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2019-06-25 14:50 by Karl Denninger
in Flash , 3 references
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Time to start arresting people; we could start with perjury, or, perhaps all the various felonies you can manage to find when it comes to intentional election interference and unlawful in-kind contributions to campaigns.

The clock is ticking.

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2019-06-25 11:20 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 102 references
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When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

"President Obama, Sept. 9, 2009: There are also those who claim that our reform efforts would ensure illegal immigrants. This too, is false. The reforms -- the reforms I'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. 

Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C.: You lie!

Obama: That's not true. "

But not only was Joe Wilson right on outcomes he was right as to Obama's original intent.  For being right he was called all sorts of names, including a racist by Jimmy Carter.

Joe Biden, Obama's VP at the time and now the leading Democrat candidate for President next year has in fact said that he intends to force you to pay illegal invader's health care bills.

Oh, and so has Kamala Harris.

The fact of the matter is that Obamacare was a knowing, intentional lie.  It was nothing more than Obama's means of finding a way to not hold accountable the banksters and others who had driven wild, borrowed-money speculation on bull****.  Instead of letting them all fail and go bankrupt he literally shoved a gun up the American people's nose and threatened to kill them via withholding medical care unless they went along with his scheme, all sold to you as lies, so the brigands could be paid off with the funds running through you and the so-called "medical system."

Those who opposed it at the time were called heartless and racist; we "hated it", they said, because we hated black and brown people.


I hated it because it was a culmination of 30 years of fraud, theft, scam and felony, including felony anti-trust and even extortion and racketeering, all of which are illegal and all of which are not supposed to draw "lawsuits" but rather criminal prosecution, handcuffs and prison sentences.

But here we are 10 years later and the truth is bare upon the table: Neither political party will do a damn thing about stopping any of the fraud or felony involved with both parties committing to not only one national debt doubling but another one on the way which will destroy the nation's fiscal capacity to cope and fiscally destroy you personally.  The Republican Party passed "repeal" of Obamacare over a dozen times knowing Obama would veto it.  As soon as they had a President that would sign it they couldn't manage to pass the same bill a single time.  They never intended to repeal or replace anything at all; the $10 trillion dollars put on the nation's credit card and the $3 trillion stolen at gunpoint from you ever single year not only is embraced by both Democrat and Republican they intend to maintain and increase that theft.

There are ways to solve this problem without a single person going without medical care they actually need.  This scam has expanded to the point that it is literally consuming local, state and federal budgets along with that of the people.  It is either stopped in the present tense or, if it is allowed to continue, it will lead to economic and social collapse.

Trump's so-called "Executive Order" will be gamed since he simply announced HHS will write "rules", but there are no teeth in said "rules" since such "rules" cannot carry criminal penalties.  To carry criminal penalties you need laws, and to pass laws you need Congress.

More to the point there are already laws that make this conduct illegal at a criminal felony level but the government refuses to enforce them -- a refusal that is itself unconstitutional and a violation of everyone involved's oath of office.

It is time for the people of this nation who are actual citizens to stand up and tell our government that this theft ends now.

All of it.

The entire medical system and it's 500% intentional screwing of the people of this nation, all of which is a felony, is going to end and be prosecuted by this government today or we're going to have a new government that will do so.

One way or another.

There is going to be no more theft from the citizens of this nation that is then distributed to invading hordes and we must make clear that it both stops immediately and every single person attempting such invasion will be rejected at the border via expedited process and nobody will be released -- period.

There is going to be no more theft and extortion by so-called "medical providers", whether drug companies, hospitals or otherwise, all of which is illegal under more than 100 year old law and is a criminal felony complete with decade long prison terms for violations, yet is intentionally ignored and even cheered on as a "great source of job creation" with nothing more than a lawsuit and fine that is immediately added onto the theft and extortion demanded to be paid by the citizens of this nation.

Not tomorrow, not as a campaign promise by one side or the other, and not by some "rules" allegedly to be written over the next months and years.  Now, using laws that are already on the books, are valid, have been challenged twice to the USSC and ruled valid, and which have stood without change for more than 100 years.

In short we must make clear that the government we have will enforce the law in this regard, immediately and into the future or said government will be replaced by whatever means are necessary.

Kunstler has long written on the charade of lies out of government intended to induce a drugged stupor among Americans.  He's right.  The facts are that there has been no economic expansion in real terms of any substance since 2000.  That's nearly 20 years straight of nothing more than a flesh-eating disease that is consuming not fat but rather the lean muscle mass and now even the skin and supporting organs of the nation.

Math never lies.

The Joe Biden and Kamala Harris views are not only criminally insane they're going to lead to a no-bull**** civil war incited by the fiscal collapse of the nation.  Trump, as he stands today, is no better.  Mr. Barr, his AG, could file hundreds if not thousands of felony 15 USC Chapter 1 indictments right now and put a stop to all of this crap.  He has refused, and that refusal is intentional just as was the refusal of Jeff Sessions and all of Obama's AGs as well.

A bunch of states, including Shapiro the loud-mouth ******* in Pennsylvania, have now sued drugmakers over this conduct despite it being a criminal felony; they could have chosen to indict instead.  Why sue?  Because suing allows the firms to get a judgement either by settlement or trial which they then can force you as a consumer to pay.

You can't make a consumer go to prison in place of an executive but you can make them pay a monetary fine.

These people are not "Attorneys General"; they are brigands with guns and are in fact sticking them up the ass of the citizens with these "lawsuits", threatening to blow the American people's brains out the long way while cheering themselves on social media as being "protectors" of the people at the same time.  In short they are actively working with the thieves to rip you off wholesale.

It is time to decide America; fully one dollar in five that you earn after tax is being ripped off by these brigands with not just the support of the government but with its active enforcement of their theft -- at literal gunpoint.

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2019-06-25 10:00 by Karl Denninger
in Health Reform , 62 references
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So there's the executive order.....which is intentionally weak.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar said the executive order “will go down as one of the most significant steps in the long history of American health care reform” during a Monday phone call with reporters. He outlined five points in the order, which will translate into rules drafted by HHS:

  • To require hospitals to publish prices reflecting what patients and insurers pay.
  • To require health care providers and insurers to tell patients about out-of-pocket costs before they receive services.
  • To simplify how federal health care programs measure quality.
  • To protect patient privacy as the administration examines health care claims data.
  • To direct the Treasury Department to expand how patients can use health savings accounts.

Administration officials couldn’t pinpoint when the rules directed by the executive order will go into effect during a Monday phone call with reporters.

We'll see.

I want to see the rules that HHS puts forward, and how they think they can enforce them.

A simpler, and guaranteed to work model, would have been to tell the entire industry to cut that crap out or people will be indicted and go to prison, starting tomorrow -- much as I document here.

Because there are no handcuffs threatened under more than 100 year old law that says what they're doing is blatantly illegal, and which they've tried to get ruled lawful twice all the way to the Supreme Court and lost both times, I don't think Trump means it.

Second, I know that if he did actually do it the economic impact would be quite-severe.  It would be short and when we recovered it would be an insanely strong recovery too, since the nation would be permanently rendered far more competitive in terms of business costs, but the short term pain would be considerable -- and the lobbyists and other medical folks have Trump, just like the rest of DC, by the balls.

It will only be when the American people decide to demand that it happen "or else" -- and mean it -- that they will stand up and do the right thing -- assuming we find our pitchforks before it all goes to crap in a few years due to fiscal overload.

PS: Note that exactly none of the mainslime media have spent any time on this?  I wonder why.....

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2019-06-25 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 317 references
[Comments enabled]  

We are now in The Final Countdown.

Google has had one of their executives caught by Veritas on tape saying they intend to prevent a second Trump win.

She hasn't denied it either, or said she was quoted was "out of context"; in fact she admitted it.

Google runs the largest (by far) search engine.  And the largest (by far) video distribution for "shorts" (Youtube.)  And the largest (by far) ad network (Adsense and affiliates.)  And the largest, by far, mobile operating system (Android.)

Google also insists it has the right to "de-monetize" or ban people.  Except they don't really "de-monetize"; they just steal the revenue.  As of right now as I write this, 24 hours later+ (2019-06-24 20:19 CT) they are still running Trivago ads in front of the video, and a Trump ad.

They didn't "de-monetize" anything; what they did was take the money Scott should have gotten paid for his cut of the ads and kept it.

There was much furor over "Russian Collusion" in 2016. Except.... the Republicans didn't collude with the Russians.  There was a more than a year and tens of millions of dollars spent on investigation into that, and it came up empty.

The Democrats, on the other hand, got more than they expected in that said investigation disclosed that they might well have been the ones who colluded with Russians.  And Australians.  And British.  Intentionally, with the intent to perturb an election.  They lost anyway, but not for lack of trying.

We all knew there was "bias" in the "big tech" firms but now we have admissions of it.  Yet the bans continue, the "de-monetization" continues, and you even have Facebook shilling for a "digital currency" while maintaining the right to ban you from their platform upon which it will rely, which means they would be able to steal your money -- or even worse, prevent you from spending it on anything and everything, exactly as China has done with their "Social Credit Score."

Folks, this has to stop.

All of it.

Right damn now.

There's an election coming in a bit less than a year and a half.  Primaries will start up in earnest shortly.  The process must be believed to be clean by both sides.

If it's not that fateful Wednesday in November of 2020 half the nation is going to wake up convinced they lost because the other side cheated.  The other half will believe they won despite the other side cheating.

The left has already run a months-long operation after 2016 in which Maxine Waters, among others -- elected Representatives -- suborned and in fact advocated assaulting people on the other side of the aisle.  Ordinary civilians doing a job, assaulted because they had the temerity to go out to eat.  Those assaults occurred.

We had a man smeared with baseless allegations that in fact produced criminal referrals while sitting as a nominee for the Supreme Court.  Where are the prosecutions on those referrals?  How do you accuse someone of being a serial violent rapist and get away with it when your alleged claim collapses in a ball of contradictions?

What are the odds the losing side, whichever it is, and which contains 150 million odd Americans, has just 0.1% among them who are utterly convinced they lost only because the other side cheated and the government didn't give a flying **** about any of it -- and the big tech firms not only didn't care they actively participated in it.

That's 150,000 people who are both convinced and either crazy or simply motivated enough to take matters into their own hands.

Down this road lies madness.

What are the odds one or more of them wait until one of those executives goes to work and then rapes and murders their spouse and children.  Worse, he decides he enjoyed doing it.  The outrage is instantaneous and loud, plastered all over the TV with calls for the assailant's head.  The countryside swarms with cops looking for the rogue person.  But there are 150,000 rogues, not one.  While those cops are out looking for the bad guy, some other "bad guys" do the police officer's families in the same way.  Now what?

You think this won't spread to both sides within hours, days or weeks?  Like hell it won't.

Think I'm describing "white supremacists?"  Uh, not really.  The left is known for more of this sort of crap -- shooting cops and cutting babies out of pregnant women's bellies -- than the right is.  By far.

Does it matter who starts it, once it starts?  Not a bit, because no matter who starts it things go sideways and get ugly really, really fast and the nuts from both sides join in immediately.

Think it can't happen when both sides see raw admissions of intent to bend outcomes -- outright cheating -- by one of the largest tech companies in the world, never mind the smug-faced bull**** on Zucker****er's and Beelzebezos' face?

How does the documented fact that Benie got screwed out of a fair primary contest in 2016 enter into it for the nuts on the left?  You know, the side with the greater history of political violence?

Good luck with all that.

If you're in the government you had better put a stop to this bullcrap by tech firms right now.  No, not with "hearings" -- with prosecutions for the 2016 -- and I bet 2018 too -- transgressions.  Not civil fines, criminal prosecutions.  Indictments.  Now.

If you're in big tech you had better stop it yourself as well; come utterly 100% clean as to all prior acts in this regard, drop all bans, shadow or otherwise, cut the bull**** and lies about "demonetization" and "deplatforming" and take up a neutral "place to speak" banner -- outing and firing those who were on the other side of the argument, even if it gets them indicted.

You'd better do it now and you'd better be very public about it, because it's not me who you have to convince.  I'm not politically unhinged -- but we've all seen people on the TV who are on both sides.

No, you have to convince all 330 million Americans that you are utterly fair and unbiased, period.  You have to convince all of them and you have to do it long before the election, even before the primaries really get going and the advantage and disadvantage you would otherwise dole out has the opportunity to be deployed.

If you don't, Google, Facebook, Twitter and the rest -- the outcome and consequence is on you.

If the government doesn't demand and enforce it, right ******n now then the outcome is also on them.  That includes the FBI, DOJ and President Trump.  We just saw, yesterday, the Speaker of the House state that breaking and entering into the United States, a criminal act, does not justify deportation.

Nancy Pelosi is insane and if you think she's going to do and demand the right thing here so are you.

It doesn't matter who wins and who doesn't next year, in short.

What matters is that the American people had better believe, almost to an individual, that the process was fair and there was no cheating.  That falls not just on voting matters directly but on the attempts by the media, whether old or new, to skew results, to steer people and to play psychological games with them whether through some "AI" or via in-person interference.

If that is not accomplished then you're going to prove, in the minds of at least half the population, that they can never determine who leads this nation by voting evermore.  If you think such an event won't incite all of the crazies on whichever side comes to that conclusion you're not very smart.

You have weeks, maybe a couple of months, before the window slams shut on this opportunity.  Beyond that point all you're doing is packing powder into a tinderbox with a lit fuse.

This is flat-out, without question, the most-dangerous admission I've ever seen and a very high-risk predicate for outright dirty civil war within the next 18 months.  It only takes 0.1% of the American Population, if that many, to decide they'd had enough of this crap and are willing to spend their life.  If that happens you suddenly have three hundred thousand people committed to destruction who are utterly convinced that they are staring down tyranny and are willing to do whatever they can to stop it.  They will be uncoordinated, you have no way to know who they are before they act, and once they do you can only sentence someone to death for a murder once; the facts, whether you like it or not, is that all the rest are "free, and always will be."

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