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2018-09-19 13:45 by Karl Denninger
in Flash , 112 references
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Oh oh.....

(Reuters) - A Texas man whose plan to sell blueprints for 3-D printed plastic guns spurred national controversy was charged on Wednesday with paying an underaged girl for sex at a hotel, according to court documents.

If you're going to poke the bull make sure you didn't do something really stupid first...

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2018-09-19 07:45 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 175 references
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Where did Righteous Rage, otherwise known as anger, disappear to?

  • Your son is raped by a priest.  The law does nothing.  The church reassigns the priest, covers it up and hides the offense.

  • Your daughter is raped by an illegal invader.  Both political parties and businesses want these people here who have no interest in assimilating and in fact commit a crime as their first act in the nation.

  • Your daughter is murdered by said illegal invader.  A business up the road employed him intentionally not checking his legal status for four years prior.

  • Someone in your family dies of severe, multi-decade alcohol and drug abuse.  Their closest personal relation -- boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband, has been bringing them booze on a mass scale despite knowing that if they keep drinking (and/or doing drugs) they were going to kill themselves, as they know for a fact said person was told this by multiple physicians.  Yet they go procure and hand said drug to the person on a literal daily basis for years while claiming to "love" said individual.

  • A nutjob shoots up a school and kills your son.  It comes out that said nutjob had the Sheriff at his house over two dozen times in the previous years, including multiple felony allegations, and did nothing -- not even arrest him.  It would have been very hard for said nutjob to shoot up anything had he been in prison.

  • The above incident happens and the cop who is stationed at the school for the express purpose of providing security cowers outside during the event despite being armed and able to offer meaningful resistance -- then is allowed to retire with his full pension a few days later, and a dozen officers guard his house.  The number of officers who gave a damn while your son was being shot?  Zero.

  • The above incident happens and the Sheriff lies repeatedly, attempting to wave your dead son around as a political cudgel.

  • You order a car from a company.  The firm tells you the car is at a specific delivery location and to wire the funds to purchase it.  You do so, show up at the appointed time and place and the car is not there.  Two weeks go by and not only do you not have your car you have no idea where it actually is -- but the company has over $50,000 of your money and you're paying interest on a loan for a vehicle you don't have.

  • A sitting US Senator has a Chinese Spy on her payroll for 20 years, listing him as an "office director" at her home office.  Said person, once identified as a spy is not arrested and charged but rather is allowed to retire - probably with a government pension and full benefits!

  • You get in a car accident in Michigan and require an MRI.  The charge is three, four, five or even ten times what it would be had the same injury occurred while walking your dog.  As a consequence your car insurance is two to five times what it costs in other similar parts of the country.  This sort of behavior has been illegal for over 100 years (15 USC) yet not one indictment is issued over a period of decades.

  • The Catholic Church has become a nation-state that coddles and even promotes people who it knows are sexual predators.  We now have hard evidence that three successive Popes have done exactly that, including the present one.  Since the Vatican is a sovereign state and the Pope a legal monarch this leaves nuking the Vatican from orbit -- or something similar and more-personal -- as the only means that outside people have of forcing him to cut that crap out.

Decades ago this sort of crap was checked by two things -- the law, which would come down on you like a ton of bricks, and fear that the people would rise up in righteous rage and, if they could not find justice in the law they'd take care of it themselves.

People who pulled this sort of crap would slither out in the middle of the night, never to be seen or heard from again.  They knew damn well that the law would come after them and if by some chance it didn't the posse would if they didn't get out and stay out.  While the people were very tolerant in general that tolerance had limits.

Battle of Athens, Tennessee anyone?

But today?  Oh hell no.  None of those people have any fear of anything.  Not of the law and certainly not of the people.

Why should the law actually care as long as the stock market goes up if you don't care and refuse to act on your own?  If you never show anger, that is righteous rage, why should law enforcement do anything?  They aren't going to lose their jobs over it and they have no fear that if they don't enforce the law you will.  Why should not the priest bugger the boy, why shouldn't the doctor screw you for 500% as much because you had a car wreck and why shouldn't the sheriff deputy cower outside while your son is turned into hamburger by a nutjob?  Why shouldn't the "intimate" of a family member bring a bottle of booze a day to someone they know is killing themselves; what sort of "love" is that?  And why shouldn't the business employ illegals and the car company take your wire transfer and deliver nothing for weeks?

There's no reason for any of these people to behave reasonably.  There's no price being exacted for such behavior by anyone - not the law, and not society.  Said people are free to walk down the street and have their wealth, living in their nice little safe space as out of the millions of people who get screwed by such actions not even five can be found somewhere near said executives' homes who will stand on a public street outside their house with a picket sign, say much less take any sort of actual forceful action to put a stop to this ****.

Righteous Rage, otherwise known as anger?

We've forgotten what it is and why it's important.

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2018-09-18 13:00 by Karl Denninger
in POTD , 70 references


Email now to hang this unique art on your wall tomorrow!

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2018-09-18 09:30 by Karl Denninger
in Federal Government , 176 references
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The Demoncrats, especially Schiff, are in a tizzy over Trump's order to release the text messages of the Fibbers that tried to undermine his election and Presidency -- Page and Strzok.

The claim is that they might compromise sources and methods.

Well, horse****.

First, text messages over public telecom networks are insecure.  Therefore, if these agents sent even one that contained potentially classified information they committed a federal offense.

Second, if they did not send such material in the texts then there are no "sources and methods" to compromise.

It's that simple folks.

Cut the bull**** Schiff.

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Gee, you'll save lots at Whole Paycheck if you have a PRIME membership after we close the transaction was the claim.

Uh, nope.

Despite the Amazon hype, prices in Whole Foods’ 490 stores across the country — even after shoppers pony up cash for the Prime discount — come down by just $1.54 on a $400 basket of groceries, according to the report.

Customers could be forgiven for thinking prices have been cut further — as Whole Foods stores are chockablock with signs proclaiming, “Prime members now save even more.”

Of course the Prime Membership isn't free -- it's $119 a year.  Spend $119 to "save" $1.54 eh?  Sounds like a great deal.

So is there any penalty for lying like this?

Obviously not.

But there is supposed to be a penalty for monopoly behavior, including cross-subsidization and false claims.  The FTC is supposed to take care of the latter and 15 USC Chapter 1, which carries felony criminal penalties for Executives, Directors and Officers, is supposed to take care of the former.

Of course that would assume that someone actually gives a damn and will enforce the law.

Which they don't, at either Federal or State (each of which have similar statutes) level.

Why do you follow the law again when the "big guys" don't have to and can -- and do -- screw you blind?

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