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User Info CPI: ROFL!; entered at 2023-11-14 11:16:48
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The price of beans is up. Bacon is back up. Beef up. Butter up. I wonder what these people eat? Rice? Up signigicantly. I watch prices on base items. There are things I buy in quantity and freeze, when I see a price. I bought 3 bags of coffee the other day, not because they were a bargain, but because of price protection. Sugar? Tea and oatmeal are about my only uses for it, except for an ocassional batch up cookies. I won't buy any for years. Started at $4.59 for 10 pounds. It is over $7.50 now. I remember the 1970's when coffee hit the inflation adjusted price of around $30 a pound for common canned brands.

Gasoline is down, but from where. It is clearly a demand problem, an indication of economic distress and maybe a few more EV's. My electricity has gone down, due to my plan.

The only thing that makes stocks go up is inflation and the fact one group is ending up with the credit with nothing else to buy. That link is going to break. Rates go down ecause the economy is bad, not because it is good. Ebergy too. The fact the market is so rate sensitive has to do with the leverage being employed. This Credit Bubble bulletin is worth reading, as treasuries are sold short and hedged with options to borrow speculative funds. The sudden drop in longer rates is going to blow a fuse somewhere and the hedges blown up.
2023-11-14 11:16:48