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User Info More RLA Goodies!; entered at 2024-02-07 08:17:25
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I'm listening to Dennis and typing in his points as he makes them. A poorly done stream of consciousness.

Currency creation will continue in some form.
Every time currency creation has been tried to solve problems it has failed miserably.
When are you going to pay the taxes on your tax-deferred retirement plans? He has a free(?) strategy you can download.
Karl joins.
Election year crashes starts the party.
Discussion of "The FED will cut rates." The FED has not really said that.
Where is the actual data that inflation pressures have truly eased.
The FED seems to cut rates headed into a recession.
The December household labor data was poor. Usually bad data does not appear until January.
What does this mean for stocks? Portfolios may look good at the end of the year but longer term is questionable. Value can drop suddenly.
Karl does a great comparison of using Treasury Direct versus paying 15 basis points to have some firm essentially do that for you. (I have a firm doing it for me with 90-day CD's.)
Do treasuries become a safe-haven again?
Cheap money has driven a lot of the expansion over the last 20 years. We are now in the phase where the easy-money borrowing is going to cause pain.
Will there be more stimulus and goodie-bags for the electorate in an attempt to influence the election? There is a small but growing body in congress that realize the deficit spending cannot go on indefinitely.
Inflation is having an effect. In election years everyone votes their wallet.
Karl segment 2.
Electric Vehicles. Karl:EV scam. CAFE standard. (Personal point here: I like big trucks and I will not lie.) CAFE standard for EVs is jacked by a factor of 6.67. Tesla sells credits to Ford, GM, Dodge for off-setting poor truck MPG. (Personal question: is this why Ford and GM wanted to go bigger into EVs? Generate their own credits?) Turns out to not be legal.
You cannot charge EVs in negative (below 32F?) temps. Not so practical in actuality.
A lot of transition to green energy does not work out mathematically. Take cost shifting out of EVs versus gasoline vehicles. The forced transition is driving prices up while people would prefer prices to go down.
May have a few bumps this year as there are still pressures throughout the system. May see firings and layoffs.

My apology for not always using the exact same words Dennis and Karl used. I give no guarantee that what I typed is actually what they said or meant to say. I'm new to this.


2024-02-07 08:17:25