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User Info CPI: ROFL!; entered at 2023-11-14 14:04:24
Posts: 14016
Registered: 2007-09-04 Surf City/Sloop point, NC
What @Raven opined above..

MY Local "food bank" has seen a clear DOUBLING of folks visiting..
(no more goodies) for yours truly..

(On the private side) I've mentioned arguments occurring between patrons of such.. (food bank)..

Gas & fuel, are down, though; from WHAT!

I'm suspecting My LandLord cannot afford that service call to fix My heat..

SO.. I'm doing WITHOUT, ATM..

(at least I have a space heater & fireplace)..
I dunno IF I can afford that..

Talk about a Cold Dark Winter..
WE are NOT,, doing thanksgiving dinner, NOR otherwise.. Grinchmas here..

Good luck to everyone..

2023-11-14 14:04:24