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Ok, ok, I lied.  This post is an art piece of Sarah's that she'd like to sell.  But that doesn't mean the scam isn't real.  It is.  People being "billed" $10 large for a $10 test.  Yes, "insurance" is paying, but you're really not so stupid as to believe that won't wind up directly in your premiums, right?

How many tests have been done?  At $10,000 eachhow much of that will be coming from you?

Answer: ALL OF IT.

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2020-05-31 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 689 references
[Comments enabled]  

The evidence continues to pile up related to the massive pack of lies we were sold with regard to Covid-19.

Some of the latest include the cruise ship in Antarctica, on which 81% of infections were asymptomatic.  In addition while this virus is considered "universally transmissible" and very, very contagious roughly half on board never got infected at all.

That implies that as much as half of the population may be immune due to cross-immunity with other coronaviruses which, I remind you, cause something like a third of all colds.

These two facts continue to back up what I've been pointing out since Diamond Princess; it was inconceivable that the pattern we saw on that boat was valid unless either there was quite-material immunity already in the population, there was a huge amount of "silent" infection taking place (asymptomatic) or both.

Either of those circumstances mean that this bug is far less dangerous than we've been told and sold especially absent the filth common in turd-world nations where catastrophic disease of all sorts is common.  In fact, such facts take what is alleged to be a hideous, deadly relative of SARS and turn it into something somewhat more deadly than the flu, but not all that much so.  In fact even the CDC now admits that they overstated the fatality rate of infection by a factor of 10 or more.

Am I scared of the flu?  No.  I recognize that in certain rare cases the flu may kill healthy people, and in those who are more-seriously medically compromised it is quite a bit more dangerous.  Yet I do not take special precautions during flu season.  In fact, I refuse flu shots because I'm not at particular risk and there is in fact some risk of potentiating rather than mitigating the bug from them.  If I was at higher risk I might see it the other way, but since I'm not, that's my decision.

Then there's the actual data itself.  Can we talk about that for a minute, because it's rather interesting.  2018 was a "bad" flu season as I've noted before.  So let's look at the first 20 weeks of this year and two others; 2019 and 2018.


What do we have here?  2018 and 2019 tracked pretty well didn't they, even though 2018's flu season was much worse than 2019s.  This year there have been 152,609 more deaths in the first 20 weeks of the year compared against last year, but only 36,682 additional deaths compared against 2018 and we knew the rate of all-cause death was collapsing the week following Easter.

But wait -- did either of those years -- 2018 or this year -- actually cause deaths that wouldn't have happened anyway?  It certainly appears by the last few week's all-cause death numbers there may be no actual excess deaths at allwe only "pulled forward" death that was already inevitable by a month or two.

That's a hypothesis supported by the data thus far on an unbroken basis and as the data set continues to develop the support strengthens.  We'll see if it holds up over the remainder of the year but if it does then it will document very clearly that Covid-19 didn't actually kill anyone, statistically-speaking, who wasn't within a month or two of dying anyway.

Incidentally that very same pattern is true from 2018 to 2019 as well.  While 2018 was a very bad flu season with most of the mortality in 2018 (after the first of the year) in fact the first 20 weeks resulted in 115,927 more deaths than 2019 -- that is, more people than Covid-19 has allegedly killed this year!

However, by the end of 2019 11,355 more people had died than in the previous year with its "very bad" flu season!  All that bad flu season did was slightly accelerate what was going to happen anyway.  Key word here folks: Slightly.

In 2018 with its very bad flu season did we close the economy and demand people wear masks in public?  Did we scream pandemic! and run chyrons on the bottom of every "news channel" about the number of people who assumed room temperature the previous day?  Did we have so-called experts telling us that we must "shelter in place" and wear face masks everywhere or apocalypse is inevitable?  Did we have mayors and governors destroy the economy, commit false arrest (a felony) through their "stay at home" orders by the millions of counts and intentionally send ill people into highly-susceptible populations who can't consent because they're in a nursing home?  The conditions and so-called "death rate" between 2018 and 2020, I remind you, on the scientific evidence, look to be nearly identical.

Why is it that said apocalypse hasn't happened in the places that have reopened and isn't the difference interesting between the really awful flu season in 2018 and now - despite clear evidence that in fact both in 2018 and today that all either year did was pull forward inevitable deaths by a month or two?

Again, this isn't my data -- it's the CDC's; the very same government agencies telling us that we must hide under our desk from an impending and inevitable apocalypse, attempting to scare the Hell out of everyone in the country.  You can find the 2019-2020 data set here and the 2014-2018 one here.  It takes 30 seconds with Excel (or a few minutes with a calculator) to analyze this.  And in the coming months we'll see exactly how far below baseline all-cause mortality goes and when it returns to baseline.

In other words the data supports that there was never justification to shut down the economy and order people to shelter in place.  We knew this factually by April 1st and from that day forward all of these measures have been a fraud -- a continuing fraud -- and the data continues to come in over time on an unbroken basis in support of that assertion.  Or, if you prefer the short version:


Of course the media says otherwise -- and not just the ones intent on destroying America such as CNN either.  But, in case you're wondering what they're saying:

Today's situation is even worse. Covid-19 has killed nearly twice as many Americans than the 58,000 who died in almost a decade of fighting in Vietnam. Not only has Covid-19 wreaked immense havoc on the home front, it has imperiled core civic institutions, like schools and houses of worship, and forced us to live apart from friends and family. It's unclear how long the virus will continue to cause severe illness and death. What is clear is that we will be forced to remake ourselves in profound ways.

"Forced to remake ourselves"?  For the same event that happened two years ago, it appears on the data, and likely has resulted in zero additional death?  Today you have a whole plethora of so-called "news" organizations fomenting all manner of economic and political destruction exactly as occurred in 1968 when, you remember, the media lied about the Tet Offensive for political purposes and by doing so effectively kicked off the riots that occurred.  And by the way, we had a serious (and deadly) flu pandemic in 1968 too; that one killed about 100,000 Americans, which on an equalized population basis would be roughly 150,000 dead today.  Did we destroy the economy and throw tens of millions out of work on that excuse at that time or was Vietnam enough of a pretense standing alone?

Are you surprised when the media runs the same playbook and they get the same result?

With that in mind let me point out a few things and make a few declarations:

  • I will not wear a mask in public; there is exactly zero justification on the basis of science for me to do so.  I am not afraid of you.  If you do something so critically and imminently dangerous to my continued existence on this planet that I am forced to respond to that imminent and serious threat I assure you that a mask is not what I will deploy to defend myself.

  • You're free to wear a mask if you're afraid of me.  I appreciate people self-identifying as crazy, innumerate or both before I interact with them; it materially reduces my frustration in daily life.  However, said mask is very unlikely to actually help even if the risk was real; I understand the science and I've worked with plenty of dangerous chemical substances in the past, whether "ordinary" dangerous (e.g. sanding silicates), seriously-dangerous (e.g. carcinogenic fumes, potentially immediately life-ending things such as fuming acids, etc) or just nuisances (dust, pollen, etc.)  If you want to actually filter out potential contaminants including droplets, that is, better than "nuisance" level hazards, you need at least a half-face respirator, and unfortunately that still leaves your eyes exposed.  None of this theater nonsense being promoted will prevent infection if the hazard is real.  My recommendation, if you are truly scared, is to stay in your own home and have biolab-grade filtration and air-sourcing installed since walking around in what amounts to a "moon suit" is impractical at best.

  • Don't expect me to react well to you declaring that you believe everyone within 20' of you is the Angel of Death.  If you do that to me as an employee of a service-related business you can expect me to shun your establishment and I may tell you to blow a goat on the way out the door. After all, would you patronize a place where the employees declare through their actions that they're scared of the patrons?  You can't possibly be stupid enough to think that I'll consider such a declaration-by-action as a compliment.

  • I go out to restaurants, bars and other social events for the ambiance and to interact with the other people there.  Every single such experience is twice or more as expensive as the same food or drink in my own home.  I like my house.  It's nice, it's quiet, I have a couple hundred or more movies on the shelf I can select from to enjoy without any risk of some jackass talking over the film and I have a pussy who I also enjoy spending time with -- indeed, said pussy sleeps with me every night.  I will not spend 200, 300, 500 or 1,000% as much to consume food and beverages, say much less simply pass time, unless said service business provides me with the ambiance that I expect and am paying for.  I have no interest in feeling like I'm in a NICU when going out to eat.  That's the beginning and end of the discussion.

  • I will never attempt to set up, operate, or otherwise engage in any sort of business again until and unless I can be assured that said firm will not be closed, temporarily or permanently, under false pretense at any time in the future such as has now been documented occurred in this case.  As a successful businessman this ought to wake up everyone in the public-policy sphere.  Governments at all levels need people like me to take risks and form new enterprises.  You can try to tax me instead but on a relative and fiscal basis that's pointless.  Every single year I ran MCSNet the tax revenue I generated was many multiples of that which any government could extract from a single person because every good and service I bought to operate said firm was taxed in some form and every person I employed also paid taxes, directly and indirectly.  This amounted to millions of dollars of tax revenue per year when all was said and done -- and that's out of one relatively-small business.  At best by taxing me you can get one "set" of tax revenues.  If I choose to voluntarily engage in business government at all levels obtains 10, 20 or 100x as much tax revenue.  You can't force me to engage in any business and I won't now or in the future until and unless I am absolutely certain that what was done in late March and which continues today has both been reversed in full and will never happen again.  "Never" is a very strong word considering the number of lies told in this regard just over this one incident; "15 days" anyone?  Such assurances might have to include voluntary submission to execution, in the town square at high noon, by the public should that trust be violated again.  Absent same?  **** off.  How's a 30%+ GDP decline looking and perhaps a 50% tax revenue decline -- or more?

Exactly zero of the measures taken are supportable on the factual evidence so who's going to pay for the damage that was intentionally inflicted on the basis of that falsehood?  Tell me again why the general public should be the ones who pay the costs when they weren't the ones promoting it and still collecting all their pay and benefits, never mind ruining budgets top to bottom along with the money supply.

This nation's government at all levels -- federal, state and local -- has wantonly and intentionally violated the social contract that underlies all civil societies.  Every single state has continued that violation to a greater or lesser degree over the last two months.  It's rather clear that for at least the last two months and continuing to this day we've all had an outrageous fraud at all levels from The Feds on down imposed upon the people of this nation. While I do not look forward to nor condone escalating violence as we've seen in Minnesota I do understand why it's happening and it is precisely the incessant lies and intentional destruction of people's lives while the cops, firefighters, city councils, state governments, judges, Congress, teachers and more, none of whom have had a single nickel lost from their pay or benefits, that have "primed" the nation for such events, never mind what appears, it is emerging, intentional seeding of that violence by very well-organized and paid individuals.  The only remaining questions are who are those being seeded to start and promote these riots and who do they work for?

Oh, the riots we're seeing now?  Gee, who could have predicted that?  Throw more than half of the lower end of the economic strata out of work, try to bribe them with $600/week payments exceeding their wages which you can't maintain forever and thus they know they'll get hosed, rent and mortgage "forbearance" is about to expire (meaning people will be tossed into the street shortly), "someone" delivers a pallet of bricks outside of a few strategic buildings (when there's no construction going on anywhere in the immediate area) so the rioters have weapons handy to be picked up (a crate full of guns or full gallon cans of gas would be too obvious, I guess) and then magically the infamous Black Block show up -- you know, the "poor, downtrodden" dudes in all black with $200 tactical backpacks and $100 sneakers on, all of which look like they were supplied to them yesterday?  Then there are the so-called "organic rioters" who have had their pictures taken with an IFB hose snaking out of their ear from behind their mask.  When was the last time you saw someone other than a cop, a government goon or a TV newscaster with an IFB in in their ear?  Uh huh, this is all "organic rage" over a black guy getting killed by someone who he apparently knew rather well since it has now been reported that they both worked security in the same place. Oh, and if you want top it all off a Presidential campaign is posting bail for some of the rioters.  What the hell is really going on here?  Further, do you really expect me to believe that the FBI is incapable of tracking down the chains of funding, including interstate travel, obviously involved with these goons and indicting all of them?  Corruption much folks?  Speaking of corruption exactly how many of those rioters are "not local"?  Minneapolis' mayor claims large numbers.  The media analyzed the arrestees and found nearly all were local residents.  If the Mayor is lying, and it appears he is, why isn't he under arrest given that his lies are stoking the violence?

The death of a black man by a cop shop that has a long record of abusive acts which have been left unaddressed on purpose was just one more straw on the back of the camel.  It's not like the pigs there have a record of murdering unarmed people, right?  Oh wait -- they do, according to a jury!

Never mind the unlawful acts of The Fed which have never been punished.  Not in 2008 and not now; despite an explicit prohibition on buying anything not-government-backed in the CARES act Powell did exactly that and now "owns" a bunch of bonds from bankrupt Hertz.  If you or I did something like this we'd have been indicted in an afternoon.  Powell, by the way, admitted this on-air; that he stepped over "red lines."  Well?

There is exactly zero evidence that any level of government -- not local, state or federal -- recognizes any of this or intends to make any sort of positive adjustment -- even to enforce just ordinary law, say much less the Constitution.  Even the Supreme Court has managed to once again ignore the highest law of the land; there is no First Amendment exception in said Constitution for a virus, even if it was really a bad one, which this one is not.  Indeed the only element of the Constitution that can be suspended under any circumstances whatsoever is habeas corpus, only during a time of actual rebellion or invasion, and history strongly suggests that only Congress may do so.  If the Supreme Court is going to declare that The Constitution can now be suspended by other than the means and in the time provided to do so by that very same document without an instant mass-revolt by millions occurring in response then The Constitution itself is a dead letter and I will shed exactly zero tears nor give a single ****.

Good luck -- we're gonna need it, but we as a nation certainly don't deserve it.

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2020-05-29 09:08 by Karl Denninger
in POTD , 68 references
Something else perhaps?  Have a look here!
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2020-05-29 06:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 560 references
[Comments enabled]  

Be careful what you wish for.... you might get it.

Minneapolis.  The predicate looks obvious; a black man with a white cop's knee on the back of his neck.

For several minutes while other cops stand around and watch, doing nothing to intervene.  Which, incidentally, is an awful lot like what the video-taker did in Georgia (and got charged with Murder 2), right?

Floyd dies in an ambulance.

That looks like manslaughter or worse for every cop that was there.

Is it?

I'm not sure yet but on the publicly-visible evidence that's what it looks like.  Was he dead when the EMTs got to him and attempted to assist?  We don't know.  Was he tweaking and in fact died from a heart attack or similar?  We don't know.  The cops say he was resisting arrest after trying to pass a bogus $20.  By what means was he resisting?  We don't know.  Where did he get the $20, what was he trying to do with it, and was it in fact counterfeit? We don't know.

The cops were not immediately arrested.  You or I would have been.  We might have been released later when the facts were developed, but we would have been detained and tossed in a cell instantly.  

They were not, despite being fired immediately.

Why not?

Is it that magical blue costume thing again and if so aren't we long past the point where it should be revoked for good?

These questions are not out of the realm of reason.  Just the other day a dude in Panama City broke through the front door of a nearby residence.  He attacked the woman therein which prompted her husband to retrieve his gun and ventilate the assailant.  Subsequent to that event the short-term rented house where the assailant was staying prior to the assault (don't you just loooove what the AirBNBs of the world do to the "vitality" of your neighborhood?) was raided and a number of other people were arrested -- because in the residence was found a plethora of various illegal mind-altering drugs.  Oh, and apparently some of them were stoned too because child neglect charges were also filed, so it's reasonable to assume at least one kid, who wasn't being cared for, was there as well.

While it's not yet known if the thug in Panama City was jacked up on one or more of those drugs it's a pretty good bet that he was.

None of this mattered and none of it has been considered in Minneapolis, home of peace-and-Jew-hating Ilhan Omar, I remind you.  Target, the store, which had exactly nothing to do with the alleged assault on the dead black man nor whatever crime(s) he might have committed, was looted -- along with a liquor store which also bore no responsibility on either side.  Arson figured prominently into the evening's festivities as well, with structures burned.  Oh, and exactly zero of those folks were "social distancing" and they sure weren't wearing masks to prevent Covid-19 in observance of said Governor's orders, were they?  Nor were the cops so-equipped and following said orders!

Incidentally the cops did nothing to put down the riot.  Did you learn anything from that?  Such "bravery" all those thugs have when the numbers aren't 3:1 or better in their favor.  If you didn't learn anything from that (and it's not the first time either) you're not very bright.

Why didn't the rioters go attack a police station -- or City Hall?  After all it was the cops who committed the alleged offense at issue -- and they work for the Executive.  We all know the reason, don't we?  If you're going to take what you consider to be justified anger out on someone, why not sack the cop shop, the homes of the cops, City Hall or the Mayor's residence?  Isn't it interesting that instead of taking retribution for what they perceived to be a "just insult" against the people responsible for the insult the mob decided that they all needed a new flat-screen TV, pair of sneakers and a bottle of booze to enjoy along with the other two?

(Update: Well well, last night they did sack a cop-shop.... that's a first!)

That's the general problem with mobs, you see, and always has been.

The lack of evidence never bothers a mob.

Nor is the action of a mob typically "retribution" or aimed at "justice" or even "mitigation"; when you boil it all down what you have is personal aggrandizement and profit, whether measured in the form of destroying something or stealing something.

Of course exactly nobody considers that often the mob is in fact a government.

Such as, for example, the acts of governments over the last three months or so.

Did THE GOVERNMENT MOB consult and compile "evidence" before closing schools, as just one example?  There's no evidence that Finland's reopening schools spread the virus faster.  Indeed there is plenty of evidence that schools, with this virus, are terrible (that is, very inefficient) vectors -- kids with very-nearly no exceptions get sick at all contrary to ordinary influenza and they don't appear to be very efficient at giving the bug to others either.  Never mind that from a public health perspective you want people to get the bug who won't get actively sick since that helps suppress transmission between those who do get sick.  Doesn't matter; we closed all the schools and colleges, and the CDC has in turn put forward "guidelines" for reopening public schools that will effectively turn them into prisons.  Not one district has stood up and told the CDC to blow goats even though we now know these are facts.

Why not, and why should anyone pay a nickel of school property tax when the schools are closed?

Now let's add in that the government mob in fact did the exact opposite of a logical thing when it deliberately seeded Covid-19 into nursing homes.  Among those states are the most jackbooted mob states of all including New York and Michigan, both of which are now crying for someone else to pay the budgetary costs they imposed on themselves by killing their economies AND their residents.  Never mind that even in states like Tennessee, which didn't issue such orders, those governments still intentionally failed to protect the residents in said homes even though they knew of particularized and serious risk.  I remind you that Tennessee typically loses about 70,000 people a year due to all-cause mortality; as I write this the total death count is 329 in the state, or less than two days of ordinary death with at least half caused by the state's failure to protect nursing homes.  This means that ex said malfeasance for one extra day's death toll the economy of the state was effectively destroyed for nearly two months' time and the damage is still being accrued; Governor Lee has not lifted the remaining constraints, nor has any other governor.

This mob has a history of claiming it has no duty in such cases -- that this mob has a literal license to kill not only people but companies and jobs any time it wishes to do so, and the people at large have a history of putting up with that line of crap.

I pointed out a couple of months ago that 0.5% of the population constituted more than a third of the deaths from this virus, an utterly-insane over-representation evidencing at least gross negligence and perhaps intentional, depraved homicide.  I was challenged on this by a couple of actual doctors via private email and substantiated same; they agreed with me after doing their own research into the validity of my numbers.  Now, two months later, Forbes picks it up.  Who's gone to prison or is under indictment for destroying the lives of tens of millions of Americans rather than spending a pittance by comparison to protect that tiny, 0.5% of the population?

We knew this was an issue after Kirkland happened, which I remind you was in February and this fact was formally reported out by the CDC on March 18th, before lockdown orders were issued.  Yet the mob of government rioted on and killed tens of thousands of nursing home residents after that point along with intentionally destroying the economy and tens of millions of jobs.

Why isn't every city and state, never mind Washington DC on fire right now given the scale of death, with a whipped-cream topping of an economic depression to boot, served up on purpose and under knowing false pretense by an organized, criminal mob -- the one called state and local governments?

That the Federal Government would give any of these states or towns one nickel makes as much sense as would appeasing the rioters in Minneapolis.  Yet instead of using long-standing federal law to go after these jackasses, specifically but not limited to 18 USC 242 that very same Federal Government instead egged on all of the state and local governments and in fact still does to this day with their bogus "guidance" along with literally paying them to do so!

Additionally there is no evidence that "social distancing" and masks do anything material to inhibit spreading Covid-19.  This isn't because the idea isn't sound -- it's because in practice it either doesn't work or doesn't matter.  For example a "negative pressure" room is considered "adequate" if it manages 12 turn-overs of the air volume in an hour -- once every 5 minutes.  Outdoors with even the slightest breeze -- or daytime heating of a surface at your feet -- the air volume around you is exchanged within seconds.  Masks sound good but in fact a cloth mask filters almost nothing and a surgical or N95's material is saturated with moisture in your breath within an hour or so's time at which point your air exchange bypasses it and the mask is worthless.  As such the actual value of these "measures" is, in the real world, an effective zero.  As I've pointed out since this virus first showed up these facts are not specific to this virus, which means the most-likely spread that actually "works" across such environments (e.g. on Diamond Princess, in nursing homes, etc) is in fact fecal:oral.  But of course the CDC refuses to acknowledge that despite several months of hard scientific proof that this virus, unlike most respiratory viruses, has been isolated from feces and that such transmission entirely explains the much higher transmission rates in places like nursing homes.  That leaves the most-effective means of deterring transmission being the age-old measure first discovered in 1846 by Ignaz Semmelweis: WASH YOUR ******NED HANDS WITH SOAP AND WATER!

Oh by the way, guess what happened to him after he refused to back down before the claim that these deaths were from "evil spirits"?  He was vilified by the doctors who hadn't been washing their hands because to admit that he was right would mean admitting they had killed thousands of women who had just given birth!  Ultimately Semmelweis literally went insane, was committed, beaten in the asylum and died of sepsis, the very thing he was trying to stop.

Gee, there's no parallel here with 1846, is there?

My God, it's full of stars!

All of this should be obvious to anyone who can think for more than 20 seconds at a time but apparently that's too much to expect from Boobus "Fatty" Americanus.  Never mind that on hard surfaces viruses and other bugs live far longer than on bare, unbroken skin and are a hell of a lot harder to get rid of, since washing one's hands doesn't work nearly as well nor can it be done as frequently without damaging said gloves.  In short gloves are good to protect your skin from contact with various things (e.g. chemicals) or you transmitting something you have to someone else but are worthless or actually increase risk when it comes to cross-contamination, which, when it comes to "social spread", is what's in question.

Then there's the media who continue to run scaremongering bullcrap -- without exception.  CNBS and CNN are two of the worst but are hardly alone, Faux Snooz is just as guilty.  But heh, it's good to be part of the mob that's looting and burning the economy, so long as nobody calls you a rioter, right?

Isn't it time we, as ordinary Americans, started calling the media and politicians exactly what they are on an unbroken, individual and collective basis?


We now have first-quarter GDP; it contracted 4.8%.  The internals in that report are unbelievable; the only reasonable association I can square them with would be a literal nuclear war.  That's the scale of self-inflicted damage our politicians imposed with the full backing of the media on an unquestioned basis and not one person in government or the media has been held accountable for any of it; indeed, the screaming Karens continue to cheer it on!  I remind you that most lockdown orders were placed either on April 1st or very close to it, which means that five percent decrease occurred despite being in effect over only two weeks out of 13, roughly, or approximately 1/6th of the quarter.  This in turn augurs for a 30% GDP decrease overall.  That, by the way, is three times the economic Depression threshold!

Next quarter's GDP release is going to look like our entire nation was nuked to ash.

Facts do not matter to mobs, nor does reason.

Oh, and the stock market loves a mob that showers the rich with money and favors the firms listed on said market.  Big shock -- NOT!

Compared against the states and federal government, which I remind you are directly responsible for roughly half of all Covid-19 deaths through both willing neglect and direct intentional action when it comes to nursing homes, crimes at least as serious as the death in Minneapolis individually yet numbering in the tens of thousands of counts of manslaughter or depraved homicide (e.g. Murder 2), the rioting mob in Minneapolis are pikers.  They only got one person from what I understand in terms of death, and their economic damage doesn't even show up compared to what the governments did to our economy.

PS: What deters mobs of all sorts?  I'll give you three guesses but I bet you only need one.

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2020-05-27 11:18 by Karl Denninger
in POTD , 79 references


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