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Turkey shot down a Russian military aircraft overnight, claiming that its airspace was violated.

Putin is*****ed off, but there's really nothing he can do about it.  Turkey is a NATO member, so any sort of military retaliation is off-the-board dangerous for him in that regard, and thus unlikely.

Further, it does appear that the plane not only violated Turkish airspace but ignored warnings to leave.

As with most acts when there's a war on, the truth is one of the first casualties.  But it makes no sense for Turkey to fire on a plane over Syrian airspace, so at face value this looks like an incursion (whether intentional or not) and, if you fly a military aircraft over someone's airspace after being warned not to, and Turkey has made clear that this is unacceptable to them, you get the consequences up the 'chute.

This will be an interesting diplomatic kerfluffle but I doubt it amounts to anything in terms of military or strategic importance.

Stay tuned.

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It's really kinda simple, in light of the public statements and debates.

All except one of the candidates in the Republican debate this week talked about how we "can't" expel the millions of illegal invaders in this country today, including an unknown number of jihadists.  After all, that's the point of being an illegal invader -- you're not identified, we don't know who you are, or who you sympathize with -- or what you'll decide to turn to violence over.

Here's the lesson of what happens when you refuse to take this on face-first and deal with it.

You get shooting.  You get suicide bombers.  You get seven coordinated attacks in one day, none of which were interdicted because the security folks didn't know who was going to do it in advance.

We, in this country, have a choice to make.  We can either shut off all the public benefits that illegal immigrants get, close migration of so-called "refugees" that are overwhelmingly not of the demographic of actual refugees and expel those who are here or we will have this happen to us.  It will happen repeatedly and there is nothing we can do about it other than preventing it before it happens.

You can argue all you want about "compassion" but the simple fact of the matter is that this about deathnot compassion.

YOUR death, to be specific.

This is what I said recently:

These are not stupid people, but the governments and people in these nations are stupid.  They believe these are "refugees" for the most part.  They are not.  They are an invading army that requires no guns as they've been invited in exactly as the Greeks were in Troy -- except they don't have to hide inside a wooden horse.

How are the people of Europe going to stop it, if they haven't stopped it by now?  Good question -- but they had better stop it, because if they don't what is considered western civilization in Europe is about to end; first by disease and pestilence and then by revolution from inside.


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I told you so.

DEVELOPING - At least 35 people were killed and more than 100 hostages were being held in Paris Friday night, after at least three coordinated terror attacks rocked the French capital and prompted President Francois Hollande to order the entire nation's borders closed.

The attacks are believed to have involved at least two suicide bombers, including one who detonated near the city's Stade de France, soccer stadium where the French and German national teams were playing in a match attended by Hollande. Simultaneous attacks are a trademark of terrorist operations.

This is what open borders and inviting Muslim whackjobs into your nation get you.

More as I learn it, but this is pretty-clearly Islamic terrorism, and one of the shooters was claimed to have shouted "This is for Syria!" as they fired.

You figure it out.

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There is reason to believe that the early reports of investigators that a bomb was likely involved in the destruction of that Russian plane are correct. I saw an alleged photo of wreckage last evening over at Dailymail -- it appears to show obvious penetration of the hull of the aircraft by objects originating inside the plane in a pattern consistent with them being driven by an explosion.

Assuming the photos are real, and I have no particular reason to believe they're not, this is pretty decent evidence of a terrorist bomb.  The next (and definitive) test is to find residue on or near those pieces.

It's pretty hard to have roughly-spherical penetrations from the inside out due to mere happenstance.  These sorts of penetrations can happen from flying debris during the impact, but if so there will be no residue from the (missing) explosive.

We should know within days or weeks -- but this certainly does lend credence to the theory that a bomb was involved.

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ISIS is apparently taking credit for the downing but if the flight track is correct the aircraft suffered some sort of problem at altitude and was descending very rapidly before contact was lost.

ISIS and their pals are not known to have surface-to-air missiles other than the small, shoulder-fired variety.  These do not have the range to hit a target at 30,000+ feet traveling at several hundred miles an hour; they are not big enough to carry enough fuel to get there.

They're very deadly against low-flying aircraft (and helicopters!) but cannot hit an airliner at cruise altitude.  To do that you need either another plane with a missile or a relatively large ground-based weapon (e.g. the BUC that took down the plane over the Ukraine.)

Unless someone comes up with evidence of these people having that sort of weapon I'm skeptical of any sort of "shoot down" scenario.  The other possibility that would implicate terrorism, of course, is sabotage (e.g. a bomb on board) placed on board while the plane was on the ground.

Don't jump to conclusions on this one folks.

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