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Put Down The Crack Pipe, Idiot
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-30 17:58:48
Hobby Lobby Wins -- Sort Of
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-30 10:30:37
Bill Still w/Bill Binney (NSA Spying)
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-30 08:28:48
But Wait, We Were Told There Wasn't a Downside!
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-30 07:45:29
Ah, The Old Ponzi
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-29 09:00:14
No, Barclays Is NOT A Singular Issue
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-29 08:00:07
What You Signed Up For
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-28 13:18:20
I Warned About This In The Early 1990s
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-28 08:15:08
"Grave" Consequences?
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-28 06:15:09
Nobody Saw (Those Kids) Coming
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-27 11:14:04
Whining: The American Way
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-27 09:15:20
The Internet of Things SCAM
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-27 07:00:13
Heh Monkey-Ears: That's Unconstitutional
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-26 12:00:19
An Illustration of Private .vs. Government Employment
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-26 10:09:01
Whole Paycheck Gets Caught
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-26 07:00:09
One Sheriff Who Takes Responsibility
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-26 06:15:16
But We All Need Bathroom Stuff, Right?
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-25 18:01:46
Aereo Slammed at USSC
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-25 10:40:18
ROFL! Yep.
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-25 10:14:23
Durables: -1.0%, GDP -2.9% (!)
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-25 08:45:26
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-25 07:00:27
We Still Have A Constitution?
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-25 06:00:08
About That "BYOD" Thing...
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-24 15:01:23
Are You A Pedophile? I May Have Just The Place For You!
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-24 09:24:05
No, Idiot, There Is No Free Lunch
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-24 07:05:06
USSC: No, Carbon Is Not In The Statute
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-23 12:15:45
2015 Mazda 6 - The 3,000 Mile Odyssey
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-23 11:47:51
Just Cheat. Really
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-23 08:00:40
What of Iraq (and sKerry)?
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-23 07:15:42
About Those Argentine Bonds...
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-22 07:05:29
A Modest Proposal: Auto Insurance
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-22 06:30:10
So Let's Talk Briefly About BlackBerry
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-21 09:26:52
Lie and When Caught, BILL SOMEONE ELSE
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-21 08:10:29
The Governor Did WHAT?
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-20 07:15:13
What Oracle's Miss Should Tell You
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-19 16:40:30
So You Said BlackBerry Was Going Bankrupt?
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-19 10:27:25
Mr. Passive Does It Again (Pelletier)
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-19 07:10:14
Well Well - Look At That (Logic In The Media)
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-19 06:15:33
BlackBerry's Amazon Announcement
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-18 12:44:19
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-18 08:15:05
Oh Keith..... (What a Putz)
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-18 07:15:23
CPI: +0.4%
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-17 09:01:31
Economic Mobility -- Or Lack Thereof
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-17 07:05:21
Jihadist Disneyland? So What?
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-16 07:10:21
Thoughts On The Nut-O-Sphere
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-16 06:15:24
Outrage Of The Day: That Box of Chocolates, er, Turds
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-15 16:48:46
Just Because a Law Is Good...
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-15 10:00:08
Why Is Lying Not Impeachable?
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-15 09:00:15
Apple Does Something Right
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-14 08:00:07
That's A Lie
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-14 07:15:10
Another Example of Liberal Tolerance
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-13 23:53:35
PPI: Turn Off Your TeeVee
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-13 08:42:18
Is Iraq Coming Apart?
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-13 07:00:16
The Real Estate Idiocy
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-12 09:31:33
The Paradigm Has Shifted
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-12 09:24:51
Retail Sales: +0.3%
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-12 08:37:14
To Our Young Adults: You Won't, But You Should
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-12 08:00:05
The Lesson From Cantor's Loss
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-11 10:35:19
El-Erian's Self-Delusional Dreaming
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-11 10:00:18
Leave Your Guns At Home (Except Felons, Of Course)
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-11 08:00:26
To The Pubs: You Ready To Listen Yet?
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-11 00:28:36
Heh Arschloch (Obama, That Is)
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-10 17:37:50
What? (Mating Call?)
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-10 11:21:17
Wait: BLOOMBERG Published This?!
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-10 09:00:04
Obama, Chief Banker Stooge
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-10 07:00:24
Uh, Yep (BlackBerry)
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-09 14:14:38
The End Of The Cycle
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-09 09:19:29
It Has Happened Again, And You Still Sit On Your Arse
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-09 06:30:02
Yes, You Are Stupid (Buying Apple Products)
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-08 10:12:57
So Why Didn't We Arrest Them?
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-08 09:43:42
Seventy Years Ago....
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-06 11:37:08
The Offensive Nature Of Central Bank And Government Lies
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-06 09:19:03
Payroll Report: +217k (Meh)
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-06 09:00:29
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-05 09:12:22
Why Isn't This Reported?
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-05 07:00:22
ROFL! Say It's Not So!
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-04 13:16:26
When Felony Becomes Non-Arrestable
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-04 08:47:09
Sounds Good To Me...
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-04 08:40:01
I Told You So: Socialized Medicine Is HERE
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-04 08:05:22
Ah, The Old Liberal Double Standard (Again)
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-04 07:10:07
I Told You So (Carbon)
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-03 07:10:23
Caution: Inventory Cycle Shortening
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-03 06:15:29
So About That Prisoner Swap....
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-02 23:09:18
But But The Second Quarter...
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-02 10:06:07
What's The 4th Amendment?
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-02 07:00:14
If It's Illegal Where Are The Indictments?
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-02 06:00:13
No, More Money Is Not Necessarily Better
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-01 14:37:43
Why Does It Always Seem To Be A Lefty?
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-01 13:53:08
What's Up With TrueCrypt?
by Tickerguy at 2014-06-01 10:55:55
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