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2019-09-19 11:37 by Karl Denninger
in Musings , 131 references
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The narrative was that a mechanic who sabotaged a plane -- which was caught before takeoff -- was pissed off because he had his crack at overtime being jeopardized by labor negotiations.  Oh, he did get his overtime to fix the problem he caused.

But his alleged motivation may have been a lie.

The new evidence presented by prosecutors includes that Alani has a brother in Iraq who may be involved with the Islamic State extremist group as well as statements Alani made about wishing Allah would use “divine powers” to harm non-Muslims.

Alani, 60, also recently sent a $700 wire transfer to someone in Iraq — where he has extended family — and had videos on his cellphone depicting Islamic State mass murders he shared with others, prosecutors said. In addition, the new evidence shows Alani traveled to Iraq in March but did not disclose that to authorities after his arrest.

The accused is a naturalized US citizen originally from Iraq -- one of the oh-so-wonderful people we have let in from the sand nations and allowed to call the US "home."

Now about all those Somalis and others who we've let in..... and by the way, roughly a half-dozen or so rapefugees and those we've admitted and allowed to be naturalized have "decided" to in some way help ISIS, either abroad or intending to attack something or someone here -- that we know about and have caught.

You still think it's a good idea to let those folks into the United States eh?

BTW this jackwad was denied bond.  Gee, I wonder why.

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2019-09-17 09:40 by Karl Denninger
in Musings , 104 references
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Sweet Jesus....

In an effort to keep University of Alabama students engaged during college football season, the school has come up with a way to record the location of students in an attempt to prevent them from leaving during the fourth quarter of home games.

Beginning this season, the university offered an app for students to download on their cell phones so the school will know if they leave games early at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

I paid for the ticket; the decision whether I use some, all or none of the time it entitles me to possess the seat I purchased is mine.

If you have a game in which it's so badly-mismatched that you're winning by fifty points the problem isn't that the "fans" find the game boring.  It's that your "league" sucks big fat hairy nutsacks.

"So, I would love for the students there for the whole game, and I know we've tried to enhance with some of the things that we're doing to try to get them to do that. But that's a choice and decision they've got to make. But all these things affect the program, aight, because people come and we have recruits and here, and they want to see a full house and all that."

Then you can pay me to sit in the ******ned seat.

I may boo at you however -- I haven't checked that at the gate, and won't.

“If anybody has a phone, unless you’re in airplane mode or have it off, the cellular companies know where you are,” he said.

At least we now know where everyone stands, right?

"Others" -- for whatever reason -- have the right to know where you are all the time.

If this doesn't result in a completely empty stadium next week, well, there's your answer as to what our so-called "young adults" are worth when it comes to their intellectual capacity and desire for actual liberty.


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2019-09-15 22:18 by Karl Denninger
in Musings , 219 references
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2019-09-09 11:32 by Karl Denninger
in Musings , 134 references
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Cargo vessel lists, capsizes and goes on its side.

It's not immediately clear what caused the problem but it certainly looks like she may have cut the corner coming out of the channel, going aground and rolling -- and once beyond the limit of stability and she started to flood she'd settle on her side just like this.

She's clearly on the bottom now on her side, so it looks like this is plausible in terms of what happened originally.  The other obvious possibility is a major cargo shift occurring when she came around, causing her to roll.  The vessel is apparently a vehicle transporter and the vehicles are typically secured fore and aft (that's what those hook screw-in attachment points are on cars nowdays -- they're NOT tow hooks and most dealers remove the screw-in piece before delivery so you don't try to use them that way as it's very likely that if you do you'll do serious damage to the frame or body.)  A few vehicles that were unsecured wouldn't do this but a full deck of them might, if they got loose.  That shouldn't be possible but then again....

Apparently there were four crew trapped in the engine room but they've been located and should be able to be extracted.  It'll be fun re-floating that beast. It's not impossible -- but it's not going to be easy......

There's speculation that Dorian was somehow involved in this.  I doubt it very much -- my money is on a navigational mistake, with the second bet being on unsecured cargo, but frankly, how you could have enough vehicles unsecured to cause this sort of incident boggles the mind -- you'd basically have to have an entire part of the loading sequence go wrong where a very significant number of vehicles were left unsecured in one of the cargo decks.  That's a tough sell.

I'll be watching this one with quite a bit of interest as this is the sort of thing that's just not supposed to happen....

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2019-08-23 09:10 by Karl Denninger
in Musings , 67 references
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Oh boy.

So I'm clearing things out that I have but will likely never use again.

One of them, in my garage, was a set of old double dive tanks.  Not the usual sort that I would use for technical diving; these were double 40s, an older configuration that some people used with a single outlet manifold.  They're 6351 alloy and virtually nobody will fill them anymore.  I was given them by a guy who I used to dive with 10 years ago a lot; he stopped due to health reasons and a few years later passed away.

Anyway, there they were.  So I went to pitch 'em and realized they had gas in them.  Ok, must drain gas (an explosion in the garbage truck would really******the garbage guys off), then remove valve manifold so anyone who sees them knows they're safe as they're just a hunk of aluminum with a hole in it

There was a lot of oil in them.

Not like an inch or two in the bottom, but plenty.  Compressor oil, and lots of it.  Oxidized too, so I bet the total hydrocarbon level in the gas was off-the-charts.  I know where this guy used to get them filled; the place has since turned over and the original owner is no longer in business.  But..... he didn't own his own compressor, so it's a virtual certainty that the bad fill(s) came from that one place.

I don't know if that contributed to killing him, but it might have.  To be fair he was older and overweight, so who knows.  And yeah, these have sat in my garage for quite some time.  I intended to make wind chimes out of them (about all you can do with 6351 tanks these days) but never got around to it, and frankly, probably never will so into the trash they go.

Folks, commercial fill operations are supposed to have air quality checks done regularly by a certified lab.  Well, if this one did... I ain't buying it.  If I'd tried to dive that fill I might have been killed by it; certainly, at depth, that sort of hydrocarbon load is going to be narcotic as hell and giving your regulator to a fish is a good way to die.  That's assuming you don't black out.

I was never tempted to use those tanks as they were an oddball configuration.  Thank God.

Rest in peace dude..... I don't know if this contributed to whatever got you in the end, but if it did may the responsible parties burn in Hell for it.

Just sayin'

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