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"Obama gonna pay my gas and mortgage!"

Remember that?

Well...... now......not so much.

“Truth and honesty are important,” she said. “He lied about everything.”


Now what are you going to do about it when you discover that your "Baby Jesus" is a heretic and a monster, duping you into voting for him and putting him in office?

Nothing, right?

That's what I thought.

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The Libertarian Party has become downright suicidal, by my figuring.

The FPA and FSNE Gubernatorial Forum (a "debate", if you can call it that) didn't invite Adrian Wyllie, the declared Libertarian candidate for governor, to participate.  The organization has the following criteria for being invited:

To qualify to be invited to participate in the FPA/FSNE Forum, the candidate must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. The candidate must satisfy all of the eligibility requirements of the governing body responsible for the elections.
  2. The candidate must legally qualify and be registered to participate as a candidate in the 2014 State of Florida Governor elections.
  3. A major party candidate (i.e., Republican and Democratic parties) must appear as a candidate for Governor on his or her party’s Florida primary ballot. In the case of multiple candidates, the candidate must have at least 12% support (including the full benefit of a 4% +/- margin of error, based on a minimum sample size of 400 among all likely voters who will participate in that candidate's primary) as determined by an independent poll as to be determined exclusively by FPA/FSNE. Such poll shall be conducted and completed at least 30 days before the forums scheduled for July 10 and 11, 2014
  4. A candidate must belong to a party that has at least 5% of the registered voters in Florida or must have raised a minimum of $250,000 by May 1, 2014.
  5. Non-major party and/or independent candidates who meet the eligibility requirements in these rules are eligible to participate in the forum.
  6. The candidate must agree to abide by all rules concerning the conduct of the forum.

Wyllie issued a "press release" that flat-out misrepresented what the FPA has listed as criteria above.  Among other things he says:

The criteria you have created make it absolutely impossible for any minor party candidate to participate, by its very definition. According to your stated rules, in order to be included, “a candidate must belong to a party that has at least 5% of the registered voters in Florida.”

The legal definition of a minor party in Florida is one that has less than 5% of the registered voters in the state. Therefore, your criteria guarantee that only Republican and Democrat candidates can participate.

Regardless of whether I have met your other, arbitrary criteria for polling and fund raising, the simple fact that I am not a Republican or Democrat would prohibit me from participating.

Uh, no it doesn't; that is a flat-out false statement.  The FPA's criteria says:

A candidate must belong to a party that has at least 5% of the registered voters in Florida or must have raised a minimum of $250,000 by May 1, 2014.

Non-major party and/or independent candidates who meet the eligibility requirements in these rules are eligible to participate in the forum.

The basics of sentence construction make clear that if you belong to a party that has at least 5% of the registered voters in Florida or have raised $250,000 you're invited.  It further goes on to explicitly state (for the purpose, I assume, of making it impossible for sane individuals to make the sort of claim that Wyllie has) that candidates that are in minor parties or who have no party affiliation declared at all are eligible if they otherwise meet the criteria.

In other words if you can poll the figures and raise a credible amount of money, they'll invite you.

Bombastic bull**** is nothing new from politicians.  But the rest of Wyllie's statement is the disqualifying one for further party support if the Libertarian Party actually gave a good damn about it's claimed principles and so-called "platform."  That's here:

Therefore, I refuse to accept your rules, and I present you with the following ultimatum. I will attend the FPA/FSNE Gubernatorial Forum on July 10th in Coral Gables. You may either allow me to participate in the forum, or you may have me arrested.

You have no third option…As you have denied the people of Florida a third option. Govern yourselves accordingly.

The Libertarian Party claims to respect private property rights.

That the FPA and FSNE are non-profit associations does not change the fact that they are private organizations and not government, public ones.  They therefore have the right to set any sort of reasonably non-discriminatory terms for doing business they so choose.  Indeed, The Libertarian Party of Florida's preamble to its platform declares that the most-desirable "method of organizing society is the natural order that arises when the unalienable rights of individuals to life, liberty and property ownership are respected and protected."

A declaration that a candidate seeking office under a given party's banner intends to deliberately violate the private property rights of another should immediately disqualify said candidate for endorsement or support of said party.

So far, it hasn't -- and it probably won't -- although if the Florida Libertarian Party had a smidgen of integrity it would immediately disavow Wyllie as a candidate.

Further, I suspect the so-called "15%" poll figures being trumpeted are in fact a chimera and will evaporate like a fart in the wind come election day, just as they were for Johnson who was claimed to be north of 10% before the election.  How did that turn out when the only poll that matters was held in November?  

Central to the point of this dispute, however, is that if Wyllie's is a "grass-roots campaign" and there is so much support for Wyllie that he has 15% of the electorate in his corner what's the problem with raising $250,000?  There are somewhere around 8 million registered voters in Florida; a mere 25,000 (or 0.3%) of them who were sufficiently convinced that Wyllie is the "right choice" and are willing to back that opinion with just $10 would meet the criteria.  Clearly, Wyllie hasn't managed to obtain 0.3% support (not 15%!) among registered voters willing to slap ten bucks on the table in support of him or he'd have handily met the fundraising requirement and be included in the debate.

Those who want to claim that the Libertarian Party is "different" or represents a "different choice" now have themselves a new problem just as they did with Governor Johnson and his similar claims that again turned on a blanket refusal to respect other people's private property rights when it came to the Presidential debates.  If you remember Johnson sued under anti-trust laws when he also failed to meet the objective criteria set by the private commission on inclusion -- laws that, incidentally, the Libertarian Party claims should not exist!

The Libertarians in fact are not different; indeed, one of the big issues we face as a nation is blatant and repeated demands by various government actors and would-be actors for exemptions from rules and laws that bind everyone else, whether those exemptions wind up being formally granted or not.


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Really, folks..... 

Did you know this?

Probably not.

Let me guess your response: "What difference does it make?"

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