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Oh, to be nice, nonsense.

Tesla cannot power anything with a battery.  A battery is just a storage device -- period.

And Lithium batteries are a damn expensive storage device.

Want batteries in a fixed installation?  Lead-Acid is a decent technology and where size and mass don't matter they're a LOT cheaper.  Not a little cheaper, a lot cheaper.

A Trojan L16 deep cycle battery has a 370AH rating at 6 volts, or 2,200 watt-hours.  Each.  You can draw them down 50% repeatedly without problem.  Four of them in series will produce about 4 kilowatt-hours of reliable power (their nominal rating is more than twice that, or roughly comparable to Tesla's "power wall") and the output of four in series is 24V which is compatible with commodity inverter/charger equipment unlike Tesla's "Powerwall" which is not.  The Trojans also cost about $400 each, which means four of them cost $1,600 or less than half the price, at retail, what Tesla wants as a wholesale price for their "powerwall" and a 3kw inverter/charger to go with the Trojans can be had for about another $1,000 as that is commodity equipment unlike the Tesla gear.

These batteries also don't have a propensity to catch fire (as Lithium based chemistry cells do) which is a huge problem, of course, if that "powerwall" does so while attached to the side of the wall of your garage.   If that happens goodbye house!

Tesla is good at one thing -- taking advantage of government subsidies with a side order of hype.

I give Musk that much.

For the rest?

**** you Elon Musk.  With a rusty chainsaw.

The fact is that Tesla is going exactly nowhere; the company is losing money, it is not going to make money any time soon and the hype monsters who are screaming about glo-bullwarming are going to lead you straight into the guillotoine if you follow them into this cult of stupidity.

Don't take the bait.

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Miss on revenues, down ~11% after hours....

Whadda 'ya mean people are waking up to the fact that the $2/dz eggs are just as good for you as the $5/dz ones, and what's worse is that the $5/dz ones only cost another 50 cents to produce (which means you were feeding the fat at WFM!)  You mean a grocery store at ~30x earnings isn't a good buy?


PS: Gonna wake up in a cold sweat at 0-dark-f-me tonight?

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Let's cut the crap folks, Disney's results were in part driven by park attendance -- and radically increasing ticket prices.

How radically?  Well, about 5% a year, compounded.  Worse, the former "Play 4 Days" park-hopper passes disappeared for Florida residents in 2005, which allowed any 4 days between January 4th to the first week of June and were priced right near $100 (the last year they were $109.)

Inflation hasn't been 5% a year, has it?  But more to the point, now do you see what a "mere" 5% increase does to you over time?  Exactly how long can and will this go on when wages aren't rising at 5% a year, compounded?

Yeah, that's the problem, and oh by the way, service at the parks has gone to crap too.  I've not been in a few years but the last time I was there I noted a serious deterioration in attitude among what Disney calls "cast members" -- otherwise known as employees.

Go ahead folks, buy into the hype and compounded annual price increases.

As for myself the utility value of Disney as a family vacation destination expired about a decade ago.

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2015-04-30 15:09 by Karl Denninger
in Earnings , 236 references

Now we're in trouble.

One of the darlings that has managed to ignore the overload of "social media" is LinkedIn, despite the fact that I still get so-called "invites" from their "members" that are really nothing more than thinly-veiled spam.

That ended this afternoon -- they just got monkey-hammered for 19% or $50 on an earnings miss.

Twitter, Yelp, LinkedIn ..... 


Facebook is getting it in the back door after hours a bit as well.

Here it comes in the tech sector folks.... just like in early 2000.


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You're gonna yelp when you feel that going in, my friend.....

Yeah.... down ~15% on a miss.

The pins keep poking the balloon of equity prices; it is simply a matter of time before the market as a whole blows given the undermining of these high-flying, high-PE, high Price/Sales idiot issues.

I am looking forward to the day when I wake up and find the Nasdaq futures down 200 handles..... smiley

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