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User Info A Political Earthquake; entered at 2023-11-20 09:03:52
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One of the tricks the left employs is to make their political opposition feel isolated and outnumbered. An example of this is when online newspapers started removing online comments several years ago.

When people feel outnumbered, most of them are less likely to get engaged since they feel it is a losing battle.

One very positive side effect of this overwhelming win is to confirm that those folks are not only a fringe minority, but a majority. For context, the closest thing we have to a 12-point win in the US was Reagan's 1984 re-election.

Hopefully he can do better than Trump did here. He does seem more intelligent, at least in the one interview I saw with Tucker Carlson.

The other mistake that happened here is that most of Trump's voters expected Trump to single-handedly fix everything (of course, Trump's ego played into that). As a result, Trump did not get competent help, nor could he get his voters to show up for midterm elections. Hopefully Milie can do a better job at building an effective and long-lasting coalition.
2023-11-20 09:03:52