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2022-05-24 08:15 by Karl Denninger
in Other Voices , 373 references
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People make decisions every day. Some of those decisions are fairly trivial, others have long reaching effects. Occasionally the consequences are very obvious.  One example is deciding what to eat for lunch.  You choose to eat a steak, and down the hatchet goes.  Other times the consequences are hidden because the effect is not felt until far into the future.  The original choice is long forgotten, yet still has results.

Continuing the lunch example: one day a person is diagnosed with type II diabetes.  How did this happen?  It’s the result of a bunch of bad food choices over decades.  No single meal ruined insulin sensitivity, yet millions of potato chips and rolls later, their blood sugar is too high.

Who’s fault is it Lord Beetus visited them?

There are several degrees of responsibility.

Some things are truly nobody’s fault.  Natural disasters are good example.  Nothing an individual can do will redirect a hurricane away from New Orleans.  Type I diabetes is the same way.  It’s a short straw.

Some outcomes can be influenced by individuals.  The hurricane is nobody’s fault, but letting equipment decay absolutely is.  Specific people in the city are responsible for allowing the infrastructure of New Orleans to fail in two separate hurricanes. There is a certain poetic justice when one of these people’s houses is washed away.  But the vast majority of New Orleans residents can do nothing about the idiots in charge not maintaining the city.  But they bear responsibility to clean up what remains of their house, or to move on and start over.  This rightly pisses people the fuck off.

And finally there are outcomes completely under an individual’s control.

As soon as an individual learns how they can mitigate a negative outcome, the mature and responsible thing to do the damn thing. No, it’s not fun.  No, asspats are not incoming.

There is no excuse for anyone to stay a type II diabetic.  Zero.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  Information about how to maintain stable, healthy blood sugar is plentiful.  Those who choose not to, take their chances.  Eating is a choice, and they are free to make any choices they want.

Choices and responsibilities should be a source of comfort, not dread.  If your actions caused the situation, more action on your part can negate it.  You ate your way into type II diabetes, you can eat your way back out.  Type II diabetes is not a progressive disease unless you allow it to be.

From a consequences standpoint, it is a self-contained problem.  High blood sugar slowly kills the body: amputated limbs, failing kidney function, retinal neuropathy, and eventually death.  Others around them are burdened, but the acute consequences are personal.  The diabetic cannot shift gangrene and blindness to another person.  Likewise, no other person can affect their blood sugar.

In other words, it’s their choice and their responsibility.  The diabetic has a few choices. They can either deal with it, accept the consequences of letting their health slide, or whine about it.  Only one of these fixes the problem.  But none of the three actions affect those around them directly.

What happens when an individual shifts the consequences of their actions onto others?  We get New Orleans after a hurricane.

These people are losers.  

Losers spend more effort explaining why something isn’t their fault than fixing the problem.  The longer they are enabled, the more people they drag down with them and the worse the consequences become for more people.  Losers expect other people to clean up their shit. If this happens on a societal wide basis, we end up in clown world.

That’s what happened in the coof wars.  We were all expected to do our parts to slow the spread.  Pretty quickly we realized the main victims were the elderly, people with other health problems, and the morbidly obese.  Everyone eventually gets old, which is no one’s fault.  In fact, we celebrate aging with birthdays!  Very few people objected to the concept of protecting the elderly.  Sacrificing them was wrong and deliberately killing grandma will ripple through society until the current generation passes away.

Health problems may or may not be the individual’s fault, and they may not have any influence over them.  As long as the general public was not expected to put their lives on hold, most were sympathetic.  Keep this point in mind as you read.  Only a psycho would coerce an immunocompromised person into a room full of coughing people.

The first justifications for lockdowns and masks were the elderly and immunocompromised, but quickly fatties were added to this list.  Because a butter golem refused to put down the donuts, your kid had to wear a mask for two years.  Because somebody with cancer might be in the grocery store, you had to get the jab.  Karen’s health was your responsibility. Your health became Karen’s choice but your responsibility.

Instead of accepting personal responsibility and consequences for their health decisions, they outsourced outcomes to society at large, no matter what the cost.  And boy, are we paying the price now.  

But there’s another group of losers who deserve scorn, because their choices have become our problem.  We are expected to clean up their shit, too.

Every adult who took the jab had a choice. Tickerguy’s recent Ticker points out that 60% of the jabbed do not develop N protein immune recognition, so they will get reinfected over and over again.  What this means is covid is here forever.  It will not ebb and flow on a 4 year cycle like other Corona viruses because so many people are susceptible to it.  Because these morons took the jab, we have to live under authoritarian, draconic, soul sucking mandates until we either burn mother fucking clown world down or they all die.

You bet I’m pissed.  These dumb ass’s decision materially affects everyone in America.  From the constant threat of mandates to doing Jabby’s work while he’s out sick for the fourth time this year, I am fed up.  Every time one of them talks about a “disease of the unvaccinated,” or bitches that the new variant is putting vaccinated people in the hospital, my frustration grows a little more.  Every time one of these whining losers blames another person for getting sick, my sympathy wanes. These feelings are cumulative, they aren’t receding.  

My anger is not directed at any particular individual. I actually like a bunch of people who got the shots.  Almost all of my work colleagues and social circle did.  But the jabbed as a group?  Fuck them.   Even if they did the calculus and decided the clot shot was better than the coof.  Too many of them did it, so all of us have to live with the consequences.  And worst of all, there are enough vaxxed to successfully shift the responsibility to the purebloods.  And for that both of my middle fingers are forever in the air towards them all.

Just like no one single meal creates a diabetic, no one single individual ushered in clown world.  But too many shitty, carby meals and too many clot shots later, here we are.

For the rest of my life every time I see an event that requires proof of vaccination, my patience will shrink.  Every time some random person on the Internet posts about another booster to comply I resent the whole group more. 

You could have refused, instead you knuckled under and did it.  Now I’m paying the price for your stupidity.  Fuck you. If you had a backbone this would have been over in a week.  It would have vanished like a fart in the wind.

Enjoy the silent frustration while it lasts.  When that overflows, the rage begins.  And I’m not the only one out there.

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2022-05-23 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Personal Health , 815 references
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Google up "monkeypox" and you'll have some fun.

Yes, there is a disease called monkeypox.  Its been around for a long time.  Its a relative of smallpox, and chickenpox.  The latter of which, incidentally, when it reactivates, is shingles.

Monkeypox is somewhat difficult to transmit; unlike a respiratory virus it, being expressed in the skin and similar has its locus there and thus personal contact is the primary means of transmission.

Now here's the nasty thing not reported in the mainstream media, but it is reported if you look: Virtually all of the cases outside of Africa are occurring in men who have sex with men.

Who remember this from the early 1980s?

Oh, you don't, do you?

Well you wokester that's because you're too young so listen to someone who wasn't and had people lying and trying to scare the crap out of him for nearly a decade back then because the exact same bullshit ("don't call this a gay disease") is being run now that was run then.

But one thing that public health experts have noticed is that most of the infected patients — in fact all but one of the patients whose sex has been revealed so far — are men.

Funny that.  You see, men who aren't gay live with other people, and sleep with their spouse or girlfriend, right?  Which means they have extremely close personal contact and yet..... where are their girlfriends and wives in the case counts?  Missing, that's where.

So how is this spreading again?  Uh huh.

Back in the early 1980s Dianne FeinSWINE (now a Senatoramong others adamantly refused to close gay bathhouses in San Francisco specifically even though what was then a nasty wasting disease we call AIDS was obviously and clearly spreading there, almost-exclusively among gay men.  The refusal to call it what it was, and the means of transmission what it was -- which is buttfucking -- resulted in the virus exploding exponentially among gay men and ultimately killing a huge number of them.

Of course it is absolutely true that it is not just gay men who get HIV and AIDS.  It is possible to transmit it through normal sexual intercourse, that is, not choosing to use a door marked "exit only" for other purposes, and then of course there's also the insanity of sharing injectable drug needles which as expected is an amazingly efficient means of transmitting anything that is in one person's blood to someone else.

Then there was the quite-high prevalence of "heterosexual" transmission in sub-Saharan Africa, which was instantly trotted out by all the so-called "public health" people as evidence that ordinary heterosexual people are at extremely high risk.  Curiously, however, that seemed to be confined to sub-Saharan Africa.  I ran that down and came up with the obvious reason for it which got me called homophobic at the time by several so-called "friends", which was the fact that the sort of birth control we have available on request here in the western world isn't there, either due to availability or lack of money, and so guess what heterosexual couples often use for birth control?  Uh huh.  Oh by the way forty years later most people still don't know that but.... oh look what we have here!

For example, a New York study of initially serodiscordant, heterosexual couples found that a history of anal intercourse was one of the strongest predictors of eventual HIV transmission, adjusted OR = 10.81, 95% CI = 2.78–42.0 (14).

Odds ratio of nearly 11:1?  It only took until 2017 for that article to publish and I knew about this, and was yelling about it, in the 1980s and early 1990s!

Odds are not racist, homophobic or anything else.  They're facts and said fact is that by said ratio roughly nine out of ten infections (which, years ago, were inevitably fatal) would not have occurred if either of two specific voluntary acts did not take place.

But the very same screaming about "not stigmatizing" a specific behavioral pattern that was largely responsible for the explosive growth of AIDS among gay men, and not only refusing to shut down publicly-provided venues that were literal superspreading places for over a year but also deliberately lying to everyone, claiming that every man and woman who chose to sleep together were likely to kill one another when this was absolutely not in evidence and in fact proved up to be false is nothing new.

How about Covid-19?  Healthy children are at a risk statistically indistinguishable from zero when it comes to Covid.  Something like 400 kids out of tens of millions have succumbed to this virus.  Not only is it foolish to "vaccinate" someone against something that has no personal risk to them what's worse is that the jabs, we now know, damage natural immunity and have a nasty adverse event profile.  So rather than let the kids get it, get over it and have durable recognition we now have and continue to saddle them with damaged immune response and potential cardiac damage, on purpose, against a virus that has no statistical harm associated with catching it for that population group.  At the same time we refused to point out to people who were wildly overweight, diabetic, severely Vitamin D deficient or all of the above that those conditions are very highly associated with bad outcomes from Covid and fixing them might be protective.  

We shoved about 700,000 Americans in the hole over the years through flat-out bullshit when it came to HIV and somewhere around a million thus far with Covid.  Rather than focus intervention at the points where it statistically matters in terms of outcomes we scold, we call people racists, homophobes or whatever other slur we can come up with all while wielding needles and pill bottles full of lightly-tested and ultimately, in many cases, dangerous and worthless (AZT anyone?) medications.

It is a fact that the "feelz" -- both then and now -- were so goddamned important that we killed hundreds of thousands of people so someone wouldn't be "insulted" by having to face reality.  Then, that IV drug use and buttfucking wildly increased your risk of being dead, this last time that being fat, Type II diabetic and Vitamin D deficient, all of which are also choices just as are buttfucking and IV drug usewildly increased your risk of being dead.

Never mind the mask bullshit.  Masks were tried in 1918 as mandates and failed to stop a respiratory virus.  They were tried this time too as mandates and failed to stop a respiratory virus.  In fact that has never worked anywhere and we've known that for one hundred years so shut your yap about so-called "science" which is in fact nothing more than lying because you don't want to insult those who like to put their dicks in assholes and look at the fucking data.

Can monkeypox be transmitted between people in general?  Sure.  But certain behaviors are wildly more-efficient at transmission of that which is accessible in the mucosa of one's body to another person than any other set of behaviors.

I don't care what you choose to do in your own bedroom between consenting adults.  I've never had any desire to sleep with another man and almost-certainly never will; that's just not the way I'm wired.  But we've seen this "don't be honest about how this or that is spread" movie before, we've even gone so far as to publicly pay for and provide places where such spread takes place on a wildly-efficient basis for political purposes and the evil bitch who was primarily responsible for that and the wave of death that came directly from it is now a sitting Senator and was not at minimum expelled from public life if not being guillotined for what she did so all of you scolds out there can fuck off.

Those of us older than about 55 lived through this as adolescents of sexual age (that is, we wanted to have sex as we were plenty old enough to know what it was and like it) or adults, and every one of said people knows damn well exactly what happened and who did it when AIDS showed up.  If you're of that age and don't freely admit to every bit of the above as fact you're grossly mentally deficient or flat-out insane.

Gonna let 'em have another crack at running this bullshit, America?

I'm not.

Don't buttfuck or do buttfuck -- your choice.  But if the choice is "do", as an adult, keep it among consenting adults and accept the risks that come with it.  If you try to infest children with that crap you ought to be locked up where you can never interact with a child again.

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2022-05-22 14:49 by Karl Denninger
in Flash , 525 references
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SALMONELLA OUTBREAK: Check your home for recalled Jif brand peanut butter. If you have recalled peanut butter, throw it away. Don’t eat it.


Nobody wants to eat poisoned / contaminated food.

Now answer this:

Why is the answer always "throw it away" and not take the container, with whatever is in it -- perhaps full -- back to the store and receive a full refund or a replacement, if available, of non-contaminated product?

You didn't buy contaminated food, you bought wholesome and non-contaminated food.

So now the company gets to keep your money after falsely representing that the food was of good quality?

Tell me why the people of this nation don't force the CDC and other "agencies" to eat all of said contaminated product themselves, tying them up and shoving it down their throats if they will not force the manufacturers to replace or issue a full cash refund for all of the allegedly-contaminated product they sold with your only required proof of purchase being that you still have the container with however much product might still be in it?




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2022-05-22 08:04 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 714 references
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A runner is dead after collapsing at the finish line of the annual Brooklyn Half Marathon Saturday, authorities said. 

The 30-year-old runner, who was not identified, was crossing the finish line and collapsed. FDNY spokesperson Frank Dwyer told The Associated Press the runner was transported to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead.  

Or maybe not.

Let's dispense with the obvious: Yes, people do die at these events.  Not all the time, but it does happen.

The weather was reportedly brutally hot on a comparative basis, and from what I can tell the skies were clear -- so add the sun to that, and that's not a small factor. Six other runners got in trouble and wound up in the hospital at original report but there are multiple reports that the number was much higher.

I'm only half-crazy so I limit my running stupidity to 13.1 miles and have done several of them, with the last being Yellowstone last year and one in front of me in a few weeks. If you didn't train for it in the heat (and who did given this time of year?) then getting hammered on race day is a not-nice situation.  Getting behind the curve with hydration and/or electrolytes can result in serious trouble.

But what's missing was what were the conditions on the course at the time the runner collapsed?  Yes, it was hot later in the day but how about when he was running and had the event?  This is a very large event so the starts are staggered, but someone in reasonable (but by no means "competitive" in a field of that size) physical condition will finish a half marathon in somewhere around 2 hours and in a "competitive entry" event (depending on the field size) I'll bet the cutoff is between 1:30-1:45 depending on age.  If you started with the temperature in the lower 60s and when you finished it was in the mid 70s that's a world apart of starting with it in the upper 70s and finishing when its 90F out in full sun!  In point of fact about 2 weeks ago I did a training run for my upcoming half that was over 10 miles and started with 72F temperatures -- in full sun, running on a sidewalk with zero tree cover.  It was 80ish by the time I finished over an hour later and while it did suck it wasn't life-threatening.

Update: There is a comment below that CNN reported he was found collapsed at 9:00 AM, so that means he started with the early groupings, it was in the low-to-mid 70s at the finish when he collapsed and it was not dangerously hot at that time.  The media is lying trying to lay this off on the weather alluding to it being smoking hot (which it was later on) at the time.  Those media folks running that bullshit should be disassembled for doing so.  60ish is nearly perfect running weather and low to mid 70s, while a bit uncomfortable, aren't inherently dangerous.

Note that the sponsoring organization, New York Road Runners, required you be jabbed to compete and prove it, which is wild-eyed stupid since all such races happen outdoors.  Even if you believe the jabs work and are safe there is zero argument for such a requirement outside of flat coercion and if this guy collapsed and died due to cardiac damage from the jabs the organization should be destroyed with every one of its board members and employees, along with their families, financially and personally ruined.

Who wants to bet on them shaving what should be a mandatory autopsy to find the root cause of this gentleman's collapse given that if indeed there's evidence of clotting dysfunction or myocarditis from the jab that left him with an impaired cardiac state you certainly should be able to find it.  There's no means to force public release of course and I suspect his family will be just as interested in not bringing that forward, if in fact that's what happened, as is Fauci, Biden and the executives from Moderna and Pfizer.

I will say this however, given what we know about the apparent very significant increase in these type of events since the jabs rolled out -- but not prior to that, from Covid itself: If you are involved in sustained and serious cardio exercise events, especially events like distance running, and got jabbed (no matter how many times and how young and apparently-healthy you are) you'd be very wise to go have a full cardiac workup done -- right now.

I'll wager that a very significant percentage of the people who took these jabs got some level of cardio-pulmonary damage from them and that you haven't "noticed" doesn't mean it didn't happen.  Plenty of people have heart attacks with no prior warning so if you think it can't happen to you...... yes it can.

If you find something you don't like in that work-up there's probably nothing you can do about it except to cease participating in those sorts of events.  It sucks to have to give up something you love but there's a price to our actions and this may well be yours.

It sucks worse, I remind you, to be dead.

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2022-05-21 07:20 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 702 references
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Consent to this sort of shit, that is.

A Johns Hopkins University center aimed at preventing child sexual abuse has hired a transgender professor who resigned amid controversy after remarks attempting to normalize the phrase "minor-attracted persons," which expanded on a book about the subject.

The Moore Center for Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse in Baltimore, Maryland, announced Thursday that Allyn Walker, Ph.D., will join the center as a postdoctoral fellow on May 25.

"Minor-attracted persons" eh?

Let's differentiate:

A man who happens to like post-pubescent young women that are under 18, that is, who have developed secondary sexual characteristics (specifically hips and breasts) isn't all that particularly odd.  It is illegal to act on such a thing but such a young women is, in all respects except the law, a woman; she menstruates and she can bear children.

Likewise a woman who happens to like post-pubescent young men that are under 18, that is, who have developed secondary sexual characteristics (specifically their balls have dropped, they are capable of impregnation, their voice has changed and they are growing facial hair) isn't all that particularly odd either.  It's illegal for her to act on such a desire too but such a man is, in all respects except the law, a man; he ejaculates, he has the larger musculature and structure of a man and can sire children.

A person who is sexually attracted to children, that is members of either sex who lack secondary sexual characteristics and are not either men or women at a physical level but rather are boys or girls isn't a "minor-attracted person"; said person is a pedophile.  There is no natural and reproductive purpose to such a desire and that is not a mere legal distinction, it is one of abuse as such a person when targeted has absolutely nothing to contribute biologically nor do they understand what the hell is going on as they are simply not at a developmental stage where such is useful to them as an organism in any way.

The distinction here is not just about societal ethics or morals: It is about physical facts and that all such instances are abusive by definition because there is no gain to be had by the kid no matter how you slice, dice and debate this.

People with this sort of "attraction" are profoundly and fundamentally mentally disordered.  There is a decent amount of evidence that such is a permanent condition as well; there has never been any worthwhile demonstration that any sort of psychotherapy or similar will change someone's desires in this regard.  While anyone can deny themselves what they desire -- and plenty of people do on a voluntary basis, whether it be drugs, sex or something else this appears to be some sort of "miswiring" that has occurred in said person at some sort of basic level.

It isn't "normal" and it isn't acceptable to treat it as such.  To shroud this in any sort of "legitimacy" is to claim that there's nothing wrong if someone is wired that way.  That's bullshit and everyone with more than two firing neurons in their head knows it.

Johns Hopkins may think this is "ok" but I will note that this is the same Johns Hopkins who believes legal and physical adults are to be treated as children when it comes to them making their own health decisions, specifically related to lightly-tested and unproved Covid jabs, which we now know don't work as originally advertised and can be dangerous.

It's time to make chess pieces out of those ivory towers.

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