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I put forth as my evidence the following:

"Will we soon see a new sort of grade inflation, with students earning a 4.0 GPA with their firepower rather than brainpower?" Gullion wrote.

Gullion recounted being intimidated by one student angry about her grade, and said knowing that angry students might be armed and could "resort to any means necessary" to keep their grades up could prompt professors to hand out easy As.

"Allowing students to carry weapons to class strips off a layer of safety," she wrote. "Students are often emotional and can be volatile when it comes to their GPAs," she wrote. "Who would want to give a student a low grade and then get shot for it?"

One of the primary components of being a Professor is the ability to reason and use logic.

Gullion has failed this test, publicly.  Any person not a felon may openly purchase a firearm, and anyone who wants one can obtain one (witness all the gangbangers who have no problem getting guns despite being felons.)  The entire point of a weapon being concealed is that you cannot see it.

Therefore, anyone willing to commit felony armed assault has been able to do that irrespective of any "law."

It is axiomatic that laws only deter people who are willing to obey them.  The act of assaulting someone with a firearm to obtain a better grade is by definition a felonious act; ergo, such a person is not willing to obey the law.

This "professor" has thus demonstrated that Texas Woman's University degrees have zero value and those presenting such credentials are incapable of reasoning since the ability to reason and use logic is not a criteria to which the university holds its putative "professors", and while she is entitled to her opinion her inability to use logic is presumed to carry forward to her in-class behavior and the standards to which she holds her students.

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