custodial relationship with a citizen or lawful permanent resident.

  • Any person violating this statute shall be criminally liable under the crime of fraud for the full amount of such benefit, the full cost of any such mandate they access imposed upon the party who provides it and shall be ordered, upon conviction, to pay all such costs, expenses, court and attorney fees incurred by the party so impacted.  In addition any person violating this statute shall suffer a permanent inability to enter or remain within the United States with any future attempt to so enter being a separate and distinct criminal offense carrying a penalty of not less than one and not more than five years, with the costs of said incarceration billed to said illegal entrant.

  • All persons desiring to claim asylum in the United States must do so in the first contiguous nation they reach after leaving the nation or nations that give rise to their claim at a US Consulate or Embassy in said nation and they must remain outside the United States while their claim is adjudicated.  Claims of asylum cannot be made nor processed by any person who is a citizen of a US-contiguous nation with which the United States has a formal trading and visitation relationship (that would be Canada and Mexico.)  Any act of illegal entry, past or present, to the United States permanently voids all privilege of asylum.

  • All employers shall transmit with each 941 tax filing the E-Verify control number for each person so-employed.  All new hires must have E-Verify run prior to hiring and all currently employed persons must have same run within six months of the date of this legislation.  Failure to include a valid E-Verify control number on a 941 transmission, forgery of said number or willful omission of any employee from said form is declared a federal felony offense carrying a mandatory 5 year prison term and $100,000 fine for each person so-omitted with all persons having constructive or actual knowledge of said omission or fraud jointly and severably liable for same.

That stops the influx.

No "free" education, health care, housing, food stamps or anything else -- either directly or indirectly.  You cannot poop out a child on US soil and have their presence create an obligation to you -- not for your birth expenses, not for your housing expenses, nor for your food, utility or other expenses.  While a State could fund whatever it wants it cannot use any federal funds for such a program, including Medicaid, public schools (which obtain federal funding), food stamps or similar.

If you come here under a resettlement arrangement you have five years to show that (1) you intend to assimilate and (2) you are willing and able to both work and meet all other criteria for lawful permanent residence.  If not you're cut off -- period.  No more Little Mogadishu nonsense that has produced a crazy number of jihadi wannabes.

If you employ an illegal invader and get caught everyone with actual or constructive knowledge of it goes to prison.  It does not matter who you are -- whether you're a CEO, Controller, Payroll Clerk, farm owner or someone hiring a nanny.  Period.

Do the above as a simple bill and the entire illegal invader problem disappears overnight.

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