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User Info A Political Earthquake; entered at 2023-11-20 10:35:50
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Flappingeagle wrote..
. . . one of the key differences between capitalism and socialism is that with capitalism it is pain first and long-lasting prosperity later. With socialism it is prosperity first (the illusion of) and long-lasting pain later.
Excellent description that applies in theory. In reality, the prosperity associated with "capitalism" tends to degrade with time.

Never in history has "capitalism" survived in its ideal state for any appreciable length of time. It invariably degenerates into "crony capitalism" or oligarchy or the like fairly quickly, in which the primary benefits of the system accrue not to the society, but to TPTB and those who have managed to curry favor with TPTB. Preventing such a transition requires well-intentioned, incorruptible rulers and/or strict, even draconian, accountability of those in power by an involved, well-informed electorate who themselves are incorruptible by various promises. One might as well dream of utopia.

Nevertheless, what this guy claims to want to accomplish would certainly be a huge improvement for his country. If this guy is for real, I wish him lots of luck - he's definitely gonna need it, as he will have extremely strong opposition from well-entrenched, powerful interests both within and without the country. Sadly, I believe that Gianmarko's prediction is likely to be spot-on.

2023-11-20 10:35:50