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I find it utterly disgusting that people have to be personally cornholed before they will stand up and take a position to do the right thing.

Lisa Mason had taken out close to $100,000 in student loans in order to pay for nursing school, and was making payments on the debt when she died. Steve Mason said he and his wife, who had co-signed the loans, were contacted immediately after his daughter’s death and were told they must start making payments.

Yes, that's what a co-signer is.  But you forgot this, didn't you?

Mason said he believes private student loans should be regulated the same as federal student loans, and should be able to be forgiven if the borrower dies. He also said he believes student loans should be able to be discharged in bankruptcy, like other types of debt.

That used to be the case.

How old are you?  You were adults and were voting when this policy was changed, and student loans became unable to be discharged, effectively elevating them to the same status as child support.

You did nothing about it at the time, even though it is this super-status, along with all the government programs in the first place for "free money" that have led to the utterly unaffordable college situation students face today.

In other words, you're one of the reasons it happened, and now you're*****ed only because it bit you, personally, in the ass.

Screwing your kid wasn't enough to get you mad; you had to get personally screwed.

May Lisa rest in peace, but as for you -- well, you, Steve and Darnelle, you deserve it because you voted for it and silently sat for the imposition of the very policies that now have been turned against you.

You can't complain about what you tacitly or even explicitly approved!

PS: To everyone else -- don't co-sign loans.  Period.

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It just never ends.

School districts have kept "lunch money" accounts for quite some time, trying their level-best to avoid taking cash (which is what I always used to pay with and you probably did too.)

But this sort of crap is extremely offensive -- MySchoolBucks is a service of Heartland, which is a part of Wells Fargo.

It would be ok for them to outsource this thing, except for this little problem:

There is a 4.5% program fee for each transaction.

Yeah, that's more than double the discount rate on a credit card transaction -- that is, a 100% mark-up.

And it's even a worse mark-up for transactions on debit cards (which are cheaper than credit cards -- by a lot) and/or ACH transactions.

I might add that for transactions coming from Wells Fargo bank and debit accounts, which cost them exactly nothing, it is all profit.

You don't get screwed hard enough with property taxes, you see, -- now your School Board screws you in the ass when your kid eats their carb-loaded lunches as well all so a bank can pilfer even more from you.

Here's something to teach your kids this new school year: What's printed on your currency.  This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.  

Once they've gone through the lunch line and have a plate of food, they have a debt.  Have them whip out the Washingtons and pay it; if the school refuses to take cash the food is free; once you've been offered legal tender in satisfaction of a debt if you refuse to accept it that debt is extinguished.

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Sorry folks, but a degree from this "University" just was devalued to zero:

Especially shocking is the language about “equity” in the distribution of grades. Professors, instead of just awarding the grade that each student earns, would apparently have to adjust them so that academically weaker, “historically underrepresented racial/ethnic” students perform at the same level and receive the same grades as academically stronger students.

Got it?

It no longer matters if you earn a grade if you're a member of a "protected class."

Therefore there is no option (since one cannot legally blackball minority graduates from UW-Madison who would receive such "unearned" grades) but to blackball ALL UW-Madison graduates.

Congratulations UW-Madison -- you just made your "degree" worth zero since it is no longer possible to rely on your granted credential as an actual indication of knowledge of the material.

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