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2019-12-13 12:20 by Karl Denninger
in Podcasts , 52 references
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2019-12-13 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Health Reform , 193 references
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Go ahead, keep whining about "impeachment"


This is two months of spending (first two numbers) against last year's same two months (last two numbers.)  It is an 8% escalation.  Over the full fiscal year we will spend $1,750 billion, up approximately $200 billion from last year.

This, over the remaining period to 2024, will lead to us attempting to spend $2,380 billion each year on these two programs and increasing by 8% continually on a forward basis.

Nancy Pelosuckmeoff claims she will get "relief" for some people by passing a bill to allow Medicare to "negotiate" on prescription drugs.  May I point out that prescription drugs constitute about five percent of the total annual spending on these two programs last fiscal year, and in the entire market (public and private) it's only about 10% of the total?

This is what Washington DC repeatedly does: Claim to solve a problem -- or materially address it -- when they target just ten percent of whatever problem exists.

Never mind that last year Medicare Part "D" (drugs) were ~80 billion.  Pelosi claims the bill will cut $36 billion a year out of that expense, which depending on how you choose to count the numbers and where they're headed is anywhere between 30-50% of spending.  That's nuts either way -- either the government has been robbed through a degree of racketeering never before been seen in America or you have been but irrespective of which is the case the "savings" will mean exactly nothing to the impact that Medicare and Medicaid are having on the trajectory of the deficit -- and the collapse that they will cause.

I remind you -- by 2024 these two programs in their entirety will attempt to double the Federal Deficit, with an ever-escalating amount thereafter.  This will blow up in our face as a nation and instead of dealing with it head-on using the existing legal authorities in 15 USC Chapter 1, which are sufficient to IMPRISON thousands of health care, insurance and drug executives standing alone, the head **** in the House proposes to try to misdirect you and goad you into cheering on her intentional destruction of this nation by the brigands in the health care industry.

You must refuse that attempt and instead demand that this individual stop the bull**** along with everyone else in the Feral Government or you will, within just a few short years, be faced with even more-stark choices, most of which will involve some form of violence whether by you or against you.

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2019-12-12 12:46 by Karl Denninger
in Podcasts , 82 references
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2019-12-12 10:45 by Karl Denninger
in Flash , 133 references
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See, I told you so....

Only four days after installing it, her eight-year-old daughter, Alyssa, heard music and a banging noise coming from the room where the camera was installed.

Alyssa says that when she began looking for the source of the noise, she heard a voice saying, "I'm Santa Claus, don't you want to be my best friend?"

Lemay says the voice taunted Alyssa and encouraged her to mess up her room and break her TV before her dad came into the room and shut the camera off.

So as I said, who wants to cut the crap -- and destroy these firms?

Of course the firms that sell these things always say there was "no breach of security" and inevitably blame it on the customer.

Uh huh.

So are you a small, medium or even larger size business-owner who's more interested in selling security camera systems to homeowners than having the homeowner be the product and subject to this sort of crap?

Look to the right....

Or.... just click here.

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Your butthole is pretty, says President Trump.

Dow Jones later reported U.S. negotiators are offering to cancel new China tariffs and reduce existing levies on Chinese goods by up to 50% on $360 billion worth of imports. However, the report also said the original tariffs would be reimposed if China fails to carry out its end of the deal.

Sure they will.

By the way, I'd like this sort of deal when it comes to all manner of other things.

Remember that the reason the tariffs were imposed in the first place was due to rampant cheating by the Chinese over decades.

If you're going to lift them then (1) you have to get compensation for said cheating and it has to be paid in full and (2) you have to have a showing of good faith over the same sort of time frame that the original cheating was.

Neither, of course, is being done here.

This is all about cranking the stock market higher -- and nothing else.  Meanwhile you're still getting it up the pooper with medical and insurance costs, exactly zero of which is being addressed, and despite the fact that there is no evidence that the currently-imposed tariffs are having any negative impact on the US job market and economy at all -- to the contrary there is a four month pattern that coincides exactly with the previous tariffs on a population-adjusted basis that is very positive for US workers, all of which will disappear instantly if the tariffs are dropped.

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