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Read this folks:

The New York Times' article published Saturday with the headline "Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private" begins with an anecdote from a woman named Rowanne Brewer Lane, who as a 26-year-old model was asked by the businessman to put on a swimsuit during their first meeting at a Mar-a-Lago pool party.


"They spun it to where it appeared negative. I did not have a negative experience with Donald Trump, and I don't appreciate them making it look like that I was saying that it was a negative experience because it was not," Brewer Lane said.

The article makes quite-clear that this woman, at least, who did date Donald Trump, didn't believe there was anything negative about her time with him -- including that pool party.

So-called "newspapers" have a place for opinion pieces, which is the OpEd page.  But when you put something out there as news it's supposed to be actual reporting, and what someone tells you is supposed to be factually represented.

Rowanne Brewer Lane asserts it was not, and she ought to know since she was the woman cited.

This isn't about a hit piece on Trump, of which there have been many.  It is really about the fact that the NY Times has now exposed itself as nothing other than a lying rag which one cannot trust to print the correct day of the week, say much less anything else.

Therefore, absolutely nothing that bird-cage liner prints ever again can be trusted as factual and neither can anything it has printed in the past.

It's that simple.

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First, from the right:

So far in this campaign season, Americans have heard about building a wall on the Southern border, banning Muslims from America, changing foreign policy strategy in the Middle East, stopping illegal immigration—and how big Donald Trump’s hands are. Yet they haven’t heard much serious discussion about meaningful entitlement reform. It may not bet be the most exciting topic, but it’s on a short list of the most important.

The United States spent $888 billion on Social Security and $546 billion on Medicare in 2015. Health-care costs are skyrocketing. We’re seeing double-digit insurance-premium hikes, with the expectation that they will only get worse unless we seriously overhaul the Affordable Care Act.

That's a lie; it's far worse.

In 2015 (Fiscal Year) the Federal Government spent 1,297 billion, or more than double the cited amount above, on Medicare and Medicaid.  I remind you that while there is an offsetting tax receipt for Medicare there is no such thing for Medicaid; it is a pure entitlement.

Further, Social Security, as I have pointed out repeatedly, is not insolvent, except in one place -- disability, which is ridden through with fraud.  Indeed, to prevent the disability fund's collapse Congress has raided the retirement fund repeatedly.  This practice must be stopped, and perhaps retirement ages for those under 40 today raised slightly, but the changes required there are modest.

This is not true for the medical side.

But what does Fox continue with?

Even so, one thing that’s clear about ObamaCare: repeal is a dead letter, and it should be. The program is in place now, and our task should be how to make it work better. GOP presidential candidate John Kasich has been honest enough to acknowledge this. Over 20 million Americans are now insured because of ObamaCare—that’s a real achievement, but it’s one that we could make more cost-effective. How? For starters, by allowing the purchase of health insurance across state lines, which would dramatically cut costs for millions of Americans. We should also consider insurance subsidies with fixed credits that Americans can use as they see fit—whether on insurance premiums or health services.

None of that will do one damn thing to address the issue -- and this is from the so-called "fiscal conservative" side of the aisle, at least in theory.  Ok, ok, the guy who wrote it worked for Clinton.  And?  Fox published it and I note that none of the Republican party hacks, including Paul Ryan and other establishment folks, nor for that matter Trump to this point have come forward with anything that will actually address the problem in any sort of detail.

How about from the left?

But as she tries to clinch the nomination, Mrs. Clinton is moving to the left on health care and this week took a significant step in her opponent’s direction, suggesting she would like to give people the option to buy into Medicare.

“I’m also in favor of what’s called the public option, so that people can buy into Medicare at a certain age,” Mrs. Clinton said on Monday at a campaign event in Virginia.

Which does exactly nothing either.

The solution is both obvious and possible: Break the medical monopolies.  All of them, using existing US anti-trust law.  Jail executives, doctors and administrators that engage in practices that are facially in violation of existing US federal and state consumer-protection laws.  That would be virtually all of said doctors, pharmaceutical company executives and hospital administrators, by the way.

If the Federal government won't act there is nothing prohibiting Governors from doing so; they, as the head of the executive in the several states, could start issuing indictments under consumer protection laws that prohibit gouging, discriminatory pricing, delivering goods and services without a quote or exceeding quoted prices and similar, none of which contain a statutory exception for health care that I have been able to find.

After the first handful of indictments are handed up all of this crap will stop immediately, as exactly zero of these people are willing to go to prison.

That will collapse the cost of care, including drugs, in a dramatic fashion.

Best estimates are that on a blended basis the cost of care would plummet by as much as 80-85%!

Yet exactly nobody in the political environment, left, right, Trump, Hillary, Sanders or for that matter any of the third party candidates is advancing this position.  Exactly zero sitting Congresspeople are advocating it.  Exactly zero mainstream media outlets are debating it.

And a number statistically identical to zero of the citizens of this nation, who make possible the very existence of all of the above, are demanding same and willing to back that demand with a cessation of work and mass-protests until it occurs.

Yet if this is not done it is an arithmetical certainty that we will attempt to spend nearly all of the Federal Budget on Medicare and Medicaid within 10 years.  This will never happen because it can't, and long before then (likely around the 50% ratio which will breach in about five years at present rates) the federal government's funding model and thus the political system will collapse. Obviously, what collapses at the same time is the economy and probably the reasonably-peaceful social order of the nation.

We must stop this now yet exactly nobody is talking about it, say much less demanding that it happen and taking steps to see that it does.

I've been warning of this eventual outcome for a literal 20+ years and putting an expected timeline on it via these pages since 2008.  Sadly, that timeline has been tracking almost-exactly as predicted as despite the introduction of Obamacare it has only amounted to forced participation in an economic extraction and extortion scheme guaranteed to collapse not only itself but also the government and economy in general.

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2016-05-03 18:31 by Karl Denninger
in Politics , 340 references

You ran a sleaze-filled campaign from the start, beginning with your outright fraudulent (knowingly so) claims about Ben Carson dropping out.

You followed it up by playing a page from Kim Jung-Un's book, literally, taking delegates you were not entitled to both through games in some states (which made late changes to the rules) and in the post-election delegate selection process itself.  "Legal" under the letter of the law, perhaps, but the mark of a tyrant.

And then you added a woman who has destroyed tens of thousands of American jobs, was heavily involved in bankrupting one iconic US firm (Lucent) and damn near destroyed a second (HP) as your VP "choice."

All the while your own father claimed you were "chosen by God" ("anointed") to be President -- a claim you never refuted, nor did you ever refute the words of multiple preachers with whom you were directly affiliated and appeared with on stage that have repeatedly argued for homosexuality to be rendered a felony and, in at least one case, for said persons to have meted out to them a biblical-style punishment (that is, to be murdered.)

But tonight, Ted, you're done.

You have lost decisively.

Donald Trump, like him, hate him or think he's the antichrist, not only beat you he tattoed you, gathering not just a plurality but a majority of the vote if the early results hold, exactly as he did in every contest on the East Coast just a couple of weeks ago.

It's over Ted. Religious zealotry is not limited to Islam, although it's far more-prevalent there than in Christianity.  You thought you could get away with it Ted, you, your father and your pals.  But it didn't work:  You have been recognized by the people as a vicious snake.

You can either go peacefully or screaming like a petulant child, but you're going.  You can either continue your destructive, puerile and tyrannical screech-fest and in doing so risk destroying the party you ran under with what will be nothing more than an unremitting series of temper tantrums and shenanigans, or you can call for the party to come together and coalesce behind the man who is going to win the nomination, slithering off into the night.

That's the choice before you this evening Ted.

Make a wise decision.

Not for the Party, for after tolerating your crap in this campaign without a word the Republican Party deserves to be destroyed.

No, for your own naked ambition.  For your own Senate seat two years hence, assuming you can produce a CRBA or some other form of documentation that you didn't gain said seat by fraud in the first place.  For a renewed shot at, assuming said documentation exists, the nomination either four or eight years hence -- that is, if you can make a few wiser decisions and the American people forget how much of a vicious snake you are.

The latter I'm sure will happen, because Boobus Americanus is well-understood by you.

The former?

I won't take that bet.

Update: It appears naked ambition wins, and Cruz is leaving the race.  It's about damn time.

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2016-05-03 11:26 by Karl Denninger
in Politics , 306 references

There's a decent chance that today marks the last day Ted Cruz has any claim to being serious in his attempt at the Republican nomination for President.

It would appear that a number of his tactics, which I remind you he telegraphed very early in the race with his campaign's sleaze aimed at Ben Carson, are finally resonating with Republican voters.

The delegate-stealing that has taken place across the country in various states is the sort of optic you never want to present as a politician, despite the fact that nearly all politicians will win by any means they can.  Deliberately ignoring votes is the mark of a King -- or tyrant -- and evokes images of such luminaries as Kim Jung-Un, Mao and similar.  How anyone in their right mind could reasonably conclude that such a tactic would not backfire in the United States is beyond me, but apparently Cruz believed exactly that, because it has been the hallmark of his campaign since the beginning.

Then there's the Fiorina pick for VP, which frankly boggles my mind.  This woman has a record of destroying tens of thousands of American jobs, being largely responsible for the gross abuse of leverage that destroyed Lucent in its entirety as a firm, nearly destroying HP and not holding a single executive-level job since.  The only person who was enriched by her tenure at those two firms was Fiorina herself; putting her on the ticket was tantamount to declaring that you intend to personally loot the Treasury of the United States!  The only argument I can see for her on the ticket is a puerile attempt to play the woman card.

The voters of this nation are often described as ignorant, asleep or even stupid but there comes a point at which being financially raped gets your attention, and it appears Cruz has crossed that threshold.

We shall see when the returns come in this evening from Indiana.

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Cruz is at it again.

In two states over the weekend Cruz's "ground game" steamrolled state conventions following losses in those state primaries, putting overwhelming majorities of delegates on the state slate that support Ted.  In Arizona, for example, Cruz lost by roughly half compared to Trump; 47% to 25% (Kascish got 10% and the rest went to candidates who have dropped out.)

How does a political party manage to justify a delegate split that doesn't look like 47-25-10, roughly?  Oh sure, such a result might be "legal" under the rules of the party, and further on the first ballot the delegates are all "required" to vote as pledged, but that's not the point of the exercise and Cruz knows it.

The same thing happened in Virginia.

To top it all off we have columns like this from Townhall:

Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina are a gift from God to America—perhaps our last chance to fully restore the gift of liberty He so graciously provided at our nation's founding.

A gift from God?

Oh really?  May I remind you of the record Fiorina actually has when it comes to economics -- specifically, jobs?  She destroyed Bell Labs and Lucent with aggressive lending practices she was neck-deep in as a sales leader, including to Winstar Communications, a company that went bankrupt in what was (up until MCI blew up) one of the largest bankruptcies in corporate history.  Of course by then she was gone and it was that ridiculously-unwise financing that literally blew up the firm, destroying its jobs and leaving the literal matchsticks that remained to be sold off to Alcatel for pennies.

Then she went to HP where she fired 30,000 people with most of those jobs going to China.  HP escape destruction but its stock was cut by more than half and while she claims "revenue expanded" during her tenure she bought it rather than growing it -- and by the head-count and equity price she failed to capitalize on those transactions.  In short Fiorina is the worst possible person who you want in a policy position if your goal is to create jobs rather than destroy them,

If that's "God's" influence I'm forced to conclude that you and I look toward different gods -- and perhaps yours is Lucifer?

Tuesday Indiana votes and we shall see how that comes out.  There's a lot of noise there in terms of the polls and the state is both an open primary and notoriously thin and hard to read.  The latest poll shows Trump with a 15 point lead, one that has grown materially in the last couple of week as the Cruz "dirty tricks" machine has picked up speed.

The voters are not happy about this sort of crap -- at all -- with two thirds of the Republicans in the latest polls stating that if nobody has 1237 going into the convention the candidate with the PLURALITY should be nominated.

The GOP ought to pay damn good attention to that figure because if two thirds of registered Republicans stay home after the nomination is stolen not only will Hillary be President the party will be destroyed both in terms of vote-getting and fundraising.  The GOP will quite-literally go from being a contender to a tiny minority party with no more chance of winning a Presidential contest in the future than the Libertarian party has since only electoral votes count in a Presidential contest and you will win exactly zero electoral votes with 25% of the electorate supporting you.

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