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Let's talk about taxes for a minute.

All of these are from Hillary's own words (either verbally or in writing from her campaign) - and remember, Hillary has stated she will not tax "the middle class" (and, presumably, the working poor or less-well off.)

She's lying.

  • Payroll tax increase.  Hillary has explicitly said she would not veto such a hike.  Let me remind you that the Payroll tax hits everyone from the first dollar of earned income and is not deductible or offsettable, ever.  In addition because people in the lower and middle economic classes have a lower percentage of disposable income (after mandatory expenses) payroll taxes hit them extremely hard vis-a-vis income tax which is subject to bracketing and deductions.  The "payroll tax", in case you're unaware, is comprised of Social Security and Medicare.  This statement came during the primary campaign during a debate with Sanders and since Hillary has explicitly refused to do anything about medical providers and their monopolies payroll taxes will have to rise by over $500 billion within the next four years to prevent ruinous deficits.  In other words under a Hillary administration this tax is coming like in an inbound ICBM!

  • Soda tax increases.  Hillary has formally endorsed a soda tax in Pennsylvania.  Note that working class and poor people buy more soda, per-capita, than rich people.  In other words she supports, directly, raising taxes on poor people.  (Yes, I realize soda purchases are all discretionary; the point still stands.)

  • Gun taxes.  Hillary has not only called for a 25% tax on firearms she also has supported a doubling of the existing federal excise tax.  Yes, there's an existing tax on guns (at the federal level.)  I'm willing to bet she also would support a federal tax increase on ammunition.  Let me point that since most felons don't go to the range (ever) and get their guns from illegal sources (e.g. theft) neither of these would a thing to suppress criminal use of firearms, but both would have severe consequences for poorer people who wish to acquire and maintain proficiency with a firearm to protect themselves from said criminals, and these are the people who most need access to firearms for self-defense simply because their economic circumstances force them to live in higher-crime areas.

  • Death tax.  Hillary herself arranged her finances (as rich people can do) to evade any death taxes, but she wishes to impose one as high as 65% on everyone else.  Of course those who are not wealthy cannot afford the financial and legal advice to shield themselves from the impact of this.  While it is true that current policy has a large exemption (which means most middle-class people have no fear of being hit by this) there is no guarantee that such an exemption will not be reduced or even eliminated.

  • Capital gains.  Hillary wants to roughly double the capital gains tax rate on long-term gains by effectively eliminating that.  Yet it is precisely long term capital gains that power the economy through business investment, both directly and indirectly.  My firm and all the people it employed, along with all the taxes that were paid during its time under my control would not have been started under Hillary's capital gains tax regime.  Period.  To put numbers on this that's millions of tax revenue and millions of earned income for those employees that would not have occurred -- at all.

  • Corporate taxes would go up, not down.  Including, I remind you, for small business.  Most economic growth comes from small business -- either LLCs or Sub-S corporations.  Hillary intends to raise taxes on those firms, not lower them, and most small-businesses (in fact, essentially all of them) are middle-class taxpayers.

  • Personal income taxes will not go down for anyone.  If you like shooting yourself in the head because someone else might get "more" tax relief than you, go ahead.  Most of us recognize that it is stupid to literally commit suicide because someone else got something you did not, or got more than you did.

  • Carbon tax.  A carbon tax is the worst of all taxes when it comes regressive tax additions because non-discretionary purchases of food and energy are a much higher proportion of a poor-person's income compared against a rich person.  Poor people spend several timesas a percentage of their income, on energy as do rich people and roughly double as much on food eaten at home.  Food production is quite carbon-intensive and will never be otherwise; as such carbon taxes will raise the cost of food materially.  Carbon taxes will decimate the poor and middle class; the rich will laugh at them since their spending on these goods and services are a non-material percentage of their income.  Note that a carbon tax is an explicit part of the Democrat Party's platform.


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2016-10-11 10:31 by Karl Denninger
in Politics , 591 references

... to vote for someone who is known within her own campaign, and is admitted, to hate everyday Americans.

Half the country will vote for someone who hates them?  Really?

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Why the Friday evening release of the infamous "Trump tape" -- a poor time in the news cycle?

Because Crooked Hillary definitely did not want you to pay attention to the transcripts from her paid private speeches.

In them she said:

  • "You have to have a public position and a private position on policy."  In other words: Lie to the voters, deliver for those who give you money.

  • Her "dream" was a "hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders."  Immigration reform eh?  Her version of it is to simply remove the borders entirely, despite the fact that this would allow unbridled access to not only criminals but terrorists as well. Remember this, in the context of the above -- lie to the voters, deliver to those who give you money.

  • She admits she has sold herself to Goldman Sachs, saying that the "needs" their support to win.

  • Oh, and if that's not enough, she also routinely imposed on anyone who paid her to speak a requirement to hire a stenographer for her records but not to keep any copy for themselves.

  • Finally, let's not forget Chelsea Clinton's statement about "marijuana kills people" -- while Clinton has said publicly she supports states choosing whether to legalize pot.  What does Clinton really believe when it comes to state choice on this matter?  Given the above it appears that Chelsea mis-spoke all right -- she told the truth, where her mother would actually send in the troops to states where legalization has occurred and arrest everyone there under existing Federal law.  I note that as head of the Executive Hillary could do this on her own -- without Congressional approval.

But it gets better.  There is also contained within those emails from Podesta what appears to be a bald-faced violation of the law in that there appears to be documentary evidence of the Clinton Campaign coordinating with a supporting SuperPAC, an act that is flat-out, black-letter illegal and ought to lead to an immediate pair of handcuffs going on both Hillary's and Podesta's wrists.

Naw, laws are just for the little people, right -- just like the public positions Hillary espouses but are not what she actually intends to do.




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Look folks, I've said some pretty raunchy things from time to time.

Lots of them, in fact.

It is this very reason, primarily, why I'll never run for public office.  Do you really think I want a rectal exam for two years straight before getting the job?  **** that.

But let's be straight here, ok?  If you want to give Trump **** for being a man and saying things that men say from time to time, can I ask what particular brand of stinky cigars Hillary likes?

You know, that didn't just make news.  It actually managed to make one of the callouts in a popular pinball machine and thus will be forever ensconced in American history, and incidentally I happen to own that machine (Revenge from Mars, Williams.)

Since we're talking about things that were said and done roughly 10 years ago in Trump's case, this also fits for the same reason -- it's (roughly) from the same timeframe when it comes to the Clintons.

Yes, the stinky cigar meme became so infamous -- Bill Clinton liked to diddle interns with a cigar (and then, presumably, he smoked them) -- that it, and Hillary's enabling of same, managed to make its way into the folklore of an arcade game!

So cut the crap, eh?  Front page news?  Give me a break.  What one says is nowhere near the gravity of what one does.  And when it comes to does, Hillary takes the cake.  If you care about women then you cannot support or vote for someone who has enabled throughout her entire adult life and career repeated, blatant and outrageous exploitation of women and covered for the person doing it, her husband, until a cum-stained blue dress literally turned up in an inappropriate place and she could no longer deny the blowjobs (and more) her husband had received under the Oval Orifice desk.  Even worse, to this very day she has not only continued to remain with said cad she has continued to support and defend him, claiming that the attacks are all a "vast right-wing conspiracy" despite further evidence of sexual exploitation that is far worse in both form and character coming to light -- Bill's association with Mr. Epstein anyone?

The double standard on display here among the political cognoscenti, the press and a large percentage of the population is outrageous.  Let me remind you while Bill Clinton is not running for office Hillary is.  To restate the above, just for emphasis:  Hillary Clinton has, through her entire political and professional life, made a practice out of destroying women who were victims of sexual harassment, assault and abuse of power.  The public record of this began with her chortling about the 41 year old rapist of a 12yo girl she got off; a woman who has now come forward.  The court record shows that she argued the victim "sought out older men."  It continued during Bill's time in government when Hillary repeatedly sought to destroy any woman who accused her husband of sexual offenses, some of which were later conclusively proved.  She even went for the term "bimbo eruptions", painting the victims of sexual predation as "bimbos" and arguing that their accusations were fantasy cooked up by some "vast right-wing conspiracy."  This continued right up until a blue cum-stained dress showed up with Bill Clinton's semen on it shortly after Bill had finished pounding the lectern infamously saying "I... did.... not... have... sex... with... that... woman."

Hillary's complicity and active involvement in the outrageous abuse of women didn't end with Bill's departure from the White House either -- no, it continued well after that including Bill's 26 flights on convicted pedophile Epstein's plane nicknamed "Lolita Express" with some of those flights being taken while Bill had dismissed his Secret Service detail.  I remind you that the plane manifests on some of those flights had only initials or first names such as "Tatiana" and the plane was outfitted with a bed that was allegedly used for screwing.

Hillary has done exactly nothing about any of this and in fact still considers any woman who dares complain about Bill's sexual "advances" (forced or not!) part of a vast right-wing conspiracy.

**** you Hillary and anyone who supports her.

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