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Well well look what the cat dragged in this morning....

Fox News has obtained a copy of a letter dated Dec. 13, 2012, that was sent from then-House Oversight Committee chair Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., to Cabinet secretaries, including Clinton, inquiring about their email habits. The committee was conducting an investigation into how the Obama administration handled the use of personal email by its officials.

So the Obama administration strategy continues -- ignore letters and inquiries, and even subpoenas (Lois Lerner anyone?) in the hope that it will all blow over.

The reason this is used as a strategy is that it generally will because the Republicans -- and the people -- voluntarily de-balled themselves a decade or two ago and thus instead of drumming those politicians who pull this crap out of office (as happened with Nixon) they instead get away with it.

Now here's the problem for the Democrats: Hillary is running for President.

Here's the next big problem with Hillary claiming that she turned over "all relevant emails" to Congress: If she's lying, and I bet she is, the person she either sent or received such an email to or from almost certainly has a copy too.

It only takes one of those people to be in possession of something particularly juicy that would like to see her lose.  They then wait for the appropriate, soft-underbelly-exposed moment and ram that email right up her chute.

That's going to happen folks -- bet on it -- and it is why the Democrats would be out of their minds to nominate her for President, irrespective of whatever other calculation they're making.

If any such email exists it is flat-out radioactive and the other party to the conversation has it.

PS: If you're one of "those people" don't go in any hottubs or fly in any private planes.  Or, for that matter, don't go walking around Foggy Bottom late at night or you might shoot yourself in the head -- twice.

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