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2016-06-21 04:00 by Karl Denninger
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Just.... wow.

A robbery crew targeted people along the Lakefront Path near Belmont Harbor yesterday afternoon—repeatedly tossing bikes in front of oncoming bicyclists in an effort to knock people down so they could be robbed according to multiple witnesses and one known victim.

I lived in that general area, just a few blocks from the harbor, in fact, in the 1990s.

Indeed, the entire area from Michigan Avenue north to beyond Addison, and west to roughly the freeway, was considered the "green zone."  Oh sure, there was the occasional brawl and similar, but this sort of organized criminal activity was unheard of there.

Yes, there were places you didn't go during those days.  South of the ball park on the Red Line, especially after dark, being one of them.  But the Lakeview area and south near Lakeshore Drive was simply not a problem -- I did, and you could, run on that path, bike, or just walk to any of the myriad restaurants and bars in that vicinity without problem.

Today, not so much.

Why would anyone continue to live in such a ****hole?  Why does anyone put up with the wildings on Michigan Avenue, assaults near North Avenue on the beach, problems at Navy Pier and now, it appears, the inability to ride a bike worth more than $100 on the Lakefront path -- unless you want to be assaulted and robbed.

Time to leave folks, if you're one of the producers, and let the city implode into a writhing mass of dependency, rot, ruin and crime.

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2016-05-28 08:15 by Karl Denninger
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Memorial Day is not for those who have served and are still with us.

It is for those who served and paid with their lives.

The question this weekend for you as you head to the beach, boat or other past-time, usually with beer and/or burger in hand, is whether what they died for is still here in America, or whether you have either actively conspired to destroy it or sat back and watched it happen with nothing more than a nod and a whimper.

Do we really have anything approaching freedom any longer?

Consider that we had something like a dozen candidates for President on the Republican side and two serious contenders on the Democrat.  Not one of them -- literally not one -- had a single word for the fact that there are 50,000 flatly unconstitutional gun laws on the books today.

Nor has one of them said one word about the blatantly-unlawful (and outrageously so) theft, fraud and arguably racketeering known as "health care" in this country that is not only one dollar in five of our "economy" it is also twice, as a percentage of our economy, that of the rest of the industrial world and those systems are almost-all socialist!  Oh, and it's also nearly 40% of our federal budget.

Can you really be "free" when four dollars in ten and doubling every 10 years in our government's spending profile goes to one place, virtually every aspect of it is facially illegal under laws that have existed for more than 100 years and you are one incident or accident away from literal bankruptcy irrespective of your age or wealth (fewer than 1 in 100,000 people is wealthy enough to be able to pay it off and shrug) meaning that in the end your choice is only between death and destitution!  Death comes to us all, but do you really have anything approaching 'freedom' if just prior to it you are robbed of everything you've ever accumulated by private parties and firms with the full consent and assistance of the government?


Yes, I recognize and honor the fallen this weekend, and Monday will fly the flag.  Yes, I will have an adult beverage or two over the weekend in between completing the tune-up and cleaning on a newly-acquired pinball machine.  I do not have immediate family that gave their life in the service of our nation, but I knew people who did, and many of my friends do have family who gave all.

But today, before you start drinking that beer and grilling those burgers, you might want to contemplate just those two above examples.  There are hundreds more where they came from, but those two are more than sufficient to make the point -- and frankly, if you head to the beach or bar without at least speaking out on these issues, say much less organizing your life in boycott and action against same then I question whether you remember, or value, those who gave their lives at all -- or whether for you this weekend is just a drunken boob-and-beer excuse.

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