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2019-10-05 09:25 by Karl Denninger
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Here We Go Again*
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Yeah, they say, it's all angry white men doing all the murdering.

Uh, no.

75% of the American population is white by last count, ~12.5% Hispanic, ~12.3% black and 3.6% Asian, roughly.  Those are the major represented groups.

So it lines up like this:

75% of the population committed 3,308 murders.

12.5% of the population committed 1,576 murders.

And finally, 12.3% of the population committed 6,318 murders.

Adjusting for population the absolute murder ratios (lower is less-likely to murder) were 4,410.67, 12,608 and 51,365.

Taking the lowest likelihood to murder as the "baseline" (white people) as "1" if you're Hispanic you're 2.86 times more likely to murder and if you're black you're 11.65 times more-likely to do so.

This ignores the "unknown" (unsolved) murders, of which there are many.  But it is a pretty good bet that the division doesn't change much in that regard.

For sex you're 7.14 times more likely to murder if you're male than female. Big shock.

Cut the crap folks -- right now -- when it comes to the "nasty white dude" nonsense.

It simply is not true -- not even close.

Then there's weapons.

6,603 murders by pistol, 297 by rifle, 235 by shotgun and 3,130 by gun but type not specified.

However, 1,515 were by knife and 672 by hands, feet, and other human instruments (e.g. pushed off bridge)

In other words before you ban "nasty black rifles" you need to ban both knives and fists.

Incidentally you'd think that if you don't want to be murdered stay out of the cities.  All but 3,268 murders were committed in one.  If you stay out of non-suburban cities as well then there are only 684 murders left.  Roughly 16.4 million people live there however -- and when you adjust for population the risk isn't that much lower.

In other words "diversity" matters much more than location.  Another inconvenient truth.

None of this fits the narrative, of course..... so you can expect the slime to ignore it.

But facts just are, and since it's your ass maybe you shouldn't ignore it.

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