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2016-06-25 12:47 by Karl Denninger
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This weekend I had a "walker" come to my home soliciting votes for Congress.

I'm familiar with this; walking neighborhoods is a time-honored thing, but it's hotter than Hell here today in Florida, and this guy was clearly not all that pleased about standing outside with me while I chatted him up.

He of course was pushing the local "conservative", Mr. Gaetz.  I told the solicitor that while I was very much aligned with Gaetz's agenda as I understood it (and was on the literature he was peddling) I was simply not interested in backing anyone for Congress who wouldn't deal with the single issue that IMHO is the most important: Medical monopolies.

Of course any sort of mention of that was flatly-absent, and while Gaetz claims to be "for" a balanced federal budget I also pointed out that so is allegedly Ryan, and yet we've had nothing but growth in both the cost of government and its debt during the time he has been speaker.

He didn't like me very much by the time we got done, but he also didn't secure my vote -- and he shouldn't secure yours either, no matter who it is, until and unless this is front and center in the political debate.


Because if we don't take care of this now, in this election cycle, our way of life in this nation will end within the next four to five years.

That's not politics or speculation, it's arithmetic.

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2016-06-11 04:00 by Karl Denninger
in Politics , 742 references

This is likely clickbait, but on the chance it's not...

There is growing talk on the right of replacing Donald Trump, the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee for president, and even chatter about a possible alternative.

As Trump has floundered over the past week after questioning a federal judge’s impartiality because of his Mexican ancestry, Trump’s critics within the GOP have stepped up their efforts to thwart him. Some anti-Trump conservatives, who have tried for months to recruit an independent candidate, have begun looking more closely at attempting to persuade delegates at next month’s GOP convention to nominate someone other than Trump.


Go ahead, try it.

First, the latest is Trump's going after the judge in the supposed "class action" Trump University trial.  Here are the facts that support his charge of bias:

  • The lead plaintiff in the suit was forced to withdraw after both written and taped statements full of praise for the program surfaced.  Normally such a revelation would result in the instant dismissal of the suit, since the class lead had suddenly disqualified themself and branded the action as a fraud.  Not in this case; the Judge refused to dismiss the case.

  • The Judge is a member of La Raza Lawyers of San Diego.  This isn't a bare charge; it is a fact that he admitted to in his own original questionnaire for admission to the bench in 2011.  He has also served on the selection committee for its scholarship fund, with at least one of the recipients of same in 2014 self-described as "undocumented."

There is plenty of conflict over exactly how closely this organization is tied to other organizations with "La Raza" in their names, including some that can be reasonably claimed to be terrorist organizations (any organization that argues that they might need to "kill whites" to re-acquire territory from the United States they claim was stolen certainly fits that description!)

But that is immaterial to the point, which is that this Judge has of his own free will taken up politically-active positions that are in direct conflict with the laws of the United States: He has specifically advanced and promoted the actions of those people who are here illegally, including by voting to grant them money.

It is incomprehensible that any judge can advocate for or participate in granting any sort of support or funding, except perhaps to pay a lawyer for their defense against related charges, to someone who is clearly and by their own admission breaking the law by their mere presence in this nation.  Such an act is by definition a violation of one's oath of office to the bench and the public and that it has not resulted in immediate impeachment is an outrage.

Trump is right, in short, and he must not back down.

As for the Republican Party rather than call for this judge's impeachment and removal for his clear violation of the oath of office they instead wish to burn the guy calling him out at the stake.

What does that say about oath-breaking in the Republican Party?  It says that the party is full of those who are willing to countenance an invading army of foreign nationals and even hand them our nation, one dollar at a time.  There's a name for this in a time of war and if you think being invaded by foreigners doesn't define "war" then please explain what does?

If the Republican Party wishes to destroy itself it is free to do so; any move to attempt such chicanery as is being discussed in the linked article is likely to, and should, result in the party not only losing in November but being utterly destroyed literally plank-and-nail by plank-and-nail, with the remains used for campfire kindling and marshmallow roasting.

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2016-05-30 09:42 by Karl Denninger
in Politics , 720 references

Just don't.

Gary Johnson is once again the allegedly Libertarian candidate for President, along with Bill Weld.  This occurred at a "convention" during which a candidate for national party chair literally stripped to his underwear on-stage.  There are people of both genders who could pull something like that off and at least get admiring glances but this guy isn't one of them.

The theatrics and their quality tells you all you need to know about the degeneration of the mental condition of this merry band of political posers.

Let me remind you that Weld endorsed Kascish for President already, who of course was running as a Republican.

Let me further remind you that Johnson was the candidate last time around and that during that cycle he failed to file an accurate FEC report and that the accurate figures, which were concealed until well after the selection processshowed he was carrying seven times the amount of debt he claimed. Even worse is that out of the roughly $4.4 million spent in total less than 20% of it went to actual messaging -- the function that is allegedly that for which the money is raised.  The rest went to political insider buddies of Johnson's and what's worse is that the FEC has ruled that his "matching funds" were invalidly claimed and he in fact owes the FEC over $300,000!

Never mind that during the last time around, before those financial shenanigans were uncovered, he and I met in his hotel suite with several others at the state party convention (during which time I was an EC member), and not only did he declare that "nobody committed any crimes" during the financial crisis on stage in a Libertarian President debate he also is a delusional jackass who during that same campaign claimed he would submit a balanced budget and yet refused, to my face, to take on the medical monopolies and in fact claimed they were not the cause of the problems in that regard.

Anyone remember this clip?

Since 37% of the federal budget today is those medical monopolies, and said costs have for 20 years straight been growing at a ~7% compounded rate, meaning they've doubled twice in that 20 year period of time, Medicare and Medicaid have been growing at approximately the same rate (thus, it is not "people getting older" that is the cause) and these are mathematical facts easily verified through the Monthly Treasury Statements that are public and available to anyone who spends 30 seconds on the web pulling them from the Treasury's own web site Gary Johnson is a douche-bag liar since he knows damn well he cannot do what he claimed to intend to do without taking that issue on.  In other words his "candidacy" is nothing more than either a bad joke or a blatant and outrageous attempt to enrich his buddies in the political "expert" business once again instead of attempting to advance a serious policy position on our national fiscal state.

Of course it's also possible he has an IQ smaller than my shoe size -- but I doubt it.

Never mind that Johnson does not support the four little words and their clear meaning in the 2nd Amendment.

And, of course, never mind that the voters had no problem figuring this all out last time around the block and "rewarded" him with less than 1% of the vote in an election that wasn't even close electorally since the best the Republicans could do was a medical-monopoly apologist in the form of Mitt Romney.

Oh, and I do remember Johnson's grandiose claims that he had double-digit support just shortly before the general election.

He in fact polled under 2% in the actual election, which in perspective equates to the dude with a micropenis claiming to his hot first date that he has a footlong in his pants.

**** you Governor.

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