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User Info A Political Earthquake; entered at 2023-11-20 08:53:12
Posts: 189
Registered: 2021-07-14 Canada
Listening to him describe "Shit Leftists" I would swear he lived in Canada through the fake covid pandemic. As liberals lost their minds - because their precious FEAR justified everything they did - they behaved just like the Leftist Milei talks about. The buggers even turned me into a 2nd class citizen!

Now I'm not crazy about his hairdo. Reminds me of that pseudo-Conservative Boris Johnson.

Yes I know, all Conservative politicians in the West are fakes. That's why everything is liberal and woke.

I guess I'll celebrate now because I remember Meloni and I remember Trump's wasted 4 years. I also know that when they talk about RINOs they pretend it's a minority when it's actually over 90% of Republican politicians my entire lifetime!

I ain't from Missouri, nevertheless, Javier Milei - SHOW ME!
2023-11-20 08:53:12