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Here's what got left out on Apple due to time -- why the buybacks if there is so much investment they could do in future R&D?

I'll tell you why -- they have nothing in the pipeline.

Worse, they were forced by the market to unlock their music.  My kid started with an iPod (because she just had to have an Apple, you know) but.... after two buys she figured out that Apple's crap has **** for lifetime and durability.  By then Apple had dropped the DRM on their music due to market pressure, and guess what -- she then used a Samsung phone (on which she listens to that same music!) and now, a BlackBerry (ditto.)

Oops -- there goes the model of "wall in the garden."

It still works with the iPhone -- for now -- but here's the question: Where is the next huge hit for Apple?

That's a good question, isn't it -- and if Apple is so cranked up about the future -- and has "the next big thing" in the pipeline why the buybacks rather than spending those funds on R&D to build the business?

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Come and get it!

Financial analyst and writer Karl Denninger says forget about President Obama’s promise of “no boots on the ground” in the fight with the Islamic State.  There will be boots, and Denninger explains, “Air power has never won a war, and it never will.  You can bomb people until you think you bomb them back into the Stone Age, and they just go hide.  You destroy their infrastructure, and they just come back out.  The only way you take territory is to go and take territory. . . . The real problem is we, as a nation, have looked the other way while a number of countries in that part of the world have armed and trained terrorists.  I will include on that list Saudi Arabia.  In the classified sections of the 9/11 Report, there is some pretty damning evidence about them being directly involved . . .  in the murder of 3,000 Americans on our soil.  That is not yet in the public, and it still is not in the public more than 10 years later.  There have been enough people talking about it that it is no longer in the realm of tinfoil speculation.  We can state we can be reasonably certain that this is, in fact, what happened, but these are our so-called best friends.”  Denninger goes on to say, “You have a group of people that don’t have the kind of political debate that we have in this country and most of the free world.  It is a very different view.  It is a medieval view.  It is a view that you used to see in 1100 A.D.  They understand one language, and it’s gunfire.”

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