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2018-07-08 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in International , 208 references
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But these are our friends....

A routine inspection at a Philadelphia port last week resulted in the confiscation of $1.7 million worth of the dangerous opioid fentanyl, which had been shipped from China, federal authorities said.

So let me see -- we have drugs that are part of an industrial shipment, not some "rogue cartel."

This is explicitly why we should slam the door on China's fingers and toes and tell Xi to go **** a goat.

This isn't the only reason, to be sure.  Slave labor is another good one, and there Xi is all for it along with stealing anything that's not nailed down, as I've posted out both repeatedly and recently.

The fentanyl that's not coming over in barrels allegedly full of iron oxide is being shipped into Mexico as precursors, manufactured there and then run over yet another so-called "free trade" border.

Of course there's plenty of "outrage" there long as it doesn't impact GM, just as with China there's plenty of outrage so long as it doesn't impact Apple.


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2018-07-01 07:55 by Karl Denninger
in International , 1329 references
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From last Sunday morning:


I have some bad news for America and our President: We may have to deploy the military.

I mean it.

One man in Mexico's Presidential race this year, who happens to be leading in all the polls for the election being held today ("AMLO") has repeatedly said that The United States has no right to a border at all and that Mexicans have an actual duty to invade our country.

He's run for President twice before, and last time lost by a thin margin.  This time he looks to win, and he has the same sort of political views as Chavez of Venezuela.  We know how that turned out for Venezuela.

One wonders how much of the rhetoric about borders is campaign puffery.  It may be mostly that; after all, it's not like Presidential candidates don't do such things, right?  Gee, where have we heard that before (Medicalcost-cough-Rump-cough-cough-cough!)  As such while there is a certain contingent that is quite-alarmed at this guy, and with good reason, I'm not worried about it yet.


Because if push came to shove we'd kill every single invading jackass and they know it.  They have neither the people or equipment to do anything of the sort in any sort of organized way, and if you want to see Americans' resolve harden just start openly calling for a mass invasion as President of Mexico and watch how fast a bunch of Americans show up at the border with their own rifles and ammunition.

Japan's emperor knew this which is why he never really thought seriously about trying to invade the country.  Blow up Pearl Harbor, yes.  Try to kick us off various Pacific Islands (e.g. Midway), sure.  But actually come over here and take us on, one-on-one?  Bawahahahaha!

Mexico has the "advantage" of a lineal border in such an endeavor but a massive and natural obstruction too in the form of the Rio Grande.  Never mind the instant economic consequences of such an event officially sanctioned by the government, which would include the immediate cessation of every single shipment across said border and confiscation of every single penny of funds headed toward Mexico.

The latter would be a serious problem as the illegals here sending money into Mexico is no small potatoes.

Indeed that total, which runs well north of $25 billion a year, is more than Mexico makes selling oil!

We could cut this off tomorrow and we damn well should.  In fact it's one of Trump's most-disappointing features as President, in that this is one of those areas where he could take an immediate action that would utterly cripple Mexico's government.  Indeed, "remittances" last year approached 10% of the entire Mexican federal budget!

Consider the impact were some foreign nation able to strip $400 billion out of our economy with the stroke of a pen, approximately the same on a rated basis.  The impact would be instantaneous and disastrous.  In this case virtually all such funds are being sent by illegal invaders and it's a direct drain on our economy and local spending that just doubles down on the outright theft those people impose on America.

If AMLO is serious about such things and its not just campaign rhetoric then bring it on, dude.  You'll find that not only will a bunch of Americans show up to repel your invasion by force but we'll instantly destroy your federal budget -- and thus government -- at the same time.

We should have cut off the remittances decades ago, and still should, by the way.

Heh Mr. President -- you don't really mean it about that wall, do you?  It's sort of obvious to me that you always were full of **** on that account, since that is the precise negotiating leverage you could use to force Mexico to pay for it (or just seize the remittances and use them to do so) -- but haven't.

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