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User Info Reality Meets Hype, Film At 11; entered at 2023-11-15 12:23:15
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This means turn off javascript if you plan on browsing the web with an intel cpu.
But I'll have to reassess this.
Apple ARM chips uniquely among ARM implementations got caught up in both spectre and meltdown dating back to the iPhone 5 or so, because apple cpu designers are largely intel sandy bridge recruits.
I should take a closer look at downfall to see if they're an affected product since we all have apple devices be it a work phone or a personal choice.

I have trust issues with ME as well. My high trust environment consists of three hosts: one is a core2duo+ddr3 thinkpad (q45 chipset I think) with libreboot firmware, an ivy bridge supermicro host whose firmware has received me_cleaner and BMC is left disconnected, and a pcengines box running openbsd booted by coreboot. These are also internet facing boxes, and for extra measure (against ME exposure) the supermicro box doesn't have its intel NICs connected to anything but instead broadcom dual 10Gb card.
Mixed trust is a few desktops and servers, and by mixed trust I mean I don't necessarily vet the code I run, but it is all my execution.
2023-11-15 12:23:15