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User Info Reality Meets Hype, Film At 11; entered at 2023-11-16 09:20:54
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@djsnola --

Fake conservative Reagan talked a great game, but he was a raging big-government liberal at heart. IMO he did four major things that completely fucked us long-term that we are suffering from today:

1. He, along with his budget guru David Stockman, continually ran huge (by the measures of the early-mid 80s) deficits, to the point where they essentially became normalized. Now almost everyone in the US seems to accept the idea that running deficits year after year is OK. The notion of a balanced budget is a joke, anyone who still advocates for that is looked at as a kook. People are too dumb to understand that the gigantic debt/deficits result in higher taxation in the form of currency devaluation, just as raising taxes to actually balance the budget would.

2. He granted amnesty to 11 million criminal aliens with the stroke of a pen, with the idea that it would be the "last time". He knew damn well that was a lie. All it did was attract more criminal aliens with the hope that they would get amnesty too.

3. Signed the vaccine injury act which gave full immunity to all manufacturers of vaccines, which has led to the explosion in vaccines against every possible disease to make money even with unnecessary, defective products and now even drugs which are intentionally mislabeled as vaccines, like the experimental COVID drugs. In a free market, no one should ever get legal immunity for any product, period.

4. He signed into law the EMTALA Act, which formalized and normalized cost-shifting of medical expenses from people who had no money to those who did have money. Essentially it mandated that doctors/hospitals give free medical care under certain circumstances (specifically, if an argument could be made that denial of such care would result in a threat of loss of life/limb). The law essentially mandated that goods and services must be handed over for free -- no different than government-mandated theft.

Reagan was one of the worst presidents we ever had. I think we would have been much better off long-term if we had had another four years of Carter.
2023-11-16 09:20:54