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Like, for instance, when everyone involved in this crap -- every single LEO in the department and affiliated departments that ran around like jackbooted thugs tramping on the citizen's rights has died.  That'll be a long while, since the alternative -- all those people going to prison -- isn't going to happen nor will anyone even call for it (other than myself), so the community is going to be forced to "wait it out" until time takes its course.

Which it will.... eventually.

CHICAGO (AP) — The widow of a disgraced Illinois police officer who staged his suicide to appear he was gunned down in the line of duty, sparking an intensive manhunt, was indicted Wednesday on charges of assisting her husband in siphoning money from a youth program.

Melodie Gliniewicz, 51, turned herself in at the Lake County Sheriff's Office when she learned of the grand jury indictment, said Detective Christopher Covelli, a sheriff's office spokesman. She was taken to the county jail Wednesday afternoon. Her bond was set at $50,000.

You do remember this one, right?  The Fox Lake cop who kill himself, setting it up to look like he'd been ambushed.  The entire area was basically shut down over a holiday weekend and the rights of the citizens treated like toilet paper, with searches, road closures and everything else under the sun expended looking for non-existent "bad guys."

The problem isn't that they looked.  It's that they paid zero heed to the rights of the citizens to be left the hell alone and that no ordinary person who is assaulted or murdered has the same sort of zeal applied to investigating their apparent homicide.

If someone shot me tomorrow I'm sure there would be some effort to find the person who did it and punish them.  Fine.  But I'm also very sure that the cops wouldn't go door-to-door, searching people's homes, garages and otherwise, blockading streets and basically shutting down an entire town looking for someone who killed me.

I'm dead either way, so heh, there it is.  But those who are still alive wouldn't have their rights trampled like so much used toilet paper.

But let a cop commit suicide in a way that leaves people believing that someone killed him, and oh boy, here it comes for everyone who is clearly not involved but just happens to live in the area.

Screw that and screw you, Fox Lake PD.

Oh, and as for the decedent's wife?  She'll get to try to make her case for innocence in a court of law, as she should.  May all the people on the jury be those who had their lives turned upside down as a result of the scheme that her husband, and perhaps she, were involved in and the outrageously-disparate (and derogatory) treatment accorded to the residents and business owners in the area as a result.

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2016-01-18 09:52 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 304 references

If there is nobody "too big to jail", as you claimed in the Democrap "debate", when are you reporting to prison?

You know, for that little matter regarding classified material that, it appears, you directed someone to (knowingly, obviously) send through unauthorized channels -- among other things.

Just curious....

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