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User Info CPI: ROFL!; entered at 2023-11-14 11:33:04
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@Joeh, insurance is outrageous. The premium on a church campus we own went from $12K and change to around $22K. Around 2007, the premium was under $4K. Coverage has less than doubled. I found a 1 year reprieve at $13K and change. My HOB is up 50% in 2 years. Auto insurance up 50%.

Stocks are supposed to be income instruments, if held long term. Without inflation, there is a roughly fixed amount of profit and arbitrage, not buy and hold determines the winners. The Fed balance sheet doubled from 2019, thus stocks doubled. Government debt is feeding the pig. They still haven't adjusted to the still doubled risk free rate and. The Federal deficit is feeding inflation of assets, a corporate bonanza. They really believe we will get away with going down the Japanese path. That bird has flown and Japan is fucked.
2023-11-14 11:33:04