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User Info Reality Meets Hype, Film At 11; entered at 2023-11-15 09:15:17
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I remember back in the 90s when one of Intel's Pentium iterations was unable to add digits correctly. Intel told people it wasn't a big deal because people don't use computers as calculators anyway, and refused to provide any remedy. Ultimately they were forced to fix the issue.

This is the central issue with the PREP Act and the Vaccine Injury Act that the fake conservative Reagan signed in 1986 -- companies will do whatever they can to not be held accountable.

The primary thing that makes companies create non-defective products is the threat of litigation.

Remove that, provide immunity, and you get poison masqueraded as drugs, or "vaccines" by a the definition Pharma and FDA came up with together.
2023-11-15 09:15:17