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If you don't like being called on your own hypocrisy, or "adult language", then stop reading now.

Seriously..... don't read the rest of this entry.

Last warning.




As you know I recently wrote on Saudi Arabia's purported tie to 9/11.  I've written on this before; there is plenty of evidence in public view that Saudi Arabia's leadership at least "tacitly" funded Al Qaeda, and while they may or may not have explicitly funded the 9/11 attacks there is plenty of evidence that people in the royal family influence circle at least knew something bad was going to happen over here and they were involved in the financial aspect of it.

You can't peel off $100 bills to pay for simulator time without having said $100 bills.  There are clear questions about both a home in Sarasota and another one in California that were owned by "well-connected" Saudis that were "magically vacated" right before or after the 9/11 attacks, along with aircraft allowed to depart by the Bush Administration while our airspace was closed after the event.  

Maybe that's an "indirect" connection to 9/11 and maybe it's something more.  The US Government has classified a handful of pages from 9/11 commission report that talk about this, but there's more than enough in public view to be highly suspicious of a connection to the Saudi Government.

Now we have a threat from Saudi Arabia that if the US passes a bill that allows the government to be held financially responsible for funding terrorism here (on our soil) that they'll ditch three quarters of a trillion in US-based assets before a court can seize them.

If you were wondering whether they believe they might be found responsible under open judicial process, which is how you're supposed to determine such things, there's your answer.  They believe they will be held responsible; if they were sure they'd be exonerated because they had nothing to do with it that bill wouldn't bother them, and it clearly does.

If you're not*****ed off beyond words that the Saudis may have funded 9/11, you're not American.  Get off my lawn.

But it's worse, you see, because if you live in Connecticut you funded terrorism against a teenager in your own state.

You may remember that back when a teen girl was stripped of her family association, imprisoned against her will in a hospital and forced to undergo an invasive series of medical procedures (specifically, chemotherapy) I wrote on it and pointed out that the government of Connecticut had essentially taken her as a slave.

Neither she or her family wanted such treatment, and yet because she was 17, not 18, they deemed both her and her family unable to make that decision.  They took her by force and locked her in a facility, forcing her to allow them to inject drugs into her body.

Those of you who think the government owns people in Connecticut got your way.  And you might have been vindicated and been able to say "I told you so" had the treatment worked.  After all, that was the argument, right:

Take this treatment and live .vs. refuse and die, and since refusal means death you have no right to refuse.

That's the core of your argument, is it not?

I'm sure there's plenty of people in this country for which "right to life" extends to situations like this even when the person involved has a functional brain and wishes to refuse.  We can have that debate at another time, however, because now the result of your Nazi-style experimentation on this individual case is in.

The treatment failed; this now-adult person still has cancer.

So here's what you did, each and every Connecticut resident:

You funded terrorism against a young woman, a few months shy of her 18th birthday.  You not only destroyed her family relationships and imprisoned her you also forced medical experimentation on her that she did not believe in and which was against her will, exactly as occurred in prison camps across Nazi Germany.

And finally, since said experiments failed to produce the outcome you justified your position with and this young women still has cancer your act of imprisonment and forced "treatment" via these invasive procedures took place during what is now known to be a material part, indeed, perhaps as much as one quarter to one third, of her remaining life.

In other words you stole a material part of what likely remained of her life and subjected her to outrageous abuse during that period of time, when she could have instead been enjoying all of whatever time remained for her with her family and friends, acting as she decided in an attempt to beat her cancer.

Let me point out, as Captain Obvious, that time is the one commodity you can't buy more of and that when your hourglass of time remaining is near to running out of sand every single grain remaining while you are still able to enjoy life in a reasonably normal fashion has an exponentially-higher amount of value to you.

The state of Connecticut, funded by every Connecticut resident, didn't just steal "some" of those grains of sand.  Each and every Connecticut resident funded the theft of some of the most-valuable grains this woman had and which she can never recover.

If you live in Connecticut and knew of this you are ****ing hideous, outrageous, viperous monsters.

Each and every one of you.

You refused to rise and demand this be stopped.

What's worse is that you didn't just sit by and watch it happen you actually paid for it since you fund said government!

That makes you exactly identical to the Wahabists over in Saudi Arabia who, it appears, paid for what turned into 9/11.

The people of this country and especially Connecticut residents have no leg to stand on nor any right to be outraged or take any action regarding someone else funding terrorism against any number of persons, one or greater, so long as your intentional conduct and funding of that terrorism toward Cassandra Callender stands.

It's that simple.

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