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2020-09-29 12:10 by Karl Denninger
in POTD , 68 references


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It's amusing to watch all the caterwauling over Trump's taxes.  Why?  Because it was specifically Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama who made his $70+ million refund legal.  Nobody, of course, on the left wants to talk about it.

Just like nobody wants to talk about the science on Covid19 either -- specifically:

1. There are many counties across this nation where Covid19 has an equal burden in terms of mortality to the flu.  In fact it's less, but we do not know how much less, because the CDC counts those who were co-infected with influenza as "Covid" deaths.  How many of them were killed by influenza and an asymptomatic Covid infection?  They do not separate that out.  They can, but deliberately don't.  This makes them fear-porn mongers and thus the Covid deaths are overstated by an unknown amount that could be as high as 40%.

2. The CDC, Fauci and Birx all are deliberately ignoring multiple scientific studies showing that somewhere between 30-80% of all persons never exposed to Covid19 are in fact immune.  They're immune because they have T-cell recognition, and thus will not get infected if exposed.  Why do they claim these studies, some of which are peer-reviewed, do not exist?  Because it is wildly unethical to offer or prescribe a medical treatment of any sort that has no possibility of benefit to the person in question.  A person who is T-cell reactive cannot benefit from a Covid vaccine; they can only be harmed.  This is an outrageous fraud in that anywhere from 30-80% of persons have no possibility of being helped, and thus at best this is a flat-out scam to rob the public, either directly or indirectly and risks killing or seriously injuring people for no possible benefit.

Yeah.  That's the government we have today.

What did the people 250 years ago do about something much less-oppressive and fraud-ridden than this?

Just askin'.

References from the video, if you can't read them on a small screen.


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The computer models have once again been dead wrong by a factor of 10x, and the overreaction by governments worldwide has resulted in astounding economic damage that is likely to cause permanent changes within our economic system, none of them good. Welcome to this week’s episode of Retirement Lifestyle Advocates radio show where your host Dennis Tubbergen talks with returning guest Mr. Karl Denninger about how the devastating effects on our economy and our lives will likely unfold in the coming months. 

Here you go!


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2020-09-27 13:57 by Karl Denninger
in POTD , 39 references

Ok, ok, not the stones.  Gas to get from and to the stone.  smiley

Whether the art or just a donation, help a cute chick and her dog out!

This one looks like someone who tried to strop traffic while waving a sign..... smiley


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2020-09-27 13:55 by Karl Denninger
in Editorial , 320 references
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Not much else to say here folks.  Oh, and you have to show your work too.

Paper and pencil children, no cheating with a calculator.

If you fail you should not only have to give up your job and all your wealth to everyone who lost their job as a result of your bull****, but you should considering going and playing in traffic too.

If you're Governor Bill Lee and let this crap go on for another day through obfuscation, lies and outright fraud you should have to join them.

People riot because the cops returned fire after being shot at while serving a warrant while this goes unanswered?


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