Blacks To Whites: Please Come Back! Whites: Bite Me.
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2019-04-27 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Social Issues , 611 references Ignore this thread
Blacks To Whites: Please Come Back! Whites: Bite Me.*
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That's really what this op-ed is:

This plea is made to the suburbanites among us: If you have disengaged from Baltimore City, please consider re-engaging. My appeal is not based upon vague notions of virtuous acts. I appeal to nothing other than your self-interest.

So many of you tell me that you no longer go to the city. Often, I sense a hint of pride in your voice, as if you have managed to kick a bad habit. It may seem irresponsible to ask people to frequent the City That Reads Healthy Holly given its deeply regrettable state of affairs.

Uh huh.

From the demographc report, as of 2010 (last census):

Black: 63.7%
White: 29.6% (non-Hispanic: 28%)
Asian: 2.3%
American Indian or Alaska Native: 0.4%
Two or more races: 2.1%
Other race: 1.8%
Hispanic, Latino or Spanish of any race: 4.2%

So, you have a majority black population and the city has gained a reputation for being a ****hole to the point that white suburbia has both fled and won't even come downtown to shop or partake in whatever it offers.

Oh, the writer of the OpEd actually admits this too:

Your retort to me might very well be, “If I go to the city, I’m likely to end up at Shock Trauma.”

“No place better,” I might respond, “They really know what they’re doing — world class.”

And there it is.  Getting shot, knifed, raped, robbed or beaten ought to be on your agenda!  We have a great hospital to take care of that!

But of course it's raciss to point this out.  Except that I'm not the one pointing it out, of course, so stop calling me the racist.  Point your ire at the author of that OpEd.

Except.... facts aren't raciss.  They're just.... facts.

Never mind a mayor who seems to have the magical ability to cut sweetheart insider deals to make a ton of money selling..... children's books (the aforementioned "Healthy Holly") through the University of Maryland medical system while on its board!  The FBI just raided City Hall along with a number of other locations related to this nice bit of cronyism (and potential felony, given that the FBI is involved) while...... the mayor is nowhere to be found. Uh..... yeah.

Re-engage with such a place?  **** you.

Hehjackass!  Reality in Baltimore is not much different than in ****cago, well, with one exception -- there are places in the city where (still) you might not get shot.  But, last weekend..... 5 killed, 29 wounded -- over Easter Sunday.  The bunny wasn't one of them.

Clearance rate on all those murders?  12.2%.  So much for the cops; they suck too.  And between black and hispanic in ****cago that would be 94% of the victims (and, likely, the shooters -- the media only reports the race of the shooters, most of the time, if they're white.  Total of such reports in said city thus far this year?  Zero.  You can therefore infer that none of the shooters were white as they'd be both caught and paraded around by the Sun Times and Tribune as proof of how raciss all of us white people are.)

Never mind the Wednesday before Easter in that "fine city" (which I'm sure Baltimore emulates) where five hundred teens (guess their predominant race!) decided to play "mob of the apes" (with apologies to actual Apes for maligning them) in the shopping district on MagMile, going on a smash-and-grab fest both against citizens who had their purses and phones stolen along with stores that had merchandise robbed.  By the way that's the "high rent, full price" retail district in town just in case you don't know.

Now that's the culture we should make the hallmark of our nation -- right?

Baltimore doesn't have HeyJackass but it does have this site from the Sun, which says 89 homicides so far this year.  For comparison ****Cago has managed 125.  Of course ****cago has 2.7 million people in the city while Baltimore has 611,000!  So on a per-capita basis ****cago manages 1 in 21,600 killed thus far this year while Baltimore has done 1 in roughly 6,800, or three times ****cago's rate.

The city wants you to "come back" into a ****ty that has three times ****cago's murder rate?  Recreational cannabis is not legal in Maryland -- but it's clearly being smoked in abundance by the writer of this editorial!

Baltimore is in the middle of collapse during the biggest stock-market boom in history and with record-low unemployment to the point that the city believes it has to "reach out" to suburban whites and those blacks who left due to having both a brain and decency pleading with them to "come back"?

It's not like white males and culture built all of those cities to start with, right?  Why do all these great city folks need any of us?  Everyone's equal, all cultures and socio-economic choices are equal, there are no gang-banger wanna-be's all over your city who form into mobs of people to sack stores and steal purses --and it's raciss to suggest otherwise or even report the mathematical facts.  Why do you give a crap about all those suburban dudes and dudettes?  If there's nothing "superior" about one culture, values and level of industriousness over another then why isn't Baltimore thriving with its awesome and industrious population, showing us all how wonderful and productive said population and culture is?

I have one question: How much of Baltimore -- and Chicago, with dozens of other similar cities -- will be on fire as soon as the next recession hits?

I have the answer to that too: ALL OF IT.

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