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There's an interesting op-ed on Fox News...

I ask all Americans to picture the following scenario:

Al Qaeda builds cells in Mexico and takes control of the Coahuila region which borders Texas. The United States closes border crossings to prevent Al Qaeda from its stated goal: smuggling weapons to use to destroy America. Significant international pressure mounts to re-open the border crossings and the United States permits humanitarian aid to pass through while looking out for any terror-related materials. America monitors the Gulf of Mexico to insure that weapons would not arrive in Coahuila via the sea.

Despite these efforts, weapons flow from Guatemala to Mexico, enabling the terrorists to send them to Coahuila with ease. U.S. intelligence is aware of the stockpiles of missiles in Coahuila, but the missiles are stored in very dense residential areas and any attempt to destroy them could lead to significant civilian casualties. The citizens along the southern border of Texas are advised that a threat exists and are given instructions in case of an attack. But all assumptions were that Al Qaeda would not have the nerve to attack.

And then it happens. A missile is shot from Piedras Negras, Mexico, to Eagle Pass, Texas.  The 5-mile distance means that the 30,000 residents of Eagle Pass have only seconds to find shelter. Air raid sirens blare at 8:00 a.m. as the children in the 15 Eagle Pass elementary schools, two junior high schools, and two high schools are riding their bikes and walking into their school buildings.

Sound scary?

Welcome to Israel.

But "Al Qaeda" is "Hamas,”  "Coahuila" is "Gaza," and "Eagle Pass" is the Israeli town of "Sderot."

Given the deep commitment of the American government to the security of its citizens, America would, no doubt, react with force. The residents of Piedras Negras would be warned to evacuate and the U.S.  Air Force would fire at any area possibly housing the missiles and their launchers. And I have no doubt that the U.S.  would go after other potential threats, including  the stockpile of missiles in Ciudad Acuna, which threatens Del Rio, Texas, a mere 6 miles away.  This would be done despite the fact that the terrorists surround their missiles with innocent women and children as human shields. 

Oh really?

We'd bomb Mexico and then invade?


I think you give us too much credit.

You see, it was about 13 years ago that a bunch of Saudi-linked people came into this country under false pretense.  They then hijacked a number of airliners and used them as bombs, murdering 3,000 Americans, most of them innocent civilians.

To this day the US Government has blacked out and considered classified what is known about where they came from and who funded them.  We know good and damn well exactly what happened and who was behind it, including how that attack was funded and who assisted with the logistics, but the report on that act of terror redacted those portions and to this day, more than 10 years later, we not only haven't taken retributive action for that act of war (not terrorism) against the responsible parties (an act far greater than Hamas has inflicted on Israel!) we haven't even taken economic action against the responsible nation-state either!

So before you tell us that we should hold Israel to the "same" standard you might want to consider exactly how pussified this nation has become, and what this nation's people tolerate -- because under that standard Israel gets no quarter for what they're doing at all.  You see, our standard, as defined by what happened on 9/11 and then what didn't happen to the people to whom that attack was conclusively linked is rather different than the scenario you laid out in your OpEd.

I didn't say I agreed with that inaction and intentional obfuscation by our government, by the way. I was pretty damn sure where the trail led after 9/11 in short order and my view of the best and proper response was and is pretty much the same as yours: "Drop that ****er -- twice." (credit Crimson Tide)

Incidentally that nation (Mexico) you named in your scenario?  It has sent somewhere around 11 million illegal invaders into our nation and we not only refuse to deport them we also haven't acted against that country -- indeed, we have allowed our corporations to offshore operations there and granted them special trade status in exchange for their citizens illegally invading our land!

And no, I don't support that either.

But I'm in the tiny minority in this nation among our people, and the proof thereof is that neither Democrat or Republican administration has been forced to release said documentation or do anything about the source of those attacks 13 years after the fact.  Indeed, we still sell them weapons!

You're barking up the wrong tree dude; what we once had in this country with regard to our view of acts of war against our nation and her people on December 7th, 1941 is no longer here, and those who claim otherwise (such as that Boehner) are lying sacks of crap.  

Trust them at your risk -- I sure as hell don't and I live here, not there!

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One week in, this is what we appear to know.  

Please keep in mind that falsification of various records and items, including so-called "photographic evidence", is relatively common.  If you do not have an original digital image it can also be very difficult to detect -- but is usually not impossible.  I have caught a number of faked -- and false claims made from real -- images over the years on The Ticker, including the infamous one of a so-called "camera" over the shoulder of a man that was fired upon by a US Helicopter -- and which, upon closer examination, certainly looked like a RPG and not any camera I've ever seen.  Remember this?


That was "Wikileaks" with a claim that we had fired on an "unarmed" set of dudes.  On examination of their video, however, the above was quite clear.  If you display that to me and I'm in a chopper I'm going to shoot you because that sure looks like an RPG, it's being handled like an RPG, and the sort of picture you're going to take of me with it is the type that makes me explode.  So with that out of the way, let's go down the bullet list....

  • MH17 appears to have been shot down by a surface-to-air missile.  The flight was operating at an altitude beyond the range of small, shoulder-fired weapons -- that much is known from public data.  Therefore, if it was hit by a missile the weapon had to be a relatively-sophisticated SAM weapon such as the SA-11.

  • Both the Ukraine and the "rebels" have or had SA-11 variants.  But the Ukraine military allegedly has none that are known in the area where the shot had to come from, simply on the distance from the target that is possible for such a weapon. This does not make it impossible that the Ukraine military fired, but it is highly unlikely.

  • A Ukraine military transport was downed a few days earlier by the separatists, presumably using the same weapon (and maybe literally the same launcher) as it too was flying above the range of shoulder-fired missiles.  This much we know as the separatists took credit for it and have not backed away from that claim.
  • The sky was quite clear at the time of the incident from public footage of the impact itself.  This strongly implies that multiple nations and certainly the US should have satellite footage of the incident.  If such a smoking gun does exist, however, it also almost-certainly came from a classified device (e.g. a spy satellite.)  The assumption has to be made that within the organs of the major nations involved they know, factually, exactly where the missile came from geographically.  Missiles leave a big trail of fire and (for solid-fuel ones) smoke, never mind the explosion on impact.

  • There are multiple reports of a BUK (SA-11) missile battery crossing back into Russia missing either one or two missiles.  There is what facially appears to be solid photographic evidence of said launcher missing said missiles.  There is enough background in such images that their actual location ought to be able to be determined with a high degree of confidence, as well as whether or not the image of the launcher has been tampered with.

  • Ukraine (the nation) does not have control over the territory on which the plane fell, the separatists do.  Therefore any claim that Ukraine's government "must allow {blah-blah-blah}" is nonsense and any nation or other organ speaking such needs to have a boot put up their ass as they are dissembing; the crash site evidence is not under the Ukranian government's control.

  • Those who have control over the crash site either directly or by proxy are the ones who must allow unfettered and unmolested access to it.  They have already failed to do so and further, have tampered with the site (rather than simply securing it.)  This is it not conjecture, it is fact as video evidence of said tampering is all over the world at this point.

  • There are reports that the ATC recordings (and presumably radar tracks as well) have been confiscated by the Ukraine government.  Is this true and if so why, where are they, and how do we know they've been forensically secured and not tampered with?

  • Irrespective of who fired and why (it's nearly-certain that whoever fired the missile they thought they were shooting at a military aircraft and not an airliner) the question remains why the airspace in the vicinity of the known presence of these missiles, especially after one was used to down a military transport, was considered open to civilian transit.  That's ****ing idiotic and the entire International community including the ICAO bears full responsibility for not issuing a strong warning to avoid transit of airspace known to be subject to the use of SAM batteries in a conflict.  The ICAO has tried to duck responsibility claiming it belongs solely to the various nations involved.  Bull****; to remain silent in the face of a known serious hazard is called negligence.  Ask GM how this is working out for them if you need an education on that principle.  It is a fact that misidentification of things flying around does happen, and it is also a fact that a civilian airliner has little to no defense against a SAM battery that is locked onto it; it is a sitting duck.

  • If you wish to argue that the Ukranian government shot this plane down then you are arguing that they did so intentionally since the separatists have had no air assets up in the sky that the government would be legitimately targeting -- in other words, it could not have been hit by mistake.  In effect you're arguing that the government took the plane down as a "false flag" operation and intentionally murdered nearly 300 people.  You better have some damn good evidence to back that one up.

If the weapon system in question was removed to Russia then Putin owns this shoot-down -- period.  That missile system could not cross the border without Russian consent; irrespective of what happened before by allowing it into his territory in an attempt to frustrate investigation he took responsibility for its use.

We'll see how this continues to develop, but this much is certain -- the so-called International Community pays exactly zero attention to closing airspace to civilian flights where it is known that unstable individuals and groups have access to and the knowledge to use highly-effective military weaponry capable of downing civilian aircraft at cruise altitudes.

In this case that hazard did not even quality as a "best guess"; it was a known fact given the very recent downing of a transport with what appears to have been same weapon system.

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The hypocrisy meter is off the scale with this clown.

After the collapse of the regime and the introduction of representative government, the tables were turned on the Sunnis and the Shia. The Shia, who were poorly treated under Saddam Hussein, were easily able to dominate the new, constitutionally-elected Iraqi government.

So we respect the constitutionally-elected government and will of the people, right?


The time is now to put pressure on the Iraqi government to change. Maliki must go. A change in Iraq’s government is our only hope.

Write a Constitution, live to it, and then when we don't like the outcome we'll dictate to you what has to happen anyway.


This is exactly what is wrong with America -- and our government.

We have no right to interfere with a lawfully-elected government.  We can preach and we can set an example, but that's it.

And as for setting an example Mike you could start by respecting the rule of law and demanding that we do it here.  You know, perhaps when it comes to things like our President and Congress in regard to, oh, the border, the 4th Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, you know, those little things?

Yeah, that.

But -- that's not going to happen, is it Mike?

As for Iraq, leave 'em alone.  We thought we were smarter than them more than once -- first with Saddam who was our "Best Buddy" that wound up with us invading their nation twice (after standing him up as our puppet in the first place!) and now you wish to do it again.


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I mean, really now?

President Obama's call back in 2009 for a "new beginning" between America and the Muslim world -- a relationship defined over the prior decade by 9/11 and the Iraq war -- has descended into a foreign policy sandstorm that has left Washington dizzied by ever-changing powerbrokers, and its closest ally in the region more isolated and threatened. 

The deadly conflict between Hamas and Israel, which is intensifying and widening by the day, is just the latest symptom of the Middle East mess. 

Israel has created its own mess.

Nobody should tolerate terrorism.  But what is it when you forcibly remove people from their land and build "settlements" on it, then make them into armed enclaves that prohibit passage through and around them?

How is that not terrorism?

Does terrorism justify more terrorism?  No, but it does explain it.

There is no "right" in what's going on over there.  We made this mess after WWII with our allies, but after more than 60 years it's time for us to admit that the governments and people involved are allegedly adults and not only capable but responsible to deal with it on their own terms -- and without our money or weapons being poured into one side of it.

The same is true over in Egypt, Syria and elsewhere.  Yeah, ISIS has "declared" a Caliphate.  Fine.  Let them try to enforce it.  So long as they don't try to come into our country let them shoot each other if they so choose.  Just don't give them the guns or bullets to do it with.

Make clear that there's one ground rule: You blow up or harm an American not on your soil, or bring one bit of your bullcrap into this country, and we will deploy our military with the following single rule of engagement: If it moves then shoot it until it doesn't.

Make damn sure that CAIR and all of the other "peaceful" organizations understand this quite-clearly as well: When we said no funds, which are fungible with weapons, we meant it -- and we will enforce that policy using the full force of law.  If you don't like that then pack your crap up and leave.

You want to speak, that's fine.  We have a First Amendment and we respect it.  But when it comes to passing money around we understand it's fungible and you do too, and we're not dumb enough to fall for your crap about it all being "humanitarian."

There's a basic rule one should follow when those who are sworn enemies of your principles and form of government are attempting to kill one another:  LET THEM.

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