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2020-10-20 08:01 by Karl Denninger
in POTD , 255 references
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Original link:

Written word document, with references:


BTW, just when you think things couldn't get more-corrupt..... it appears that in a number of states it is trivially easy, with a bit of "background research", to either invalidate someone's "mail-in" ballot or worse their voter registration.

You think this won't happen?  Yes it will, if it hasn't already and as a bit of investigation has shown the vulnerability is present in several states who apparently employed coders with about as much intellectual firepower and concern for election security as a cage full of monkeys.  Most of those victimized won't realize it, because they think they voted.  How many does it take to flip a county, or even a state?  Who knows.  Which side of the aisle does this favor?  I have no idea.  Does it matter?

Then there's Birx who's still screaming.  Remember, 15 days, then 30?  Well, she said we'd have 200,000 dead if we did "everything right" and put up with it through April.  It's now October.  Either she lied or she and Fauci never intended to let any of their newfound power go, nor did any of the governors.  And worse, all of America went along with it and didn't stock up on BBQ sauce.

It may not be common knowledge but 2.8 million Americans die every year from all causes combined.  200,000 is a lot of dead people but how many of them were going to die anyway?  In other words how many of them were actually killed by Covid?  We don't know, but what we do know is that the Florida Legislature documented that 40%, roughly, of alleged "Covid19" deaths in the state cannot be supported as legitimately reported based on the death certificates because they were filled out in a form and fashion that violates the standards for doing so which we have relied on as the means of determining what ultimately kills people -- and why.  I further remind you that the CDC itself backs this up in that their own data set claims 87,000 of the 201,000 "Covid" deaths were co-infected with influenza.  Which killed the person?  We have no idea.  But we do know that exactly zero of those who were poisoned, had an injury accident resulting in death (e.g. a car wreck) or committed suicide were killed by Covid despite being called a "Covid" and the CDC admits that 6,871 of those deaths have been fraudulently counted thus far, growing by the day.

We've always chuckled at the weatherman; the only job in America, it long was believed, where you can be wrong 50% or more of the time and not get fired.  Well, to that we can add so-called "public health experts" from the local hospital doctors bleating at Mayors to alleged "public health directors" at the local and state level and our own NIH and CDC, never mind the WHO.  Is this mass-stupidity or is something more-corrupt and intentional going on?  Which do you think is more-likely?  You don't think a particular nation might be involved in that do you?

How do you invade a nation and reduce it to a quivering blob of fear without firing a single shot?  There isn't a nation that we allowed to be the sole source for a large part of our pharmaceutical and medical supply chain, is there?  They don't have a decades-long history of ripping off and destroying various businesses, do they?  They're not Communists, are they?  And if all of this has and is happening what do you think we should do with all the alleged "Americans" who are on their payroll and attacking our nation from inside as if members of their military invading our land?  Does a foreign power have to use guns and bombs in a world of weaponized "big tech" and payment systems, never mind hospitals and doctor offices that cannot function without everything from chips to syringes and scalpels made in said foreign nation?

We've surrendered to said nation without so much as a whimper!

We did all this over a bug the WHO now says has an infection fatality rate (IFR) of a bad flu.  And which is confirmed by the US CFR-10, which is about 1/10th of the actual infections, so divide it by 10.  Note that in the US we haven't seen a IFR over ~0.15% since July 1st; the higher rate on a full-outbreak basis is because we murdered tens of thousands of people early on by shoving the bug into nursing homes and putting people on ventilators we knew would kill them.  When we stopped doing that the rate leveled off irrespective of "cases" and hasn't moved in more than three months.  See it for yourself.


Why the huge push for "immediate" vaccines?  For a flu bug?  Yeah, a bad flu bug, but a flu bug.  Not my claim either; that's the WHO's claim and the data from the US since July 1st backs it up.  So what's the problem?  Why all the nuts in one basket?  We know how to treat this thing and most of the time we succeed.  If people adopted prophylaxis using known safe means and doctors got aggressive with infections early the case rate might well fall even further.  But even if it doesn't this is not an emergency any longer.  And Florida's own Legislature has documented that 40%, roughly, of the alleged "Covid" deaths in their state are improperly classified and it is impossible to know whether they were really from Covid at all!  That's fraud folks, and it's fraud on a mass-scale committed by thousands in one state alone.

Where are you folks?  Hiding in your closet or under the bed?  Why?

Wearing a mask?  Why?

They don't work because they can't work.  The "droplet" isn't the infectious part; that's just water that carries the infectious part.  When it evaporates off the mask where do you think the infectious part goes?  You really aren't so stupid as to believe that it just disappears, are you?  Never mind that when you blow backwards through a filter you will blow whatever is on the filter back into the room and masks by the nature have air going through them both ways.  That's why they don't work -- they can't work.  If you car's oil or air filters had flow going through them both ways they'd be useless.  Only an N95 is materially useful and you can neither replace them often enough nor afford to buy enough of them for the general population to use them.  Fauci and everyone else knows this; there is 40 years of controlled trials and hard science proving it.  And again, you don't care.

Just like you allow a Governor to tell you exactly what Mayor Waters and others nationally really have in mind.  That's right, not my words, their words.  They are so damned deranged, all of them, that they have either the gall or stupidity to publicly announce that if you just Vote for Biden COVID19 will disappear.  That's right, they tell you straight up that this has exactly nothing to do with public health and never did.

I wish I was joking.

Oh, and The Atlantic, which has been compiling all this data and making it easily available on a state-by-state basis, has announced it's going away in late November.  How convenient.

Why would you bother to ever start or run a business, or for that matter do anything to help your fellow man in a nation where this is allowed to occur and exactly nothing happens to the people who do it?

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2020-10-16 10:38 by Karl Denninger
in Covid-19 , 796 references
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The title sounds pretty awful, but really, if you want to know where the fault is when it comes to Covid19, get up and go look in the mirror.

We're nearly nine months into this, and really, closer to ten.  We ignored the first month because we felt like it.  And our culpability goes back even further, because the evidence is very strong that we were funding the Wuhan lab, and we were not keeping any sort of surveillance over in China with regard to what was going on with our money.

You can stop the bull**** about China being a sovereign and thus entitled to do whatever it wants whenever you're tired of dying.  Which, apparently, we aren't and haven't been.  After all we're still perfectly ok with lithium being mined and processed over there in open leech pits, which is the only economically-viable way to process it, and which inevitably poisons both the air and ground (and thus water.)  We ban the trade in ivory from elephant tusks but not the mass destruction of land and people "required" to build a Tesla.

So save me the pearl-clutching because it's just getting started -- and so am I.

If you're one of those pearl-clutching *******s just stop reading now because you're going to be really pissed off by the time you're done with this article.

Notice how the Healthy At Any Size idiots have shut up of late?  Gee, I wonder why?

Myth: HAES is anti-weight loss. The fact is that while a HAES approach does not support the intentional pursuit of weight loss, because obsessing over weight often causes more harm than good, it views weight loss itself as neither good nor bad.

Well that's a scientific lie and you just got it shoved in your face.  Instead of dying slowly and painfully over decades from progressive disease weight 300+lbs has a habit of leading to your immediate extinguishment if you get Covid19.

For how many years has this tripe been pushed and how many people are dead as a consequence?

What did I say back in February?  That this disease is spread in scat.  We knew this because of two outbreaks in the Far East; one in China and one in Hong Kong, both of which had no other plausible explanation.  Then they found the virus in scat but ignored it in the wider world.  Then a study was done attempting to find virus in an isolation ward where Covid patients were and the contamination was found in the bathroom but not the patient rooms.  Then, just recently, a paper was published showing ten times the virus concentration in patient bathrooms over the rest of the area where they were. 

May I remind everyone that you spend a hell of lot less time in the toilet than the rest of your room when in the hospital - or anywhere else?  So if the contamination is 10x higher when you spend a tiny fraction of your time in there what is the distribution of contamination emission from you, the infected person, via the various routes over time?  Do you need "complex math" and "big, expensive medical degrees" to figure this out?

We are 3/4 of a year into this bug, we knew in February that fecal contamination was a material part of how it was spread and shed from people and we've lied to the public about it for the entire ****ing time.  I pointed out that "White man sanitation good" was likely to be material.  Well, it's only material and only attenuates the spread if you pay attention to it and model public policy on that basis.  We did not and that was malicious so as to be able to call health-care workers "heroes" and to not impugn certain other ethnic groups.

This in turn has allowed everyone and their ******ned brother to scream about masks when we also know that 40 years of hard science in the form of controlled trials says they don't work.  The so-called "risk reduction" studies that have been published are outright frauds; they cite other work in their claim about interdicting particles from a positive but asymptomatic carrier (on the presumption that only a monster would intentionally infect others) but exactly zero of the previous work shows efficiency for cloth masking of any sort and the controlled trial body of evidence shows that surgical masks are worthless as well.  This leaves respirators, which are not masks.  They work -- but they're expensive, must be fit-tested and not one person in ten can or will wear and fit them properly never mind the expense and limited supply.

Let me quote from that latter article:

"This review suggests very few infectivity of the air around covid-19 patients. We find RNA but not viable virus.

Only 1.5% of samples of air less than 3' away from the person with the disease tested positive and what they found was mostly RNA but not viable virus particles.

If the virus is not viable it cannot infect anyone.  These are hospitalized patients, not asymptomatic or mild disease suffers.  By definition they got it bad or they wouldn't be there.  This is proof that masks are worthless as source control since there is no source to control!

But in patient toilets the rate of positive samples was 23.8%, or roughly fifteen times as likely.  The median concentrations in toilets were ten times as high as those in patient rooms.

They also found plenty of RNA in staff and public hallways -- but guess where the source is if you can't find it around the person who is infected themselves?  Well, duh.  It's in the ****ing ****ter, jackass.

In other words we pushed a knowingly worthless set of policies -- and we're still doing it today.

We're killing people with this bull**** and mask mandates make it worse rather than better.

Why?  Because transport matters.  If you collect something and then move it from where it was you dramatically increase the number of people who can get infected.  This is fundamentally unsound and is why "mask orders" in the general public are flat-out bat**** crazy.  We've known masks in the general public do not work since the flu pandemic of 1918 when the places that put mask orders in place got no results in suppressing the spread of the bug.  Why?  Because any potential "benefit" from the mask is offset by inevitable transport of viral material from one place to another, thereby multiplying the potential number of infected people.  With a bug that is fecally transmissible if the bug is aerosolized out of feces (not just transmitted by contact) you've really screwed the pooch in that you're now taking the risk of exposure from the person who uses the restroom and expanded it to anyone who gets anywhere near their mask for the next several hours, especially if someone has it on and is blowing air through the wrong way liberating virus from the outside surface with each breath.  Do remember that a mask is a filter and if you took your furnace filter and put it in backwards all of the dust, pollen and other material it collected would be immediately distributed into your house!  What do you think happens if you breathe in via a mask, collect some virus on the outside surface and then exhale blowing said collected material that fails to "stick" to the surface back into the air in part?  If you collected the virus in a restroom and then leave the restroom with the mask on your face you are distributing that virus to everyone who gets anywhere near you outside of the infectious environment!  The more area you cover after it gets contaminated the worse the problem gets.

Remember that the droplet is not the infectious part -- the droplet is a carrier of the infectious part.  When it evaporates the infectious part is still there, it is a fraction of a micron in size and is liberated from the carrying water droplet.  In other words you are transporting that infectious agent around and as the droplet evaporates you are liberating it into the environment wherever you are at the time.  Until the virus itself is destabilized, which occurs over time and especially with UV exposure or exposure to high or low-pH environments (which is why soap works) it remains infectious.

Such a mandate is criminally insane as it is guaranteed to infect people.

Our government has literally turned every person adhering to such a mandate into Typhoid Mary; any virus you pick up from some random place or encounter you are now being forced to transport said bug under "authority of law" to other places and people, distributing it to them.

The government officials passing such mandates are homicidal maniacs and every one of them deserves the Federal needle.

So what mitigations could we adopt?

I pointed them out months ago.  First, temperature checks are imperfect but have no downside.  Since viral replication is exponential barring those with a fever from indoor locations would help; that is, if you have a fever you likely have 10, 100, 1,000 or even more times as much viral load as someone who does not.  Further, and perhaps most-importantly, those who are on the lowest rungs of the economic ladder are those who will go to work even knowing they feel "off" or even if febrile; this isn't because they're trying to kill people, it's because they can't afford not to and are trying not to kill themselves through starvation or rendering themselves homeless.  I can hardly blame someone who makes $10/hour for going to work if they're not feeling 100%.  But what we can do is check everyone at the door before they come to work every time.  It's fast, it's cheap, it keeps no records, it's not obtrusive and it might suppress flu transmission too, and thus is a general, durable public positive.

We haven't done it yet it is far more likely to help than a mask mandate.

Second, we can change building codes so that on any remodel or new construction in a public building the sinks have to go outside the restrooms.  In addition the faucet, soap and paper towel dispensers must be touchless and maintained.  There is a huge problem with public restrooms and people not washing their hands and further, contamination of the sinks and other areas is nearly universal.  Reducing the risk of the person re-contaminating themselves (e.g. by having to open the door after washing one's hands) will make a significant difference.  So will banning those damned air dryers that blow whatever is on your hands all over the place.

While we're at it we should materially increase ventilation requirements in public restrooms with ceiling to floor airflow patterns.  That, again, is a "remodel or new construction" thing but keeping fecally-liberated aerosols near the floor and away from your mouth and nose, and getting them out of the damn room will make quite a difference -- never mind getting rid of the nasty smell.  Oh, incidentally, I'll lay a bet in any amount you care to lose that if the virus is in feces it is also in farts.  Does your face diaper prevent you from smelling a fart?  How about your pants and underwear (a multi-layer "cloth mask" over your *******)?

Are you really that stupid or do you just play dumb when out in public?

Further, in high-density places (e.g. bars and restaurants) place a camera pointing at said sink with the monitor where people can see it, such as over the bar.  This is aimed at promoting compliance with use of said sink by the very simple and effective mechanism of public shaming.  It costs nothing to do this on a remodel or new construction and I've not seen one single report of it being implemented anywhere across the United States.  While it will come too late for Covid19, it will certainly not be too late for the next bug, nor for the seasonal flu every year hereafter.

When you get down to it, viruses that infect the respiratory tract are never going away.  Ever.  Reduction in transmission on an incremental basis sounds good but is it?  Not necessarily.  Your immune system functions by continual use and cross-reactivity means that the more use you get the higher the odds you have some level of existing immune recognition to a novel disease.

This in turn means that attempting to live "in a bubble" is very bad because doing so means that cross-reactivity will likely be absent.  And do not kid yourself folks -- vaccination is not a replacement for natural exposure.  It never has been and never will be.  Man is not smarter than God (or Darwin, if you prefer.)  Black people, for example, are much more-likely to have sickle-cell disease than whites.  Why?  Because sickle-cell disease confers partial protection against malaria.  This doesn't mean you want sickle-cell disease, of course but it does point out that nature finds a way.  Prior to "modern medicine" the average life expectancy of a European white person who traveled to sub-Saharan Africa was six months.  Why?  Because the endemic diseases there were various forms of pestilence that no white person had any innate immunity to and thus you'd get one or more of them and die.

Similarly we knew natural protection over time from prior exposure and heredity existed over 200 years ago.  White European people had about a 30% fatality rate if they got smallpox, which is awful.  But Native Americans were laid waste by the same disease; their fatality rate was estimated at 90-95%!  Why?  Because other related diseases were endemic on the European continent but unheard-of on the North American one.  Over tens of thousands of years this produced innate immunity to a novel virus they had not been exposed to.  It was not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it sure as hell beat a near-certain death sentence.

We now have additional evidence that flu vaccination in childhood causes harm down the road.  Specifically, it can increase by material amounts your risk of getting the flu when you're old.  That's very bad because as with Covid old people are killed by the flu as well. Note that this study came out in 2006 and has been ignored and now we're all being told "get your flu shot!"  Annual "preventative" flu vaccines in healthy children produce interference over time and when said child gets to be 70 it makes them more-likely to get the flu and potentially die from it.  This is just great from the standpoint of the medical profession since the more-sick you get and the more shots you need to try to ward that off the more money they make.

That death is an inconvenient side effect is obviously of no concern to them.

The evidence is very strong that coercive policies when it comes to Covid have a cumulative and deadly effect on outcomes.  Sweden continues to see "cases"; in fact they're now at about 1,000 a day, and have roughly tripled since August.  Big shock?  No.  It's getting colder.  Likewise we're seeing more "cases" in the northern states and that will spread southward as the months go on into winter.  Viral transmission activity increases in the colder months.  Why?  Absolute humidity falls which liberates virus from drops that will otherwise harmlessly fall to the floor and the lower the absolute humidity the more likely that such a particle will be liberated and not accumulated and fall out of suspension.  It's physics and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.  In addition we know that Vitamin D production by humans, which occurs by exposure to the sun, is attenuated when insolation is less and people spend more time indoors.  We knew that vitamin D had a link to viral infection outcomes over a hundred years ago; those Spanish Flu patients placed outdoors during the day did better than those kept inside irrespective of whether windows were opened, etc.  We now know why.  There is also a crazy-high correlation (which does not prove causation but suggests a link) between serum Vitamin D levels and Covid outcomes.  Does this mean you should willy-nilly gobble Vitamin D supplements?  Probably not; you can overdo it and the consequences of doing so are quite severe.  But it is something to be mindful of.

But Sweden, which enacted basically no coercive policies at all, is not seeing any rise in deaths despite lots of new "infections."  In other words in Sweden Covid19 has become an endemic head cold.  Who the hell cares about a head cold?

Has anyone else had that success?  Oh hell no.  And while Sweden says 5,900 people died out of 10 million, which sounds awful, roughly half of those were in nursing homes where Sweden, like everyone else, failed to stop the virus from penetrating.  They, like us, paid no attention to fecal transmission and the fact of the matter is that a huge percentage of people in nursing homes (about 40%) are incontinent.

Then look at Japan.  Rather than adopt the stupidity of others they went with the science.  Rather than trace "contacts" for a case they worked to trace backward to the source.  Why?  Because they paid attention to the fact that this bug is behaving in a stochastic manner -- that is, it is not deterministic.  That implies that most people do not give it to anyone else while a few people give it to a lot of others.  Chasing those who statistically are unlikely to pass it on is stupid.  If you focus your resource instead on where it came from you find the people who are transmitting it and can isolate them.  Doing this requires near-immediate testing results, however, which conflicts with making a lot of money and screaming "test-test-test!"  We'll see how this turns out for them over time, but so far it looks pretty good.  Oh by the way, they did not enforce mandates of any substance, just as Sweden did not.

The difference in outcomes between approaches is stark.  Many nations including ours tried to claim that mask orders and such would stop the virus.  Spain and the UK, among others, jumped up and down about how they'd "won."  Uh, not so fast.  As in the US they're now getting a second spike despite the orders and death is coming with it.  Sweden, which decided to tell their population to act like adults and use their heads but refused to implement any sort of coercive measures of note is now back to normal.  Oh sure, people are getting it -- but it's not killing them.  Why not?  Because the people who are getting it and who got it in the first place were largely those it could not significantly harm and this protects the most-vulnerable who remain because transmission is inhibited.  Again, the actually ill has a viral load many times that of someone who has an asymptomatic infection.  Which person is more-likely to give it to others, in what volume are they likely to transmit it and what are the odds it hits someone it can kill?

Never mind that cross-reactivity means you want to infect people with head colds caused by other coronaviruses.  

Sweden won and we lost.  We must immediately change our policies; we knew this in May and June but nobody would listen and they were all pointing to Sweden as a failure.  Those who did so have blood on their hands as it is now proved they were wrong and Sweden was right.

But -- we also must cut the bull**** when it comes to personal responsibility and outcomes.  There is zero moral, ethical or legal justification for what we're doing now.

Nobody has a duty whether grounded in morals, ethics or the law to do a damn thing to protect you if you, as a sane adult, refuse to protect yourself.  The facts are that outcomes with Covid infections vary by a factor of well more than 100 times based on factors that are, in the 90th percentile, a function of personal choice.

New York has shown that even if you're extremely old, that is, over 75, unless you have one or more of the comorbid "nasty" conditions the odds of you being killed by Covid are nearly zero.  A literal four people over 75 without any of those conditions in New York have died.  FOUR!

On the other hand 8,190 people with those conditions in that same age bracket have expired.

The odds ratios across all age groups are at least 10:1 and in the case of being elderly it's over 1,000:1!

While not every one of those conditions is a function of personal choice most are.  Obesity and Type II diabetes are the most-outrageous of them but hardly the only examples.  Cardiac and chronic lung diseases are also largely lifestyle-choice mediated things.  Do some people have these conditions without personal choice entering into it?  Certainly.  But the overwhelming majority of said persons are dead because they decided, over the space of years or even decades, to do unhealthy things on purpose and now we're told that all of us most "protect them."

In a word, NO.

Why not?

Because if I choose to cave dive and die it's my ass and my choice.  If I choose to drink alcohol and as a result I suffer liver damage and die that is also my choice and my ass.  If I choose to smoke, same deal.  If I choose to skydive, pull the cord and nothing happens, oops -- my ass, my choice (let's hope the reserve works but if not, well, the bounce is mine.)  If I choose to eat to excess, again, my choice and my ass.  Ditto if I let my cardiac and aerobic condition deteriorate and do nothing about it.

None of this is your problem.  If it makes me more susceptible to the bad effects of a disease such that I'm 10 or more times likely to die then that's my problem, not yours.  You owe me nothing in that regard.  You most-certainly do not have an obligation to take any sort of "mitigating steps" or alter your behavior in any way so I don't have to pay the check after I order all that booze, smoke all those cigs and sit in front of the TV for decades wolfing down the potato chips and candy!

No, no and **** you no.

And in terms of public policy the idea that it is hate speech or a microaggression to call out someone who is in fact doing these things is giving license to them committing slow suicide!  Well, this time it wasn't so slow was it?  So what?  Their ass, their choice but perhaps if people did point it out they might have changed their minds and their behavior.  Oh sure, many if not most would have "felt bad" and maybe even added depression to their maladies but how many of those who weighed 300+ pounds, had they taken **** for it from their doctors, friends, family and random people on the street decided to do something about it 10 years ago?

Not all of them, that's for sure.

But every one of the people who would have is one that would be alive today, and is dead.

Put that in your Hunter Biden branded crack pipe and smoke it, America.

And face the facts: This bug is in feces, we've known it since February, the distribution and facts of spread favor that method of transmission and masks by definition will make the spread of such a bug worse in virtually every case because they will transport the virus and thus result in more people being exposed.

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2020-10-12 14:36 by Karl Denninger
in Podcasts , 210 references
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